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正如 JC Kay 在她的就职视频中所说的那样,战争是多层次的。这场战争有无数层面,但根据我们的经验,这是一场旨在控制人类和这个星球的战争。

Source:Dinar Chronicles|By Kat

Enclose a transcript of a wonderfully inspiring 5-minute Juan O'Savin fan-video.


As a special last minute addition,Charlie Ward's Telegram channel posted the entire transcript of a Monkey Werx video I'd included in this blog.It's a very exciting bit of information that will definitely lift Spirits.

作为最后一分钟的特别补充,Charlie Ward Telegram 频道发布了我在这个博客中收录的 Monkey Werx 视频的全部文字记录。这是一个非常令人兴奋的信息,绝对会提升灵性。

As well I enclose a brilliant piece of writing that perfectly outlines exactly where we are right now.It was written by"GhostEzra"who is on Telegram,anonup and Twitter.

同时,我附上一篇杰出的文章,完美地概述了我们现在所处的位置。这是"GhostEzra" Telegramanonup Twitter 上写的。

We are in an extraordinary unprecedented moment that for many may feel uncomfortable.I hope once you've read this blog you'll feel better and clearer about everything.


What is true,and you've heard this from many people besides me,is that we are assuredly and without a shred of a doubt watching a movie.


The memes and photos from the faux inauguration are all over S Media.Countless hilarious images like this one:

模仿就职典礼的模因和照片在 s 媒体上到处都是。无数像这样的搞笑图片:

胡安•奥萨文 Monkey Werx 和 Ghost Ezra 你们在看电影|Kat

These bizarre looking people are supposed to be Bill and Hillary Clinton on the same faux inauguration day!!Not only did HRC change her hairstyle and clothes,she changed her height and weight.OMG.


Monkey Werx put out a great video yesterday underscoring the faux-ness but also giving exciting news re President Trump.Just as I was finishing this blog I discovered that Charlie Ward's Telegram channel posted the entire transcript of Monkey's video.I'm dropping it in here.Thank you,Charlie Ward team!!

猴子沃克斯昨天发布了一个很棒的视频,强调了这种伪装,但同时也给特朗普总统带来了令人兴奋的消息。就在我写完这篇博客的时候,我发现查理·沃德的 Telegram 频道发布了猴子视频的全部文字记录。我把它放在这里。谢谢你们,查理沃德团队!

This is Charlie Ward's Telegram address:https://t.me/charlie_ward

这是 Charlie Ward 的电报地址 https://t.me/Charlie_Ward


Monkey Werx Overwatch SITREP 1-22-21



...spur you on a little.It's kind of exciting,because if you see some data about what's going on in Washington,and you read the news about Biden coming to Washington on a private jet,everything starts to make some sense in this sea of absurdity that we're in right now.


So,the data:Joe Biden was denied the right to a government plane,so he flew to Washington for the inauguration on a private plane.Why did this happen?This is the first time in history that a president has been denied the use of Air Force One or one of the government planes for an inauguration.Trump used it in 2017 when he flew to the inauguration.He arrived on board under the number 757 09-0017.


胡安•奥萨文 Monkey Werx 和 Ghost Ezra 你们在看电影|Kat

If you remember,the other day,when the inauguration was held,there was a temporary restriction on flights,in fact,this big red circle(on the map)over West Palm Beach means that Trump was there.This is a common thing for presidents.​Even Bush,who has been out of office for a long time,still has it(the TFR on the map glows red).So if you look at north Dallas on this map,this little red circle right here is a VIP for George Bush.That's where he lives,that's where he lives.

