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(Natural News)Brannon Howse of World View Report broadcast an interview yesterday morning,featuring Gen.Michael Flynn with his first public comments since he was pardoned by President Trump.You can view the full interview at the WorldViewWeekend.com website.

(自然新闻)《世界观察报道》的布兰农·豪斯昨天早上播出了一个采访,采访对象是迈克尔·弗林将军,这是他被特朗普总统赦免以来首次公开发表评论。你可以在 worldviewweekend 网站查看完整的采访。

This same interview also features Gen.Thomas McInerney,an expert in cyber warfare,as well as Mary Fanning from TheAmericanReport.org and author of the book:THE HAMMER is the Key to the Coup"The Political Crime of the Century":How Obama,Brennan,Clapper,and the CIA spied on President Trump,General Flynn…and everyone else.


In this interview,you'll learn about the real identity of the Kraken,as well as confirmation that US military personnel were killed during the firefight to seize the CIA's server farm in Frankfurt,which is the key to proving deliberate election rigging via remotely altered voting tabulations.


Below,you'll find the full transcript of the interview.Please give us a link back when you copy and paste this transcription,as we carried out this task with our own staff members.Thank you.You may also want to listen to my daily"Situation Update"analysis podcasts at the Health Ranger Report page on Brighteon.com.

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First,here are some of the highlights from the McInerney segment that we thought we especially important.

首先,这里有一些我们认为特别重要的来自 McInerney 部分的精彩报道。

HAMMER and various cyber weapons were previously used by the USA against other countries,now the weapons are being deployed against us.Obama is behind everything.


Creator of HAMMER and Scorecard is Denis Montgomery,former CIA analyst.

HAMMER 和记分卡的创始人是丹尼斯·蒙哥马利,前中情局分析员。

Fox flipped against America,deep state coup coordinators recruited the entire U.S.media and Big Tech to defeat the Republic and overthrow the U.S.Constitution.


The Dec.14th deadline doesn't matter.President Trump should not leave office until all the facts surrounding election theft are analyzed,including vote count distributions"caused by fraudulent electronic manipulation of targeted voting machines."


The fact that all 5 battleground states stopped counting at the same time,"Demonstrates prior coordination by election officials in five battleground states."Then they used HAMMER and Scorecard,plus Dominion,to move Joe Biden into the lead.It is a"mathematical impossibility"the way the votes came in.An algorithm was used.

事实上,所有五个关键州同时停止计票,"显示了五个关键州的选举官员事先的协调。"然后他们使用 HAMMER 和记分卡,加上自治领,把乔·拜登推到了领先位置。这是一个"数学上的不可能"的投票方式。使用了一种算法。

 In PA,1.8 million ballots mailed out to people.2.5 million came back in.Someone had a printing press and was printing them out.


The 305th Battalion military intelligence is"Kraken."


 C*na,Iran,Russia were all involved in manipulating votes.


Confirmed that US Special Forces Command seized servers from the CIA server farm in Frankfurt.


Confirmed there were US soldiers killed during the raid on the CIA server farm in Frankfurt.(As we reported in yesterday's Situation Update.)


Chris Miller is Secretary of Defense because of the 305th Battalion.Consider why…

Chris Miller 是国防部长,因为305营,想想为什么..

 Chris Krebs at CISA committed treason and is part of the coup.


What went down during the election is TREASON at the highest level,not just politics.


Trump can maintain control over the White House,under oath,until a full investigation is complete,and there are no artificial deadlines that can stop him.


The President took an oath that obliges him to defend the country against all enemies,foreign and domestic.This is why he cannot turn over the White House to political puppets(Biden)controlled by America's enemies(China,Iran).


The big evidence from the seized servers is going to come out at SCOTUS,not before.

来自被扣押服务器的重要证据将在 SCOTUS 公布,而不是在此之前。

Once caught,mid-level treasonous actors will point fingers at Biden and Obama,saying they were ordered to carry out the treasonous acts.


Georgia's runoff election is already stolen by the Democrats unless we stop the vote theft.It's just a digital theft for them.This means the Senate will be lost to the Democrats unless this vote fraud infrastructure is exposed and defeated.


A lot of instability is coming if we allow the government to be seized by communists.


All this goes up to the very top,implicating Joe Biden,Adam Schiff,Barack Obama and others.


Trump knew all this was going to happen and had planned for it.


Now,here's the full transcript


Brannon Howse:Lieutenant General Michael Flynn and his longtime friend,Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney,and national intelligence researcher and author Mary Fanning.

Michael Flynn 中将和他的老朋友 Thomas McInerney 中将,以及国家情报研究员和作家 Mary Fanning

Yes,General Flynn joins us tonight.His first interview since his pardon from President Trump.He speaks for 30 minutes directly to the American people on what he sees coming and what we need to do and what has happened,and then General McInerney comes in with breaking news about the kraken,what it really is,you're going to be shocked,and then we hear from the lady that broke it all,Mary Fanning with her co-author Alan Jones.They broke the story in December of 2015.Folks is all coming together,and we get this exclusive tonight right here at WVW Broadcast Network.The Worldview weekend hour begins right now.

是的,弗林将军今晚加入我们。他被特朗普总统赦免后的第一次采访。他对美国人民直接讲了30分钟关于他预见到的未来我们需要做什么以及发生了什么,然后 McInerney 将军带来了关于北海巨妖的突发新闻,它到底是什么,你会感到震惊,然后我们听到了打破这一切的女士 Mary Fanning 和她的合著者 Alan Jones。他们在201512月报道了这个故事。大家都聚集在一起,我们今晚在 WVW 广播电视网独家报道。世界观周末时间现在开始。

Good evening,and welcome to the broadcast.Thank you for joining us.A very special Friday evening,November 27th,broadcast with General McInerney,Mary fanning,and we'll be joined later by Alan Jones.We're going to cover a lot of very important topics tonight.


Hold on just one second.Let's see if this call is…Hello,Brannon Howse.Thank you general for joining us.We've just gotten on the air.Let me announce,in fact,let me have General McInerney.


General McInerney we have just been joined by a friend of yours.Would you like to introduce our friend to the broadcast audience tonight?

McInerney 将军,你的一位朋友刚刚加入了我们。你愿意把我们的朋友介绍给今晚的广播观众吗?

General McInerney:Yes,I would like to Brannon,to let everybody know that General Mike Flynn is going to join us tonight,in a few days that he has been pardoned by President of the United States.It is a great honor for us to have him.He and I to speak along with Mary and Alan about the treason that has been committed against this administration,this country,and this President,and General Flynn was a key part of that this threat that we are facing today did.It's an absolute great honor to have you with this Mike and we must let America know what's happening.

麦克纳尼将军:是的,我想布兰农,让大家知道,迈克弗林将军今晚将加入我们,在几天后,他已被美国总统赦免。我们非常荣幸能邀请到他。他和我将与 Mary Alan 一起讨论针对这个政府,这个国家,这个总统,还有 Flynn 将军的叛国行为是我们今天所面临的威胁的关键部分。非常荣幸您能与我们的麦克见面我们必须让美国人民知道发生了什么。

Brannon Howse:Absolutely,with that in General,I am just going to give you the floor.I know you're on a cell phone,but I'm just going to give you the floor and let you speak to the American people.Thank you for joining us tonight.


Michael Flynn:First of all,I want to just say thanks Tom for getting ahold of me and asked me to come on tonight,and Brannon appreciate you connect to me.


I don't know what your audience is or who we're speaking to tonight,but I would tell you what's happening in this country should never happen,and we are going through,there's no doubt in my mind,we're going through a crucible of history.If we don't correct what it is that's happening right now over the next couple of weeks,then I really hate to even think about what will happen in our country going forward into the latter part in December and certainly into the next month.


I do not believe for a second that the country will accept Vice-President Biden as the next president,based on what we know to be probably the greatest fraud that our country has ever experienced in our history.


