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领导人从来都不是主权国家——特朗普总统坐在争吵不休的太子党(这里指的是深州太子党)的金字塔顶端,这些太子党有自己的利益和议程——而特朗普也不能幸免于他们的阴谋诡计——尤其是因为这些太子党可以发起行动(包括假旗),把事 件推到他们的议程上;这可以把特朗普逼到角落。

A thought provoking new Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov declaring that Russia will never lose the arms race,because it has demonstrated its ability to generate economically effective responses to challenges,states this declaration is in direct response to the citadels of America's elites fracturing and being at odds with each other—a fracturing currently being masked by two mass shootings in America that have claimed nearly 30 lives over the past 24-hours—but whose true and dangerous dimensions of were put on full display during this same time period when President Donald Trump angrily lashed out at the US Navy for awarding commendations to the lying and cheating prosecutors who led,and lost,the beyond disgusting murder trial of US Navy SEAL war hero Edward Gallagher—that saw Trump publicly ordering Pentagon officials to strip them of the medals—with this announcement being a remarkable rebuke by a President of his own Navy leadership—a rebuke followed a few hours ago by an even more stunning announcement that Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson had removed all court-martial authority from Navy Region Southwest who illegally prosecuted Gallagher—and his further ordering that all charges be immediately dropped against Gallagher's platoon leader US Navy SEAL Lieutenant Jacob Portier.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

俄罗斯外交部(MoFA)今天在克里姆林宫发布了一份引人深思的新报告,其中提到俄罗斯副外长谢尔盖·里亚布科夫(Sergei Ryabkov)宣称,俄罗斯永远不会在军备竞赛中失败,因为俄罗斯已经证明,它有能力在经济上有效地应对挑战,这份声明是对美国精英阶层的堡垒的直接回应,这些精英阶层正在分裂并相互矛盾ーー目前这种分裂被美国在过去24小时内发生的两起造成近30人死亡的大规模枪击事 件所掩盖ーー但是,在同一时期,唐纳德·特朗普总统愤怒地抨击美国海军对那些撒谎和欺骗的检察官颁发嘉奖,这些检察官领导并失败了,这一事 件的真实性和危险性在同一时期得到了充分展示,美国海军海豹突击队英雄爱德华加拉格尔(Edward Gallagher)令人作呕的谋杀案审判——特朗普公开命令五角大楼官员剥夺他们的奖章——这一宣布是一位总统对自己的海军领导能力的强烈谴责——几个小时前,美国海军作战部部长约翰理查森(John Richardson)发表了一项更令人震惊的声明,宣布海军作战部部长约翰理查森(John Richardson)撤销了加拉格尔在西南海军地区非法起诉的所有军事法庭权。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


According to this report,and as shamefully demonstrated time and time again,the socialist Democrat Party aligned American mainstream propaganda media is pummeling their nation's citizens minds today with an endless stream of false outrage over two mass shootings—the latest one occurring a few hours ago in Dayton-Ohio where 10 have been left dead,that includes the shooter—and came a few hours after 20 were left dead in El Paso-Texas when a madman gunned them down.

根据这份报告,可耻的是,美国主流宣传媒体与社会主义民主党结盟,今天无休止地对两起大规模枪击事 件(最近的一起发生在几个小时前的 Dayton-Ohio,包括枪手在内的10人已经死亡)发出虚假的愤怒,打击美国公民的思想。几个小时前,在德克萨斯州的埃尔帕索,一个疯子枪杀了20人,导致他们死亡。

Though as senseless and tragic as these mass shooting deaths are,this report notes,the American people are still being kept from knowing that what occurred yesterday is in reality a"Normal Tuesday Afternoon"for the peoples of Mexico—a nation whose strict gun laws The Washington Post says could be a model for the US—most particularly because Mexico has only one store licensed to sell guns that their citizens aren't even allowed to own—but so far this year hasn't stopped their citizens from being gunned down in historic numbers—with this year's gun deaths so far being 14,603—that's on pace to overtake the historic 29,111 of their citizens gunned down last year.

