2023年8月27日: 帝国正在联盟下分崩离析|星际飞船地球

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 August 27, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年8月27日

2023年8月27日: 帝国正在联盟下分崩离析|星际飞船地球

The similarities our plight bears to the Star Wars movie premise is not accidental. This war is old, regardless of when we first learn of it.


Though the Empire rose to power by promising to bring order to the galaxy, it oversaw a period of harsh military rule and aggressive expansion. The subsequent Imperial Era would last only two decades, for it was eventually overthrown by the Alliance to Restore the Republic in the Galactic Civil War, but not before the sovereign star … Source

虽然帝国是通过承诺给银河系带来秩序而获得权力的,但它却经历了一个严酷的军事统治和侵略性扩张的时期。接下来的帝国时代只持续了二十年,因为它最终在银河内战中被复兴共和国联盟推翻,但是没有在主权恒星之前... ... 来源

Yes, the Empire does strike back, but they are powerless to fight the Universe, Creator, the Galactic forces, the Alliance, and Earth’s combined military—not to mention the millions of people who have awakened.


We mourn the fallen but battle on. There is no turning back. Onward we press to vanquish the most evil force never conceived.


Last minute addition—the crew recommends this update from Sarge who reports only approved intel—that the cabal is broke. Interesting stuff.


Link to video.


We don’t always know how much of the news from social media is real, or accurate, or just part of the “movie” to wake the snoozers, but it certainly seems real. Unless we witness it for ourselves, how do we know? We are well aware, however, that the enemy has presented false realities for decades with disinformation, fake videos and news casts, theatrics, false flags, and more. At worst, life is getting more real, and less contrived.


2023年8月27日: 帝国正在联盟下分崩离析|星际飞船地球
Osprey tilt-rotor helicopter

Casualties of war? Remember, most of the “exercises” are not exercises at all. They are live operations to take down the cabal and save the children. Link to Telegram.



Military V-22 Osprey chopper crashes off the coast of Darwin with about 20 US Marines onboard, as rescue operation continues

军用 V-22“鱼鹰”直升机在达尔文海岸坠毁,机上载有大约20名美国海军陆战队员,救援行动仍在继续

A military helicopter carrying around 20 US Marines has crashed during an exercise off the coast of Darwin.
Sky News has confirmed that around 11:00am local time, the Osprey Helicopter crashed near Melville Island during ‘Predators Run’ drills, which involve personnel from Australia, the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines and Timor-Leste.
Sources have told Sky News it is “possible” casualties may result from the crash, as some personnel remain unaccounted for.

一架载有大约20名美国海军陆战队员的军用直升机在达尔文海岸附近的一次演习中坠毁。天空新闻证实,当地时间上午11点左右,“鱼鹰”直升机在 Melville Island 附近坠毁,参加演习的有来自澳大利亚、美国、印度尼西亚、菲律宾和东帝汶的人员。消息人士告诉天空新闻,坠机“可能”造成人员伤亡,因为一些人员仍然下落不明。


This, also, from Telegram:


Remember a few days ago I told you guys a new operation was being done to save children….well guess what.

记得几天前我告诉你们一个新的行动正在进行,以拯救儿童... ... 你们猜怎么着。

The deep state just killed 20 marines in Australia via helicopter crash.



2023年8月27日: 帝国正在联盟下分崩离析|星际飞船地球
Maui’s 150 yr old massive banyan tree scorched by fire. Note the blue building in the background is still standing amidst the ash of the remainder of the town

In case you haven’t seen it, the video below shows a bright flash just before a new fire appears on surveillance camera in Maui.


It appears that the cabal’s constant surveillance and encouragement of that practice in our society has come back to haunt them.


the latest research in maui hawaii about the blue car, the huge light before the fire appeared #mauifire #hawaiifires #blueumbrella #laserfire #hawaiilaser #wildfire #unexplained pic.twitter.com/N260b8UFaH

It seems they’re not finished with Hawai’i yet. At least this time their EAS was employed. Link to Telegram.

看起来他们还没有完成对夏威夷的攻击。至少这次他们的 EAS 被雇佣了。链接到电报。


West Maui Brushfire Prompts Evacuation Order In Kaanapali

西毛伊岛火灾促使 Kaanapali 紧急疏散

A brushfire in Kaanaapali caused Maui County to blare its emergency warning sirens Saturday afternoon as the island continued to reel from a wildfire that killed at least 115 people Aug. 8.
An evacuation order was issued for “Anapuni Lp to West Mahipulu,” according to an alert from the Maui Emergency Management Agency that was sent to mobile devices. Officials said to evacuate family and pets now, without delay.
According to officials, the fire is in Kaanapali, about four miles north of Lahaina on Honoapiilani Highway. The extent of the fire is unknown, but emergency crews were responding.

