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2020619日星期五12:01am EDT by Judy ByingtonLCSW,治疗师ret,记者,作者,"22张面孔:珍妮·希尔和她的22个多重人格的非凡生活。"

Source:Dinar Chronicles

Judy Note:The good news:They caught 3,000 more bad guys in a Sting Operation.The bad news:Looks like we wait until Tues.23 June to start appointments.


Evidently some 3,302 emails with 800#s to set appointments went out Wed.and Thurs.17,18–that were targeted for the bad guys in a sting operation.The bad guys were taken care of,while 4%of those(around 126)were ok and able to set appointments for Tues.23 June.


At 11 am EDT Thurs.18 June Judy Shelton had a meeting with the Chinese and 40 members of the RV teams.Orders for RV liquidity release went out at 12 noon EDT,more orders at 12:30 pm EDT,and more at 1 pm EDT to"start things at a certain time"with payouts,PP deliveries and Tier 4b notifications.


According to Fleming,the 800#s release was imminent and the rumor that the 800#s wouldn't come out until Tues.23 June,or Thurs.25 June was done to throw off the bad guys(although that could have been said as part of the above sting operation).


According to Bruce on Fri.18 June at 8:45 am to 12:15 pm EDT the Banks were having a conference call which should reveal date of the 800#s release for either Mon.22 June or Tues.23 June.


Some payouts began in the intermediate groups on Thurs.,Fri.18,19 June.


Fri.19 June was Junteenth 19 June–which celebrated liberation of the black slaves.Tomorrow it would also be a debt jubilee for all of us as NESARA and GESARA would begin.


On Monday afternoon 15 June the DDOS(distributed denial of service)take down of telecom networks across the USA was actually the military White Hats and NSA taking down all Deep State communications to arrest them and so they could not communicate with each other to implement another false flag terror event.On that same Mon 15 June Chinese Elder-mandated arrests began of prominent members of the Deep State.


They hoped to get Zim redeemers in within the first four days.It was assumed that a redemption/exchange deadline for appointments to obtain the Contract Rates would be extended to the end of June.


A.***A Much Watch Video:https://youtu.be/KIzBS79RbLQ Original US Constitution,Act of 1871 and how it was weaponized for US Inc.,Vatican,Queen and New World Order;takedown of the Global Elite economic system;the entire US military was now active including the Reserves,especially in California and New York;Now Trump had control of China and their takeover of the US.;How the Cabal and Chinese planned to rule the world through vaccinations,satellites and artificial intelligence.


B.星期四2020618日布鲁斯:Thebigcall.net:712-770-4016 pin123456#

1.Some 3,302 emails went out Wed.and Thurs.17,18–that were targeted for the bad guys in a sting operation.The bad guys were taken care of.


2.4%of those(around 126)were able to set appointments for Tues.23 June.


3.Some payouts began in the intermediate groups on Thurs.,Fri.18,19 June.


4.Tomorrow Fri.19 June was said to be very,very good for us.Junteenth 19 June celebrated liberation slaves,and NESARA and GESARA would begin–a debt jubilee for all of us.


5.Banks were having a conference call on Fri.18 June 8:45 to 12:15 pm EDT.That call should say whether the 800#s would come out Mon.22 June or Tues.23 June.


6.When you call in you will get one of 12 call centers.You tell them the currency/Zim you have and the zip code where you want to exchange.


7.Negotiate Zim:you could negotiate your first quadrillion of Zim based on the humanitarian project you presented.The rest of your Zim would be subject to the rate they offered you.



1.At 11 am EDT this morning Thurs.18 June Judy Shelton had a meeting with the Chinese and the 40 on the RV teams.Orders went out at 12 noon EDT,more orders at 12:30 pm EDT,and more at 1 pm EDT to"start things at a certain time"with payouts,PP deliveries and Tier 4b notifications.


2.Since all the time things changed behind the scenes,we did not know what time everything was to start at our Tier 4b level,but it still sounded imminent.



1.At about 5:30 pm EDT on Wed.17 June the CMKX codes were entered.Starting Thurs.18 June they would be liquid and all the rest of the packages deliveries would be going out.Prosperity Package deliveries and emails were imminent.


2.On Wed.evening 17 June the process leading to Wells Fargo emails started.


