今日司法观察公布34页“302”报告材料来自 FBI 对布鲁斯•奥尔的采访

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今日司法观察公布34页“302”报告材料来自 FBI 对布鲁斯•奥尔的采访

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(Washington,DC)Judicial Watch today released 34 pages of"302"report material from FBI interviews with Bruce Ohr,who was removed from his position as U.S.Associate Deputy Attorney General in December 2017.The newly declassified documents were produced to Judicial Watch this evening.


These documents were obtained in response to a Freedom of Information Act(FOIA)lawsuit filed after the Justice Department for failing to respond to an August 6,2018 FOIA request seeking Form 302s for a number of interviews with Ohr concerning his interactions with Steele(Judicial Watch v U.S.Department of Justice(No.1:18-cv-02107)).A Form 302 is used by FBI agents to summarize the interviews that they conduct and contains information from the notes taken during the interview.

201886日,美国司法部提交了一份信息自由法(FOIA)诉讼,要求奥赫尔填写一系列关于他与斯蒂尔互动(Judicial Watch 诉美国司法部(no.1:18-cv-02107))的采访表格302s,但司法部没有对此作出回应。联邦调查局特工使用表格302总结他们进行的面谈,并包含面谈笔记中的信息。

    On November 22,2016,Bruce Ohr said that"reporting on Trump's ties to Russia were going to the Clinton Campaign,Jon Winer at the U.S.State Department and the FBI."20161122日,布鲁斯·奥尔(Bruce Ohr)说,"有关特朗普与俄罗斯关系的报道将提交给克林顿竞选团队、美国国务院的乔恩·温纳(Jon Winer)和联邦调查局(FBI)"

In late September 2016,Ohr describes a person(likely Christopher Steele)as"desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being the U.S.President."

20169月底,奥尔将一个人(可能是克里斯托弗·斯蒂尔[Christopher Steele])形容为"唐纳德·特朗普不能当选,让人绝望,而且对他不能成为美国总统充满热情。"

"Ohr knew that[Fusion GPS's]Glen Simpson and others talking to Victoria Nuland at the U.S.State Department."

"奥尔知道(Fusion GPS )格伦辛普森和其他人正在与美国国务院的维多利亚纽兰(Victoria Nuland)谈话。"

    Glenn Simpson directed a person whose is redacted to speak to the press.It appears as if the press that person went to was the far left leaning Mother Jones.格伦·辛普森指导一个被编辑过的人向媒体发表讲话。看起来这个人去的媒体好像是极左的琼斯妈妈

On December 5,2016,Ohr promised to"voluntarily"give his wife Nellie Ohr's Fusion GPS research to the FBI.He also provided the FBI with a report on Paul Manafort titled,"Manafort Chronology."

2016125日,奥尔承诺"自愿"将他妻子内莉·奥尔的融合 GPS 研究成果交给联邦调查局。他还向联邦调查局提供了一份关于保罗·马纳福特的报告,题为"马纳福特年表"

    On December 12,2016 Simpson gave Ohr a thumb drive with Fusion GPS research on it.Ohr claims to not know what is on that drive.During the meeting Simpson,based evidently on a meeting with Glenn Simpson,identified Michael Cohen,President Trump's former personal lawyer as having"many Russian clients."Simpson also told Ohr that Cohen,"may have"attended a meeting in Prague.20161212日,辛普森送给奥尔一个带有融合 GPS 研究的 u 盘。欧尔声称不知道硬盘上有什么。根据与格伦·辛普森(Glenn Simpson)的一次会面,辛普森显然确认了特朗普总统的前私人律师迈克尔·科恩(Michael Cohen)拥有"许多俄罗斯客户"辛普森还告诉奥尔,科恩"可能"参加了在布拉格举行的一次会议

Ohr describes Simpson directing someone to talk to the Mother Jones reporter"as it was Simpson's Hail Mary attempt."


    On December 20,2016,Ohr provided the FBI with his wife's Nellie Ohr's Fusion GPS research,"which contained the totality"of her work"but the Fusion GPS header was stripped."20161220日,Ohr FBI 提供了他妻子 Nellie Ohr 的融合 GPS 研究,"其中包含了她的全部工作""但是融合 GPS 头部被剥掉了"

    On January 23,2017,Ohr tells the FBI that Steele told him that Steele"spoke with a staff member of Senator John McCain's office sometime prior to October 2016."2017123日,奥尔告诉联邦调查局,斯蒂尔告诉他,斯蒂尔"201610月之前与参议员约翰·麦凯恩办公室的一名工作人员进行了交谈。"

    The FBI interviews show that Ohr texted and talked to Christopher Steele using the WhatsApp application.联邦调查局的采访显示,奥尔使用 WhatsApp 应用程序与克里斯托弗·斯蒂尔进行了短信和交谈