What we're seeing,what I'm in right in the middle of it right now,and I will tell you that,first of all,the President has clear paths to victory.They have clear paths to victory,and they actually don't require a lot of courtroom action.What they require is they require a lot of honesty out of elected officials and frankly,a lot of Americans who are coming forward and telling us their stories.


The hundreds and hundreds of Americans around the country in different states,not just the swing states,but many,many other states that are coming forward with their stories and putting them down on affidavits as witnesses.We had probably 10 or 12 affidavits come in from one particular state today,and because there's been a number of threats to people,these particular Patriots,they sent their photos in with their affidavit's and said,"Put mine up at the top of the list because I want people to know that I'm not going to be afraid of these people that are threatening our country and our way of life."


I say all that and on one hand and the other hand as I just described,we have clear paths to victory for this President.Frankly,he's going win Pennsylvania.He's going to win Arizona.He's going to win Georgia.He's going to win Nevada.He's going to win Michigan.The other one that he's probably going to pull in is Wisconsin too,because there's a discrepancy in Wisconsin of 130,000 vigilant ballots that they just found,they just discovered.There's a lot of things happening and it's all,to me,it's all positive.I was asked today on a scale of 1 to 10,who will be the next President,and I said,10 it'll be Donald Trump.It'll be president Trump.There's no doubt in my mind that he won this election hands down in a landslide,probably somewhere between 350 and 400 electoral college votes.


What we have seen is over,and I know this,over the last probably two decades and probably longer,I can give you a little bit of a history lesson in that,but I won't.But over the last couple of decades,what we have seen is a complete shift in how fast I believe that communist China in their long-term plan decided that to sort of move up their plans to become the global superpower,sole global superpower on the planet.Their sort of plan was by about the middle of this century that we're in right now,and I believe when during the last 2016 election,when they didn't get the candidate that they needed and the kind of ideology that they saw America moving towards,they were not going to allow 2020 to happen,and so now what we have is this theft with mail in ballots.The theft with this software,Smartmatic software and Dominion,these dominion systems.

我们所看到的已经结束了,我知道这一点,在过去的大概二十年甚至更长的时间里,我可以给你们上一堂历史课,但我不会。但是在过去的几十年里,我们看到的是一个完全的转变,我相信共产主义的天/朝在他们的长期计划中决定提升他们的计划,成为全球超级大国,地球上唯一的全球超级大国。他们的计划是在本世纪中叶我们现在所处的时代,我相信在2016年的选举中,当他们没有得到他们需要的候选人和他们看到的美国正在走向的意识形态时,他们不会允许2020年的事情发生,所以现在我们面临的是选票中的邮件被盗。这个软件的盗窃,Smartmatic 软件和 Dominion,这些统治系统。

These are systems that are not owned by this country.They're owned by other—they were introduced into this country.How can we say as the United States of America,how can we say that we accept a system that is not made in this country and in many cases,the ballots aren't even tallied in this country?How can we say that here in this country that we accept that?


The one thing and for you all and for all your listeners,the one most precious thing that makes me the same as the wealthiest guy or gal on the planet or the poorest person in America,what makes us equal?What makes us equal is when we go in to a voting booth and we close that curtain,or we go in there and we lean over to vote.My vote matters the same as the guy,who's the richest guy in America.It matters the exact same.That's where we are equal,and that's why this has to be fair and free,and it was not.We probably,in fact,we know we have evidence of previous elections where this happened as well,but we're now focused on this one.I'm going to tell you,we're not in this to lose.We are not in this to lose these battles,we're in this to win these battles and I believe we're going to.I believe we're going to win,and I'm confident we are because we have the right people,we have the right plan and strategy,and it's a little bit of direct and a little bit of indirect that we're taking,and people are talking all the time to each other.


I'm anxious and you probably hear it in my voice that I'm a little anxious because I just cannot believe the media and the censorship that is going on.Just look at what they do to the President of the United States of America.Look what Twitter is doing to the President of the United States of America.This is,it's infuriating to me.It's a bomb.It's an abomination of the first amendment,our freedom of speech.Frankly,for the President of United States of America,the only means that he really has to be able to communicate is when he walks outside,or he goes in front of a group of people,or he walks outside and talks to the press,or he uses social media to communicate because the media is not going to allow him to get his message out there.


The major press,not press conference,but the hearing that they had in Pennsylvania the other day,and if anybody had a chance to watch it.It was an extraordinary hearing with politicians from Pennsylvania centers on a panel,and the one Senator that ran the panel for the state of Pennsylvania,that listened to the hearing,listen to a bunch of witnesses,listen to Rudy,listened to Jenna Ellis,and others on their team.The individual that ran it was a retired Military Colonel,and he's now a state senator in Pennsylvania,and he gave,at the very end of it,he gave a really good short summary speech,and it was heartwarming because it was sort of a mom and apple pie that,"Hey,we can't allow this to happen in our country.We cannot portray ourselves to the world as a third world nation".It was a really,really good closing speech,and what did Twitter do?Twitter took him offline immediately.They completely removed his Twitter account so people couldn't follow this guy.It's just outrageous,it's outrageous.That's a social media company that is a part of the public square.They are taken advantage of what they have been given,which is a real privilege and they're abusing it.I could go on and on,I'm going to stop and just see if you have any questions on anything or you want to jump in on anything I said,but I I'm upset,I am determined,I'm going to be resilient,and I believe that I reflect millions and millions of millions of people across this country who feel the exact same way that I do.

主流媒体,不是新闻发布会,而是他们前几天在宾夕法尼亚州举行的听证会,如果有人有机会观看的话。这是一场非同寻常的听证会,宾夕法尼亚州的政治家们聚集在一个小组里,而负责宾夕法尼亚州小组的一位参议员,听取了听证会,听取了一群证人的意见,听取了鲁迪的意见,听取了詹娜·埃利斯的意见,以及他们团队中的其他人的意见。负责这个项目的人是一位退休的陆军上校,他现在是宾夕法尼亚州的一位参议员,在演讲的最后,他做了一个非常好的简短的总结演讲,这很感人,因为这是一种母亲和苹果派,"嘿,我们不能让这种事情发生在我们的国家。我们不能把自己描绘成一个第三世界国家。"。这是一个非常非常好的闭幕演讲,Twitter 做了什么?Twitter 立刻让他下线了。他们彻底删除了他的 Twitter 账号,这样人们就不能关注他了。这太过分了,太过分了。那是一家社交媒体公司,是公共广场的一部分。他们被利用了他们所得到的东西,这是一个真正的特权,他们正在滥用它。我可以一直说下去,我会停下来看看你们是否有任何问题或者你们是否想插手我说的任何话,但是我很沮丧,我很坚定,我要坚强起来,我相信我反映了这个国家数以百万计的人们他们和我有着完全一样的感受。

Brannon Howse:Absolutely.Folks were being joined,if any of you knew,joining us by General Michael Flynn,and General,you mentioned in your statement you put out the other day thanking the president of the United States.You mentioned and you used the word coup,you mentioned,we never again should allow this to happen to the American people.You use the word uprooted,under cut,usurped,or held hostage by a coup against our nation.Would you care to expand upon the word coup because I know General McInerney has used the word over and over coup d'etat.I know you're not a man given to hyperbole,so I know that word did not make that into your statement you released for no reason.Would you care to expand upon the use of that word?

当然。如果你们知道的话,人们正在加入我们,加入我们的是 Michael Flynn 将军,将军,你在前几天发表的声明中提到你感谢美国总统。你提到并使用了"政变"这个词,你提到,我们绝不允许这种事情再次发生在美国人民身上。你们使用了"被连根拔起""被削弱""被篡夺",或者"被反对我们国家的政变挟持"这样的词。你能详细说说"政变"这个词吗因为我知道麦金纳尼将军一直在用"政变"这个词。我知道你不是个喜欢夸张的人所以我知道这个词并没有出现在你无缘无故发布的声明中。你能详细说说那个词的用法吗?

