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First off,please join the Divine Intervention Activation and sign the(backup-)petition on the Portal if you have not already:




What should become obvious seeing the petition of Cobra being taken down is that many sites in the internet are fully cabal operated.


What that means in the long run as the Lightforces have won the intergalactic wars is that everything these sites(also applicable to companies)have generated,all money,has to be paid back(to the degree of corruption these sites are involved in).


And it is not just money they have to pay back,it is also any comfort they gained through those sites that has to be paid back.


Let's elaborate on the background of that payback:The only thing these sites and companies effectively did was promoting the cabal and censoring the Light.They did nothing else and that basically is a war crime,traitorship against humanity and against life in general.Those owners of those sites and companies who worked for the cabal knowingly,joined the massmurder of the cabal against humanity and profited from the souls suffering especially in the inner Earth.Souls which the cabal tortures and kills several times daily to get and use their energy.


And it should be obvious by now that every big company and site is part of the cabal in one way or the other and to some degree,as they do not make big souls or lightworkers rich on Earth.The cabal only gives people alot of money who are completely controllable or knowingly joined and conspired with them.


And those people only show their true face if something really threatens the reign of the cabal.Same as no human who joined them would ever tell openly that he or she joined the massmurder against humanity,these people only get ugly if they are confronted with their loss of the Earth and/or heavy judgements.


However these traitors have not yet understood that the cabal has lost the intergalactic wars and what happens when their last stronghold(Earth)is being cleaned up.Everything has to be paid back that has been taken from others in that parasitic manner.They might think they will be judged according to Earth laws but that won't happen as most of the laws on Earth are corrupted by the cabal as well-there will be no trials or any discussion.It should be clear that with absolute vision of their betrayal to gain money and more,all has to be absolutely be paid back as well as all the energy they took(which made it possible for them to gain money and more)belonged and still belongs to other people.Energy the cabal used to sponsor the wildest dreams for the traitors among humanity with.


The innocent people who were just working inside of those companies,completely unaware of them being cabal operated,will of course be fine,although even these have to pay back the stolen goods-but under much nicer conditions.


The funny part about the betrayers is,that everything they do can virually be broadcasted to our friends on the ships around Earth.The betrayers still live in the illusion that their misdeeds will not be seen-but they are being seen-in minute an arbitrary detail.And virtually all living species out there who partake in the liberation will look at those assholes(harsh but more than adequate words)and some of those who look at the cabal shitheads will then decree if they will get a chance for continuation at all.Honestly not a single lifeform in the universe wants to share the universe with assholes.And the assholes of Earth surely are some of the worst and most evil ever found.


It is really funny though that they are naive enough to think they are not seen while torturing other lifeforms(and that sort of replay even works into the past).Let alone their misconception of getting around their punishment by using more lies,confusion and betrayal-what a naivete...while they still pretend they were smarter than the Lightforces...


The cabal will fall so deep and hard as can be.


Victory of the Light.



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