周六下午,Kaanaapali 的一场森林大火导致毛伊岛发出紧急警报。8月8日,毛伊岛上的森林大火造成至少115人死亡。根据毛伊岛应急管理局发送到移动设备的警报,“ Anapuni Lp 到 West Mahipulu”的疏散命令已经发布。官员说要立即疏散家人和宠物。据官方消息,火灾发生在 Kaanapali,位于拉海纳以北约4英里的霍诺阿皮拉尼高速公路上。火灾范围尚不清楚,但紧急救援人员已经做出反应。


The parents must be going mad with worry and panic.


More Than 2,000 Students Missing From School Enrollment in Wake of Deadly Lahaina Wildfire

“致命 Lahaina Wildfire”事件导致2000多名学生失学


2023年8月27日: 帝国正在联盟下分崩离析|星际飞船地球

The following came in about British Columbia, Canada, as well this morning. Link to Telegram.


*EXCLUSIVE* *RED ALERT* UN “blue helmets” on the ground in Canada as terrified Scotch Creek BC resident “george” reports with 50 others who stayed behind to watch their town burn. Check points and choke points are being set up to isolate towns. Please share!!!!



Kelowna is in a bad way and some are suggesting it was arsonists as in a couple of people arrested. Yeah. Arsonists did this. No… your government did this. Link to Telegram.

基洛纳的情况很糟糕,一些人认为是纵火犯干的,就像逮捕了几个人一样。是的。是纵火犯干的。不... 是你们政府干的。链接到电报。

Can you imagine watching your world burn to the ground from a boat? It would be surreal—but so are the media reports. The fire jumped Okanagan Lake??? Seriously??? Haven’t been there in many years but I can tell you that did not happen; not a lake that size.

你能想象看着自己的世界在船上被烧成灰烬吗?这将是超现实主义的,但媒体报道也是如此。大火从 Okanagan Lake 蔓延开来?真的吗?已经很多年没去过了,但我可以告诉你,那是不可能的,没有那么大的湖。

Official reports are claiming the Kelowna, BC "wildfire" JUMPED THE OKANAGAN LAKE before reaching the city. pic.twitter.com/yvEBvq9Nzb

THE SAME PATTERNS, ALL OVER THE WORLD, AT THE SAME TIME 🔥Shuswap, British Columbia FiresWAKE UP!#Scotchcreek #Scotchcreekfire #BC #BritishColumbia #Canada #Kelowna #Kelownafire #Shuswap #Shuswapfires pic.twitter.com/LYmjnodf00

One of these goats is limping, poor thing. The leg looks broken.


Animals are now without habitats or homes. 👀#Lahaina #fire #Maui #MauiFire #hawaiifires #Hawaii #Kelowna #Kelownafire #wildfire #canada #Yellowknife #WestKelowna pic.twitter.com/LTFBRybia0

Inland is bad enough, but islands become instant prisons. The Canary Islands are also in the globalists’ crosshairs.


Like Maui and Kelowna, Tenerife is slated to become a 'smart island'. pic.twitter.com/8Qz7mQXTt7

2023年8月27日: 帝国正在联盟下分崩离析|星际飞船地球

It’s coming, and will be a test. Resist! If at all possible—DO NOT COMPLY!

它来了,这将是一个考验。抵抗! 如果可能的话ーー不要服从!

Biden Regime to Reinstate COVID-19 Restrictions Beginning with Mask Mandate as “COVID Cases Rise”, Say TSA and Border Patrol Whistleblowers


Better stock up on food, water, meds, pet supplies, cash, gas, etc. NOW so you aren’t forced to comply to get what you need unless this bullroar goes on a very long time.


Someone on Telegram referred to us as, “free-range slaves” and I couldn’t agree more. What an appropriate term. Most of us are no better than chickens who run around a field, foraging for food and thinking they’re free. They have never been outside the parameters of the farm so they don’t know what “free” is. Chickens don’t hand over most of their income to parasitic thugs but they do reproduce and sacrifice their lives for naught and they’re not always treated kindly.


2023年8月27日: 帝国正在联盟下分崩离析|星际飞船地球

There was nothing valid about the scamdemic, my friends. These control freaks have so much of our money they can buy anything, and anyONE. Few can resist. People in our communities sold us out for money. They killed innocents and destroyed their health. They invited misery to our world so they could be rich and powerful. They only care about themselves and heads need to roll.