Michael Flynn:Sure.I mean,I think what we experienced over the last four years,and certainly in the late 2016,very late 2016,and early 2017 period was a very strong effort to unseat a duly elected president,and really try to remove Donald Trump by just political pressure,by technology pressure,by financial pressure early on in his tenure.Maybe to get him to just say,"You know what?I'm not going to—I don't need this.I'm not going to put up with it"and walk away.I think that there was some sentiment,I know there was some sentiment that maybe he'll just—he's the guy from New York,not a politician.He'll just say,you know what,I don't need this stuff.I got better things to do and leave.Thank God that he didn't,and that then lasted when he did,that then continued,that effort continued to go after him in any way possible to remove him through some means whether it was the fake Russiagate,Spygate,or whether it was the fake impeachment or some of the other the kind of stuff that we're seeing with this.This COVID situation that we we're having to deal with now.That's the first phase if you will.That's something that's been going on for years.

迈克尔·弗林:当然。我的意思是,我认为我们在过去四年里经历了什么,当然在2016年末,2016年末,2017年初是一个非常强大的努力,推翻一个正式选举产生的总统,并真正试图推翻唐纳德·特朗普仅仅通过政治压力,通过技术压力,通过财政压力,在他任期的早期。也许是为了让他说,"你知道吗?我不会...我不需要这个。我不会忍受的"然后走开。我认为有一些情绪,我知道有一些情绪,也许他只是...他是从纽约来的家伙,不是政客。他会说,我不需要这些东西。我有更重要的事情要做,然后离开。感谢上帝,他没有这样做,然后一直持续到他这样做,然后继续,这种努力继续以任何可能的方式通过某种方式除掉他,无论是假的俄罗斯门,间谍门,或者是假的弹劾或其他一些东西,我们看到的这个。我们现在不得不处理的这个 COVID 事件。这是第一阶段,如果你愿意的话。这个过程已经持续了很多年。

Now,we're moving into something different.Not different in terms of it,this is still a coup in progress,but now it's a little bit different and it's actually—it's sort of they up their game when they lost in 2016.I think that there was a decision and I believe this,but there was some type of decision to say,"We're not going to allow this to happen again".


All you got to do is go back and listen to some of the comments this past summer from some of the senior people that are part of this,this democratic party,right?I mean,Hillary Clinton,I think it was back in July or certainly mid-summer timeframe where she said,no matter what Joe Biden should not conceive.What are we talking about there?I mean,why would she say that in the middle of the summer,three,maybe four months before an election?One of the things that I do know from my experience in the military and in different places around the world,is when your enemy tells you that they're going to do something,you better pay attention to what they said,and you better have some plans,and you better have some ideas about how to deal with that if in fact that does come to fruition.Well,in this case,we have opposing camps and in our opposing camps of our political parties,and we know that the political party on the left is really way,way over on the left.


I have a hard time calling it or calling someone a Democrat or the democratic party.That's a name only folks,because it's really the democratic socialist party of America that has usurp to taken over that element,and they are a very loud voice.So,they sort of katy bar the door assault on us,on our country and our way of life,and they're doing anything they can right now to try to pretend like,okay,nothing to see here,and Joe is going to be our next president here.I'm just telling you,the level of fraudulent activity,definitely what I would describe as what we have seen and what has been reported to us,as certainly criminal behavior,but that remains to be seen because that's something that would have to be further investigated,but from the civil side of what I know people are involved in,there's definitely thousands and thousands,tens of thousands of ballots.What happened in a very strategic way is that the electronic vote did not achieve the result that they needed on the 3rd of November.On Tuesday,the 3rd of November,the electronic vote did not achieve the result that they needed to be able to get,get them over the top and get the votes that they needed,because essentially the systems were not set up in a way to get the vote count to where it needed to be,and at the same time,kind of hiding how they were doing it.Mixing numbers and such and doing it in different ways in different states.When that happened then they realized,"Okay,we have to stop,we have to shut down".Unheard of,unprecedented,and then Vice-President Biden goes to bed and they shut down.

我很难称呼某人为民主党人或民主党。这个名字只有大家知道,因为实际上是美国的民主社会主义党篡夺了这个元素,他们是一个非常响亮的声音。所以,他们就像 katy 把门挡住了一样,攻击我们,攻击我们的国家和我们的生活方式,他们现在正在竭尽全力假装,好吧,这里没什么好看的,而 Joe 将成为我们的下一任总统。我只是想告诉你们,欺诈活动的程度,绝对是我所描述的我们所看到的和已经报告给我们的,绝对是犯罪行为,但这还有待观察,因为这是需要进一步调查的,但从民事方面来说,我知道人们参与了,绝对有成千上万,成千上万的选票。以一种非常有策略的方式发生的事情是,电子投票并没有在113日达到他们所需要的结果。113日,星期二,电子投票没有达到他们需要的结果,没有让他们获得最高票数,也没有得到他们需要的票数,因为基本上这个系统的设置不是为了让计票达到需要的程度,同时,隐藏了他们是如何做到的。混合数字之类的东西,在不同的州以不同的方式进行。当这种情况发生时,他们意识到,"好吧,我们必须停止,我们必须关闭。"。前所未闻,前所未有,然后副总统拜登上床睡觉,他们就关门了。

Five states that night shut down,stopped.How do we ever allow that to happen?Then of course,over the next couple of days,from the 4th of November through the 7th of November,we start to see the mail-in ballot.The whole instance of mail-in ballot fraud,and there's a whole bunch of evidence and a whole bunch of people that have come forward.There's probably a couple of hundred,I'm low-balling it,affidavits.People who have stood up and said,"I'm sick of it".These are Democrats and Republicans.


We just got another piece tonight in another part of the country from a Democrat,a woman who's just absolutely sick and tired of what she saw,and she just wasn't sure what to do,and she finally said,"I got to go forward,and I got to report this.I can't live with myself".That is what's happening with people who are feeling in their heart that sense of patriotism to still say,"Look,I don't want my country to turn into something else because that's what these people want".They do not want our country to be the Republic that it is.They want it to be something else and change it.As we heard,one president says,we want to fundamentally change America,and that's not what people want.People want to live the life that they have with the liberties and freedoms that we have under this great constitutional republic that we have.That's sort of where we are and that's what I mean by that.


This is an ongoing effort.It's not the go take the capital,go take the radio station like we've done in the past,in our own history,years ago in Central America or the Caribbean,or over in some of these other countries.We've participated,or we've supported some of this stuff where we certainly have watched it in another third world nations.Now,what's happening in our country,we cannot stand for it.


Brannon Howse:It's a new way of warfare,is it not general?Is that what you're saying?This is kind of the new way of warfare and it is cyber warfare.Is that what you're saying?


Michael Flynn:It's cyber,it's a combination of things.It's certainly information.It's how you leverage information,how you leverage the whole thing about psychological operations is you have to make sure that you pick the target,and then repetition with the message over and over and over and over has to occur.The only way you can do that in a country our size,with all of the ways that we communicate is you got to basically get the media on your side.That's taken some number of years,but I can't stand here and tell you that that's not the case because it is,everybody knows.


Everybody knows the,"mainstream media",which is a pretty robust group of organizations and that includes the tech companies,right?I say tech companies,the social media tech companies,everything from Facebook to Instagram,of course,Twitter I mentioned.All of these things,they are trying to control a narrative and tell the American people what they should know instead of allowing the American people information and letting each of us decide what's important or not.

每个人都知道,"主流媒体",这是一个相当强大的组织群体,包括科技公司,对不对?我说的是科技公司,社交媒体科技公司,从 Facebook Instagram,当然还有我提到的 Twitter。所有这些事情,他们都试图控制叙事告诉美国人民他们应该知道什么而不是让美国人民获得信息让我们每个人来决定什么是重要的或不重要的。

Brannon Howse:So,it's brainwashing,it's information warfare,it's brainwashing,a psychological operation.It's those things that you studied and other study when they go through SERE school.Correct?