这份报告指出,尽管这些大规模枪击死亡事 件是毫无意义和悲剧性的,但美国人民仍然不知道,昨天发生的事情对墨西哥人民来说实际上是一个"正常的星期二下午"。《华盛顿邮报》称,墨西哥严格的枪支法律可以成为美国的典范ーー尤其是因为墨西哥只有一家商店获得了销售枪支的许可,而墨西哥公民甚至不允许拥有这些枪支ーー但今年迄今为止,墨西哥公民被枪杀的人数仍处于历史性水平ーー今年迄今为止的枪击死亡人数已达14603人ーー这一数字正在超过去年。


Most demonically,this report continues,the true and real reason the American mainstream propaganda media relishes mass shootings is for their being able to use them to further the Democrat Party socialist agenda to disarm a population before they violently take control of a nation—most particularly because they can use them like a cudgel against anyone they despise who stands in their way—best exampled in this case by Democrat Party presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke blaming President Trump for the El Paso-Texas mass shooting because he's a"racist"—a"blame",however,that stands in direct opposition to the El Pasogunman's own"manifesto"that saw him declaring"some people will blame the President or certain presidential candidates for the attack…this is not the case…I know that the media will probably call me a white supremacist anyway and blame Trump's rhetoric…the media is infamous for fake news…their reaction to this attack will likely just confirm that…many people think that the fight for America is already lost"—and about whom it's critical to note,that upon his capture,his social media MyLife Public Page showed him listing himself as a Democratat 2:50 PM yesterday,while he was in police custody,then saw it being mysteriously changed to Republicanat 2:52 saw it being changed again to say he was a Republican and QAnon member—and later on Saturday evening,saw his profile filled with anti-Jewish slurs and links to Trump and Jeffrey Epstein and it calling him an Evangelical Christian—thus leaving one supposing that the next mysterious change will show that he's really a secret Russian agent who helped Trump get elected and whom the Democrats will subpoena next to appear before them..

这份报告继续指出,最恶魔化的是,美国主流媒体喜欢大规模枪击事 件的真正原因是,它们能够利用这些事 件来推动民主党的社会主义议程,在民主党暴力控制一个国家之前解除民众的武装ーー最主要的原因是,它们可以把这些事 件当作一根棍子,用来对付任何阻碍它们的人ーー最好的例子是,民主党总统候选人贝托·奥鲁克(Beto'rourke)指责特朗普总统应对德克萨斯州埃尔帕索大规模枪击事 件负责,因为他是一个"种族主义者"ーー是一个"指责"然而,这与埃尔帕索枪手自己的"宣言"形成了直接对立。在那份宣言中,他宣称"有些人会将此次袭击归咎于总统或某些总统候选人......事实并非如此......我知道媒体可能会称我为白人至上主义者,并指责特朗普的言论......媒体因假新闻而臭名昭著......他们对此次袭击的反应很可能只是证实了......许多人认为,为美国而战已经失败"——关键是要注意到,在他被捕时,他的社交媒体"我的生活"公共主页显示,他在昨天下午250分将自己列为被警方拘留期间的自己,他的个人资料中充满了反犹太人的诽谤言论,与特朗普和杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)有关,还称他是福音派基督徒。因此,人们猜测,下一个神秘的变化将表明,他实际上是一名帮助特朗普当选的俄罗斯秘密特工,民主党人会传唤他出现在他们面前。.


At the same time the socialist Democrat Party and its mainstream media lapdogs are inventing even greater lies to tell the American people about these mass shootings,this report details,they've yet to inform them at all about the most dangerous and consequential happenings that will soon affect them at this past week's Aspen Security Forum—the"sold out"gathering of all of the top intelligence,military and political leaders in America who determine the future of their nation's foreign policy—all of whom"united behind the idea of a new cold war"—and that caused two Financial Times columnists–pillars of the Western Establishment—to raise a warning flag declaring:"This is something that takes my breath away…eighteen months ago the phrase was dismissed as fringe scaremongering…today it is consensus".

与此同时,社会主义民主党及其主流媒体的走狗们正在编造更大的谎言,向美国人民讲述这些大规模枪击事 件。这份报告详细说明,在上周举行的阿斯彭安全论坛(Aspen Security forum)上,他们根本没有向美国人民通报哪些最危险、最重要的事 件会很快影响到他们,这个论坛是所有顶级情报人员的"出卖"聚会


The American people,of course,this report points out,haven't had"their breath taken away"because no one has told them that their leaders are pushing the United States to the brink of all-out nuclear war with both Russia and China—a natural consequence of a"Cold War"whose last iteration saw the US and former Soviet Union poised on the knife-edge of a nuclear holocaust for nearly half a century—and whose only hope of averting is a President Trump who's pushing to remove all US military forces from Afghanistan before the 2020 election as he desperately tries to keep his nation at peace.