如果你还记得,前几天,当就职典礼举行的时候,有一个临时的航班限制,事实上,这个大红圈(在地图上)在西棕榈滩表示特朗普在那里。对于总统来说,这是很常见的事情。即使是已经离任很长时间的布什,仍然保留着它(地图上的 TFR 发出红光)。所以如果你在地图上看北达拉斯,这个红色的小圆圈就是乔治·布什的 VIP。那是他住的地方,那是他住的地方。

So,during the Trump administration,we had a TFR(approx.transl.-Terrain Following Radar-Terrain Tracking Radar is a military aerospace technology that allows a low-flying aircraft to automatically maintain a relatively constant altitude above ground level and therefore makes it difficult for enemy radars to detect),which was over the White House,and then we had TFR,over Manhattan,over Trump Tower.​This was his second location.

所以,在特朗普执政期间,我们有一个 TFR(大约。翻译。-地形跟踪雷达-地形跟踪雷达是一种军用航空航天技术,它可以让低空飞行的飞机自动保持地面高度相对恒定,从而使敌方雷达难以探测到),这是在白宫上空,然后我们有 TFR,在曼哈顿上空,在特朗普大厦上空。这是他的第二个位置。

At Mar-a-Lago he has(on the map)there was a yellow circle.On January 20,it was constantly glowing red there.And now it's no longer there.So,last night,this TFR disappeared,which means that Trump is not in Florida.The TFR over New York has also disappeared.So,where does this lead us?

在马阿拉歌,他(在地图上)有一个黄色的圆圈。120日,它一直在那里发着红光。现在已经不在了。所以,昨晚,这个 TFR 消失了,这意味着 Trump 不在佛罗里达。纽约上空的 TFR 也消失了。那么,我们该怎么办呢?

I want to show you something,because it's important.This was the inaugural day flight,which was a C-17 aircraft with the call sign"712 Tango".This plane actually flew from Charleston(military base)to Palm Beach,and it flew on the same route that I'm going to show you.

我想给你们看点东西,因为这很重要。这是一架 C-17飞机的首日飞行,代号为"712 Tango"。这架飞机实际上是从查尔斯顿(军事基地)飞往棕榈滩的,它的飞行路线与我将要展示给你们的路线相同。

He flew to DC in 16 hours 13 minutes,landed in Charleston in 8-23 in the evening.He was in Washington this afternoon.(note.transl.-The video at 4:16 shows the"loop"that the plane made).Now you can see that it goes down and really,lands,parks.They took the same route on the day of the inauguration.And I think it was a training exercise for what they were going to do.


We are now moving to the C-17 aircraft with the call sign"713 Tango".

我们现在前往 C-17飞机,代号"713探戈"

When this plane takes off from Mar-a-Lago,the time limit on flights is lifted,which means that Trump is on this plane,he is"taken out"(approx.transl.–he uses the word"exfil"more than once,in the language of the military it means extraction,as well as exfiltration-the process of removing personnel when it is necessary that they are immediately moved from a hostile environment and brought to an area occupied or controlled by friendly personnel.

当这架飞机从 Mar-a-Lago 起飞时,飞行时间限制被取消,这意味着特朗普在这架飞机上,他被"带走"(大约。:翻译。-他不止一次使用"撤离"一词,在军事语言中,这意味着撤离和撤离,即在必要时将人员立即从敌对环境中撤离并带到友好人员占领或控制的地区的过程。

The video at 4:55 shows the flight path.When the green color changes to white,it means that the plane has landed.He stayed there for about an hour and then flew in the opposite direction,making a kind of"loop").Technically,there was supposed to be a second flight from Washington to Charleston,but that didn't happen.Also pay attention to the time of day.11:26 pm-they did all this at night,he was taken out in the dark.


Now let's look at the logbook.It landed in Washington at 20:20:20.Took off at 21:16:26.(And then landed in Charleston at 23:26).If you calculate the time spent in the parking lot,it is exactly 56 minutes and 6 seconds.This is important because the anons
will take this timekeeping and calculate:5+6+6=17.Trump could have been flying anything,but instead he was flying the C-17.

