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(Part 1)---Self Confidence and Self Esteem are necessary Qualities in life. But they have to be charged with the energy of Love. If you use Love as your Guide, you will have Self Confidence and Self Esteem without becoming arrogant with false pride and egoism. This self confidence would be only a mask, to hide the lack of true self confidence and love. You will use this mask to impress others and prevent them to see your true self and your weakness.


(Part 2)---On the other hand, if you have a weak self confidence, you can be a victim of people or situations, and fall in a depression. If you have a healthy Self Confidence and Self Esteem, it means that you have self love. It means that you express yourself, without having the fear that others have another opinion of you, or that somebody would feel insulted. If somebody feels insulted even when you talk out of love, than this person has an inner blockade that has to be healed. It is his responsibility and his life-lesson.


(Part 3)---Your responsibility is to communicate with the heart-energy. Every word you speak, has to be charged with the energy of Love. Even when you say something strong and direct. Your motive inside has to be Love-Energy. You have always the right to defense yourself. Many people are brainwashed from earth-religions, to "offer the other cheek to receive a punch". This was invented by the church sects, in order to keep the people under control and enslavement.


(Part 4)---If you have spiritual Self Confidence and Self Esteem out of Love, you know what you want and believe in yourself. You are an individual with a clear vision of what you want and you know what steps you have to do, in order to achieve your wish. You will not measure yourself and your wishes, with the wishes of other people. You will follow your own Life plan, your own path.


(Part 5)---You will be not influenced by the negative patterns or believe systems of earth society. You will be a creator and not an earth society robot. You will not only talk, but also take actions. And your words and actions will radiate your inner qualities of your soul: Love, Wisdom, Beauty, Joy. You will be free of believe-systems on earth, and you will find the truth out of your own experiences.


(Part 6)---There are two types of a Self Confidence and Self Esteem blockades. The one type is, when a soul has chosen to have this experience, in order to listen more to the thoughts and feelings, to learn how to be later more Self Confidence in a positive way. If you try to heal those shy persons too soon, this person will start to be arrogant to other people. A healing should always be in coordination with the Karma and Life plan of a person.


(Part 7)---The other type is, when the negative influence of people around you has created this Self Confidence damage. And this type is more common on planet earth. In the first 5 years, a child is influenced a lot by the character, feelings and actions of the parents. If the parents show real love to the child, the child understands that it is loveable. This feeling and energy of real love, creates the foundation for Self Confidence and Self Esteem.


(Part 8)---Self Confidence damage begins, when the child experience negative thoughts and energies from the family members and the close environment. Many negative and immature people want to have control and power over others and steal their energy. Sometimes, this starts even in the childhood, when the immature parents are treating the child without real love, treating the child like a slave or property, with no respect and program it with fear, wrong rules and expectations of themselves. And this is creating a big psychological damage to the child that last even when this person is an adult.


(Part 9)---Those people can be manipulated and destabilized, even by a look of disapproval. They immediately enter in a weak state of doubt, which is making them unable and unwilling to cure the problem. If you do not express yourself, you have an energy blockade and this can lead to toxins, cancer or heart problems in your body. It takes a lot of love and patience to heal this blockage.


(Part 10)---Many People with a lack of Self Esteem and Self Love, do not like life, and like to create problems, in order to continue living in sorrow and depression, because they are programmed to live that way from the society. That's why they like to wear black clothes or clothes that look like a garbage bag. They don't take care of themselves. Others are eating too much, to fill up the lack of love they are feeling inside.


(Part 11)---Others are harming themselves with cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and other dangerous things. Most of the smokers had or have problems with the mother, and are using the cigarette as a pacifier/breast substitute. They have never experienced real Love. With these poisons they are destroying not only the physical body, but also their natural energy protection around the body, the light of the aura.


(Part 12)---Self Confidence and Self Esteem charged with the energy of love, can clean up all blockades. Real Cosmic Love is the solution for everything. And in order to use Love Energy, you have to be in contact with your true self, your inner self, your soul. In that way you can create a powerful light and clear awareness about your values and talents, and you will not be dependent on the validations and appraisals of others.


(Part 13)---You will not harm yourself and you will be true to yourself. You will use truly your heart and you will have SELF LOVE. The most important is the development of the heart. You have to eliminate everything that creates negative energy, depression or fear in your life.The best is to stay away from negative people who want to control, suppress or manipulate you.


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    • 蜜獾
      蜜獾 4

      自信的意思就是自己相信自己,无论在任何情况下都要自信,为什么?因为自信只能自己给自己,而别人不能给你!别人能给你的就是让你不自信!只有相信自己的人 ,别人才有可能相信你,只有爱自己的人,才可能去爱别人!在我小时候,犯了错误就会被父母打,我很反感,因为到现在长大了我依旧认为打孩子是起不到任何教育作用的,你只是让孩子在你的暴力下或者说权威下臣服,而且那时候父母很喜欢拿自己家的孩子和别人家的孩子攀比,伤害孩子的心灵,说学习成绩吧,以前我成绩比不过邻居家的孩子时,说我有多烂,有多废物,我多需要一下鼓励啊!后面是我自己下定决心,后来我成绩超过了邻居家的孩子了,这证明我是有潜力的!每一朵花都有它盛开的时间!拔苗助长只能害人害己。

        • feilong

          @ 蜜獾 对,每个人都不一样,你不能拿别人与自己比,当确认这一点,找到自己的独特之处,你就会找到真正的你自己,恭喜你!!