2022年3月1日: 三月来临就像… 狮子|星际飞船地球

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 March 1, 2022 2022年3月1日

2022年3月1日: 三月来临就像… 狮子|星际飞船地球

Regardless of how fair the weather may be, there is no shortage of lion-hearted patriots in the world and they have only just begun to roar. The assault of the Light Forces on the dark is formidable and blatant now—if you understand what you’re seeing.


And look—now that the fake World War III in Ukraine has taken over the lamestream media airwaves and digital world, the Covid BS is all but forgotten in many places. Yawn. Suddenly the killer pandemic is… just a cold and almost no one cares or is afraid any more. In truth, they’re getting a little pissed with the nonsensical, tyrannical actions of most governments.

现在,乌克兰的虚假第三次世界大战已经占领了令人痛心的媒体电波和数字世界,很多地方几乎已经忘记了科维德。打哈欠。突然之间,致命的流行病... ... 只是一种感冒,几乎没有人再关心或害怕了。事实上,他们对大多数政府荒谬的专制行为感到有点恼火。

The new fear tactics march to the beat of the drums of war. They have to keep us in fear over something at all times. They have a litany of fear-inducing strategies that are getting really old, even for the normies. Climate change, in all its iterations after “global warming” and “mini ice-age” were shown to have zero basis in reality and failed to materialize is going the same route, despite the best efforts of the vicious little Greta Thunberg. We are not ashamed.

新的恐怖战术随着战鼓的节奏前进。他们必须让我们时时刻刻处于恐惧之中。他们有一连串的恐惧诱导策略,这些策略已经变得非常陈旧,即使对于正常人来说也是如此。气候变化,在“全球变暖”和“小冰河时代”之后的所有迭代中,被证明在现实中没有任何根据,而且尽管邪恶的小 Greta Thunberg 尽了最大的努力,也没有实现同样的路线。我们并不感到羞耻。

“What has it got in its pocketses?” You can bet it’s another fake, trumped-up lie to manipulate the public and get them to hand over more money to the disgustingly wealthy 1 per cent. You didn’t fall for the carbon tax, did you?

“它口袋里装的是什么?”你可以打赌,这是另一个虚假的、捏造的谎言,目的是操纵公众,让他们把更多的钱交给那1% 令人作呕的富人。你不会上了碳税的当吧?

2022年3月1日: 三月来临就像… 狮子|星际飞船地球

Those of us in the know just laugh off their boogeyman fright-night tactics. Link to Telegram.




Fear weakens the immune system. This is the unhealthy nocebo effect. That’s why clowns go into children’s cancer wards. Smiling, happy children have stronger immune systems. That’s called psychoimmunology. What’s happening around the world now is immunopathological – because fear and terror inherently make you sick.


My rule number 1: Switch from the nocebo attitude (fear) to the placebo attitude (trust).

我的规则1: 从反安慰剂态度(恐惧)转变为安慰剂态度(信任)。

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There’s always more than one reason the psychopaths run their operations. Money always figures into it somewhere, and catastrophes open the door for their “charitable” organizations so they can collect money from the brainwashed and unsuspecting and launder it to fill the globalists’ dwindling coffers.


They are shameless. Pleases DO NOT donate to any of the big, well-publicized charities like the Red Cross, UNICEF, the major cancer funds, etc. Be sure to perform adequate due diligence before you support anyone or anything because so many of them are run by the cabal and the money doesn’t go where you think. Almost nothing goes to the desired parties; the victims.


We have it on good authority that these are the crates of cash the deep state cabal ships back and forth around the world to buy each other off and fund wars, mercenaries, drugs, arms, etc.. Of course the source is taxpayer money and the fake charities they run due to our inattentiveness.


2022年3月1日: 三月来临就像… 狮子|星际飞船地球

It appears our man Vladimir Putin can be very persuasive. The slimey Macron said “uncle”.

看来我们的弗拉基米尔 · 普京很有说服力,那个狡猾的马克龙说“叔叔”。

I hear the 2022 primaries are beginning in Texas now and the voters have to get their representatives in place and oust the deep state imposters who do not represent their best interests. It causes me to wonder if elections in America ever end.


I believe with the fuss over the shockingly blatant 2020 election fraud that Americans are going to be out in stronger numbers than ever and should be demanding the programmed and compromised voting machines be banned and that mail-in ballots are for military and truly bedridden Americans. Ballots must have strict distinguishable water-marks or some form of identification making them impossible to forge. They will have their red wave in 2022.


2022年3月1日: 三月来临就像… 狮子|星际飞船地球

One of the things the control freaks wish to distract from is the child sex trafficking, adrenochrome trade, etc. Nasty, nasty stuff with a price tag of capital punishment.


