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A very tragic,but beyond fascinating new Foreign Intelligence Service(SVR)report circulating in the Kremlin today states this morning it received from the Special Astrophysical Observatory(SAO),located in the Zelenchukskaya District,a formal request that the mysterious death of noted British astrophysicist Dr.Natalie Christopher be investigated—a mystery that began on 5 August when Dr.Christopher went missing from her hotel on the Greek island Ikaria—and continued yesterday when it was reported that she"was crushed to death by a giant boulder"when she fell into a ravine while jogging—but left unanswered is why blood stains were found on her bed sheets in the hotel room she shared with her boyfriend,who dismissed it as a nose bleed—along with why her mysterious death occurred less than 48-hours after she had contacted the SAO astrophysicists she had been working with regarding the possible extraterrestrial signal from Deep Space they discovered on 15 May 2015—and in whose 3 August communication with these SAO astrophysicists,stunningly said her findings revealed these Deep Space signals were emanating from a Kardashev Scale Type V Civilization—a civilization that"approaches or surpasses the limits of speculation based on current scientific understanding,and may not be possible"—whose"beings would be like gods,having the knowledge to manipulate the universe as they please"—and which the most ancient peoples on Earth called"Heaven".[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

今天早上,克里姆林宫里流传着一份非常悲惨,但超越了引人入胜的外国情报局(SVR)的新报告,报告称从位于 Zelenchukskaya 地区的特设天体物理台情报局(SAO)收到了一份报告正式要求调查英国著名天体物理学家娜塔莉·克里斯托弗博士(dr.Natalie Christopher)的神秘死亡——这个谜团始于85日克里斯托弗博士在希腊伊卡利亚岛的酒店失踪,昨天又继续下去,据报道,她在慢跑时跌入峡谷,"被一块巨石压死"——但没有得到回应,这就是为什么在她与男友同住的酒店房间的床单上发现血迹的原因,她认为这是鼻子出血,并解释了为什么她的神秘死亡发生在2015515日与 SAO 的天体物理学家联系后不到48小时,这些物理学家在2015515日发现了来自深空的可能的外星信号,令人震惊的是,她的发现揭示了这些深空信号源自卡尔达肖夫第五类文明——一个"接近或超越基于当前科学理解的推测限度的文明,而且可能是不可能的"——"存在物就像神一样,拥有随心所欲地操纵宇宙的知识"——地球上最古老的民族称之为"天堂":本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


May the Lord grant Dr.Natalie Christopher the peace in Heaven this world denied her—The Sorcha Faal

愿上帝赐予娜塔莉·克里斯托弗博士天堂的和平,这个世界拒绝了她ーーSorcha Faal


According to this report,for over a decade,the world's top astrophysicists have concentrated their efforts on the infrared galaxy IRAS F10214+4724—that's one of the most intrinsically luminous objects in the Universe—and of which no protogalaxy model can plausibly explain its tremendous luminosity.

根据这份报告,十多年来,世界顶级天体物理学家一直致力于研究红外星系 IRAS F10214+4724ーー这是宇宙中最本质上发光的天体之一ーー没有任何原星系模型可以合理地解释其巨大的光度。

On 21 May 2009,this report continues,a team of astrophysicists submitted to Cornell University their research paper titled"The Gravitationally Lensed,Luminous Infrared Galaxy IRAS F10214+4724 Observed With XMM-Newton"wherein they suspected that this excess luminosity might be either spurious or not related to this infrared galaxy—a suspicion countered,however,on 3 August 2013,by another team of astrophysicists who submitted to Oxford University their research paper titled"The Preferentially Magnified Active Nucleus In IRAS F10214+4724–III.VLBI Observations Of The Radio Core"wherein about the mysterious luminosity they stated"we detect what we argue to be the obscured active nucleus"(i.e.hidden source)—and were findings confirmed by the three Russian outstations:Svetloe,Zelenchuk and Badary.

2009521日,一个天体物理学家小组向康奈尔大学提交了他们的研究论文,题目是《用 xmm-牛顿观测到的引力透镜效应,亮红外星系红外天体物理学家》,其中他们怀疑这种过剩的光度可能是虚假的或者与这个红外星系没有关系ー然而,201383日,另一个天体物理学家小组反驳了他们的观点,他们向牛津大学提交了他们的研究论文,题目是《优先放大的活跃的红外天体物理学家核心中的红外天体物理学家 F10214+4724-IIIVlbi 对无线电核心的观测",其中关于神秘的光度,他们说,"我们探测到我们认为是模糊的活跃核心"(即隐藏的来源),这些发现得到了俄罗斯三个分站:斯维特洛、泽朗楚克和巴达利的证实。

Specifically building upon the findings observed by the SAO Zelenchuk outstation optical telescope BTA(Big Telescope Azimuth),this report details,Dr.Natalie Christopher and her team of astrophysicists,on 1 October 2013,submitted to Cornell University their research paper titled"Active Galactic Nucleus Torus Models And The Puzzling Infrared Spectrum Of IRAS F10214+4724"—wherein,in layman's terms,she and her team described this mysterious luminosity as being sourced by an incalculable power human minds are not able to comprehend the full dimensions of.