As in all such nations as the United States,however,this report continues,the leader is never sovereign—as President Trump sits atop a pyramid of quarrelling princelings(Deep State princelings,in this instance),who have their own interests and agenda—and Trump is not immune to their machinations—most particularly because these princelings can initiate actions(including false flags)that drive events to their agenda;that can corner Trump.

然而,和美国等所有国家一样,这份报告继续写道,领导人从来都不是主权国家——特朗普总统坐在争吵不休的太子党(这里指的是深州太子党)的金字塔顶端,这些太子党有自己的利益和议程——而特朗普也不能幸免于他们的阴谋诡计——尤其是因为这些太子党可以发起行动(包括假旗),把事 件推到他们的议程上;这可以把特朗普逼到角落。

The best example of how these princelings have been trying to corner President Trump,this report explains,can be seen in his open warfare against the US Navy—a military service that keeps crashing its own warships,and can only manage to get 2 out of its 11 plane and weapons elevators to work on its newest nuclear powered multi-billion-dollar super aircraft carrier—that caused Trump to turn to the US Army and have them start training on how to fire howitzers from their fleet of ships for the first time in decades—a training regime that proved so successful,this past week Trump ordered the Pentagon to abruptly stop their planned sale of the US Army's naval fleet.



President Donald Trump begins rapid expansion of US Army naval fleet to counter renegade US Navy forces


In further moves President Trump has taken against a US Navy openly defying him and pushing for a new cold war,like his ordering the revocation of medals to their spying prosecutors,this report concludes,includes this past week his placing this past week Rear Admiral Shoshana Chatfield in command of the Naval War College after he ousted its former leader Rear Admiral Jeffrey Harley,and his appointing two of his loyalists to serve on the US Naval Academy Board of Visitors—all of which is being kept from the knowledge of the American people who,instead,are having to listen to the deranged lunatic ravings of top Democrat Party presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden,who just astonishingly claimed that"The Economy Is Collapsing Because Of The Trump Presidency"—a crazed outburst that caused even top leftist television host Bill Maher to lament that"the 2020 Democrats are blowing it",but his further adding that he,in fact,"Wishes For A Crippling Recession To Unseat Trump"—a demonic wish no sane person would ever place upon a nation and its peoples—which,however,is being countered by new evidence showing that this nightmare of leftist lunacy affecting America may soon be coming to an end—best exampled by the shaving cream and razor giant Gillette having just posted losses in the billions-of-dollars after they ran a"woke"advertisement insulting every man in the US—while at the exact same time,the conservative pro-Trump and deeply Christian fast food giant Chick-Fil-A refused to bow to any leftist pressure,and because of,has now become the most favorite restaurant in all of the United States.

在进一步的行动中,特朗普总统采取了反对美国海军公然藐视他和推动一个新的冷战,像他下令撤销他们的间谍检察官的奖章,这份报告总结,包括在过去的一周,他把海军少将肖沙纳·查特菲尔德在他驱逐其前领导人海军少将杰弗里·哈利之后,任命他为海军战争学院的指挥官,他还任命了两名他的忠实支持者为美国海军学院访问委员会成员ーー所有这些都不让美国人民知道,相反,他们不得不听从民主党总统候选人、前副总统乔·拜登的疯狂胡言乱语他刚刚令人震惊地宣称,"由于特朗普担任总统,经济正在崩溃"——这种疯狂的情绪爆发甚至让左派电视节目主持人比尔·马赫(Bill Maher)感叹"2020年民主党人正在把它搞砸",但他进一步补充说,事实上,他"希望严重衰退推翻特朗普"——这是一个邪恶的愿望,任何理智的人都不会对一个国家及其人民发出这样的愿望,然而,最新证据显示,左翼疯狂影响美国的噩梦可能很快就要结束了ーー剃须膏和剃须刀巨头吉列(Gillette)刚刚公布了数十亿美元的亏损,原因是他们发布了一则侮辱美国每个男人的"醒来"广告ーー与此同时,亲特朗普的保守派和信奉基督教的快餐业巨头福来公司(Chick-Fil-A)拒绝屈服于任何左翼压力,而且因为这家公司,如今已成为全美最受欢迎的餐厅。


President Donald Trump and Chick-Fil-A fearlessly stand up to leftist mobs and keep WINNING-WINNING-WINNING.



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