X22报告|第2905集: 欧盟内爆,如果灯灭了,请记住,爱国者掌控一切 

2022年10月22日19:48:19最新动态X22报告|第2905集: 欧盟内爆,如果灯灭了,请记住,爱国者掌控一切 已关闭评论5491阅读模式


X22报告|第2905集: 欧盟内爆,如果灯灭了,请记住,爱国者掌控一切 

Ep. 2905a – EU Imploding, [CB]/[DS] Direct Funding Was Just Cutoff, Watch The Market

欧盟内爆,[ CB ]/[ DS ]直接融资刚刚中断,观察市场

Ep. 2905b- DOJ, FBI Panic, If The Lights Go Out Remember The Patriots Are In Control, November Surprise?




The EU is imploding, more and more nations are waking up and going their own way, tick tock. The people are not buying the fuel story, the people know that the [WEF]/[CB] are pushing this agenda. A Judge has ruled that the Obama created CFPB can not receive funding directly from the Federal Reserve. Watch the market.



The [DS], [FBI], [DOJ] are panicking, they are completely exposed and now they must push their agenda. They are now going after Trump via the J6 committee and the Mar-a-Largo raid. In the end this will not work out well for them. They are planning for chaos most likely after the election. The patriots might bring chaos to the D’s /[DS] right before the midterms, It could be an Oct/Nov surprise. As the [DS] loses control they will try to shutdown the system so people do not get info plus it keeps them busy with no power. The patriots are ready with countermeasures.

[DS]、[FBI]、[DOJ]正在恐慌,他们已经完全暴露,现在他们必须推动他们的议程。他们现在正通过J6委员会和Mar-a-Largo突袭行动来对付特朗普。最终,这对他们来说不会有好结果。他们正在计划混乱,很可能是在选举之后。爱国者可能会在中期选举前给 D’s /[DS]带来混乱,这可能是一个10月/11月的惊喜。当[DS]失去控制时,他们会试图关闭系统,这样人们就无法获得信息,而且这也会让他们在没有权力的情况下忙碌。爱国者们已经准备好了反措施。


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