2013101日,Natalie Christopher 博士和她的天体物理学家团队向康奈尔大学提交了题为《活动星系核环面模型和 IRAS F10214+4724的令人费解的红外光谱》的研究论文。


World's top astrophysicists puzzle over mysterious IRAS F10214+4724(pictured above)…

世界顶级天体物理学家对神秘的 IRAS F10214+4724(如上图所示)感到困惑。


…and wonder why it eerily matches one of our planet's oldest religious symbols of an Islamic star and crescent.


While Dr.Natalie Christopher and astrophysicists the world over were puzzling over the mysterious infrared galaxy IRAS F10214+4724,this report continues,the Zelenchuk RATAN-600 radio telescope,on 15 May 2015,detected a mysterious signal spike emitting from a 65-billion year-old star in the constellation Hercules,that's 95 light years away from Earth—the implications of which are extraordinary and pointed to the possibility of a civilization far more advanced than our own—were findings Russia immediately shared with astrophysicists the world over,to include Dr.Christopher—and most importantly were shared with noted Penn State astrophysicist Dr.Jason Wright—whom,after his initial examination of these signals,stunningly declared"there could be ancient alien technology hidden in the solar system"—and because of,then saw him,this past March-2019,receiving from the SETI Institute its highest award—whom Russian astrophysicists had,also,turned over all the information to.

当纳塔利·克里斯托弗博士和全世界的天体物理学家都在苦苦思索神秘的红外星系 IRAS F10214+4724时,本报告继续说道,2015515日,zelenuk RATAN-600射电望远镜在武仙座发现了一个神秘的信号尖峰,它来自一颗650亿年前的恒星俄罗斯立即与全世界的天体物理学家分享了这一发现,其中包括克里斯托弗博士,最重要的是与著名的宾夕法尼亚州立大学天体物理学家杰森·赖特博士分享了这一发现,在对这些信号进行初步研究之后,他令人震惊地宣称"太阳系中可能隐藏着远古外星人的技术"ーー因为,然后看到他在20193月获得了 SETI 研究所颁发的最高奖项ーー俄罗斯天体物理学家也把所有信息都交给了这个研究所。


With Dr.Jason Miller's findings being known,this report notes,SAO astrophysicists in Zelenchukskaya were not surprised when,on 3 August,they received an e-mail communication from Dr.Natalie Christopherwherein she briefly described how her further research into the mysterious infrared galaxy IRAS F10214+4724 led her to believe it was,in fact,a Type V Civilization—an assessment she made based on the Kardashev Scale created in 1964 by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev—which is a method of measuring a civilization's level of technological advancement based on the amount of energy a civilization is able to use—originally had only three types of civilizations(Type 1—which uses all of its planet's energy—Type 2—which uses all the energy in its Solar System—Type 3—which uses all the energy in its galaxy)—but has now expanded to five—the highest level of which whose inhabitant beings"can only be compared to gods able to control the entire universe".

83日,Zelenchukskaya 的天体物理学家们收到了 Natalie Christopher 博士的一封电子邮件,其中她简要地描述了她对神秘的红外星系 IRAS F10214+4724的进一步研究是如何使她相信,事实上,a Type v civilization——这是她根据1964年苏联天文学家尼古拉·卡尔达肖夫(Nikolai Kardashev)创立的 Kardashev Scale 进行的评估——这是一种根据一个文明能够使用的能量来衡量一个文明的技术进步水平的方法——最初只有三种文明(Type 1——它使用了地球上所有的能量——Type 2——它使用了太阳系中的所有能量——它使用了银河系中所有居民的能量),但现在已经扩展到了五种文明的最高水平"只能与能够控制整个宇宙的神相比".

In her last e-mail communication with the SAO astrophysicists in Zelenchukskaya,this report grimly concludes,Dr.Christopher wrote that she was on a short holiday,but when she returned to university;she'd send them her full findings to examine—a task she was unable to complete as she then went missing and ended up dead when a giant rock fell and crushed the life out of her—a death SVR intelligence analysts have initially ruled is a"most probable assassination"—whose beyond shocking motive behind is the Western nations'fear of how the Islamic world would react upon their discovering that scientists had proved conclusively that Heaven exists—not just any Heaven—but one whose unmistakable image shows it being a near match to the Islamic star and crescent symbol.

在她最后一次与 Zelenchukskaya SAO 天体物理学家的电子邮件通信中,这份报告冷酷地总结道,Christopher 博士写道,她正在度一个短暂的假期,但当她回到大学时;她会把自己的全部发现发给他们,让他们检查——这是一项她无法完成的任务,因为后来她失踪了,最终死于一块巨大的石头落下,砸碎了她的生命——SVR 情报分析人员最初裁定,这起死亡事件是一起"最有可能的暗杀"——其背后超出令人震惊的动机是,西方国家担心,如果发现科学家最终证明了天堂的存在ーー不仅仅是任何一个天堂ーー而是一个明确无误的图像显示它几乎与伊斯兰星月组织的标志相匹配的天堂。




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