现在让我们看看航海日志。它于20:20:20抵达华盛顿。21:16:26起飞。(然后在23:26降落在查尔斯顿)。如果你算一下在停车场的时间,正好是56分零6秒。这很重要,因为匿名者会计算这个时间:5+6+6=17。特朗普本来可以驾驶任何东西,但他驾驶的却是 C-17

Now you may recall that Pence was actually on a C-17 not so long ago when a bird got into his plane,and the C-17,which was in the Navy's charge at the time,was converted to Flight Number Two.For those who do not know what kind of plane it is,it is a large military transport aircraft designed to transport troops and military equipment.But it can also carry other cargo.

现在你可能还记得不久前一只鸟飞进了一架 C-17飞机,当时由海军负责的 C-17飞机被改装成了二号航班。对于那些不知道这是什么飞机的人来说,这是一架大型军用运输机,用来运输军队和军事装备。但它也可以运载其他货物。

You could see how the C-17 accompanied Trump everywhere,moving all of his vehicles,Marine One(approx.transl.-Marine One-the call sign of any U.S.Marine Corps aircraft carrying the President of the United States.Typically,this is one of the 19 helicopters of the HMX-1"Nighthawks"air squadron—either a relatively large VH-3D or a more modern VH-60N)and the like.

你可以看到 C-17是如何随着特朗普到处移动他所有的车辆,海军陆战队一号(大约。翻译。-海军陆战队一号-美国海军陆战队所有载有美国总统的飞机的呼号。一般来说,这是 HMX-1"夜鹰"空军中队的19架直升机之一——要么是相对较大的 VH-3D,要么是更现代的 VH-60N)等等。

So if Biden,who became the new president,is denied a government plane.Think about it.Now,if Trump is technically no longer president,he should also be denied a military plane.So why do they put him on a C-17 military plane,take him to Washington,he sits on the ground for less than an hour,56 minutes and 6 seconds,and then,he could get out there and go somewhere,there are several bunkers,but I don't see him flying to Washington.

因此,如果成为新总统的拜登被拒绝使用政府飞机。好好想想吧。现在,如果特朗普在技术上不再是总统,他也应该被拒绝一架军用飞机。那为什么他们把他送上 C-17军用飞机,带他去华盛顿,他在地上坐了不到1小时566秒,然后,他就可以出去,去某个地方,那里有几个地堡,但我没看到他飞去华盛顿。

And the reason I say that is because there is some data.


​I just read an article yesterday that they're asking for another 26,000 troops to be deployed to the District of Columbia.Now,keep in mind that there are currently 65,000 soldiers in the District of Columbia,and some of them have gone home.They said they were going to keep 7,000 for 30 days,but I saw that yesterday there was a request to the Pentagon that asked for another 26,000.Right now,they say it will be in the first 30 days.This is important because,if you remember,Mike Flynn's last post was about 30.


Now let's take a look at what's installed in Charleston.This base is an official naval base,but it has been converted into a multi-purpose federal complex(231 acres)with 17 government and military tenants,as well as a home port for 6 Ro-Ro Reserve Force ships,2 Coast Guard security boats,and 2 research ships.So the number 17 comes up again and again,and I think there's a reason for that.

现在让我们看看在查尔斯顿安装了什么。这个基地是一个官方的海军基地,但是它已经被改造成一个多用途的联邦综合体(231英亩),有17个政府和军方租户,以及6 Ro-Ro 后备部队船只、2艘海岸警卫队安全船只和2艘研究船的母港。所以17这个数字一次又一次地出现,我认为这是有原因的。

So I honestly think that at the moment Trump is exfiltrated.He's gone.I can assume that it is in a safe location,probably outside of the continental United States.It was hidden.


Let's just keep an eye on what's going on,because things aren't what they seem,and I don't think this is the end.In fact,I think it's far from over.



More verification that what we're seeing"is a movie."That the faux-Bidn isn't President of ANYTHING,much less of the Faux defunct U.S.Corporation.


In the photographs of faux-Bidn sitting at his faux desk in a movie studio dressed up to be the faux Oval Office,it has been pointed out by many that the sheets of paper faux-Bidn is signing are blank.OMG.


