Teri Wade|不可避免的变化

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Teri Wade|不可避免的变化

From Dark to Light 🙌🏼


The expansion of consciousness is never ending because the Universe keeps experiencing and expresses itself into matter and form,to gather information before turning into non-matter this is what this game is all about.Return to light,non-matter,going full circle.EVOLUTION!


We never stop growing and expanding and it gets easier the higher our vibration,because we are losing our fear frequency.Meaning,the highs get higher and the lows become less frequent and lose their power over us.Our current system has to go into chaos in order to rebuild to a higher frequency of existence,tear down the old to build the new.It's a Universal Law and the basis of every evolutionary process.A rigid structure cannot sustain itself forever.


Just like the Awakening process many are going thru now meaning the cellular restructuring of our physical bodies and the reprogramming of our cellular memory thru DNA activation,thru these higher frequencies.It's purpose is to get you ready for the higher dimensions,the 5th dimensional frequencies.We are becoming our higher multi-dimensional self.

就像现在许多人正在经历的觉醒过程一样,意味着我们物质身体的细胞重组和通过 DNA 激活的细胞记忆的重新编程,通过这些更高的频率。它的目的是让你为更高的维度,第五维度的频率做好准备。我们正在成为我们更高的多维度自我。

So many are fighting these higher frequencies which are forcing many to question their belief system,but it will happen to everyone whether you fight it or not.It's inevitable...it's just up to you how painful you make it on yourself.It's like you're an organism full of cancerous cells that are being healed.Don't fight it!Once humanity heals itself,the system will follow...no doubt about it.


That's what all this global chaos is all about 😉.Remember,change only happens from within.Light workers are strategically placed all over the world to create a ripple effect,changing the frequency of humanity and the planet as a whole.We are entering the final cleansing stage of the New Dawn(New Earth)so is it any wonder why the Pleiadians call us"The Bringers of the Dawn?"😏


We are getting rid of our 3D programming and no one said it was going to be easy.We are going in and out consciousness from 3D to 5D sometimes in seconds.This is all part of our recalibration process.Revelations of the old system of control by the global elite will be a"massive trigger"for humanity in our Awakening process.These revelations will be very dark and ugly but necessary.We are in the beginning stages of what it means to be non-human.Buckle up!💙



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