布兰农·豪斯:所以,这是洗脑,这是信息战,这是洗脑,一种心理操作。这就是你们在 SERE 学校学习和其他学习的东西。对吗?

Michael Flynn:It's more than that but yes,it's kind of the type of warfare.In fact,if you study Chinese doctrine,Chinese doctrine has six phases.The first five phases all have to do with information.The last part of it would be if those failed or if you needed an additional"umph"so to speak,you go to the gates I say.That's when you may see something kinetic.We're in this sort of period of information warfare that it's unprecedented.I'm going to stand on my box here and say the President of the United States of America is being censored by US companies.Think about that,I'm at a loss sometimes when I talk about it and I talk about it a couple of times a day to different people in different groups,and I'm trying to say,"Okay,at a certain point in time,that has to stop being allowed".When a company says,"What you just said Mr.President is not totally the truth,or there's fraud involved here,or fraud hasn't been proven".How dare they do that to the President of the United States,because he's not going to get a fair shot going out into the mainstream media crowdie.Look at the interview that he did yesterday,where we had,somebody is talking to the President of United States in his office there,and he had to counsel the person."Don't talk to them.Don't talk to me like that.Don't talk to the President of United States like that".It's like a bunch of school punks in a school yard.We can't have that in this country.


Debate and sharp questions but not totally,totally disrespect,to not just the President.You may not like him and that's fine,but he represents the Presidency of the United States of America.He represents our flag,our constitution,our country.Everything that we're experiencing right now actually is more than just an assault on President Trump.This is an assault on the American Republic,on this great country that we have and people around the country.I know they're fed up with it and they're not going to put up with it.What they're waiting to see is they're waiting to see the outcome of their own elected officials in the states do their job.


Just because CNN or Fox News or a governor or a secretary of state certify an election,if the state legislature has not certified the election then it's not certified in a particular state.If there's a challenge and there's a legitimate legal challenge then they can't sit there and certify it while there's a legal challenge ongoing,it's just not the way it works.The media is not going to cover any of that for you.The big media,they're just not going to cover it,and it's sad because they're trying to shove it down our throat,and the American public,they see right through it.

仅仅因为 CNN 或福克斯新闻或州长或国务卿认证了一次选举,如果州立法机构没有认证选举,那么在特定的州就没有认证。如果有一个挑战,有一个合法的法律挑战,那么他们不能坐在那里,证明它,而有一个法律挑战正在进行,它只是不是这样的工作方式。媒体不会为你报道这些。大媒体,他们不会报道这件事,这很可悲,因为他们想把这件事强加于我们,而美国公众,他们看穿了这件事。

Brannon Howse:And we're thankful you came to us,one of the alternative media sites,and these are all growing rapidly,and when they all are added together,you're reaching millions upon millions of people through the new media.I don't want to keep you General longer than you want to stay.You've been very generous.I would like to ask you just a couple more questions.We have people that I know are getting frustrated.They're pacing the floor.They're really is upsetting to them to see what the media is saying and how it's discouraging people,but you're telling them to hang in there that this is going to all work out.I don't know if you can speak to it or not,if you cannot just say so,but I know that Sidney Powell has been speaking about a lot of information that will be coming out.She wants to get it into court,not into the media to try it,but into the court.But can you,or can you not speak to any of the hard evidence related to the server in Germany?

布兰农•豪斯我们很感激你来到我们这里,一个另类媒体网站,这些网站都在迅速发展,当它们加在一起,你就通过新媒体接触到了数以百万计的人。我不想让你们呆的时间比你们想呆的时间长。你已经很慷慨了。我想再问你几个问题。我知道有些人很沮丧。他们在地板上踱步。当他们看到媒体的报道以及这些报道如何令人沮丧时,他们真的很沮丧,但是你告诉他们要坚持下去,这一切都会解决的。我不知道你能不能说出来,如果你不能说出来的话,但我知道 Sidney Powell 已经说了很多,即将公布的信息。她想把这件事告上法庭不是告诉媒体,而是告上法庭。但你能,或者说你不能对任何与德国服务器相关的确凿证据说话吗?

Michael Flynn:Yes,I don't want to speak to that right now.She's mentioned it,and she's actually has some really good filings.They just filed another amendment I believe in Georgia.They filed in Georgia.They filed in Michigan today,just today,and probably within the last hour or two,they just filed another amendment to those in Georgia,and back again in Michigan.I think the next couple of priorities,you know,are looking at some of these other states where there's some big challenges.You really do have to go and dig into the filings instead of reading a sound bite here or there,because it's our life,it's our country.This is the time in our history where if we don't get this right,this country is done,it will be over as we know it.As I stand here talking to you,I'm not standing here from me,I'm standing here from my children,my grandchildren,and frankly,the beacon of hope that we are as a country.I would say,I'll just wrap it up because I'm going to have to jump here.There are paths to victory,it's clear.Key states are Georgia,Michigan,Arizona,Wisconsin,Nevada.There's ways that the president can get to,and his team can get him to the margin that he needs to win without Pennsylvania,but he's going to win Pennsylvania too.


I'll leave you and I'll leave the audience with this because I don't want my tone to be so strong where you sense a frustration.I'm really not frustrated I'm determined,and I am going to remain resilient to this assault that we have ongoing by elements in our country that are trying to tell us,"don't look here,everything will be just fine".It won't be,we cannot have this.We cannot allow this.We are going to get this straight.We're going to straighten it out.It's going to be done properly.It's going to be done legally.It's going to be done correctly.It's going to be done with American Patriots who love this country and who are fighting like warriors in a sort of,on a legal battle ground for sure.With people like Sidney Powell,like Rudy Giuliani and his team,like people like Linwood,who's fighting tooth and nail.Most people don't even know,his case that he's got going on in Georgia just got picked up by the 11th circuit,down in Georgia,and that's a good sign,because that means that the one judge down there that thought he was going to dismiss his case,the 11th circuit pulled it out of him and brought it up to their level,to an appeals level because they saw that there was enough evidence.So,I believe we're going to see some momentum changing here.There are already is an undercurrent of momentum shifting for the president,and I believe that at the end of the day,we're going to find out that he won by a massive landslide,and he'll be inaugurated this January


Brannon Howse:General,thank you so much for your time.Thank you for your service to our country.You've honored us with your words tonight and your time,and we appreciate you taking the time to join us and speak to the American people.Not only are we live,but of course we will then put this out as a broadcast that will go far and wide.So,you'll be encouraging an awful lot of people by taking the time tonight so General,thank you for doing that.


Michael Flynn:Great friend,and Tom,thank you for giving me invite.God bless America.Thank you.Thank you.


Brannon Howse:Thank you General.Now we're going to be joined back again by Lieutenant General McInerney,Mary fanning.Wow!I don't know how much of that you guys could hear because I having to go off the cell phone,but could you guys hear that?


General Mclnerney&Mary Fanning:Yeah.


布兰农•豪斯:Well,General McInerney,would you like to comment on what your friend had to say?And thank you for helping set that up.


General Mclnerney:Well,it is absolutely vital because this was the first time that I believe that General Flynn has been able to speak publicly and in such environment,and so I want to thank you for setting this up,and I know Mary talked to you and it's very important what you have are doing tonight because it is a fast moving train,and that's why I wanted you to do it because we are seeing the most unprecedented situation in the history of America.This is the most dangerous situation since the civil war of keeping this nation United,and why do I say that?The civil war,it was just warfare,the day you and General Flynn talked about cyber warfare.Cyber warfare is hidden,it's mystical.You don't see it coming,it happens.All of a sudden,138,000 votes or 150,000 votes,all of a sudden they show up,and because we're looking at computers,we assume they're all legitimate,but in this particular case,they are not legitimate,and because of what Sidney Powell has been doing with General Flynn's lawyer and what she submitted in the state of Georgia and Michigan on a Wednesday night,the night before Thanksgiving,we got a document in that log,in those lawsuits from a doctor.