3.There was a heated meeting Wed.17 June morning between Judy Shelton,the Chinese and the 40 Trump administration RV team members.The meeting was very heated because of Tier 4b not starting yet,the arrests of higher level politicians by Department of Defense security teams behind the scenes and ZIM higher level redemptions that needed to take place first to create liquidity at higher levels for lower level downline liquidity.The meeting resolved most issues.

3.617日星期三上午,中国人朱迪·谢尔顿(Judy Shelton)与特朗普政府的40RV小组成员进行了一次激烈的会晤。会议非常激烈,因为第4b层还没有开始,更高级别的政治家被国防部安全小组在幕后逮捕,ZIM更高级别的赎回需要首先发生,以创造更高水平的流动性较低的下线流动性。会议解决了大多数问题。

4.As of this writing of 3 pm EDT Wed.17 June the meeting was still going on and Gen64 was being released to send out half of the emails Wed.afternoon or overnight.


5.Info about not starting until next Tues.-Thurs.23-25 June was misinformation to throw off the bad guys.


6.Certain issues were resolved during the meeting:


(1)Secretary of State Pompeo wanted free trade zones set up in North Korea for them to be a part of the reset,now resolved.


(2)Arrests of Chinese communist deep state players that were a part of the telecommunications knock out over the past couple of days were now completed(our guy confirmed Chinese Deep State operatives were involved in Antifa riots with American Deep State Antifa agitators in front of the White House over a week ago.Chinese was heard being yelled among the rioters.This was what QAnon meant two weeks ago when he said that all Deep State assets were being deployed–both domestic and foreign assets–to create the chaos of the past couple of weeks,to stop the RV,to push a 2nd wave of Covid-19 narrative,to keep the American economy crushed,all to stop Trump from being re-elected.


7.Wed.night 17 June at 6 pm EDT,"J was hearing midnight EDT from Reno."


8.Wed.afternoon 17 June,"C was hearing Tier 4b releasing this overnight."


9.A Contact G in Zurich said,"I was told by my contact who is processing Tier 1 accounts,that our Tier 4b notifications were imminent.They were about to start"round two"of Tier 1 payouts processing&paying out Dragon Bonds and higher level Zim redemptions this week.From what I understand after Tier Two processing,it all goes at once.This could possibly start overnight."


10.Wed.night 17 June the Forex closed.Closing rates would be averaged and set as our locked-in RV rates.


11.Since we would have fully locked in rates Thurs.morning 18 June,the Dragon Bonds would be aggressively traded starting on Thurs.and parallel to the now resolved imminent start of expected CMKX&other PP deliveries and exchanges starting.


12.Reno said there were four entities that must enter launch codes.Two were in China and two here.Once entered,the funds would be released for all payouts and exchanges to start.On Wed.evening 17 June they were waiting for the two from China.


13.The Dubai payment process had already started and would end in 24/36 hours so that no one could stop the RV and global release of funds.


14.Mr.Fleming's Contact,"This afternoon Wed.17 June my Wealth Manager source told me to fasten seat belts and return the tray tables to the upright position,"suggesting we were getting ready to land and start exchanges.


15.Prayers were requested for a smooth transition.





Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be.I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together,we will make life better for all.


Patience is a Virtue.Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being.Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.Judy




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      Now Trump had control of China and their takeover of the US.;How the Cabal and Chinese planned to rule the world through vaccinations,satellites and artificial intelligence.

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          @ Lily Icke 想什么呢,谁去看这些什么个新闻还支持不支持,钱能不能赚来花出去都不知道,和美的一样只是完蛋前带走多少的问题。

            • zhunbeizhuanbian

              @ 普通网友 每个人在每个新闻中所掌握的信息是不一样的,就是同一句话,在不同的语境下、背景下不同人所理解的意思也不同,能够吸收对自己有用的就是收获。每个人的进化水平都不同,感恩一路同行。

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              @ Lily Icke 深圳已经有在宠物狗身上植入芯片,下一步…你懂的,深州东迁已经有一段时间了,只是受到本土某些势力抵抗还没完全控制,毕竟奴性严重的地方更容易操控,我相信地外的星尘技术,会在必要的时候实施灵魂更换

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                  @ 123 Hope so:)
                  Believe the power of meditation.
                  Meditation for manifestation.

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                      @ Lily Icke 相信静心的力量,静心是为了显化。一心静就不乱,心动就心烦意乱。物理层面也需要有所确保,深州的物理科技也有一定的威胁,例如夸克,银河系曾经经历过这种…痛苦