X22报道|第2904集: 经济的下一阶段即将到来,公众意识扼杀一切保护 

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DS 正在失去保护球员的能力。达勒姆正在削弱[ DS ]的力量,并揭露它是谁。当公众知道是谁在保护他们时,所有的保护措施都被扼杀了。

X22报道|第2904集: 经济的下一阶段即将到来,公众意识扼杀一切保护 

Ep. 2904a – The Next Phase Of The Economy Is Coming, The [CB] Will Cease To Exist In The End

经济的下一阶段即将到来,[ CB ]最终将不复存在

Ep. 2904b – FBI Can No Longer Protect The Biden’s, Public Awareness Kills All Protections, DEFCon Ping




The people now see the resident is lying about the economy. The people are now seeing the true economy. No matter how the resident gas lights the people the people are not buying it. Inflation is much worse than reported, a new people’s system is on deck.

人民现在看到了now 在经济方面的谎言。人们现在看到了真正的经济。无论now 如何给人民加油,人民都不买账。通货膨胀比报道的要严重得多,一个新的人民体系正在形成。


The [DS] is losing the ability to protect the players. Durham is chipping away at the muscle of the [DS] and exposing who it is. As the public learns who is protecting them it kills all protections. The people are hitting the precipice on all fronts, the [DS] is panicking, control has been lost. DEFCon tweeted Ping. Was this a warning that something is about to happen.

DS 正在失去保护球员的能力。达勒姆正在削弱[ DS ]的力量,并揭露它是谁。当公众知道是谁在保护他们时,所有的保护措施都被扼杀了。人民正在各条战线上跌落悬崖,[ DS ]陷入恐慌,失去了控制。DEFCon 在推特上发了 Ping。这是不是一个警告,有什么事要发生了。


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