2022年3月1日: 三月来临就像… 狮子|星际飞船地球

The truth in the media is increasing as we were told it would. The world must learn and accept the degree of deception in our lives at the hands of the cabal’s lying, treasonous media. Link to Telegram.

正如我们被告知的那样,媒体上的真相正在不断增加。这个世界必须学会并接受我们生活中被阴谋集团撒谎、叛国的媒体所欺骗的程度。链接到 Telegram。

Spoke to my Mum today who only ever watches BBC news. She said even BBC are reporting on fake footage being used. Is this the msm actually showing the public that they aren’t to be trusted?!

今天我和我妈妈聊了聊,她只看 BBC 新闻。她说,甚至连英国广播公司(BBC)也在报道有人使用假镜头。这是在向公众表明他们不值得信任吗!

Why do they spin their yarns of lies and manipulation? To cover up their crimes. “Look over here, not over there.” It’s the tail wagging the dog. The media puts out their scripted “news” which is actually propaganda and the public don’t use critical thinking they just go with it, unquestioning. Now that we understand their tricks, however, we are watching very closely.


If you think Covid was a last bioweapon to be unleashed on the Human population, think again. They were well-outfitted to do it again with catastrophic outcomes. Their plan to depopulate the plane[t] is a very old one, and well-funded and we thank the Russian military for stepping in to do what had to be done so that cannot happen.


Ron Watkins/CodeMonkeyZ is down at the Texas border along with a number of other patriots who are personally manning the gaping maw of a wall where undocumented immigrants continue to slide through. Sara Carter brings us this update about the desperation these people show to get into the United States without taking the legal route.

罗恩 · 沃特金斯/科德蒙基兹正在德克萨斯州边境与其他一些爱国者一起亲自守卫着一堵墙的张开的血盆大口,那里的非法移民还在继续滑过。萨拉 · 卡特为我们带来了关于这些人为了不走合法途径进入美国而表现出的绝望的最新消息。

Four immigrants found attempting to cross border stuffed inside tool box


Looks like Ron is serious about becoming an Arizona Congressman. Gov. Ducey has been served. Link to Telegram for details.  Link to Telegram for video.

看来罗恩真的想当亚利桑那州的国会议员。杜西州长已经到了。链接到电报的详细信息。视频链接到 Telegram。

Doug “Do-Nothing” Ducey has been served!

道格 · “无所事事”· 杜西被传唤了!

His representative did not look happy receiving this service.


Please donate to my campaign:

ー请为我的竞选活动捐款: helpwatkins.win

Will wonders never cease? We have an update on the Nova Scotia mass murder from 2020. Link to article—but beware—it’s from the state-sponsored CBC. Expect the worst.

奇迹会永不停止吗?我们有2020年新斯科舍大屠杀的最新消息。链接到文章ーー但要注意ーー它来自国家资助的 CBC。做最坏的打算。

It looks like we won’t be hearing from Phil G for a bit as he is stepping into his predetermined role more fully now. I believed there to be much more to Phil than we were allowed to know. He has been throwing out a tonne of code recently and the ultimate result of the operations will be that the global deep state New World Order cabal have little x’s on their eyes. Buh-bye.


The following is an excerpt of his explanation on Telegram.


I have been summoned to complete a very important task — a task that will undoubtedly influence the rest of our lives, our chldren’s lives, and our children’s children’s lives.


My attention needs to be 100% on my work over the next 24-48 hours. I will be attempting to conduct an operation that normally would take the CIA or NSA several months, or possibly even years. I have been tasked to complete this operation by Wednesday.

在接下来的24-48小时里,我需要100% 的注意力集中在工作上。我将尝试执行一项行动,通常需要中央情报局或国家安全局几个月,甚至可能几年。我的任务是在星期三之前完成这项任务。

2022年3月1日: 三月来临就像… 狮子|星际飞船地球

I don’t pretend to know the outcome or the how’s of our full liberation and the arrival of our Golden Age but we have been given some fascinating clues and background on the reality we don’t recognize or understand. Jetson White has uploaded a number of videos recently and most are short, but they’re packed with the most intriguing images and support material.

我不会假装知道我们的全面解放和黄金时代的到来的结果或是怎样,但是我们已经得到了一些我们不认识或不理解的现实的迷人的线索和背景。杰特森 · 怀特最近上传了一些视频,大部分都很短,但是它们都包含了最有趣的图片和支持材料。

The interview with Tom Numbers is a little cluttered with… numbers and interruptions… but Jetson’s portion is excellent, as are all his videos, in my opinion. In fact, he mentions “the movie” and in this context perhaps it will make sense to you.

对汤姆 · 摩尔斯的采访有点混乱... ... 数字和干扰... ... 但杰特森的部分是非常好的,就像他所有的视频一样,在我看来。事实上,他提到了“电影”,在这个上下文中,它可能对你有意义。

Here is the first video of the series Jetson put out about the twin stars that figure into the 3-6-9 which Tesla spoke of but protected closely. We could be in for a very exciting future if Jetson’s intel and science are correct. I was very glad I took the time to listen to what he had to say and display in these videos; some of which he has shared before.


