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Dear Ones,


Today is not the day to ponder your future.But then,neither is tomorrow nor the day after.For you are creating your future day by day.


Many of you wonder,even worry about your role in this new earth."Should I be patient,stand-offish,or something other than what I'm feeling?Why can't I get the big picture of my future?"All of which is a doing instead of being,3D focus.


Being instead of doing is beginning to have new meaning for you.For as you exit your cocoon stage,nothing likely seems large enough to create a new direction.Even though you are more peaceful and relaxed,that cannot be your future role for you should be doing something more expansive.


We prophesized you would feel more peaceful.But now that such is starting to happen,you wonder what happened to the excitement,the fireworks.


Because your fireworks are no longer fear-based,your new excitement is not yet describable.For you are just beginning to experience new sensations and emotions.


Much of your 3D excitement was based on achievement or celebrating society shoulds whether it be marriage,academic advancement,a promotion,children,a new home or car,etc.Most of which was because it was time or past time for you to do so according to your society.


ThreeD excitement was not bad,but instead focussed on escape or achieving something others did not or could not have.No longer will others ooh and ahh over your perfect wedding or beautiful new dress,job,house,or car.For what gives you joy is not necessarily something anyone else wants.


You are on a unique path with unique needs and rewards.So it is your new excitement might even be frightening.For no longer will there be many outer success indicators–your new indicators are generated from within.


Perhaps such seems less exciting than was true when you could discuss your new car,home or whatever allowed you to feel a secret joy that you had more than someone else.


ThreeD joy and excitement were competitive.FiveD and beyond joy and excitement are internal.


So it is your society is breaking along a divide most will only understand if they are of 5D or beyond.For those entirely of 3D will wonder at your lack of enthusiasm for their latest toy or achievement.And those of you of 5D will be amazingly satisfied with that which you never thought possible before your transition.


You are a new being with new needs,thoughts,and actions.None of which are compatible with 3D yearnings.So it is those fully enmeshed in 3D will watch you with pity and those of you of 5D will do the same for those of 3D.It is a divide that is becoming more significant daily.


You will continue to interact with those of 3D,but not on the same level as was once true.Those of 3D will thrive as they continue to fear those actions and people outside their world.Those of 5D will wonder why society means anything to anyone given that the current society is based on fear and groupthink.


So it is that even though the two dimensions will continue to populate the same space,everything from needs to excitement will be of two philosophies.


You want us of the Universes to tell you that all will be of 5D eventually.Such is true,but not necessarily in this lifetime.For some need to maintain their 3D identities to give you something to compare–that is their role.But because those fully of 3D are now in the minority,their fear is compounding daily.That which used to work so well–fear and anger–seems to be less powerful daily.


Even though you might still become angry at 3D antics,you will have no need to join in.Before you and others transitioned,you were all trying to obtain the same pieces within the same fears.Now society is splintering.Encouraging you of 5D to look within,while those of 3D do not even understand there is a within.


Your transition has been amazingly successful–with the help of those of 3D who sacrificed their joy and new beings in this lifetime to help push you into your new being.For if 3D fear were not rampant,you might have wavered longer before transitioning.Change is constant,but not the timing of that change.So those deeply enmeshed in 3D are your secret diving boards encouraging you to dive into the deep waters of the unknown.


Despite your rage at times at their antics,your 3D foils are becoming braver by the day.For as more transition,those of 3D are becoming more confused and yes,lonely.Just as you perhaps felt when you initiated your transition decades ago.For the scales have changed from you being the odd person to others wondering how you project peace given all that is happening in the world.


Granted,many of you have jumped back on the fear wagon time and time again,only to discover your fears were unfounded or too uncomfortable to continue.


You are no longer of 3D,nor are most humans.Some are just starting to transition.Others are in 4D and still others,like you,are in 5D.But the majority are no longer of 3D.Something you are just beginning to note for you are now comfortable enough with your oddness that you do not notice others observing you in wonderment instead of fear.


You have become new you with new roles that do not include being better than others.Your new role might be watching birds,taking a walk,or dancing the night away.It does not matter what gives you joy or provides excitement.It is your joy,your path,and your excitement.And the same is true for all who are evolving.


As for those loving beings who dare remain of 3D,please understand their pain as they see their joys of power and containment of others slipping through their fingers.Do they deserve your pity?That is up to you.If it feels right for you to do so,please do.But if it does not,such is so.For in this life,as in all lives,you have choices.


It is not your role to carry those who are of 3D anymore than it was their role to caretake you as you found your unique 5D path.So be it.Amen.



通灵:Brenda Hoffman

翻译:Nick Chan

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