Damning Audit Shows New York Paid Up To $14,050 Per Covid-19 “Vaccination”


“If we had known the source or origin of this virus and had not been misled that it was from a pangolin in a wet market, and rather we knew that it was a genetically manipulated virus, and that the scientists involved were concealing that from our clients, the outcome could have been very different,” victims’ attorney Patricia Finn told the New York Post.  Source

受害者的律师 Patricia Finn 告诉《纽约邮报》 : “如果我们知道这种病毒的来源和来源,而不是在菜市场上被误导说它来自穿山甲,而是我们知道这是一种经过基因操纵的病毒,而且相关的科学家对我们的客户隐瞒了这一点,结果可能会非常不同。”。来源

Florida Surgeon General Tells Public “Do Not Cooperate With Mask Mandates”


Unfortunately, many will probably be so confused by the conflicting information around the next plandemic they won’t know what to believe and will comply “just in case” because “social distancing”—which they simply made up—isolation, masks, and “vaccines” make the brainwashed feel safe. It’s all absurd and useless but damaging.


We haven’t even been able to break through to people that if you have no symptoms you’re not sick. It’s insane. Undoing that whole disinformation campaign is not easy.


Unless the media are turned around and broadcast and print the truth, the nonsense could continue just like the last time. Huge numbers would have to be non-compliant and be vocal about it to avoid what happened over the past three+ years. Some people are STILL wearing masks—alone in their cars! Breathing their own exhaust for three years must have killed a lot of brain cells.


2023年8月27日: 帝国正在联盟下分崩离析|星际飞船地球
Gunfight at the OK Corral
OK 畜栏发生枪战

The volume of available information now overflows our capacity to take it in and perhaps comprehend. Most of it is really interesting and we have to pick and choose. This video will probably be very good, but right now all we have is a trailer for a film by DoqHoliday—of course Doc Holliday was one of the gunslingers that took part in the gunfight at the OK Corral, oddly enough, which I just mentioned recently. What a Qincidence.

现在,可获得的信息量已经超出了我们吸收和理解的能力。大部分都很有趣,我们必须挑挑拣拣。这个视频可能会非常好,但是现在我们只有 DoqHoliday 的一部电影的预告片ーー当然 Doc Holliday 是参与 OK Corral 枪战的枪手之一,奇怪的是,我最近刚刚提到过。真巧。

“The Start”. Coming soon.


Link to Telegram for trailer.



2023年8月27日: 帝国正在联盟下分崩离析|星际飞船地球

There are plenty of revelations from the woo-woo side, too. Disclosure of our friends [and enemies] upstairs is imminent. Link to Telegram. Video below is 58 min.


New Feature Film exposes Human Trafficking in Space
Michael Salla

新剧情片揭露太空人口贩卖( https://t.me/c/1532827519/203344)迈克尔 · 萨拉

Jean Charles Moyen is an extraterrestrial contactee and supersoldier who served with a joint US-French Secret Space Program. He says that during his covert service upon the Solaris, the flagship of the joint US-French SSP, he was sent on missions to rescue children captured in human trafficking operations led by an extraterrestrial species called the Draconians. He has previously revealed in interviews several daring rescues involving children in real life deep space missions. Significantly, his wife Melanie Charest and friend, David Rousseau, also served on the Solaris and were involved in rescues of captive children.

Jean Charles Moyen 是一个外星联络人和超级士兵,曾在美国和法国的联合秘密太空计划中服役。他表示,在美法联合战略空间站的旗舰“索拉里斯”号上执行秘密任务期间,他被派遣执行营救儿童的任务,这些儿童是在一个名为“龙人”的外星物种领导的人口贩卖行动中被俘的。他之前在采访中透露了几次大胆的救援行动,涉及到现实生活中深空任务中的儿童。值得注意的是,他的妻子梅勒妮 · 查雷斯特和朋友大卫 · 卢梭也在索拉里斯号上服役,并参与了对被俘儿童的营救。