    On February 2,2014,the FBI tells Ohr to see if Steele would be"comfortable getting the name of an FBI agent"as a contact.Ohr tells the agents that State Department official Katheen Kavalec spoke with"Steele several times prior to the U.S.Presidential election and believed Steele's reporting to have[been]generated mainly from[REDACTED].201422日,联邦调查局告诉奥尔,看看斯蒂尔是否愿意"得到一名联邦调查局特工的名字"作为联系人。奥尔告诉特工,美国国务院官员卡蒂恩·卡瓦莱克在美国总统大选之前与"斯蒂尔进行过几次谈话,他认为斯蒂尔的报告主要来自[REDACTED]

    On Feb.14,2017,Ohr tells the FBI that Steele communicated with him via Facetime that Steele was"beginning to worry about his business."Steele discussed brokering new business with the FBI and told Ohr,'You may see me re-emerge in a couple of weeks."2017214日,奥尔告诉联邦调查局,斯蒂尔通过 Facetime 与他沟通,斯蒂尔"开始担心他的业务"斯蒂尔与联邦调查局讨论了经纪业务的问题,他告诉奥尔,"你可能会看到我在几周后重新出现。"

    On May 3,2017,Steele called Ohr to tell him that he"had been worried about Director Comey's upcoming testimony to Congress,especially his response to questions that would be raised by(Senator)Grassley."Although what he was specifically worried about is redacted,Steele was"happy with Director Comey's response."201753日,斯蒂尔打电话给奥尔,告诉他,他"一直担心科米即将在国会作证,特别是他对格拉斯利参议员提出的问题的回应"虽然斯蒂尔特别担心的是被编辑过的内容,但他"对科米局长的反应很满意"

Steele also stated that he was limited in"his ability to testify before Congress"because of disclosure laws in the UK being more narrow than the United States.

Steele 还说,他"在国会作证的能力"受到限制,因为英国的披露法律比美国的范围更窄。

    On May 12,2017,Steele called Ohr to discuss a letter the Senate Intelligence Committee sent him.According to Ohr,"The letter requested answers to the following questions:2017512日,斯蒂尔打电话给奥尔,讨论参议院情报委员会寄给他的一封信。Ohr 说,"信中要求对以下问题作出答复:

    Had Steele provided information to the US Government?斯蒂尔是否向美国政府提供了情报?

    What was the scope of Steele's investigation?斯蒂尔的调查范围是什么?

    Did Steele have any additional information to provide?In May,2017,Ohr was asked by the FBI to ask"Steele if he would be willing to have a conversation with FBI agents in the UK."Steele responded that he would,but he would need to check with a redacted name.斯蒂尔还有其他信息要提供吗?20175月,联邦调查局要求奥尔询问"斯蒂尔是否愿意与在英国的联邦调查局特工进行对话。"斯蒂尔回答说,他会的,但他需要查询一个经过编辑的名字

"This new Bruce Ohr FBI 302s show an unprecedented and irregular effort by the FBI,DOJ,and State Department to dig up dirt on President Trump using the conflicted Bruce Ohr,his wife,and the Clinton/DNC spies at Fusion GPS,"stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton."The FISA courts weren't informed of this corrupted process when they were asked to approve and reapprove extraordinary spy warrants targeting President Trump."

司法观察组织主席汤姆·菲顿说:"这个新的布鲁斯·奥尔联邦调查局302系列显示了联邦调查局、司法部和国务院利用矛盾的布鲁斯·奥尔和他的妻子以及 Fusion GPS 公司的克林顿/民主党全国委员会间谍挖掘特朗普总统丑闻的空前和不正常的努力。"当外国情报监听法庭被要求批准和重新批准针对特朗普总统的特别间谍逮捕令时,他们并没有被告知这个腐败的过程。"

In June,Judicial Watch uncovered documents showing the removal of Bruce Ohr November 13,2016,Ohr was given a performance award of$28,000.This was during the time of his deep involvement in the highly controversial Justice Department surveillance of the Trump presidential campaign.The bonus was nearly double the$14,250 performance award he was given on November 29,2015.


Bruce Ohr was married to Nellie Ohr of Fusion GPS and was removed because of his conflict of interest and role as conduit for Fusion GPS material.Ohr was removed from his position as Associate Deputy Attorney General on December 6,2017.On January 7,2018,Ohr was reassigned from his position of director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force(OCDETF)and shifted to Counselor for International Affairs in the Department of Justice Criminal Division.Ohr received a$2,600 pay increase.

