First of all, for the questions in the comments section, I may make a separate post soon. 


Secondly, the topic of incarnated C-beings was addressed in the last blog article, which unfortunately resulted in some attacks from them afterwards because they do not like to be exposed at all. That's why I'm currently going to scale back this topic a bit. From now on, I will also describe them with a simple "C" because especially their energetic minions within the Earth grid are immediately alerted as soon as you speak, write down or, in some cases, even think about them.

其次,上一篇博客文章提到了化身 C 人的话题,不幸的是,这篇文章后来引起了他们的一些攻击,因为他们根本不喜欢被曝光。这就是为什么我现在要把这个话题缩小一点。从现在开始,我也将用一个简单的“ C”来描述他们,因为特别是他们在地球网格中的能量的仆从们,只要你一说话,写下来,或者在某些情况下,甚至想到他们,就会立即被警告。

And now for the current situation: At the moment the Light Forces are still busy to free captured Keylightworkers on the surface from the captivity of the Dark Ones. Not an easy task, as fierce counterattacks are taking place. However, the LF are supported by recently awakened or already freed Keylightworkers, which makes the task much easier. These operations are currently taking place in many countries around the world.

而现在的情况是: 目前光明势力仍然忙于从黑暗势力的囚禁中释放地面上被俘获的关键光之工作者。这不是一项容易的任务,因为激烈的反击正在发生。然而,最近被唤醒或已经自由的关键光之工作者支持光明势力,这使得任务更加容易。这些行动目前正在世界许多国家进行。

I also recommend that Starseeds/Lighworkers take advantage of the remaining time and continue to take care of the retrieval of lost Soul parts. For example, if you have a certain affinity to certain countries, it usually means that you were incarnated there in past lives and probably still have your own Soul parts energetically hidden there.



If you have the opportunity to physically travel to these countries, you should do so in order to collect these parts. However, if chaos should break out again globally in the near future (I'll come to that in a moment) and traveling should become more difficult again (similar to during the pandemic), you can also visit these countries energetically during a meditation in order to retrieve the lost Soul parts.

如果你有机会亲自前往这些国家,你应该这样做,以便收集这些部分。然而,如果在不久的将来全球再次爆发混乱(稍后我会谈到这一点) ,旅行将再次变得更加困难(类似于大流行期间) ,你也可以在冥想期间能量地访问这些国家,以便找回丢失的灵魂部分。

As for possible chaos: The surface Cabal is expected to pull off a major false flag in the near future (perhaps this fall). They have to continue to keep the surface population in a kind of lockdown. Problem is, their staged pandemic is no longer sufficient for that. Therefore, it is to be expected that they will escalate the NATO-Russia conflict.

至于可能的混乱: 地面阴谋集团预计在不久的将来(也许是今年秋天)会拉下一面主要的假旗。他们必须继续把地表的居民封锁起来。问题是,他们分阶段的大流行已经不足以解决这个问题了。因此,预计北约与俄罗斯的冲突将会升级。

Besides the war in Ukraine, where, by the way, a lot of black technology is in use: 



...there will probably be an event to which Russia will have to react again, which could possibly lead to a direct conformation with NATO. The Light Forces assure that it will not come to WW3, but it's possible that the Cabal controlled media will push the narrative (similar to the pandemic) that it seems as if it had broken out (or whatever event they have planned for it)....

可能会有一个事件,俄罗斯将不得不再次作出反应,这可能会导致与北约的直接一致。光明力量确保它不会进入第三次世界大战,但有可能是阴谋集团控制的媒体将推动叙事(类似大流行) ,似乎它已经爆发(或任何事件,他们计划它)。

For example, information is coming from Central Europe that certain gas stations are being converted to military use, meaning fuel for army vehicles only, not civilians. In addition, food stamps are being prepared for the population. But these are all scenarios that I have already announced in 2020 because they were passed on by the Pleiadians.



Massive protests in the streets are also to be expected, but they are also wanted by the Cabal. Many world politicians are currently not acting so clumsy without reason, it is intentional to get the angry population to chase them out of the governments. Afterwards, the Cabal then wants to impose their new system.


Some politicians know about this, and have already retreated, some know about it, but continue because the Cabal has promised to take them to safety, when time comes. Some politicians, who were not promised a rescue, realize by now that they are being sacrificed, and some of the "not-so-smart ones" (the majority) don't realize anything at all, continue and will be thrown under the bus in the end.


But I can assure you, the Cabals plan will not work, no matter what else they will pull off. So please, dear Readers/Starseeds, keep that in mind in case of such scenarios. Starseeds shouldn't be scared ... because they see through the game.


The situation will be different for the masses, though. Many have already woken up thanks to the pandemic, but a frighteningly large part of the world's population still believes that everything will be the same as before. For them, a second wake-up call will soon come, and it will be much louder than that of 2020. Some world views will soon collapse:



For some people this will be really hard.


For some people this will be really hard. Of course, as a Starseed you can support them, if they come at you (don't force it on them). Otherwise, I'd recommend continuing to do your thing, network with like-minded people, and continue to prepare for Liberation.


And as previously mentioned, questions in the comment section I will try to answer in a separate post.


Thanks for reading. 谢谢你的阅读


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