As well faux Bidn is signing the blank pieces of paper with his left hand when in prior years,the real Bidn was right-handed…could be the other way around but point is,it ain't the former Human-Bidn.


Do you remember what President Trump said about Bidn?

你还记得特朗普总统是怎么说 Bidn 的吗?

On 9-12-20@Trump's Reno Rally,President Trump said,"Sleepy Joe Biden surrendered...Joe is shot.Let's face it.He is shot."

9-12-20@Trump's Reno Rally 上,Trump 总统说,"瞌睡虫 Joe Biden 投降了...Joe 中枪了。让我们面对现实吧。他中枪了。"

On 9-19-20@Trump's Fayetteville,North Carolina rally,President Trump said,"Joe is dead."

9-19-20@Trump 在北卡罗来纳州费耶特维尔的集会上,Trump 总统说:"Joe 死了。"

胡安•奥萨文 Monkey Werx 和 Ghost Ezra 你们在看电影|Kat

Another point,and Monkey Werx referred to what I'm about to tell you.


Regarding"clarity"by Sunday that Juan O'Savin has said might be the case,did he mean by Sunday January 31st?


On December 31,2020,General Flynn Tweeted a quote from George Washington where he asked his brave soldiers to"stay one month longer."This is the quote Flynn Tweeted:


胡安•奥萨文 Monkey Werx 和 Ghost Ezra 你们在看电影|Kat

Here is Q-post 1281:

这里是 Q-post 1281:

胡安•奥萨文 Monkey Werx 和 Ghost Ezra 你们在看电影|Kat

Could Q be referring to the 30 days more George Washington asked from his troops?Is that what Re:Flynn?"Done in 30"means?

Q 会不会是指乔治·华盛顿要求他的部队再给他30天时间?弗林是这么说的吗?"30内完成"是什么意思?

胡安•奥萨文 Monkey Werx 和 Ghost Ezra 你们在看电影|Kat

Paramahansa Yogananda once said you can reduce a Human being to a test tube but you cannot create a Human being in a test tube.

帕拉宏撒尤迦南达(paramahansa yogananda)曾经说过,你可以把一个人简化成一个试管,但你不能在试管中创造一个人。

What did he mean?After all we're living in a world of clones.


But what is the one thing the evil lower dimensional horrific de_mons,the most heinous disgusting things that ever existed in all Creation—what is the one thing they desperately want that they cannot replicate,clone,write a computer program for or put into the A.I.—the one thing they absolutely cannot manufacture?


A Divine soul.


They want our souls.Not because they love God.They want our immortality and have been trying to cheat a way to get it to no avail.


They've stolen some longevity from us because they convinced us we were weaklings.They figured out how to enslave us and live off us for thousands of years.


But the one thing they cannot create in a test tube no matter how many ways they've conducted their horrific experiments on Humans and Animals—is an immaculate,Divine,immortal,beginingless,endless,Alpha and Omega,measureless,eternal and infinite soul.


Only God can divide himselfherself and create a being with an invisible immortal soul.


Juan O'Savin addresses this point in the enclosed video transcript:

Juan o'savin 在随附的视频文本中谈到了这一点:

Juan O'Savin:We're calling on God and THAT'S the part they can't get


It doesn't show up in the A.I.


It doesn't show up in the computer program.


It doesn't show up in the movie.


But it's there.


It's real.


And they can't calculate for it.


They can't see it.


When Q posts—Biblical—that is precisely what this war is.

q 发布《圣经》的时候,这正是这场战争的意义所在。

It's multi-layered as JC Kay said in her Inauguration video.There are myriad layers to this war but essentially,in our experience,it's a war to keep control of Humanity and this planet.

正如 JC Kay 在她的就职视频中所说的那样,战争是多层次的。这场战争有无数层面,但根据我们的经验,这是一场旨在控制人类和这个星球的战争。

It is God and hisher angels vs satan and his soulless,finite de_mons.