Here’s the first one from February 19. You can use that link below to get to his channel and watch the rest if you choose to learn more about the timeline merge and rapture event. He has added a couple more on the Trump Time Travel topic since I watched.


3-6-9 Star Time 3-6-9星时

I heard we had a liftoff with the Schumann Resonance last week, too. Interesting to note in light of Jetson’s material.


There’s a good Telegram channel that gets into the measurements and meaning of the Schumann Resonance if you’d like to join. Link to Telegram.

有一个很好的 Telegram 通道,进入舒曼共振的测量和意义,如果你想加入。链接到 Telegram。

In news you may have missed, more resignations.


2022年3月1日: 三月来临就像… 狮子|星际飞船地球

Dr. Richard Presser tells us that the NANO SOMA – Metasomer Telomerase Natural Skin Cream is now available in the United States as of today. I ordered mine and look forward to trying it. You can learn more here, and help me a little at the same time if you decide to order. I appreciate all of you who use my links to purchase your NANO SOMA immune booster and share the link with your friends and family.

Richard Presser 博士告诉我们,NANO SOMA-Metasomer 天然皮肤霜目前在美国已经上市。我点了我的,并期待着尝试它。你可以在这里学到更多,如果你决定点菜的话,同时也可以帮我一点忙。我感谢所有使用我的链接购买 NANO SOMA 免疫助推器的人,并与你的朋友和家人分享这个链接。

The NANO SOMA family is growing rapidly as the stunning stories of healing and regeneration spread by word of mouth. Oh—and I was going to say the Metasomer Gel works great on cold sores as it blocks viruses. My immune system took a hit with the grief of losing Mica and then the stress of my little man Eli and the ensuing lack of sleep but we kept the blister under control with Metasomer and it began to heal quickly so I was so glad I had it on hand.

随着口口相传的令人震惊的愈合和再生故事的传播,NANO SOMA 家族正在迅速成长。哦ーー我想说 Metasomer 凝胶对于唇疱疹很有效,因为它可以阻断病毒。我的免疫系统因为失去了米卡的悲伤而受到了打击,然后是我的小男人伊莱的压力和随之而来的睡眠不足,但是我们用 Metasomer 控制了水泡,它开始迅速愈合,所以我很高兴我有它在身边。

The Nano Soma skin cream would certainly beat Botox. Did you hear that Botox removes empathy and compassion from users? I’ve seen reports on this in a couple of places but this one that came up in the search results, for some reason is blocking me regardless of which browser I use.

Nano Soma 护肤霜肯定能打败 Botox。你有没有听说过肉毒杆菌素可以移除使用者的同情心和同情心?我在几个地方看到过这方面的报道,但是这个出现在搜索结果中,不知道为什么,无论我使用哪个浏览器,都会屏蔽我。

their capacity for empathy to be numb to their own pain, often due to unrelieved pain in childhood, are also numb to the perception of others’ pain. Interestingly, Botox injections which numb facial muscles reduce emotional expressiveness as well as sensitivity to the emotions of others.
2022年3月1日: 三月来临就像… 狮子|星际飞船地球
Last but not least, because you’ve asked and so many of you have asked, the Eli update. There’s my little man, keeping me company by the pool last evening just before sunset. Earlier in the day when I was in full sun and it was very warm, he retired to the shade and lay down in exactly the same spot Mica used to do when we were out together.
最后但并非最不重要,因为你们已经问过了,你们中的很多人也问过了,关于 Eli 的最新情况。那是我的小男人,昨天傍晚太阳下山前陪我在游泳池边。那天早些时候,当我沐浴在阳光下,天气非常暖和的时候,他退到阴凉处,躺在和我们一起外出时一模一样的地方。
Eli is still stretching and wiping his muzzle on the grass and yesterday out of the blue he humped my fleece pant leg which Mica used to do. I see he also has a “funny spot” on his tummy like Mica when you rub him there which makes one hind leg go wacky and into “air scratch” mode. Too funny.


I can see the difference in just this past week or so in the photos I’ve taken. Eli is putting on some weight and looking less new-born and more like a young pup. He’s going to be gorgeous and despite the behavioural challenges and interruption to my healthy lifestyle, he is a gift I treasure. I don’t want to wish away the days now as they are part of the experience and too soon he will be grown up and we’ll be wondering where the adorable puppy went.


Signing off for now, folks. Enjoy the journey if you can. It is a rigourous test of our faith and strength of character.  ~ BP

现在结束,伙计们。尽情享受这段旅程吧。这是对我们的信念和品格力量的严格考验。~ BP

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