本杰明 | 2021/11/08 随着可萨黑手党清洗活动的加剧,全球变暖派别呼吁和平

2021年11月11日14:18:44本杰明 | 2021/11/08 随着可萨黑手党清洗活动的加剧,全球变暖派别呼吁和平已关闭评论 92213509字阅读45分1秒

本杰明 | 2021/11/08 随着可萨黑手党清洗活动的加剧,全球变暖派别呼吁和平

There were big moves last week at the top of the worlds’ secret power structure, Asian and Western secret society sources say. The moves were triggered when Queen Elizabeth II asked the White Dragon Society to “Please send our good wishes from the Venetian families to our friends and neighbors in the East.”


The Asians were asked to note the following speech by the Queen:




The speech reads in part as follows:


“For more than seventy years, I have been lucky to meet and to know many of the world’s great leaders…it has sometimes been observed that what leaders do for their people today is government and politics. But what they do for the people of tomorrow – that is statesmanship…the world has the chance to join in the shared objective of creating a safer, stabler future for our people and for the planet on which we depend…we are doing this not for ourselves but for our children and our children’s children, and those who will follow in their footsteps.”

“70多年来,我有幸会见并结识了许多世界上的伟大领导人... ... 有时人们会看到,今天的领导人为他们的人民所做的就是政府和政治。但是,他们为明天的人民所做的——那就是政治家风度... ... 世界有机会加入为我们的人民和我们赖以生存的地球创造一个更安全、更稳定的未来的共同目标... ... 我们这样做不是为了我们自己,而是为了我们的子孙后代,以及那些将追随他们脚步的人。”

The Asian secret societies answered (in part) as follows:


“We carry out our actions with the big picture of the world in mind…the planet is moving in a good direction. Please rest at ease.”

“我们在采取行动时考虑到了世界的大局... ... 地球正朝着一个良好的方向前进。请放心。”



 This does not mean the Asians are buying into the lie that carbon is causing global warming or even that there is global warming.



Instead, the Asians proposed “we keep it simple and launch a massive project to increase the amount and variety of life including human life.”


It is interesting to note in this context, that La Palma is calming down as are the problems with the three Gorges dam. It is probably just a coincidence.



In any case, after this exchange Mi6 sent the following message: “The deal has been done, the rest is housekeeping.”

无论如何,在这次交流之后,军情六处发出了以下信息: “交易已经完成,剩下的就是家务事了。”

This housekeeping, of course, begins with an intensified purge of the Khazarian mafia from their last holdouts. This is taking place both in the West and in Asia. What is being removed is “The cult that is controlling Antonio Guterres in the United Nations,” Western secret society sources say.

当然,这种家务管理始于对可萨黑手党最后的坚守者的强化清洗。这种情况同时发生在西方和亚洲。西方秘密社会的消息来源称,正在被清除的是“在联合国控制安东尼奥 · 古特雷斯的邪教”。

In Asia, the two big unfinished items of business are Korea and Taiwan. The Asian secret societies promise the peaceful reunifications of Taiwan with the mainland and of North Korea with South Korea are in the pipeline.


In the West, however, the following quote from a European royal makes it clear this will be no ordinary reckoning:


“The atrocity exacted upon the Russian Imperial family by the KM and many others around the world has not gone unnoticed. A very vast endeavor to expose this heinous hate crime is ongoing to root out and kill –we repeat kill- all concerned.”


The Rockefellers financed Trotsky and Lenin to overthrow the Czar because he refused to grant them oil concessions in Russia so; it is a pretty good guess that family is now being purged root and branch.


The removal of David Rockefeller’s grandson Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and the renaming of that company as “Meta,” Hebrew for death, is a clear sign. The subsequent removal from Meta of face recognition data on a billion people shows the change in management.

大卫·洛克菲勒 · 扎克伯格的孙子马克 · 扎克伯格退出 Facebook,并将公司更名为“ Meta”,希伯来语意为死亡,这是一个明确的信号。随后移除了10亿人的 Meta 人脸识别数据,显示了管理上的变化。


The disappearance of Zuckerbergs’ “Jens Psaki” White House spokestrans persona is a clear sign the purge is well underway.

扎克伯格“延斯 · 普萨基”(Jens Psaki)在白宫发言人的角色消失,是一个明显的迹象,表明清洗正在顺利进行。


The Rockefeller-owned pharmacidical companies behind the fake pandemic and the real mass vaccination campaign are also now being targeted. “They get a knock on the door and we say we know who you are we know what you are doing and you better knock it off,” explains MI6. “Later we will suck them all up with a giant vacuum cleaner,” they add.

洛克菲勒拥有的制药公司背后的假大流行和真正的大规模疫苗接种运动,现在也是目标。军情六处解释说: “他们听到敲门声,我们说我们知道你是谁,我们知道你在做什么,你最好停下来。”。“以后我们会用一个巨大的真空吸尘器把它们都吸走,”他们补充说。

The purge of the pharmacidical mafia is now undeniable. We can confirm for example that the CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla was arrested last week. The corporate propaganda media has been hysterically trying to say this is not true. However, they are all now being forced to run stories saying that “new miracle pills” cure 89% of Covid cases and thus mean vaccines are no longer necessary.