Three years ago Jean Charles Moyen decided to create a feature film depicting his real life SSP experiences using fictional characters to expose human trafficking in space involving children . His film Rive-Sud Origine 2 (South Shore Origin 2) is a fiction based on fact expose that is available in French with English subtitles on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/rivesudori… (https://www.youtube.com/redirect?event=video_description&redir_token=QUFFLUhqa2hmMXJSUGc4a3l4ZWJJSlF0anhucEFyWnJEQXxBQ3Jtc0trdzNxUzNCTDlFNkdUS3BwdmNoRzZ4Q2RPOVpVbzZRanpXWFVHcWJwUDk3UF8zMzVyWEczSlhUNzExaWN4SmI0eG9wVktIZUg1cl9IeHNNWDZDZDM3ME1vbjdrWGdtQ045aUFjM0UzWVI5aEZEeS1BRQ&q=https%3A%2F%2Fvimeo.com%2Fondemand%2Frivesudorigine2&v=bIUYE6xEd7w)

三年前,让 · 查尔斯 · 莫因决定创作一部故事片,用虚构的人物来揭露太空中涉及儿童的人口贩卖,描述他在太空中的真实生活经历。他的电影《南岸起源2》(南岸起源2)是一部基于事实揭露的小说,法语版本,英文字幕可在 Vimeo: https://Vimeo.com/ondemand/rivesudori 上找到。. (Https://www.youtube.com/redirect?event=video_description&redir_token=quffluhqa2hmmxjsugc4a3l4zwjjslf0anhucefywnjeqxxbq3jtc0trdznxuznctdlfnkdus3bwdmnorzz4q2rpovpvbzzranpxwfvhcwjwudk3uf8zmzvyweczslhunzexawn4smi0eg9wvktizug1cl9iehnnwdzdzdm3me1vbjdrwgdtq045aufjm0uzwvi5aezees1brq&q=https%3a%2f%2fvimeo.com%2fondemand%2frivesudorigine2&v=biuye6xed7w)

😮💩 Weird Shit


There was quite a ruckus in the UK some fear will figure into the plandemic.


Notting Hill Carnival crowds seen screaming as thousands packed with no space. pic.twitter.com/J5xB13UlpR

SG Anon joined Capt. K for another update. 1 hr. 18 min.

SG Anon 与 K 上尉一起进行另一次更新。1小时18分钟。

SG Anon QNews Patriots visits w Capt Kyke, Kelly and Army Vet Maj. Freddy 8/26/23


Here are some wise words from the brilliant Kerry K.

这里有一些睿智的话从杰出的凯瑞 K。

I do believe it is key to keep a positive outlook with a KNOWING that all is unfolding for our best and highest good. Fear, dread, victimhood, frustration, hopelessness and despair all drag down our frequency and dim our light. Yes, we will be tested; we will feel pain at what we witness because we are empathetic creatures, but we are not helpless, nor are we victims and we have a great deal of help in these biblical times. I encourage you to click on the Tweet/post below and absorb the message.

我相信保持一个积极的前景是关键,因为我们知道一切都是为了我们最好和最高的利益而展开的。恐惧、恐惧、受害者、挫折、绝望和绝望都会降低我们的频率,使我们的光芒黯淡。是的,我们将受到考验; 我们将为我们所见到的感到痛苦,因为我们是有同情心的生物,但我们不是无助的,也不是受害者,在这个圣经的时代,我们得到了很多帮助。我鼓励你点击下面的 Tweet/post 并吸收这条信息。

The best really is yet to come. These aren't just words. I am here to tell you that there is an unstoppable plan in motion. I'm talking about something bigger than new financial systems or mass arrests. We are soon to experience 'heaven on Earth' with beauty beyond imagination.... pic.twitter.com/gqqBmWNpEU

You know what they say… “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” We are already strong or we wouldn’t be facing this war as we have been; head on.

你知道他们怎么说吗... “杀不死我们的东西会让我们更强大”我们已经很强大了,否则我们就不会像现在这样面对这场战争了; 勇往直前吧。

We are not victims; we are the victors in this war. That is the attitude to foster.


Soldier on, everyone. We’ll get there and it will be so far beyond our expectations because we have no idea what reality is or what our life was intended to be. It has been corrupted beyond measure and Satan’s signature is on everything.


Oh, and I want to finish on a high note so watch and listen to this short video. The music is so apropos. You had better have a gang of feds if you want to best James O’Keefe. You’re going to need a bigger gang.  ~ BP

哦,我想以一个高音结束,所以请看并听这个简短的视频。音乐真是恰到好处。如果你想打败詹姆斯 · 奥基夫你最好有一帮联邦探员。你需要一个更大的帮派。~ BP

'Fed boi' tries to intimidate me while I was getting some frozen yogurt in New Brunswick and I turn the tables on him.Help me identify this man. pic.twitter.com/dCaxqBHhBU

2023年8月27日: 帝国正在联盟下分崩离析|星际飞船地球


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