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(Natural News)Events are rapidly coalescing to the inevitable conclusion that America must either rise up and defend itself or fall to the lawless,lunatic Leftists and globalists who seek to destroy it from within.


Soon,it will be time for President Trump to take decisive action to eliminate the domestic enemies of America(see full list below)and restore the rule of law to this sovereign nation.Although I don't have any special inside information about Trump's plans,an analysis of accelerating events points to an historic showdown as pro-American forces face off against anti-American traitors throughout every level of government and society.


With deranged,lawless Democrats now demanding the impeachment of Attorney General William Barr for completely fabricated reasons—i.e.they don't like the fact that he won't go along with the Russia collusion hoax that was fabricated by the treasonous deep state—we are getting closer each day to the need for military arrests of those lawmakers and domestic terrorist organizations(see list below)who are actively conspiring to defeat America as founded and turn this country over to globalists to be looted,dismantled and erased from history.

由于疯狂、无法无天的民主党人现在要求弹劾司法部长威廉·巴尔(William Barr),理由完全是捏造的——即他们不喜欢巴尔不同意这个深藏不露的国家编造的俄罗斯串通骗局这一事实——我们越来越接近军事逮捕那些立法者和国内恐怖组织(见下表)的必要性,这些组织正在积极合谋打败美国,将这个国家交给全球主义者,让他们从历史中被掠夺、摧毁和抹去。

President Trump must know that We the People are ready and willing to defend this nation against domestic enemies


The President needs to know that We the People wholly support his efforts to drain the swamp and"lock them up."We are law-abiding patriots and defenders of the both First and Second Amendments,and we are ready to back President Trump's decisive commands with city-by-city,county-by-county defenses to identify and arrest all enemies of America who are attempting to destroy this nation from within.


To be clear,yes,I'm talking about armed,law-abiding citizens all across America who are willing to defend America from the traitors who are trying to destroy it.


From idiotic lunatics who would push America into an all-out economic collapse(Ocasio-Cortez)to high-level treasonous criminals who armed America's enemies with nuclear weapons and leaked U.S.military secrets to China and Iran(Barack Obama),all those who threaten the United States of America must be identified,arrested and removed from power as part of the process of restoring the rule of law in America.


I don't have any special inside information of what Trump is planning,and I don't speak for Trump in any way.But some of the actions that Trump could take to restore the rule of law in America and eliminate the sabotage actions of the domestic enemies currently operating in America include the following:


  • Deploy the military police nationwide to arrest and detain the CEOs of all tech companies and financial institutions that are systematically de-platforming conservatives,Trump supporters and Christians.
  • 在全国范围内部署军事警察,逮捕和拘留所有科技公司和金融机构的首席执行官,这些公司和金融机构系统地反对保守派、特朗普的支持者和基督徒
  • Every CEO of every tech company(Google,Twitter,etc.)or financial institution(Chase,Mastercard,GoFundMe,etc.)that has de-platformed users for being conservatives must be charged and prosecuted for willfully denying Americans their basic civil rights to engage in speech and commerce.
  • 任何一家科技公司(谷歌、推特等)或金融机构(大通银行、万事达卡、GoFundMe )的首席执行官,如果他们的用户是保守派,那么他们就必须因蓄意剥夺美国人参与言论和商业活动的基本民权而受到起诉
  • The domain names of all such tech companies and financial companies should be seized by the State Dept.and held in escrow until such time that the corporations sign consent decrees that guarantee the freedom of speech and freedom of commerce for all Americans,without interference,shadowbanning,de-platforming or algorithmic censorship.
  • 所有这些科技公司和金融公司的域名都应该被国务院扣押,并由国家代管,直到这些公司签署同意法令,保证所有美国人的言论自由和商业自由,不受干涉、影子禁止、去平台化或算法审查
  • RICO Act racketeering laws can be used to level felony criminal charges against all those engaged in these activities.
  • 《反诈骗腐败组织集团犯罪法》可用于对所有从事这些活动的人提出重罪刑事指控
  • Every fake news media organization that actively participated in the sourcing and publishing of fabricated"leaks"what were intended to further the political coup effort against President Trump should have its conspirators arrested and removed from public influence.CNN,the New York Times,the Washington Post and Buzzfeed,among others,have collapsed into"journo-terrorism"hubs where they attempt to terrorize the American public with fabricated news hoaxes with the aim of destabilizing the Trump administration.These activities are not expressions of a"free press"but rather active efforts to commit sedition and treason as part of a coordinated,deep state political coup to overthrow the results of the 2016 election and nullify the will of the voters.The left-wing media has essentially merged with the deep state and now functions as the propaganda extension of the very treasonous groups that are attempting to overthrow America's democracy.
  • 每一个积极参与搜集和发表旨在推动反对特朗普总统的政治政变的捏造"泄密"的虚假新闻媒体机构,都应该逮捕其同谋,并使其摆脱公众影响。Cnn、《纽约时报》、《华盛顿邮报》和 Buzzfeed 等媒体已经沦为"记者恐怖主义"中心,它们试图用捏造的新闻恶作剧来恐吓美国公众,目的是破坏特朗普政府的稳定。这些活动不是表达"新闻自由",而是积极努力进行煽动叛乱和叛国,作为一场协调一致的深层政治政变的一部分,目的是推翻2016年选举的结果和取消选民的意愿。左翼媒体基本上已经与深层政府合并,现在成为试图推翻美国民主制度的叛逆组织的宣传延伸
  • Every member of Congress,in both the House and Senate,who has actively participated in furthering the Russia collusion hoax and attempted coup against the United States of America should be arrested by military police and charged with sedition,then removed from public office and held to face military trials.Sen.John McCain should be charged posthumously for his role in the"Trump dossier"which was used to obtain an illegal FISA warrant application to spy on Trump campaign and administration personnel(in total violation of U.S.law).
  • 无论是众议院还是参议院,每一个积极参与推进俄罗斯串通骗局和反对美利坚合众国的未遂政变的国会议员,都应该被宪兵逮捕并以煽动叛乱罪起诉,然后被免除公职并接受军事审判。参议员约翰·麦凯恩(John McCain)应该因其在"特朗普档案"(Trump dossier)中所扮演的角色而被追究责任,该档案被用来获取非法的 FISA 授权申请,以监视特朗普竞选团队和政府人员(这完全违反了美国法律)
  • As part of the cleanup operation to eliminate domestic terrorist groups that are operating inside the United States,Antifa must be designated a domestic terrorism organization,and all those who collude with Antifa to carry out acts of violence against conservative Americans must be arrested and charged with terror-related acts of conspiracy.This will include a very large number of college and university professors who exploit their positions of academic power to recruit and deploy domestic terrorist groups against the United States government.
  • 作为消灭在美国境内活动的国内恐怖主义团体的清理行动的一部分,必须将反法定为国内恐怖主义组织,必须逮捕所有与反法合谋对保守的美国人实施暴力行为的人,并指控他们犯有与恐怖主义有关的阴谋行为。这将包括大量利用其学术权力地位招募和部署反对美国政府的国内恐怖主义团体的大学教授
  • The mayors of"sanctuary cities"and the governors of"sanctuary states"must be declared to be engaged in an active insurrection against the United States of America,then arrested and subjected to military tribunals for their active roles in undermining the nation through willful complicity with criminal felons and terror-linked groups.
  • 必须宣布"庇护城市"的市长和"庇护州"的州长参与了针对美利坚合众国的积极叛乱,然后将他们逮捕并送交军事法庭,因为他们通过蓄意与重罪犯和与恐怖主义有联系的团体共谋,在破坏国家方面发挥了积极作用
  • All governors who signed laws authorizing the voting of illegal aliens must be arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit voter fraud.A national voter ID law must be put into place and fully enforced.Until California or any state agrees to enforce voter ID laws,that state's members of Congress must be suspended and prevented from participating in federal legislation in any way whatsoever.The message to California?If you don't enforce voter ID laws,you will lose your Senators,members of Congress and your Electoral College votes.You cannot participate in democracy if you aren't willing to follow the basic rules of democracy.
  • 所有签署法律授权非法外国人投票的州长必须被逮捕,并被指控犯有选举舞弊罪。全国选民身份证法必须到位和充分执行。在加利福尼亚州或其他州同意执行选民身份证法之前,该州的国会议员必须被停职,并被禁止以任何方式参与联邦立法。给加利福尼亚的信息?如果你不执行选民身份法,你将失去你的参议员、国会议员和选举团的选票。如果你不愿意遵守民主的基本规则,你就不能参与民主
  •     Activate American patriots to defend the national borders. Militia groups must be called up by the President to defend America's territories against foreign invaders. Those attempting to illegally enter the United States via border crossings must be ordered to turn around and go home. Those caught inside the border must be arrested and immediately deported to their home countries. The message must be clear: Immigrants are only welcomed in the United States through legal processes, not illegal border crossings. If you want to become an American, wait in line like everybody else who immigrated legally.
  • 激活美国爱国者捍卫国界。必须由总统召集民兵组织来保卫美国领土免受外国侵略者的侵害。那些试图通过边境口岸非法进入美国的人必须要求转身回家。在边境内捕获的人必须被逮捕并立即被驱逐到他们的祖国。信息必须明确:移民只能通过法律程序在美国受到欢迎,而不是非法过境。如果你想成为一名美国人,请像其他合法移民的人一样排队等候。

By now,President Trump knows that the American people are ready and willing to activate their Second Amendment responsibility nationwide,to protect and defend the United States of America against all enemies,foreign and domestic.There are millions of military veterans and both active duty and former law enforcement Americans who are ready and willing to enforce the rule of law and,at the direction of the Commander in Chief,do their part to identify and eliminate the threat of"enemies within."


Most real Americans have reached the point where they now realize their country will be completely overrun and destroyed if something isn't done to halt the enemies within.Time is growing short.The will of the American people to defend their nation is stronger than ever,but most Americans will not act unless they are given authorization by the President.


That authorization will not come before the 2020 election,but once Trump wins a second term,there's nothing holding back a full-fledged defense of America and the complete rooting out and elimination of America's domestic enemies.


I have no doubt that President Trump already knows the American people are with him and are ready to defend his presidency and defend this nation against all enemies,foreign and domestic.


Get prepared while you can,since the Democrats are desperately trying to disarm the American people before the"big showdown"takes place.I am also directing you to this very important tactical analysis of how a civil war might go down and why the treasonous Left will"suffer a brutal loss"as power,water and food supply lines to their cities are cut off by pro-America forces who are defending this nation against traitors and terrorists.That article is based on this article by Matt Bracken at AmericanPartisan.org.It's also a very important read.

尽可能地做好准备,因为民主党人正拼命地试图在"大决战"发生之前解除美国人民的武装。我还指示你们进行一项非常重要的战术分析,分析内战可能如何发生,以及叛国的左派为何会"遭受惨重损失",因为通往他们城市的电力、供水和食物供应线路被正在保卫这个国家不受叛徒和恐怖分子侵害的亲美势力切断。这篇文章是基于 americanpartisan.org Matt Bracken 的这篇文章。这也是一本非常重要的读物。

God bless America.#MAGA like a MOFO.

上帝保佑美国。#maga like a MOFO.



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