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奥巴马特赦索莱马尼以达成虚假的核“协议”,这是对伊朗的又一大施舍While Democrats flirt with treason in their opposition to President Donald Trump's recent decision to take out one of America's biggest enemies,Qassem Suleimani,and their propagandist allies in the"mainstreammedia"eulogize him as some kind of saint,it's appropriate to remember not only who he was but who enabled him:Barack Hussein Obama.


First,Suleimani's record of violence against the United States and,in particular,American forces in Iraq.


As head of the Quds Force in Iran's Revolutionary Guards,Suleimani was responsible for carrying out Supreme Leader Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei's foreign policy throughout the Middle East.


In addition to dominating politics in neighboring Iraq and Syria,that policy includes financing,training and equipping scores of militant organizations in those countries as well as Lebanon—all of which are loyal to Tehran.These groups include Hamas and Hezbollah.The objective here is to box in Israel and,eventually,attack and destroy the Jewish state.


But also,the objective has been to keep the U.S.off-balance as it prosecuted the war against Iraqi militants in the wake of deposing dictator Saddam Hussein.In this realm,Suleimani and his commanders supplied weapons and other material support to Iraq's anti-American militants,which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers.


In November 2015,CNS News reported:

201511月,CNS 新闻报道:

Almost 200 American troops were killed by Iranian-supplied armor-penetrating weapons during the Iraq war,according to declassified Pentagon data made public for the first time on Wednesday.


"According to the[U.S.]Central Command,at least 196 U.S.service members were killed in Iraq by Iranian-made explosive-formed penetrators(EFPs)from 2003 to 2011,"Sen.Ted Cruz(R-Texas)said during a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing,citing the declassified portion of a report provided to his office.Cruz said that number was being made public for the first time.

德克萨斯州共和党参议员克鲁兹(Ted Cruz)在参议院司法委员会听证会上援引提供给他办公室的一份解密报告的部分内容称:"根据美国中央司令部(u.s.Central Command)的数据,从2003年到2011年,至少有196名美国军人在伊拉克被伊朗制造的爆炸成型渗透器(EFPs)杀害。"。克鲁兹说,这个数字是第一次公开。

EFPs are a particularly nasty weapon.An EFP is a shaped charge that penetrated most armor used by coalition forces in Iraq to explode inside vehicles.

Efp 是一种尤其令人讨厌的武器。Efp 是一种聚能装药,它可以穿透伊拉克联军用来在车辆内部爆炸的大部分装甲。

Doing a deal with the devil


Cruz also noted that U.S.Marine Gen.Joseph Dunford,who was serving as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,testified during his confirmation hearing the previous month that as many as 500 U.S.troops had been killed by Iran-supplied weapons or,at the time,roughly 14 percent of American KIA casualties.And that number,of course,does not include troops wounded and maimed by Iran-supplied weapons.


Dunford specifically"attributed responsibility for those deaths to the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps–Qods Force and its commander,Maj.Gen.Qassem Soleimani,"CNS News reported.


At the same time Dunford was telling Congress this,President Barack Obama was actually enabling Soleimani—in pursuit of his precious"legacy"with the terrorism-sponsoring Iranian regime.

在邓福德告诉国会这一点的同时,美国总统巴拉克奥巴马(Barack Obama)实际上是在扶持索莱马尼(Soleimani)——追求他与支持恐怖主义的伊朗政权之间的宝贵"遗产"

As the UK's Daily Telegraph reported in July 2015:


Qassem Suleimani,the head of the elite Quds Force in Iran's Revolutionary Guards,fully deserves his reputation as one of the world's leading terrorist masterminds.


For a decade or more he has been the driving force behind an array of Iranian-sponsored terrorist groups,from Hizbollah to Hamas,which have orchestrated a reign of terror throughout the Middle East.


Defense writer Con Coughlin noted further that not only did Soleimani's handiwork lead to the deaths of British troops fighting in Iraq as well,but that he"was reported to have trained the Taliban"how to make IEDs that killed American troops in Afghanistan.

辩护作家 Con Coughlin 进一步指出,索莱马尼的杰作不仅导致在伊拉克作战的英国士兵死亡,而且据报道他"训练塔利班"如何制造杀死在阿富汗的美军的简易爆炸装置。

So,he continued,"you can imagine my amazement when,leafing through the more obscure annexes of President Barack Obama's'historic'deal with Iran(page 86 of the annex,to be precise)I found that Mr.Soleimani—as the White House no doubt now refers to him–has been granted an amnesty and taken off the list of proscribed Iranians–together with a number of senior members of the Revolutionary Guards."

因此,他接着说,"你可以想象,当我翻阅贝拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)总统与伊朗达成的'历史性'协议中较为晦涩的附件时(确切地说,是附件的第86),我发现索莱马尼先生——毫无疑问现在白宫是这样称呼他的——已经获得了特赦,并从被禁的伊朗人名单上除名,还有一些革命卫队的高级成员。"

In other words,Obama agreed to let this scumbag off the hook for the years and years of terrorism he spread throughout the region,to include the deaths of American soldiers and those of our allies.


Overnight,Coughlin noted,Soleimani went from one of the world's most wanted terrorist leaders"to the White House's newest best friend."


Obama is a traitor


That wasn't all the Obama administration did to solidify a deal with Iran.He also sent pallets of cash—about$1.5 billion to be exact—aboard cargo planes to airfields in the middle of the night,money which was unquestionably later used to finance Soleimani's terrorism(even then-Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that).

这并不是奥巴马政府为巩固与伊朗的协议所做的全部努力。他还在午夜将大量现金(确切地说约为15亿美元)装上货机运往机场,这些钱后来无疑被用于资助索莱马尼的恐怖主义活动(即便是当时的国务卿约翰·克里(John Kerry)也承认了这一点)

What's more,as The National Sentinel reported in May,Obama and Kerry built in a funding mechanism that would keep cash rolling into the murderous regime:

此外,正如《国家哨兵报》(The National Sentinel)5月份报道的那样,奥巴马和克里建立了一套资金机制,让资金不断流入凶残的政权:

There is a reason why POTUS Donald Trump believes that Obama's second secretary of state,John Kerry,violated the Logan Act when he held secret negotiations with Iran last year:Because he thinks Kerry was trying to save a"nuclear deal"that included a generous revenue stream Tehran has used to spread terror that also threatens U.S.personnel.

美国总统唐纳德·特朗普(POTUS Donald Trump)认为,奥巴马的第二任国务卿约翰·克里(John Kerry)去年与伊朗进行秘密谈判时违反了《洛根法案》(Logan Act),这是有原因的:因为他认为克里试图挽救一项"核协议",其中包括德黑兰用来散布恐怖活动的丰厚收入流,

As the Washington Free Beacon added,President Trump ended the funding mechanism through the imposition of tough sanctions,taking"unprecedented steps to roll back as series of cash windfalls authorized by the Obama administration that have lined the extremist regime's pockets and enabled it to make strides in its ballistic missile technology,according to policy experts."


Now,the question is,why would an American president make these kinds of deals with a country that has sworn itself to be our enemy?There can only be one answer:That president(Obama)is anti-American and treasonous.It is beyond belief that he would not only empower Iran,but reward its most heinous sponsors of terrorism,at a cost of hundreds of American lives,by,in part,absolving the man who is most guilty of those crimes.


No wonder the insane Left is so angry at President Trump for killing Soleimani:His actions reversed a policy decision by the god king Obama and they can't abide by that.


Because they,too,are anti-American.


We have traitors in our midst;where is our political will to deal with them as the law provides?


»Source»By JD Heyes



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