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June 27, 2022 2022年6月27日

A short sobering video about the dangers of the jab by Dr Robert Malone, inventor of the MRNA vaccine. '...It can cause damage to your heart, brain, reproductive tissue and lungs. It can also cause permanent damage and disablement of your immune system....' Please pass it on.

MRNA 疫苗的发明者罗伯特 · 马龙博士制作了一个关于注射的危险性的发人深省的短视频。它会对你的心脏、大脑、生殖组织和肺造成损害。它也可能导致你的免疫系统的永久性损伤和残疾... ...”请把它传递下去。


Interesting. The Supreme Court has added another 'Opinion Issuance Day' to their schedule this week - Wednesday 29有趣的是,最高法院本周又增加了一个“意见发布日”——29号星期三th June六月. The Court is due to go into recess for three months. Maybe they use the 29th to overturn the election result...?? Then they would be safely away on vacation for three months while TSHTF..法庭将休庭三个月。也许他们利用29号来推翻选举结果... ? ?然后他们将安全地离开度假三个月,而 TSHTF。


Here are my thoughts regarding the numerology of that date - please remember, I am only the messenger. 29th adds up to 11, a master number. When added to 6 (June) it becomes 17, the Q number. When you add the year 2022, the total is 23. There are Q drops about the number 23 being symbolic of PAIN for the [D]eep [S]tate. We don't have long to wait.

以下是我对那个日期的数字命理学的想法——请记住,我只是个信使。29加起来是11,一个主数。当加到6(6月)就变成17,Q 数。加上2022年,总数是23。数字23是深州疼痛的象征,这里有 Q 下降。我们等不了多久了。

Check out this MSM story about a voice mail of Joe [B]iden talking to Hunter about his business dealings in China. Oh, and that is original [B]iden too - looks nothing like the current [B]iden actor.

看看这个 MSM 的故事,关于乔拜登的语音信箱谈到他在中国的商业交易亨特。哦,那也是原版的拜登-看起来一点也不像现在的拜登演员。


One million [B]iden voters deserted his sinking ship and fled to the Republican party. Dems are TOAST.



The former Senate Security officer in charge of security at the Capitol on 6th January has suddenly died. How convenient for the [D]eep [S]tate.



Another highly suspicious incident - well known Light Warrior doctor Carrie Madej has been injured in a light plane crash. As the Anon said, if you are a DS target, never fly by small plane. Prayers for her recovery.

另一个高度可疑的事件——著名的光明战士医生 Carrie Madej 在一次轻型飞机坠毁事件中受伤。正如匿名者所说,如果你是 DS 的目标,千万不要乘坐小型飞机。为她的康复祈祷。


Great Light Warrior doctor Dr Zelenko is in critical care in ICU. Prayers for him. He has been a true hero during this war to liberate humanity.

伟大的光明战士医生 Zelenko 医生在重症监护室接受重症监护。为他祈祷。在这场解放人类的战争中,他是一个真正的英雄。

The appalling truth about Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger in the video attached to this story. Planned Parenthood recently took her name off their Manhattan Clinic. Far too little, far too late.



A reminder of the wonder cure, Ivermectin.


马龙医生: 注射的危险|星际之门通讯

Just remember, the world is changing from dark to Light - but you won't read about it in the MSM.

只要记住,世界正在从黑暗转向光明——但是你不会在 MSM 上读到它。

马龙医生: 注射的危险|星际之门通讯

Finally, here is an excellent video by Dolores Cannon, less than 30 minutes. It explains where we originate from, why we are here on Earth, and our mission. Enjoy.



Tension is mounting as we head into July. We won't have long to wait until the full truth tsunami is unleashed upon humanity. Be prepared. Stay rested at this time. You will be needed, Light Warriors.




Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light 




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