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Source: The Marshall Report  |By Dianne Marshall  Dianne Marshall

January 24,2021




This is fantastic news.It appears the citizens of the Republic of the United States of America,based on the Constitution and Bill of Rights,is no longer indebted to the service of the Corporation known as The UNITED STATES.And if so,we are no longer indebted to the taxation,any and all financial corporate agreements and demands,for on May 4,2020,the UNITED STATES,INC.filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


It sure looks like we are going back on the gold standard!



Documents of the UNITED STATES,INC.from video above by Santa Surfer,shows the official documents of the UNITED STATES,INC.Chapter 11 bankruptcy and our release from it's obligations.


Below I have written the words from this page out for you to read more clearly.


"The above mentioned U.S.Federal Public Person has a Pre-Paid Non-Obligatory Commercial Debt Obligation Arrangement with the UNITED STATES in relation to 12 U.S.Code§95a-Regulation of transactions in foreign exchange of gold and silver;property transfers;vested interests,enforcement and penalties(Part 2)and other Public Policy on U.S.Debt."

上述美国联邦公职人员与美国有一项预付非强制性商业债务义务安排,涉及《美国法典》第95a 条第12——对金银外汇交易、财产转让、既得利益、执法和处罚(2部分)以及其他有关美国债务的公共政策的规定

"Our Business Entity is federally-bound to United States and U.S.Public Debt.Obligations,by way of your Internal Revenue Service Employer Identification Number(the I.R.S.being under the U.S.Department of the Treasury)and your Federal Reserve Business Bank Account.Your Business is hereby ordered to itemize whatever and however many Commercial Products and/or Services in which the above U.S.Federal Public Person wishes to commercially acquire,adjust,the bottom line Total cost amount to zero($0.00),and release the items.Provide a receipt to the above U.S.Federal Person,by way of it's Duly Authorized Representative("Raaj Rafa El-Sui Juris/DeJure/In Proper Person")and retain the record of the transaction to settle with your Federal Tax Obligations(s)with Internal Revenue Service as the entire overall transaction is only a Commercial Accounting Matter of what the Bankrupt UNITED STATES owes It's True Credition,which is the American People,in direct relation to the borrowed gold and National Banking Emergency Act of 1933.All Commercial Public Debt-Obligations,while transacting all business within UNITED STATES Commercial Markets,belong to the UNITED STATES,as the UNITED STATES is the True Obligor in each and every U.S.Commercial-Transaction.

"我们的企业实体与美国和美国公共债务有联邦联系。债务,通过您的国内税务局雇主识别号码(国税局属于美国财政部)和您的联邦储备商业银行帐户。特此命令您的企业逐项列出上述美国联邦公务员希望通过商业途径获得的任何商业产品和/或服务,并进行调整,底线总成本为零(0.00美元),然后放行这些项目。通过正式授权代表("Raaj Rafa El-Sui Juris/DeJure/In Proper Person")向上述美国联邦人员提供一张收据,并保留交易记录,以便与国内税务局(Internal Revenue Service)解决您的联邦税务义务,因为整个交易只是破产的美国所欠债务的商业会计问题与1933年借入的黄金和国家银行紧急法案直接相关,即真正的美国人民债务。所有的商业公共债务,在美国商业市场内进行的所有交易,都属于美国,因为美国是每一项美国商业交易的真正债务人

"Any Willful Dishonoring and/or Non-Settlement of UNITED STATES Commercial"Public-Debt"Obligational Matters,by any Duly-Bound Commercial Business Entity within the United States,will result in Federal Prosecution to the fullest extent possible."





It appears that Fort Knox is back in business.


Each must do their own sleuthing and their own critical thinking…


I trust the research of those who discovered these official documents,and each can reason for themselves.Each person can and should do their own research.With a liar fake news,and a corrupt congressional body as a whole,We The People are left to do our own research and draw our own reasonable assumptions.It is up to each to find nuggets of truth and fit them together in order to present some sense out of all the chaos and confusion that has been created by those who over the lifetime of this nation have crept in little by little to usurp the land,and it's people into their own web of tyranny.It has also been reported that many involved in the coup to overthrow the United States Government have already been arrested and more arrests are coming.


THE CEO Signed Executive Orders for a Bankrupt Corporation.How amazing that he had his E.O.'s ready to go and just imagine…if that stack of orders would have actually been legally implemented?I wonder how his impeachment will turn out?Remember,impeachment papers have been filed by Representative Greene.

首席执行官为破产公司签署行政命令。多么令人惊讶,他有他的 e.o.准备去和只是想象...如果这堆命令实际上已经合法执行?我不知道弹劾他会有什么结果?记住,格林众议员已经提交了弹劾文件


Here is a larger picture of POTUS in the parking lot outside the window of the executive office of the CEO.



Now one would think that with all the press in the Oval Office they would have noticed POTUS walking past the window?They would have been all over this,ripping Trump apart to creating outrageous motives for him being on the White House grounds.They would have spinned some tale of Trump disrupting the newly appointed CEO and pushed out something absurd to secure the Pelosi/Schumer impeachment.But they did not.Why is that?And where is the information on why there is now a parking lot in the front of the oval office?现在有人会认为,在椭圆形办公室的所有媒体面前,他们会注意到总统从窗口走过吗?他们本可以把这件事搞得天翻地覆,抨击特朗普,为他出现在白宫制造令人愤慨的动机。他们会编造一些特朗普扰乱新任首席执行官的故事,推出一些荒谬的东西,以确保对佩洛西/舒默的弹劾。但是他们没有。为什么?为什么在总统办公室前面有一个停车场呢?

More interesting is why the national guards stationed at the event,did not hear any songs,music,speeches,or see any of the pomp we are told took place on the day of the inaugural event in D.C.?And why did no Marines salute the new CEO in the film of him entering the White House?We know the CEO did not salute,but he did say to salute the officers.Why did the CEO have to charter his own private plane to his inaugural?If it all looks strange,it is because it is strange


The entire coverage is full of clues.This is a live board game of Clue!Who did it and where?Enjoy the show and now that you know what to look for…start looking!


God Bless and hold the line.Pray for a smooth transition.There will be some rough spots for wild beasts are not easily captured and definitely not tamed.




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