清除药物黑手党现在是不可否认的。例如,我们可以证实,辉瑞公司的首席执行官阿尔伯特 · 包尔拉于上周被捕。企业宣传媒体歇斯底里地试图说这不是真的。然而,他们现在都被迫发表报道,说“新的神奇药丸”治愈了89% 的Covid病例,因此意味着疫苗不再有必要。

As MI6 explains it “They are winding it down with this story about how a pill would fix it.”

正如军情六处(MI6)解释的那样: “他们正在逐步结束这个故事,讲述一粒药丸如何治愈癌症。”

In Japan, there are now zero new cases because the real cause of COVID, Rockefeller, and Rothschild family agents, have been all rounded up. All sorts of politicians and gangsters are now vanishing in Japan.  


The following news items show how the fake pandemic is being systematically wound down elsewhere as well:


“UK first to approve oral antiviral molnupiravir to treat Covid.”

“英国首次批准口服抗病毒药物 molnupiravir 治疗Covid。”


The era of anti-Covid pills begins.”



“Pfizer Shares Surge After Release Of ‘Miracle’ COVID Pill That Is 89% Effective At Preventing Hospitalization”

辉瑞公司发布的 "奇迹 "COVID药片在预防住院方面有89%的效果,股价大涨




“Italian newspaper Il Tempo reports that the Institute has revised downward the number of people who have died from COVID rather than with COVID from 130,000 to under 4,000, a 97.1% drop.”

“意大利报纸 Il Tempo 报道,研究所已经将死于 COVID而非 COVID的人数从130,000下调到4,000以下,下降了97.1% 。”

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has stayed the Biden administration’s new vaccination requirement for private companies.



The end of the fake pandemic is hastened by the imbibing of many high-level cabal operatives. Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was executed at Guantanamo, according to the CIA. His disappearance forced the corporate propaganda media to claim he had been arrested on sex charges.

许多高层阴谋集团操作人员的吸食加速了假传染病的结束。据美国中央情报局称,前纽约州州长安德鲁 · 库默在关塔那摩被处决。他的失踪迫使企业宣传媒体宣称他因性指控而被捕。


California Governor Gavin Newson has also disappeared from the public eye because he was also arrested, according to the CIA.

据美国中央情报局称,加利福尼亚州州长加文 · 纽森也已经从公众视野中消失,因为他也被逮捕了。


These removals are part of a process to end the entire fake Joe Biden regime, CIA sources promise. That process has begun with the arrest of Russian analyst Igor Danchenko as part of John Durham’s ongoing investigation into the fake Trump-Russia dossier.

中央情报局的消息人士承诺,这些移除是结束整个假乔 · 拜登政权过程的一部分。这一进程始于俄罗斯分析人士伊戈尔 · 丹琴科(Igor Danchenko)的被捕,他是约翰 · 达勒姆(John Durham)正在调查的特朗普-俄罗斯假档案的一部分。


Danchenko’s arrest comes shortly after the indictment of Michael Sussman for his alleged role in spreading the false Russia conspiracy theory. Sussman was a former adviser to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

丹琴科被捕前不久,迈克尔•苏斯曼(Michael Sussman)因涉嫌传播“假俄罗斯”阴谋论而被起诉。萨斯曼曾是希拉里 · 克林顿2016年总统竞选和民主党全国委员会的顾问。

Those operatives are now singing like canaries about their boss Hillary Rockefeller Hanover Clinton and her entourage, CIA sources say. Since the fake Fuck Joe Biden regime is a front for Clinton, his days are numbered. Her minions in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and elsewhere are also doomed.

中情局消息人士称,这些特工现在对他们的老板希拉里 · 洛克菲勒和 汉诺威 · 克林顿及其随从大唱特唱。因为虚假的操乔 · 拜登政权是克林顿的幌子,他的日子屈指可数了。她在澳大利亚、新西兰、加拿大和其他地方的奴才们也注定要失败。

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, for example, now wears an ankle bracelet with GPS monitoring, according to Australian intelligence sources. Morrison is under the control of the Alliance.

例如,澳大利亚情报机构称,澳大利亚总理斯科特 · 莫里森现在戴着一个带有 GPS 监控的脚环。莫里森在联盟的控制之下。

He is cooperating with them, the sources said. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was also revealed to be a lying psychopath when she abruptly ended a press conference after being asked why COVID was spreading fastest in countries like Israel that had been thoroughly vaccinated. It won’t be around much longer, Australian sources promise. The arrest of Canadian Justin Castro is also only a matter of time, Canadian intelligence sources say. The following video makes it clear that Trudeau/Castro is a felon.

他正在与他们合作,消息人士说。新西兰总理 Jacinda Ardern 也被揭露是一个撒谎的精神病患者,在被问及为什么Covid 在像以色列这样已经接种疫苗的国家传播得最快时,她突然结束了新闻发布会。澳大利亚消息人士承诺,这种情况不会持续很长时间。加拿大情报部门称,逮捕加拿大人贾斯汀 · 卡斯特罗也只是时间问题。下面的视频清楚地表明,特鲁多/卡斯特罗是一个重罪犯。


The collapse of the EU is also progressing. There, the Polexit drama is being followed by Czexit as the new Czech government rejects the euro.



