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Viruses are not what you are told.The VIRUS is part of the natural mechanisms of cells.People get sick from other factors.The virus is there because you get sick,it is NOT what makes you sick.


The virus is part of the communication mechanism between cells,they contain genetic material in a protein capsule and they have receptors on top that bind the cells.Cells,especially dying cells,produce it to warn other cells that there is high toxicity in the environment and that they are all going to be in a state of conservation.


So a cell that for any reason receives a poisonous signal triggers an alarm,what we call"a virus,"to warn others.If the toxicity is greater than a certain range,many cells will secrete what is known as the"virus,"which is also a cellular mechanism for secreting or removing internal toxicity.THIS additional toxicity causes the secretion of this cellular exo-substance that humans call"viruses"


The virus has two main factors;1 Give the alarm to other cells and also provide genetic information about the nature of the alarm Separate the accumulated toxicity within to try to survive.So when a cell gets into a poisonous state,like the cells in a person's throat,for example,the throat will begin to secrete what people call theflu virus.It is the result of the problem,not the cause.


Their mucous membranes secrete that toxicity,removing the body from what the body doesn't need.So those secretions come with coughing and sneezing and are packed with what people call"viruses"which we translate into exogenous cellular secretions.So an affected person begins to excrete that toxicity and begins a chain reaction to the warning for the EXO gene.

它们的粘膜分泌这种毒性,把身体从身体不需要的地方移走。因此,这些分泌物伴随着咳嗽和打喷嚏而来,并且充满了人们所说的"病毒",我们将其转化为外源性细胞分泌物。因此,一个受影响的人开始排泄这种毒性,并开始对 EXO 基因的警告进行连锁反应

In Wuhan,people saw a lot of toxicity,their bodies got sick,so they did their"study"and found the so-called"virus",which are only ALARM SIGNALS activated between cells due to high environmental toxicity.


The alleged tests only look for pieces of genetic material that can come from a long list of factors.If you have those genetic factors,the test will be positive,so for example you have a serious liver problem,it will likely turn out that you also have Covic 19.

这些所谓的测试只寻找来自一长串因素的遗传物质片段。如果你有这些遗传因素,检测结果将是阳性的,例如你有严重的肝脏问题,结果很可能你也有Covic 19

They developed a very basic test to detect certain proteins that are the cellular eco gene secretion and if someone has more than a certain number of them,you have covid 19!Even when people are under a lot of stress,they too excrete more exo-gen!A virus is nothing more than an alarm signal with information about what happens and why the alarm occurs.

他们开发了一种非常基本的检测方法来检测特定的蛋白质,这些蛋白质是细胞生态基因分泌物,如果有人拥有超过一定数量的蛋白质,那么你就拥有了covid 19!即使当人们在很大的压力下,他们也排泄更多的分泌物!病毒只不过是一个警报信号,其中包含发生了什么以及为什么会发生警报的信息

It is a natural process of the body and cells and a crucial part of the immune system.THEY CANNOT make antiviral medicines or vaccines.That's a joke!.This'ALARM'signal does not affect a person who is NOT under the conditions that the genetic material of the eco gene carries with them.


For example,EBOLA causes the signal of a vitamin C deficiency.Only people with a severe deficiency of Vitamin C can get Ebola.So the"alarm signal"will only get a response from people who are also deficient in vitamin C.

例如,埃博拉病毒引起维生素 c 缺乏的信号。只有严重缺乏维生素C的人才会感染埃博拉病毒。因此,"警报信号"只会得到那些同样缺乏维生素C的人的反应

So simply put:when a person is a match for the alarm system,the cells will respond.The body will say;"Hey,I'm toxic too,let's excrete all toxins.""You will develop mucus to excrete the toxins,you may become a little weak,but it doesn't bother you.If your immune system is not strong,only then will it go wrong.


Many thanks to Swaruu&Senetre of Erra for clearing this up!Since we have been bombarded with chemtrails,GMO foods,parasites,and high toxin foods,and our bodies may be"activated"to defend themselves,many people suffer from"toxins secretion"and our immune systems don't hold up to the task.

非常感谢 Swaruu&Senetre of Erra 为我们澄清这个问题!自从我们被化学药品、转基因食品、寄生虫和高毒素食品轰炸,我们的身体可能被"激活"以保护自己,许多人遭受"毒素分泌",我们的免疫系统无法承受这项任务



While the body is in a state of alarm,other opportunistic organisms benefiting from a weak immune system,bacteria,staphylococci,candida,etc.that were previously in equilibrium with the body are now infiltrating.


Most of us,unfortunately,suffer from a weak immune system,because our bodies areflooded with parasites and this is why HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE&AZITHROMYCIN may work well for those who get sick.Even if you don't have C.19.It kills PARASITES and gives your immune system a fair chance.

不幸的是,我们大多数人的免疫系统都很弱,因为我们的身体里充满了寄生虫,这就是为什么羟氯喹和阿奇霉素可以很好地用于那些生病的人。即使你没有 c.19。它能杀死寄生虫,给你的免疫系统一个公平的机会

It is therefore clear to me that when we all wear mouth masks,we cannot catch the"alarm",or Virus so we cannot use our immune system and as such remain more vulnerable to the virus in the future.Our bodies need to get the alarm,so we can start putting our immune system to work.No vaccines can top that task!


I also think it would be more sensible to teach people how to boost their immune system.We also need high dose of Vit D to stay strong.So staying inside is very bad for us.People get more sick in winter,not from the cold,we just don't get our good dosis vit.D in winter.This is my opinion only.


Listen people,be well,be happy,and work on pampering your immune systems.Laughing also boosts your systems up!




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