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A strategically oriented new Security Council(SC)report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing possible end game scenarios for the"Coronavirus Pandemic War",says the crashing of US oil prices to their lowest level in 21-years as storage ran out yesterday,when coupled with Germany's largest newspaper openly accusing Communist China of exporting the coronavirus and demanding$161-billion in damages,makes it no surprise that after the China Stock Index suffered its worst crash in history a few hours ago,it was fearfully exclaimed by one expert speaking for all of them:"I've Never Encountered Anything Like This"—an exclamation of dread bowing to the reality that in just a few weeks time,a virus measuring barely one billionth of a meter has effectively destroyed the entire world—not just any world,but a globalist-socialist world whose elite Western architects have building since the end of World War II,and by 2000 were being aided by elite Chinese communists—but who are now all watching in stunned and shocked horror as their crown jewel socialist project European Union begins to crack apart to the point that its godfather Jacques Delors warns it's now"in mortal danger",as well as other elite socialist architects warning it could"collapse at any moment"—and with it immediately needing an impossible to get over$1.6-trillion to keep it from it breaking apart,sees its true fate described in the just published headline"The European Union Is Dead But Does Not Yet Know It"—a death being celebrated by these socialist elite's worst in history enemy President Donald Trump—who yesterday eviscerated them with words striking at the very heart of what they stand for when he stated:"What happens when you're in a war,and you have a supply chain where half of your supplies are given to other countries?...Who are the people that thought of it?...These are globalists…It doesn't work"—and when asked about his intentions towards these globalist-socialist forces who"attempted the takedown of a duly elected president"—saw President Trump ominously responding with the fearful words:"You'll find out what I'm going to do".[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫(Kremlin)今日发布了一份以战略为导向的安理会(Security Council)最新报告,讨论"冠状病毒大流行战争"可能的结局。报告称,昨日储备耗尽,美国石油价格跌至21年来的最低水平,再加上德国最大的报纸公开指责XXX出口冠状病毒,并要求1610亿美元赔偿,因此,在天朝股指(China Stock Index)几小时前遭遇历史上最严重的崩盘之后,这并不——一位代表所有人发言的专家惊恐地说道:"我从来没有遇到过这样的事情"——这是一个令人恐惧的感叹,向现实鞠躬致敬,在短短几周的时间里,一种仅仅只有十亿分之一米的病毒有效地摧毁了整个世界——不是任何一个世界,而是一个全球主义社会主义世界,自二战结束以来,西方精英建筑师们一直在建造这个——2000年,XXX精英阶层开始提供援助——但他们现在都惊愕地看到,他们的王冠上的明珠——社会主义工程欧盟(European Union)开始分崩离析,以至于其教父雅克德洛尔(Jacques Delors)警告说,欧盟现在"面临致命危险",其他社会主义精英建筑师也警告说,欧盟"随时可能崩溃"——随之而来的是,欧盟需要立即拿出不可能超过1.6万亿美元,这些社会主义精英历史上最坏的敌人唐纳德·特朗普(Donald trump)总统正在庆祝他们的死亡。昨天,特朗普用一些言辞打击了他们所代表的核心,他说:"如果你身处战争之中,而你有一个供应链,一半的供应都分配给了其他国家,那会发生什么?"?是谁想出来的?...这些人是全球主义者......这行不通"——当被问及他对这些"试图推翻正当选举出来的总统"的全球主义社会主义势力的意图时,特朗普总统不祥地回答说:"你会知道我要做什么":本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


According to this report,though the main perpetrators of this coronavirus pandemic crime against humanity have yet to be captured and brought to justice,their motive for unleashing this death and destruction upon the world is well known—and is contained in the main socialist precept which says"economic collapse is the most powerful spur to revolution"—a global revolution these globalist-socialist forces sorely needed as they faced the national-populist forces being led by President Trump—and as they faced the grim reality that"national populism is unstoppable–and the left still doesn't understand it".