布鲁斯·奥尔嫁给了融合全球定位系统的内莉·奥尔,由于他的利益冲突和作为融合全球定位系统材料管道的角色而被移除。2017126日,Ohr 被免去副司法部长职务。201817日,奥尔从有组织犯罪毒品执法特别工作组(OCDETF)主任的职位上调任司法部刑事司国际事务顾问。Ohr 获得了2600美元的加薪。

One of Judicial Watch's FOIA lawsuits recently produced information from the DOJ showing a conversation between former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Kathleen Kavalec Bruce Ohr,discussing the targeting of Donald Trump with Steele dossier material.In discussing a meeting with the potential source for a Mother Jones article accusing the Trump campaign of taking money from a Russian-American oil magnate,as well as Christopher Steele's connection to that source,Kavalec emails Ohr citing the accusatory Mother Jones article.Ohr says,"I really hope we can get something going here."

司法观察的《信息自由法》诉讼最近从司法部得到的信息显示,前美国国务院欧洲暨欧亚事务局司法部副助理国务卿 Kathleen kawalec Bruce Ohr 正在用 Steele 的档案材料讨论将 Donald Trump 作为攻击目标。在与《琼斯妈妈》(Mother Jones)一篇文章的潜在消息来源进行讨论时,卡瓦莱克发邮件给奥尔,援引《琼斯妈妈》的文章指责特朗普竞选团队从一名俄裔美国石油大亨那里拿钱,以及克里斯托弗·斯蒂尔(Christopher Steele)与该消息来源。奥尔说,"我真的希望我们能在这里做点什么。"

Also,Judicial Watch obtained an email revealing that Nellie Ohr,wife of Bruce Ohr,informed him that she was deleting emails sent from his DOJ email account.The full email exchange is between Bruce Ohr,Lisa Holtyn,Nellie Ohr,and Stefan Bress,a first secretary at the German Embassy,and is part of 339 pages of heavily redacted records from the U.S.Department of Justice.


Judicial Watch uncovered emails from Ohr showing that he remained in regular contact with former British spy and Fusion GPS contractor Christopher Steele after Steele was terminated by the FBI in November 2016 for revealing to the media his position as an FBI confidential informant.The records show that Ohr served as a go-between for Steele by passing along information to"his colleagues"on matters relating to Steele's activities.Ohr also set up meetings with Steele,regularly talked to him on the telephone and provided him assistance in dealing with situations Steele was confronting with the media.

201611月,斯蒂尔因为向媒体透露了他作为联邦调查局秘密线人的身份而被联邦调查局解雇,此后,司法观察揭露了奥尔与前英国间谍和 Fusion GPS 承包商克里斯托弗·斯蒂尔保持定期联系的邮件。记录显示,Ohr 充当斯蒂尔的中间人,向"他的同事"传递有关斯蒂尔活动的信息。奥尔还安排与斯蒂尔会晤,定期与他通电话,并协助他处理斯蒂尔面对媒体的情况。

Judicial Watch is suing the DOJ for communications between two of the pivotal players in the Deep State,anti-Trump collusion–former FBI official Peter Strzok and Ohr(Judicial Watch v.U.S.Department of Justice (No.1:19-cv-01082)).Judicial Watch is challenging the Justice Department's extraordinary claim that there are no records of communications between Strzok and Ohr in light of the preeminent role both individuals played in the Deep State effort to undermine the Trump campaign and administration.In addition,Ohr himself testified before Congress that he did,in fact,meet and communicate with Strzok.

司法观察组织正在起诉美国司法部,理由是"深州"的两个关键角色——前联邦调查局官员彼得·斯特罗克(Peter Strzok)和奥尔(Judicial Watch v.u.s.Department of Justiceno.1:19-cv-01082)——之间存在通信联系。司法观察组织(Judicial Watch)正在挑战司法部(Justice Department)的非同寻常的说法,即鉴于 Strzok 和奥尔在"深州"(Deep State)破坏特朗普竞选和政府的行动中扮演的卓越角色,两人之间没有通讯记录。此外,奥尔本人在国会作证说,事实上,他确实与斯特罗克会面并进行了交流。

Judicial Watch also seeks records about the agency's involvement in persuading President Trump to defer his September 2018 decision to declassify DOJ documents related to the Russia investigation(Judicial Watch v U.S.Department of Justice(No.1:19-cv-00507)).Judicial Watch's lawsuit is also seeking DOJ official Ohr's records of communications around the time of Trump's declassification announcement.

司法观察还要求提供有关该机构参与劝说特朗普总统推迟20189月决定解密与俄罗斯调查相关的司法部文件(司法观察诉美国司法部(编号:1:19-cv-00507))的记录。司法观察的诉讼还搜集了美国司法部官员 Ohr 在特朗普解密公告前后的通讯记录。

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