麦克纳尼将军:这是绝对重要的,因为这是我第一次相信弗林将军能够在这样的环境下公开发言,所以我想感谢你们的安排,我知道玛丽和你们谈过,你们今晚所做的非常重要,因为这是一列快速移动的火车,这就是为什么我希望你们这样做,因为我们看到了美国历史上最史无前例的情况。这是自内战以来最危险的情况为了保持国家的统一,我为什么要这么说?内战,那只是战争你和弗林将军谈论网络战的那天。网络战是隐藏的,是神秘的。你看不到它的到来,它发生了。突然之间,138,000张选票或者150,000张选票,突然之间就出现了,因为我们看到了电脑,我们认为它们都是合法的,但在这个特殊的案子里,它们不是合法的,而且因为 Sidney Powell Flynn 将军的律师所做的事,以及她周三晚上在佐治亚州和密歇根州提交的东西,感恩节前一晚,我们在日志里找到了一份文件,关于医生提起的诉讼。

Navid Keshavarez-Nia,who is a 59-year-old resident of California,who spent 40 years almost in the DC metropolitan as a career intelligence community expert.I won't go into his background very much,but because of this declaration that he made in which I am quoted and independently confirming he uses my name.Kurt Weeby,who was a former NSA official,a good friend of ours,and working with Mary and I,and Dennis Montgomery,a former CIA analyst who was really the creator,inventor of the hammer and scorecard capabilities,and that we broke,and we broke it on Sunday and Monday before the election saying that this was going to be an action that will happen,and what transpired did in fact transpire.Mary was very instrumental in informing me of this information,and all of a sudden,two days before,two and a half days before the voting started on the 3rd of November,this was the 1st of November,I became involved in the Voting gate.

Navid Keshavarez-Nia 现年59岁,居住在加利福尼亚州,他在华盛顿特区几乎待了40年,成为一名职业情报社区专家。我不会详细介绍他的背景,但是因为他的这个声明,其中引用了我的话,并且独立地确认他使用了我的名字。Kurt Weeby 前国家安全局官员,我们的好朋友,与 Mary 和我一起工作,还有 Dennis Montgomery 前中情局分析员,锤子和记分卡功能的真正创造者,发明者,我们打破了它,我们在周日和周一的选举前打破了它说这将是一个会发生的行动,事实上发生了什么。玛丽在告诉我这个消息方面起了很大的作用,突然之间,在113日投票开始的前两天,也就是两天半之前,也就是111日,我参与了投票。

My background is a military analyst,and for 16 and a half years I was on Fox News as a military analyst.I have been the number three man in the air staff in the air force,and so I had a great background,but what made this so easy for me Brannon is I run a cloud company,an edge cloud company.I am intimately familiar with this kind of technology and what it's doing and live by it in my military days.Everybody remembers when we attacked Tripoli in 1986.I was the commander and they launched from my bases in England.

我的背景是一名军事分析师,我在福克斯新闻做了16年半的军事分析师。我一直是空军的三号人物,所以我有很好的背景,但是让我这么容易的是 Brannon 我经营一家云公司,一家边缘云公司。我非常熟悉这种技术以及它在做什么,并且在我的军事生涯中依靠它生活。每个人都记得1986年我们攻击的黎波里的时候。我是指挥官,他们从我在英国的基地发射导弹。

Now,I got that information from the British and other sources,but my whole life has been based on this,and what I'm seeing now is those technologies now are used against the American people.They are trying to seize control of this nation through technology and through cyber warfare.They have enlisted to include Fox News who flipped on us.They have been listed the mainstream media and the first amendment to try to get on their side and General Flynn talked about the censorship.For instance,at Twitter does and determines what president Trump can say.That is ridiculous.It must stop,but because of all these assets and they are using and misusing the constitution of the United States,they have put us in a position that our forefathers were not aware of cyber warfare,and so when they set out in the constitution,the process of our election and going through the electoral college,the voters meeting on 14 December,announcing who the president will be,and then going through in the 20th of November,the inauguration,that was not based upon cyber warfare,and so we have a time clock and I bring this up to our listeners.

现在,我从英国和其他地方得到了这些信息,但是我的整个生活都建立在这个基础上,我现在看到的是这些技术现在被用来对付美国人民。他们试图通过技术和网络战争来控制这个国家。他们已经加入了出卖我们的福克斯新闻。他们被列为主流媒体和第一修正案,试图站在他们一边,弗林将军谈到了审查制度。例如,在 Twitter 上,特朗普总统可以发表什么言论。这太荒谬了。它必须停止,但是由于所有这些资产,他们正在利用和滥用美国宪法,他们把我们置于一个我们的祖先不知道网络战争的地位,所以当他们在宪法中提出我们的选举过程,通过选举团,1214日的选民会议,宣布谁将成为总统,然后在1120日进行就职典礼,这不是基于网络战争,所以我们有一个时钟,我把这个提交给我们的听众。

We have a time clock,and we have to go through the legal system.This was not designed to operate in the cyber world,and so we had many judges turning down and not recognizing what has happened.That is the challenge that we are facing and what my point I wanted to get across tonight.It doesn't matter if we have locked and sealed this decision process by the 14th of December,the president should not leave office until it is adequately heard.


We,the American people will demand that these facts be analyzed and looked at,and I'm going to cover some of those facts that have made it so compelling to me that there is no question about it.Let's start with the vote count distribution in Pennsylvania,Wisconsin,Michigan,Arizona,Nevada,and Georgia are not based on normal system operation.They are caused by fraudulent electronic manipulation of the targeted voting machines.For instance,at 2:30 AM of the 4th of November,TV broadcast reported that Pennsylvania,Wisconsin,Arizona,and Nevada and Georgia have decided to seize vote counting operations and will continue the following day.This unanimous decision to initially and intentionally stopped counting by all five battleground states is highly unusual.As a matter of fact,it is unprecedented,and it demonstrates prior coordination by election officials in battleground states.Those five states that General Flynn mentioned,and because of this big flashing light to anybody that understands the voting process,it immediately flag this.


We start looking at each one of those states because they didn't stop counting.All of a sudden in Michigan at four o'clock in the morning,138,000 votes show up,all for,guest who.Biden,He was behind in all those States where they decided to cease voting,and that's where they employed cyber warfare,the hammer and scorecard,the dominion voting machines and the software in them.That's where they put these applications on,like your iPhone and they got a smooth voting.

我们开始关注每一个州,因为他们没有停止计票。突然,在密歇根州,凌晨四点钟,138,000张选票出现了,全部投给了。拜登,他在所有那些他们决定停止投票的州都落后了,这就是他们使用网络战,锤子和记分卡,统治投票机和软件的地方。他们把这些应用程序放在那里,就像你的 iPhone 一样,他们得到了顺利的投票。

Now,when the numbers came,started coming back in those five states,they were different numbers.138,000 in Michigan,90,000 in Arizona,this is notional.The different one in Nevada and Georgia and Pennsylvania.The important point was they were exactly at the same percentage.This is a mathematical impossibility that this could have happened,and it means that algorithm was used,and this algorithm was designed to stay within the bounds,and when the assembled numbers were put together,it wouldn't be obvious that these numbers of votes were inserted.This is a huge flashing red light,and it's important that people understand what this kind of data that we're seeing.


Sidney pointed out in Georgia,that they're 96,000 absentee votes that were disregarded in Fulton County,they had a water leak.Pennsylvania,the state of Pennsylvania mailed out 1.8 million votes to their citizens.The state did,these are not absentee ballots.These were balanced that had no chain of custody,lo and behold Brannon,2.5 million came back.If someone had to have a printing press and we're cranking them out,that is just the pure sniff test.It doesn't require a genius to understand if you mail out 1.8 and get 2.5 million ballots,something is wrong.