The Russians have upgraded their military along the border with the rogue Ukrainian regime to demonstrate their power. However, FSB sources say the Russians want to wait for further collapse of the EU before making any big moves. Of course, the Ukrainian regime is close to the original homeland of the Khazarian mafia, so its fate is closely tied to Israels.


On this front, the Syrians have presented to the world the results of their interrogation of captured Israeli Colonel Yossi Elon Shahak. Shahak has confirmed that ISIS (Israeli Intelligence) was an Israeli operation. He says, “Israel instructed ISIS to commit crimes under the guise of Islam in order to eliminate the call for peaceful dialogue between religions.

在这方面,叙利亚人向世界展示了他们审讯被俘的以色列上校 Yossi Elon Shahak 的结果。沙哈克已经证实 ISIS (以色列情报部门)是以色列的一次行动。他说,“以色列指示伊斯兰国打着伊斯兰教的幌子犯罪,以消除宗教间和平对话的呼声。

ISIS’s theatrical acts of terror were meant to panic the European Union as it faced a trumped-up refugee crisis, he told Syrians. All in all, Shahak has confirmed what this author has long maintained, that the KM who rule Israel are trying to unleash a massive clash of civilizations that would leave Israel as the last man standing in the ring.

他告诉叙利亚人,ISIS 夸张的恐怖行为是为了在欧盟面临捏造的难民危机时引起恐慌。总而言之,沙哈克证实了作者长期坚持的观点,即统治以色列的知识管理者正试图释放一个大规模的文明冲突论组织,这将使以色列成为最后一个站在拳击台上的人。

Of course, Israel itself is a slave colony ultimately run by the pharaonic Octagon Group headquartered in Switzerland. These are the people who replaced Pope Francis with a rubber-masked fake and also run the fake Biden presidency. They also now rule Thailand by holding its king hostage in Germany.


Since our webmaster was poisoned in Thailand last week, the responsibility for the attack ultimately goes back to this king. Here is what a European King had to say about him: the new King of Thailand is a vile drug addict and a disgrace to his family and all emperors and kings in East and West. As we say, a creep who must be removed.

由于我们的网站管理员上周在泰国中毒,攻击的责任最终要追溯到这位国王。以下是一位欧洲国王对他的评价: 泰国新国王是一个卑鄙的瘾君子,是他家族和东西方所有皇帝和国王的耻辱。就像我们说的,一个必须被清除的变态。

Speaking of creeps: We note that PayPal – founded by Elon Musk and Peter Thiel – has once again attacked us financially by cutting off our webmaster. WDS has put a bounty on these men before, then secretly withdrew it when PayPal blatantly stole $15,000 from this author.

说到让人毛骨悚然的东西: 我们注意到,由埃隆 · 马斯克和彼得 · 蒂尔创立的 PayPal 再次通过切断我们网站管理员的资金来攻击我们。WDS 以前曾经悬赏过这些人,然后在 PayPal 公然从这位作者那里偷走了15,000美元后秘密撤回了这笔钱。

At the time, some high-level criminals offered to collect the bounty by killing Musk and Thiel with electromagnetic weapons. The WDS declined because, on balance, these men seemed to be doing more good than harm.

当时,一些高级别的犯罪分子提出用电磁武器杀死马斯克和蒂尔来获取赏金。WDS 衰落的原因是,总的来说,这些人似乎做得更好而不是更坏。

However, we hereby challenge them to an open debate about the future of this planet. Unfortunately, it is likely that they are too cowardly to accept this challenge. In that case, we may have to reconsider the bounty, WDS says.

然而,我们在此向他们提出挑战,就这个星球的未来展开公开辩论。不幸的是,他们可能过于懦弱,无法接受这一挑战。在这种情况下,我们可能不得不重新考虑奖金,WDS 说。

Finally, this week we would like to point out a recent increase in UFO sightings.

最后,本周我们想指出最近 UFO 目击事件的增加。

For example, this video shows what looks like a UFO exodus from Boston. Perhaps now that the fake pandemic is subsiding, the fake UFO invasion is next? Or is the quarantine on planet Earth about to end for good? Let’s wait and see. For now, however, we must not rely on ET or even divine help. It will be up to us humans to save the planet. Remember, this is the only place in the universe where we can live right now. Let’s fix it.

例如,这段视频显示了从波士顿出发的一个看起来像是 UFO 的出埃及号的东西。也许现在假的流行病正在消退,下一个就是假的 UFO 入侵?还是地球上的隔离将永远结束?让我们拭目以待。然而,就目前而言,我们不能依赖外星人,甚至不能依赖神的帮助。拯救地球将取决于我们人类。记住,这是宇宙中我们现在唯一可以生活的地方。让我们来解决这个问题。

By Benjamin Fulford

作者: 本杰明 · 富尔福德


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