Human beings can live,and are very soon going to be living forevermore without the de_mons,but the de_mons will soon perish without us.


We are ascendingreturning home to the Divine realms from whence we came and the de_mons cannot follow us or survive there.


Their only hope was to keep us sound asleep and enslaved.To keep our hopes dashed,our dreams broken,our magic destroyed.The lower our energies and lower our expectations,the dimmer our Spirits the easier we were to control.


But an AWAKE and AWARE Human Being is un-enslavable and more Celestially powerful than the de_mons could ever hope to be.An awake and aware HUMANITY—is unconquerable.


This is the awakeness I believe Q was always posting about."Are you awake yet?"

这就是我相信 q 一直在发布的觉醒。"你醒了吗?"

Not only awake to the deep state de_mon matrix world we were living in,but awake to our own Divinity.


胡安•奥萨文 Monkey Werx 和 Ghost Ezra 你们在看电影|Kat

Page 107,The Kid On the Side of the Road by Juan O'Savin


The de_mons had a good thing going with their enslavement of Humanity until President John F.Kennedy came along and put a spanner in their monstrous works.


It has taken the loyal U.S.Generals,the Q-team that were once the slain President's closest advisors,from JFK's assassination and the deep state coup in 1963 to this very moment in January 2021 for their miraculous Q-Plan to come to the rescue of Earth,her Kingdoms and Humanity.

从肯尼迪遇刺和1963年的深层政变到20211月的这一时刻,美国忠诚的将军们,即曾经是被暗杀的总统最亲密的顾问的 q 小组,因为他们奇迹般的 q 计划来拯救地球、她的王国和人类。

Can you appreciate the levels of this Chess game?Can you feel the enormity of what is going on here?


Juan O'Savin is always saying this is MUCH MUCH MUCH BIGGER than you can imagine.

Juan o'savin 总是说这比你想象的要大得多。

This is not only a war for the Freedom of our country and the total annihilation of the de_mon matrix.This is a war for the Freedom of Earth,Kingdoms,Humanity,Galaxy.


胡安•奥萨文 Monkey Werx 和 Ghost Ezra 你们在看电影|Kat

I guarantee you're going to feel a whole lot better once you've read this excellent post from GhostEzra.I found it on Telegram and then again on Twitter,then I posted it myself on anonup.Oy.These are the times.

我保证,一旦你读了 GhostEzra 的这篇精彩的文章,你会感觉好多了。我在 Telegram 上找到了它,然后又在 Twitter 上找到了它,然后我自己在匿名网站上发布了它。哦。现在是时候了。

We've stubbornly found a way to communicate through the scattering.As people and places are de-platformed it hasn't deterred Digital Warriors one bit.The many I got to know on Twitter as well as readers of IDC remain in communication regardless of what platform we land on.

我们顽固地找到了一种通过散射进行交流的方法。随着人们和地方的不平台化,它丝毫没有吓倒数字勇士。我在 Twitter 上认识的很多人,以及 IDC 的读者,无论我们在哪个平台上登陆,他们都保持着交流。

It's a testimony to the strength of Patriotslightworkers that NOTHING CAN STOP US just as NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT'S COMING.



GhostEzra,Telegram post 1-23-21

GhostEzraTelegram post 1-23-21 GhostEzra,电报1-23-21


GhostEzra:I'm going to spell it out one time only for those who are lost and not registering the 100's of clues I've been dropping you.


Here we go 1 time.Pay close attention.











A lot of what you are seeing is completely bullsht and fake.


It's so outrageous on purpose to get your attention
at this point.It will continue until it has accomplished that goal fully.


There is no Biden presidency.


The real Biden was executed for his crimes long ago along with Clinton.


No,that woman in purple the other day wasn't Hillary Clinton.


You are seeing actors,some have masks.


That's why Biden keeps referring to himself as the mask president.