Just a year ago,in April-2019,this report continues,the forces of globalist-socialism were celebrating their impending election victory over national-populist forces in Australia—a victory these socialists were assured of because every major poll showed them winning—but in reality,were polls that proved disastrously wrong a month later,in May-2019,when the Australian people actually voted and crushed these socialists and their globalist policies into oblivion.


Seven months later,in December-2019,this report details,these globalist-socialist forces regrouped from their election annihilation in Australia and threw all of their power into defeating the national-populists in Britain—a defeat of these national-populists assured to happen as demonstrated by the major polls released on 11 December 2019—but in reality,were polls that proved disastrously wrong a day later,on 12 December 2019,when the British people actually voted and crushed these socialists and their globalist policies into oblivion.


Knowing what awaited them after their shocking and crushing defeats in Australia and Britain,not even to mention national-populist forces taking power in countries around the world from India to Brazil in 2019,too,this report notes,it was fully to be expected that these maniacal and godless globalist-socialist forces would strike back with"something"to destroy the global economy before their worst enemy in history President Trump delivered to them their final death blow in the November-2020 presidential election due to take place in the United States—a"something"the world now knows as the coronavirus pandemic—but less well know about is a pandemic accompanied by globalist-socialist forces predictably warning that it would cause"renewed social unrest"and"will lead to social revolutions".



In the dangerous and demented ideological belief system of globalist-socialists that one of the roads to the development of revolution is the collapse of the capitalist economy,this report further notes,their own stated"Achilles Heel"(a weakness in spite of overall strength which can lead to downfall)in their revolution scheme is:"The difficulties of reorganizing a society that has been completely destroyed are so great that they appear insuperable before the event,and this makes it impossible to set up a programme for reconstruction in advance"—now being put on full display,most particularly,in America where its socialist Democrat Party forces have absolutely no idea at all what to do to revive their nation's crippled economy—thus leaving them so impotent and clueless,they're only able to scream"Orange Man Bad"as they continue to plunge their own citizens into even greater depths of hysteria and outright lunacy.


President Trump,on the other hand,this report points out,has responded to this globalist-socialist scheme to weaponize the coronavirus pandemic to destroy the US economy and incite revolution by his taking this disease—that's no more deadly than the flu,is already endemic in the population to the point that there is nothing anyone can do to stop it,and no great reason to try to stop it,either,and whose comically inflated death toll estimates keep having to be dramatically adjusted downward—and making it his own weapon—a weapon President Trump has used to shut down America and the world so socialist mobs can't even begin to start a revolution—a weapon President Trump is using to send his own national-populist forces into the streets of America to protest against socialist tyranny—a weapon President Trump is using to crush the economies of every single socialist Democrat Party stronghold city and State in America—a weapon President Trump is using to keep closed the borders of America while he throws out thousands of illegal migrants—and most importantly to him,is a weapon President Trump is using to crush the leftist mainstream propaganda media to such an extent,they are now pleading with socialist Democrats in the US Congress to save them.



On 7 November 2016,this report concludes,the globalist-socialist forces in America and the European Union were celebrating the pending election victory of Hillary Clinton after major polling showed Trump's approval rating had fallen to 44%—major polling that proved disastrously wrong a day later,on 8 November 2016,when now President Trump obliterated his nation's socialist forces in his historic shock election win—thus explaining why yesterday Chuck Todd,the radical leftist host of America's longest running news show Meet The Press,nearly burst into tears when he had to deliver the grim news:"Now think about what's happened,guys…We had an impeachment and a pandemic…So,an impeachment and a pandemic has happened in between April of 2019 and April of 2020 and the President's job ratings are exactly the same 46%approve"and whine to them that"obviously,the durable nature of the President at times knows no bounds…A pandemic,an impeachment,nothing seems to break through there"—which,beyond all doubt,shows that these deranged globalist-socialists still fail to understand what's become apparent to the American people and the rest of the world about President Trump—"What Doesn't Kill Him Only Makes Him Stronger".




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