Sidney 在佐治亚州指出,富尔顿县有96000张缺席选票被忽视,他们漏水了。宾夕法尼亚州,宾夕法尼亚州给他们的公民寄出了180万张选票。这些不是缺席选票。这些都是平衡的,没有监管链,你瞧,布兰农,250万回来了。如果有人需要一台印刷机,而我们正在把它们印刷出来,这只是纯粹的嗅觉测试。不需要一个天才就能明白,如果你寄出180万张选票,得到250万张选票,一定是哪里出了问题。

Now,Sidney and the president crew,I believe General Flynn,got the crack in organization.The 305 military intelligence battalion working with them because in all of this,we have not seen any footprints of the DOJ of the FBI,nor the CIA on the friendly side.

现在 Sidney 和总统团队,我相信 Flynn 将军,在组织上有了突破。305军事情报营与他们合作,因为在这一切中,我们没有看到任何联邦调查局司法部的脚印,也没有看到友方的中情局。

Brannon Howse:Let me just stop you there General because you just said something very interesting.You just said that who has just opened up the kraken,and then you just described what the kraken was.We all know the term because of a Sydney Powell using it,but you just said what it is.Can you back up on that?


General Mclnerney:Yes.Sidney got the term kraken.It was actually the nickname of the 305th military intelligence battalion,and that has been her source along with other sources that Mary and I know about,but we don't want to talk about.We're getting the different sources that are relaying this,but the important thing is they identified,now get this,they identified China,Iran and Russia as being involved in this and manipulating the vote.


In addition,the US special forces command seized a server farm in Frankfurt,Germany,because they were sending this data from those six states through the internet to Spain and then into Frankfurt,Germany.Special operation forces seize those that facility so they have those servers and they know all this data they are providing.


Brannon Howse:Did that go down without incident?did that seizure go down without incident?


General Mclnerney:Well,I've heard it didn't go down without incident,and I haven't been able to verify it.I want to be careful in that.It's just coming out,but I understand my initial report is that there were US soldiers killed in that operation.Now,that was a CIA operation,and so that's the very worrisome thing.Did that occur because of what Mary and I and Allen were notifying on the Sunday and the Monday in different networks that this was going to happen,that they were using hammer and scorecard,and so they decided to bounce it overseas,so the server farms and the hammer and scorecard we're using in the continental United States,couldn't be used?I don't know that.In any case,it makes it more vulnerable because when you start moving that kind of data overseas,other people look at it,


Brannon Howse:But you are saying that was a CIA facility,and that was where the server was taken from by these special forces,was a CIA facility in Germany.


General Mclnerney:That's correct.Frankfurt,Germany.We have all this information,General Flynn of course,people most realized,was the senior military intelligence officer in the US commands as a defense intelligence agency.He's a career intelligence officer,knows this stuff,backwards and forwards.From my experience in the cloud business,this was a trivial operation,relatively speaking,but the magnitude,because so many people Brannon were involved.So many people like General Flynn mentioned,the democratic person saw this are coming forward,but what we are doing,we are competing with the constitution and the 14th December date for the electoral college.Why?Because we have this information and we know that not only did we have the deep state and the executive that President Trump had to fight,we also had it in the legislature where you have Adam Schiff,Nancy Pelosi,Schumer,all of those people were involved in this.They were involved in the Russian hoax.They were involved in this coup d'état,but we also had the judiciary,Judge Sullivan,who was General Flynn's judge,outdid himself on this.You had the compromise there,and that's why the 305th,the krakens were targeted and selected,I believe,because the President could trust them.That's why Chris Miller,who is now the acting secretary of defense and a former special operations hero.That's why Chris Miller is the secretary of defense.


Brannon Howse:What about his speech that's gone viral of him directing all special operations forces to answer directly to him?


General Mclnerney:Well,that tells you something.It tells you that we had that tighten-up because there are people that are a part of this conspiracy.This is treason what we're talking about.Some people may just think,"Oh,it's just politics".No,all right.


So,President Obama used it in 2012 to win,Biden used it to win Florida.The Democrats used it during the primary so Bernie Sanders would lose,and Biden would win.You know that's politics,we've been cheating.No,it's not politics,this is treason.Did Darnold gave away West Point or tried to in the revolutionary war.We haven't seen treason this magnitude ever in our history,and those politicians,those people like Chris Krebs,who was the head of the cyber warfare infrastructure security agency.He was until he was fired a couple of weeks ago by the President because this was a perfect election.He is guilty of treason.He had to be complicit,and people must understand that.

所以,奥巴马总统在2012年用它赢得了胜利,拜登用它赢得了佛罗里达州。民主党在初选中使用了它,这样伯尼·桑德斯就会输,拜登就会赢。你知道这就是政治,我们一直在作弊。不,这不是政治,这是叛国。达诺德有没有放弃西点军校或者在革命战争中。我们有史以来从未见过如此严重的叛国行为,那些政客,那些像 Chris Krebs 这样的人,他是网络战基础设施安全机构的负责人。直到几周前他被总统解雇,因为这是一次完美的选举。他犯了叛国罪。他必须是同谋,人们必须明白这一点。

You people that have done this are guilty of treason against the United States,and we are going to demand this President.Insist this president not leave office until the American people have had a full disclosure of what's going on.


Brannon Howse:What you're saying is that President Trump needs to fulfill his oath,that he took to defend America against enemies,both foreign and domestic,and he must not let deadlines stop him from fulfilling that oath.Is that what I hear you say?


General Mclnerney:That is exactly what you heard me say Brannon.The president has in his oath to the constitution to defend the country against all enemies,foreign and domestic,and we shouldn't let a schedule that we know is so blatantly flawed that anybody can understand that with just the items I've given our listeners tonight.When you have hundreds of thousands of votes that were falsified,and we know they're falsified.I believe those servers are going to show that,and I believe that he is going to show that.It'll probably have to be done at the Supreme Court because you have judges like some of it in that that are going to try to protect themselves because the fingers are going to start pointing to everybody."Well,I didn't know this,I didn't know that",they're going to use the Nuremberg trial.


"Well,the fear told me to do this".They're going to say,"Well,President Obama knew what I was doing because he told me to do it",or vice-president Biden."Biden was the runner here.He told me to do it".They're going to point fingers.When you have people that are driving up in cars with carloads of ballots,some not even folded,and they're driving them into these five or six battleground states,they're going to talk.They don't want to be involved in treason,and so people are going to talk the magnitude of this and the bone,because I think the President won in such an overwhelming vote.Well,I know he did,that they had to do these things,and there are no skilled in the craftsmanship and what they were trying to do.


They were trying to match the ballots with the numbers that they come up with,and determined were needed,and doing that in real time.You had a digit and analog of trying to get ballots,then digital was easy.You can just change the numbers,and I won't give the name,but someone,a Republican on television last night was saying,why would it be so important for the Republicans to get out in Georgia?It doesn't matter how many people we get out in Georgia Brannon;they'll just stop the number.It's a digital number for them.We cannot let this them use hammer and scorecard,and in my opinion,we can't have these mail-in ballots in Georgia.They should leave the polls open,but they must get a chain of custody.We can't have this absolute disregard for the laws of the land and by judges,and by legislatures,they must get hold of this.There is a path,but I believe that they're going to—the Democrats are going to think this is Politics,and they're going to try to shut that down.Well,if they do,then the American people must demand that the President stay in office until this is cleared up because it's treason.It's a coup d'état against the government of the United States,and we cannot accept that.


Brannon Howse:That's three-star General McInerney.Go look up his bio,I don't have time to get into it tonight because we've given it over and over.Three-star General Thomas McInerney,look up his bio folks.He's not a man given to hyperbole.

布兰农·豪斯:那是三星中将麦金纳尼。去看看他的简历吧,我今晚没时间看,因为我们已经看了一遍又一遍了。三星中将 Thomas McInerney 查查他的简历。他不是一个喜欢夸张的人。

Again,Mary Fanning and Alan Jones broke this story in December of 2015.General McInerney talked about this in March 2017 on Dave's program.Dave,what's his name again Mary?