This means they are the good guys in this movie on the team of freedom.This whole election was fake along with a fake inauguration.Fake executive orders.Fake oval office.


It's all bullshit.




The military is right now controlling our country until the new elections in a couple of months.


胡安•奥萨文 Monkey Werx 和 Ghost Ezra 你们在看电影|Kat


Kat Note:Christopher Miller and Peter Gaynor are running the MilitaryCountry right now.

Kat Note:克里斯米勒和彼得盖纳现在掌管着军事国家。

President Trump officially put us in NESARA with an EO on November 2,2020 and it will be NESARA elections that will be held on March 2,120 days after NESARA was made official.

特朗普总统于2020112日正式将我们带入 NESARA,这将是 NESARA 选举,将于32日举行,在 NESARA 正式成立120天后。

Executive Order 13958-Establishing the President's Advisory 1776 Commission



At that time,we'll be able to vote on the Quantum Voting System.Thank you Charlie Ward for the great QVS INTEL from last August 18,2020.

到时候,我们就可以对量子投票系统进行投票了。感谢查理·沃德从2020818日开始对 QVS 英特尔的贡献。


GhostEzra:Insurrection Act has been signed.


EO from 2018 is in full effect.



Executive Order 13848-Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election




GhostEzra:Things will soon be revealed publicly.


Hopefully you can wake up before then so you don't have a heart attack in the process.


They really tried stealing our election—that part is real.


Trump knew this and allowed it to expose them and arrest those involved and will be implementing a blockchain fraud proof election system which was already patented back in August 2020[Quantum Voting System.]


He skipped the 9th circuit corrupt courts because they too were compromised and went 100%FISA.This is a total military operation.


The goal was to arrest and remove these crooks first before ever winning an election.


Furthermore,the Vatican owned the corrupt DC corporation and that is no longer.

此外,梵蒂冈拥有腐败的 DC 公司,这不再是。

It will soon be a Republic for which it stands under the Constitution as originally intended.


You will get a history lesson in the process along with a solid grasp of the Constitution.


Many corrupt DC rats and Hollywood pedophiles have gone to jail and or been executive for crimes of high treason,conspiracy.


Many more are in the process of meeting Justice via Military Tribunals.



Kat Note:Suggest we familiarize ourselves with various legal terms and penalties:


R.I.C.O.,Treason,Sedition,Crimes Against Humanity,Crimes Against Children,Bribery,Human Trafficking,Drug smuggling,Bank fraud,Rpe,Torture and Murder,for starters.




GhostEzra:Things will be made public in time very soon,no more secrets no more games.


There are many actors in the movie,not just Biden double comedian guy.


Who's who at this point is somewhat of a mystery.We don't know exactly who is who 100%.Some are playing a part from the very beginning.Others flipped for a deal and are now playing a part in this movie.


The best thing you can do right now is just wake up to the truth that being shown to you,take heart that communists have no real power over our country and look forward to the things Trump has already pre-planned long ago for you.


[Kat Note:NESARA/GESARA/GCR/Quantum computers/Healing Technology/Free Energy/Space Travel/Peace/Humanitarian Funds/Financial restitution and so many more wondrous and what will feel like miraculous things.These are not"gifts"from President Trump.He and the White Hats are restoring our Sovereign rights as God-created Human Beings.Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.Slaves no more!!]

[Kat Note:
Nesara/GESARA/GCR/Quantum Computers/Heating Technology/

GhostEzra:I'll warn you now,things will get stranger from here.


If you pay attention and listen to what I've told you here you'll laugh.


If you are watching the mockingbird media CNN or FAUX NEWS you'll cry.

如果你正在收看知更鸟媒体 CNN 或者人造新闻,你会哭的。

Whatever you do,please don't call Joe Biden president.He's really long gone and his double has no power.








胡安•奥萨文 Monkey Werx 和 Ghost Ezra 你们在看电影|Kat


As if Monkey Werx and GhostEzra weren't enough,here's a rousing pep talk from the wonderful Juan O'Savin.

