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Less than two weeks ago the Washington Post reported that the FBI had identified conspiracy theories,especially those espoused by QAnon,as a"domestic terrorism threat".


Just two years ago anyone saying that Barack Obama directed his FBI and Department of Justice to spy on the Trump campaign and later the Trump administration would be considered a"crazy conspiracy theorist".


I wrote that very thing back then and look where we are today!If there was any real justice in America the Kenyan should have been sharing a cell with Epstein.


This is the first time that the FBI has targeted conspiracy theorists as a threat,comes at the same time that Trump supporters are being labeled as White Supremacists,and just over a week before one of the highest-profile inmates in New York City history,Jeffrey Epstein died under suspicious circumstances.

这是联邦调查局第一次把阴谋论者作为威胁对象,与此同时,特朗普的支持者被贴上了白人至上主义者的标签,就在纽约市历史上最引人注目的囚犯之一杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)死于可疑情况的一周前。

Epstein told fellow prisoners,guards,and visitors that he was attacked in his cell 2 weeks before his death,yet the media keeps pounding the suicide narrative.Why?


Mobster Whitey Bulger was transferred to a new facility and was promptly murdered!Epstein's cellmate during the first"suicide attempt"was a hulking thug and former dirty cop in prison for life for a drug deal gone bad.He murdered 4 people and buried them in his back yard.Did anybody really buy the suicide narrative?


Everyone with a pea-size brain should understand that if Epstein really did try to kill himself they would not have taken him off of suicide watch.


A recent interview in the New York Post with a former inmate incarcerated in the same high-profile facility that housed Epstein and just released said there is no way Epstein killed himself!He said the bed sheets in the unit are made of thin paper and there is no way it could have supported the 200 pound Epstein.


The media reports that he hung himself from the top bunk of the bunk bed but he indicated that there were no bunk beds and nowhere to hang yourself from as there were no bars and the ceilings were 10 feet high.


Did they bring in a bunk bed especially for Epstein so he'd have something to tie his sheet to?He also said the guards came around about every 9 minutes,yet no one looked in on Epstein for several hours.


Now we hear that the jail has a guard shortage,they are overworked,the cameras didn't work in his cell and then they say that none of the cameras worked!None of the proper procedures were followed so nothing to see here,just more incompetent government workers.


*Hmm...incompetence and lack of communication,Isn't that what they blamed 911 on?


In 1930's New York Abe"Kid Twist"Reles was a psychopathic killer who led a group of hitmen that worked for the Mafia's five crime families under the leadership of Mob royalty the likes of Bugsy Siegel,Albert Anastasia,and Lepke Buchalter.


The group would eventually number over a hundred killers that were estimated to have killed over a thousand people over 10 years.This rogues gallery of killers would gain fame as Murder Incorporated.


Reles,who had beaten 6 murder charges was picked up for questioning when an associate implicated him in an old murder.Seeing a long stretch in federal prison or the electric chair in his future,Kid Twist spilled his guts.


The trials were a sensation all over the country,but especially in New York.One by one Twist testified against his former associates who were convicted and sent to Sing Sing's electric chair,including Lepke Buchalter,the highest-ranking member of the Mafia to be executed.


Next up were the trials being planned for Bugsy and Anastasia.Reles worked closely with both men and authorities were certain that they would both soon follow Lepke to the chair.Anastasia put a$100k bounty on Reles head.


On the evening of November 12,1941,the night before Anastasia's trial was to begin,Reles was being housed in the Half Moon Hotel in Coney Island protected on an upper floor by 6 New York policemen.In the morning he was found dead 5 floors below his bedroom window.


Authorities dispelled all conspiracy theories and said Reles had fallen trying to escape.They said he had tied 2 sheets together and tried to lower himself to a window a floor below.the problem with that is Reles was found 20 feet from the hotel wall,indicating that Twist was likely thrown from the window by the cops.A hundred grand was a lot of money in 1941!


The cases against Bugsy Siegle and Albert Anastasia quickly fell apart after Twists 5 story dive at the Half Moon Bay Hotel and fittingly Siegle and Anastasia would themselves fall victim to mob hitmen.


I've written that I believe Epstein is an asset of Israel's Mossad.His partner Ghislaine Maxwell is also likely an agent for the Mossad as was her father.There is no question in my mind that Epstein was running a"honey trap"blackmail operation that ensnared celebrities,princes and politicians including former president Bill Clinton.


*I'll bet Bill Clinton hasn't been this happy since his former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown was whacked in 1996.


The news site whatreallyhappened.com reported that Clinton appointed Brown to his cabinet largely because of his success in raising funds during Clinton's first run for the White House.


When it appeared during a long investigation into Brown's fundraising method's that prosecutors were nearing indictments.(His son would later plead guilty to Money laundering).Brown stated publicly that he"wouldn't go to jail alone!"Not long after,a plane carrying Brown and 30 others crashed in Bosnia.


Brown was one of 4 Clinton fundraisers to die under mysterious circumstances and like Clinton attorney Vince Foster,Ron Brown's office was ransacked immediately after his death.


Brown's personal attorney and a State Department employee,Barbara Wise also died under questionable circumstances,and Brown's death would mirror Fosters in another strange way as well.


Reports that the Black box recorders were recovered from the crash site were denied by the US.This same thing happened after 911.A New York fireman claimed he and his team recovered the black boxes only to have the government claim they were never found.


Just 7 miles from the airport the pilot lost radio contact with the tower and the radar transponder failed.In the aftermath of the crash,there was just one survivor,Air Force Sergeant Shelly Kelly a stewardess,who was seen walking around the crash site several hours after the crash.


Kelly was transported to a hospital by helicopter where she was strangely pronounced dead on arrival from a broken neck.Brown's death would also arouse suspicions due to the gunshot wound found in the top of his head that was noted by Lt.Col.Steve Cogswell and Lt.Col.David Hause from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.Had Brown survived the crash and then been murdered?What had Sergeant Kelly seen?


Like Brown,Clinton's White House Attorney Vince Foster also had a bullet in his head that shouldn't have been there and was covered up by investigators with the help of the complicit media.


A journalist,Christopher Ruddy claimed that prosecutor Ken Starr was involved in the Foster cover-up and the lead investigator,Miguel Rodriguez believed Foster was murdered and resigned because of interference with his investigation.


No autopsy was done on Brown but X-rays and photographs were taken.


Because of the X-Rays,not everyone was going along with the cover-up and Cyril Wecht a famous Forensic Pathologist was brought in to review the X-rays.Wecht concurred that the wound on the top of Brown's head was consistent with a gunshot,but more importantly,Wecht noted that Brown's other injuries weren't serious enough to cause his death.


Calls for a further investigation fell on deaf ears and the Clinton controlled media wouldn't even cover the story.Today Wikipedia will tell you that Ron Brown died in a plane crash,nothing to see here.


Jeffrey Epstein and Ron Brown,like others before them,JFK,Martin Luther King,Robert Kennedy,Gary Webb,and so many others were murdered by the Deep State and we were lied to by our government about every one of them.


In America,our schools teach the conspiracy theory while the truth is buried in classified documents and covered up by a criminal and complicit media.


The CIA coined the term"Conspiracy Theory"to describe the various theories surrounding the JFK Assassination.We know how that lone gunman lie has aged.Our controllers hate the internet and the tech companies are censoring everything important to keep us in the dark.


Since most conspiracy theories turn out to be true,a good rule of thumb to live by is when you see a ludicrous explanation about anything from the government or the media and a more plausible explanation is posed that the FBI calls a conspiracy theory,put your money on the conspiracy theory!


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