General Mclnerney:Dave Janda


Brannon Howse:Dave Janda,his show,and then the next day the Russia hoax comes up by Comey,I guess a smoke screen,right?So,they've been on this a long time.In general,I received three phone calls from three different people,tied to the intelligence arena a couple of weeks ago,trying to tell me that I was going to be embarrassing myself.If I didn't quit talking about this,that it was all conspiracy and fake,and it's now being revealed that those I guess,were calls to try to get me to stop using our network,our platform,to inform the American people,because now we just are starting to figure out what a lot of these words like kraken and other things mean.It is all coming out.There are those inside the intelligence arena that were trying to shut this down.Now,I think there's some inside of the intelligence arena that are trying out to take the story and control it.Are they not?


General Mclnerney:Yes,and they are guilty of treason.


Brannon Howse:Mary,would you care to comment.Mary?You you've been quiet.I got to get you in here because you and Alan Jones broke this in December,2015,and wow,you,guys deserve some kind of huge literary and research award,but please get in on what you've heard tonight.

布兰农·豪斯:玛丽,你能评论一下。玛丽?你一直很安静。我得让你们进来,因为你和 Alan Jones 201512月打破了这个纪录,哇,你们应该得到一个巨大的文学和研究奖,但是请大家来听听今晚你们听到了什么。

Mary Fanning:We have amazing leaders in this country than there are none better than General McInerney and General Mike Flynn.I will tell you that bad actors,both foreign and domestic use this man in the middle proxies to cover their tracks.There was an attempt not just to steal the election,but to steal America.The founding fathers may not have known about cyber warfare,but they certainly recognize tyranny when they thought.President Trump cannot leave office.When we have China and Iran having access to our elections,we cannot let them steal America through their illegal acts of treason and act of war against this country.


Brannon Howse:Act of war,and I think that's exactly what it is.We've got Iran,China,Russia involved.General we've now got Russia making threats about missiles.We've got them talking about ramming ships.We've got Iran out there talking about retaliation.We see their father of their nuclear program has now been taken out in the last 24 hours or so.We see that Iran is bragging about putting missile launchers on their cargo ships.What has all this been?


General Mclnerney:Well,it means a great deal of instability if we let the US government be seized by people that are committing treason and cheating.They knew exactly what they were doing.Look there's everybody think that the pattern for victory for Democrats in the future is no major press conferences with any hard questions.The largest rally he had was 14 people in 14 cars honking boards and staying in the basement.Is that the model for a successful(inaudible)for the President of the United States?No,but he knew something.


All those people knew that the number was going to come out.People betting in Las Vegas,there's a great article about that,and the people in the casinos ought to look at those winners because they had inside information and they are guilty of treason because they didn't tell the proper authorities.Anybody that was complicit,Fox News in my opinion,some of those people are guilty of treason.Whether it's the president,whoever it is because they flipped and they knew what they were doing and they made those early announcements,and so anybody involved with this is complicit in it.If they didn't tell and alert the President of the United States and their property officials.


Brannon Howse:Do you believe this goes all the way back up to Nancy Pelosi,to Adam Schiff,to Barack Obama,to Joe Biden?


General Mclnerney:Yes,It had to.The way they act,the way they did things,everything they've done,the Russian hoax.Now we've got to know if John Durham,what is the status of John Durham and the attorney general?What is the status of their work?What have they done?


Brannon Howse:General Mclnerney before we run out of time,we're going to go about 10 minutes over because that's when our cards also run out,and we want to preserve all of this to get out in a duplication to the American people so we don't want to go where our cards run out.We'll go about another eight,nine minutes,but September 12th,2018 executive order on imposing certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference in a United States election,how much will this executive order by President Trump play into this and how so?


General Mclnerney:Well,I think I'm going to ask Mary to also talk about it,but I think it'll play a major role.It tells me Brannon,that the president knew something was happening and that this was going to come about,and so I think Mary,you can go into the details.

麦克纳尼将军:嗯,我想我会让玛丽也谈谈这件事,但我认为它会起到重要作用。这告诉我 Brannon 总统知道发生了什么事而且这件事会发生,所以我想 Mary 你可以谈谈细节。

Mary Fanning:Well,there's an abundance of evidence that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from President Trump on behalf of Joe Biden,with Joe Biden's assistance,because Joe Biden said he had the greatest voter fraud group in history put together.We cannot let this stand.It will be the theft of America.The American people must stand up.


Brannon Howse:Mary,I have an article here in front of me dated June 7th,2017.You're in here writing about a program,I think was it called Turkey or something?Wild Turkey or something?


Mary Fanning:Wild Turkey or some of the exploits that work off of the hammer as well as scorecard,and as well as Medusa.These are exploits that were created while Turkey was not created by Dennis Montgomery,but Medusa and scorecard worked off of the hammer.

玛丽·范宁:Wild Turkey 或者一些关于锤子和记分卡,以及美杜莎的事迹。这些都是在土耳其不是丹尼斯·蒙哥马利创造的时候创造的,但是美杜莎和记分卡是用锤子创造的。

Brannon Howse:Here you are in 2017,writing about this.Again,you and Alan Jones,your co-author.Their book,by the way,can be found on Amazon,The Hammer is the Key to the Coup,which is some of the final words of Four-star Admiral Lyons to his friend,General McInerney,because they were researching and talking about this.

布兰农·豪斯:这是你在2017年写的关于这个的文章。再一次,你和你的合著者 Alan Jones。顺便说一句,他们的书可以在亚马逊上找到,《铁锤是政变的关键》,这是四星海军上将里昂对他的朋友麦金纳尼将军说的最后几句话,因为他们在研究和讨论这个问题。

Remember they,Admiral Lyons,four-stars,General McInerney,three-stars did a radio show together in 2017 warning about this,and then this is when things really started breaking open.But again,it's 2015,then Mary Fanning and Alan Jones do all the research and start releasing the information over at TheAmericanReport.org.

还记得他们吗,里昂上将,四星上将,麦金纳尼将军,三星上将在2017年一起做了一个广播节目警告这件事,然后这就是事情真正开始爆发的时候。但是,现在是2015年,玛丽·范宁和艾伦·琼斯做了所有的研究,并开始在 TheAmericanReport.org 上发布信息。

Mary,now we have guys that I would get pressured by three people tied to the intelligence community to stop doing radio and TV on this.I wouldn't do it because I believe in you and Alan and the General.I just wasn't going to back down.I'd seen enough information and enough proof.I knew the General's long credibility,and I wasn't going to back down.


I got three phone calls when people tie the intelligence arena and quit talking about this kind of stuff,you're going to look stupid and foolish.Now it's all being confirmed,but what's interesting Mary is you and I have talked about,I guess,some guy out there writing now who,I guess,poo-pooing some of this,and now he wants to try to control the narrative and give interviews on it.I noticed that in one of his interviews,he seems to try to defend the head of the CIA and the head of the FBI,so am I to believe that these people that were poo-pooing this as I don't talk about this,well,now your research has been affirmed over and over,and so now they're going to try to control the narrative,and are they going to try now some of those same people to defend the head of the CIA and FBI.Kind of interesting watching this behavior,Is it not?Am I right or wrong in my assumption here?


Mary Fanning:I think you are exactly correct as former CIA agent Larry,it's in the front page,people can read about it,but the fact that he's coming out and saying that Gina had nothing to do with this nor did Wray is a highly suspect comment that he would like to leave these people in place.


Anyone who's involved in this and is on the side and standing with treason against this country.Regardless of what agency they're with,should think twice before they start attempting to insinuate themselves into this treasonous activity that had gone on for far too long.


This came directly out of the Obama administration when John Brennan and James clapper illegally commandeered the foreign surveillance tool known as the hammer.


Brannon Howse:It was designed by Genesis Montgomery in 2003,to keep America safe as you write.Commandeered by them about two weeks after Obama was sworn into office and put on servers.You write of the FBI honor,the director of Mueller,correct?


Mary Fanning:That's correct.According to Dennis Montgomery,Robert Mueller provided the computers for the hammer.


Brannon Howse:and of course,they tried to discredit Dennis Montgomery because you can see why now,but as we've discussed in past programs,you got two immunity deals after being interviewed and recorded.So apparently,he didn't lie,or he'd be in jail.He kept it;he got his immunity deals kept some of his security clearances is not in jail,so that should tell us a lot to the people trying to smear the guy.


Mary,you believe,I believe this whole idea that Donald Trump needs to go ahead and concede.I think the one that should be conceding is Joe Biden.I think the American people should rise up in mass.I think conservatives should rise up in mass,tweet,Facebook,email,and began to demand that Joe Biden concede.What say you?


Mary Fanning:You cannot award the country to Joe Biden when he has cheated to steal an election.It's really that simple.


Brannon Howse:Do you believe the American people are going to demand that some of these folks actually face the charges of treason?And how high do you think this could go?Or is this going to be the old brushing to end game of blaming someone down the lower level?


Mary Fanning:It's beyond the election.It's beyond the stolen votes.You have to look at Joe Biden and his family.Billions of dollars to his son,Hunter,his drug addled son.Billions of dollars from China and billions from the Ukraine to Hunter Biden.Can you even imagine this and a different day?The fact that the media has remained silent and China and Iran and Russia are buying off our officials to tell you everything you need to know about the Mockingbird media.


Brannon Howse:Not to mention Mary,as you report in your excellent report,the perfect storm,the Jafar family,the Gulftainer family,doctor Jafar,as you guys report used to be the head of Saddam Hussein's nuclear program,making the nuclear beach ball as miniaturized nuclear device.I think he was on the kill list during the war,and then his family and his business get a contract running Port Canaveral in Florida and in Wilmington,Delaware,cargo containers,and yet there is some kind of business deals back with the 100%Russian owned export of the Club K Cargo that has four cruise missile siloss that pop up and can deliver cruise missiles,biological weapons,nuclear weapons,and it could easily be planted down here in the US as you have translated Russian Manuals for Pearl Harbor 2.0 into English,they call for a Russian strategy of doing just that.As you know,live on our show a few years ago,Phil Haney,former Department of Homeland Security whistle blower,revealed right on this show,"Hey,Brannon,you want another piece of interesting information to go with that?"Look at Citco owned by Venezuela,they're in financial crisis with massive inflation.Guess who's come in and bought up a big chunk of their company?Russia.Look at all their oil terminals,up and down the Eastern seaboard.

更不用说玛丽,正如你在精彩报道中所说,完美风暴,贾法尔家族,海湾战士家族,贾法尔博士,正如你们所报道的,曾经是萨达姆・侯赛因核计划的负责人,把核沙滩球做成了小型核装置。我认为他在战争期间被列入了暗杀名单然后他的家人和他的生意得到了一份在佛罗里达州和特拉华州威尔明顿经营卡纳维拉尔港的合同货运集装箱,然而有一些商业交易回到了100%俄罗斯人拥有的 k 俱乐部货运的出口那里有四个巡航导弹发射井可以运送巡航导弹,生物武器,核武器它可以很容易地被安置在美国就像你把俄罗斯的珍珠港2.0手册翻译成英文一样他们要求俄罗斯采取这样的策略。正如你们所知道的,几年前在我们的节目现场 Phil Haney 前国土安全部告密者,在这个节目中透露" Brannon 你还想要一条有趣的信息吗?"看看委内瑞拉拥有的 Citco,他们正处于巨大的通货膨胀的金融危机之中。猜猜谁买下了他们公司的大部分股份?俄罗斯。看看他们在美国东岸的所有石油码头。

Now,Russia can bring in through the oil terminals,the cargo terminals can bring in the Club K Cargo missile launching system into this relationship with Dr.Jafar and Gulftainer,have caused now to move them into the US and plop them down at all refiners up and down the East Coast is a Trojan horse,and that's your perfect Pearl Harbor 2.0 that you've been warning about,and Phil Haney dropped that right on the news desk of our show live,and you happen to be watching that night.So,there's way more to this than just the election.We're talking about them being inside the wire and a lot of these people,the Bidens,the Obama's,Hillary tied to some of these actors,correct?

现在,俄罗斯可以通过石油码头进入,货运码头可以通过 k 俱乐部货运导弹发射系统进入与贾法尔博士和古尔夫泰纳的关系,导致他们现在转移到美国,并在东海岸的所有炼油厂下降是一个特洛伊木马,这就是你们一直警告的完美的珍珠港2.0,菲尔·哈尼把它放在了我们的直播节目的新闻台上,而你们正好在看那晚的节目。所以,这不仅仅是选举的问题。我们谈论的是他们在线内,很多人,拜登夫妇,奥巴马夫妇,希拉里和这些演员有联系,对吗?

Mary Fanning:Well,that's correct.Beyond which the Jafar were put on the Pentagon's blacklist meant that they were wanted for capture or kill dr.Jafar,and he's the nuclear mastermind or Saddam Hussein.In order to take back our country,we must take back this election that Donald Trump won fair and square before they started cheating with foreign actors,Russia,China,Iran,that their hand is in here for the theft of this election.That's why the American people must stand up,and that is like President Donald Trump must abide by his oath to protect this country.He cannot step down until this election is fairly,legally settled.


Brannon Howse:The reason I bring all that up Mary is as you know,as an intelligence,national security intelligence author researcher,all of this involves massive national intelligence implications.


Mary Fanning:Absolutely


Brannon Howse:Let me just reiterate real quick.The news tonight,General Flynn calling in,also we've just found out from General McInerney,the kraken is actually a military division.Did you say the 305th known as the kraken?That's a military division,that's the kraken?


General Mclnerney:No,it's a battalion,a very intelligent batallion.Brannon can I say one other thing in closing?


Brannon Howse:Yes.


General Mclnerney:Now this is going directly to those that want to seize this country because they've hacked my cell phone,and so everything I say on this particular open channel,they are coming.They mean business.They are deeply into this,and they now know that because of what you've done and what we've done tonight,that they are in even more trouble.We are coming against after you and the American people are going to come after you and this President won this election,and he was going to be the president for the next four years,but we're after you.You will not seize this country because this would be the last re-election we ever had,and I'm in agreement with you and Mary,that Joe Biden should step down right now.

麦克纳尼将军:现在这是直接给那些想要占领这个国家的人的,因为他们已经黑进了我的手机,所以我在这个特殊的公开频道上说的每一句话,他们都会来。他们是认真的。他们深陷其中,现在他们知道因为你和我们今晚的所作所为,他们陷入了更大的麻烦。我们要对付的是你们美国人民要对付的是你们这位总统赢得了这次选举他本来要当四年的总统但我们要对付的是你们。你们不能夺取这个国家因为这将是我们最后一次连任,我同意你和 Mary 的看法 Joe Biden 应该马上下台。

Brannon Howse:Joe Biden needs to concede.Folks these are American heroes,General Flynn,General McInerney,Mary fanning.I'm sorry,we couldn't get another hero on here.Alan Jones,who's written the book with her.These are great Americans that have gone against unimaginable pressure to not talk about this,but here it is all out in the open now.Isn't it interesting the alternative media has had to do it tonight?


I want to thank all of them from joining us.I want to thank you for joining us.We'll have this post edited in HD in release right away for the American people to disseminate.And again,we do this because of your support at WVWFoundation.com.Thank you for your support.Thank you,General McInerney,thank you General Flynn,thank you Mary Fanning,and thank you folks for watching.Until next time,I'm Brennan Howse.Take care.

我想感谢所有加入我们的人。我想感谢你们的加入。我们将把这篇文章以高清的形式编辑,并立即发布给美国人民,以供传播。同样,我们这样做是因为你们在 wvwfoundation 网站上的支持。谢谢你们的支持。谢谢你,麦金纳尼将军,谢谢弗林将军,谢谢玛丽·范宁,谢谢大家的收看。下集预告,我是布伦南·豪斯。保重。

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