好像 Monkey Werx GhostEzra 还不够似的,这里有一段精彩的 Juan o'savin 的鼓舞人心的讲话。

CASTLE ROCK-Game Theory&Dual Meanings Jan 22,2021


Juan O'Savin


Transcribed by Kat

转录自 Kat

Juan O'Savin:Sometimes bad guys don't think far enough ahead.


They don't understand that just because we,as the great American People,as big as we are on the whole planet have this one central location that is representative of us—it's still only representative.


0:22 America is a lot bigger than just one little tiny spec on the frickin planet.


0:30 This city here[DC]this centralized city may'represent'America









0:45 It

0:45 It

has to be






It got this screwed up because people forgot how easily an enemy can come in by subversion,by misdirection,by lies.


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0:58 Through treasonous traitors,through bribery,through blackmail,honey pots.every way you can do it to get control of a country,to get control of people.


1:07 Those honey pots with the young girls and older men,those managed things,whether it be Epstein or somebody else,you've seen'em,you know what we're talking about.Grow up.


1:22 They're real and you know they're real.


1:25 These people have been bought off.They're looking for personal gain.And they're in positions of power and authority over the whole country.


胡安•奥萨文 Monkey Werx 和 Ghost Ezra 你们在看电影|Kat

1:38 And you,


every one of you,


are being called on.


1:42 Take a deep breath.


All you have to do is hold your ground.


1:48 They're the ones that are self-isolating.They're not coming for you where you're at.They're gonna self-isolate and try to digitally control you.


1:57 IT'S





1:58 They're gonna stop you from talking[on S Media?]I'll talk to my neighbor.I'll talk to you,Mike.

1:58他们会阻止你在 s 媒体上说话我会和我的邻居说的,我会和你说的,迈克。

2:02 But we're all going to stay on the same page.We're all going to stay on the same ship.Where We Go One We Go All.


胡安•奥萨文 Monkey Werx 和 Ghost Ezra 你们在看电影|Kat

2:09 Take a deep breath.


2:11 As dark as it may appear the REALTIY is








胡安•奥萨文 Monkey Werx 和 Ghost Ezra 你们在看电影|Kat

2:18 One thing about the game of Chess is,the game doesn't just go on forever.It has a limited number of moves.


2:28 And the further into the game you get the less potential moves that are available to both sides.The game becomes more condensed as it goes on to a final checkmate conclusion.


胡安•奥萨文 Monkey Werx 和 Ghost Ezra 你们在看电影|Kat

2:40 They're playing their hand,we're playing ours.


2:45 We have the high ground.We have the numbers.We have control of the guts of the ship.


2:54 We have the moral authority and the people know it.


3:00 And no matter how loudly they scream—it doesn't matter.


3:02 Cuz in the soul of every person in your audience right now,they all know I'm telling you the truth.


3:10 What they have to do is take a deep breath.Reach down deep inside themselves.


3:17 If you see somebody beside ya and they've got their head up their fcking ass and they're about to expire because they haven't got oxygen there?Try to get'em to pull it out.


3:26 There is a large number of people,no matter what you do,they've decided this is the route they're going,they're vested,they can't see any other option,they're gonna go full retard.


3:36 You're just gonna to have to watch and let'em expire to what they're gonna do.We don't have to even lift a finger.That's part of the thing.


3:44 Everybody…you know,"I've gotta get some kind of weapons and stuff to take care of myself,to protect myself."Pfffff.


3:53 There isn't enough of'em.Honestly.


3:55 What they're really scared about is that their numbers aren't even as deep as they think they might be.


4:02 They think they might have 20%?Half of that 20%that is remaining?Is going to wake up.


4:13 As much as they might not like and be in full Trump derangement syndrome they're not gonna go full Commie.


4:17 These people think they will.It's not happening.Cuz we're Americans.


4:24 And there's a soul here.There's a religious revival taking place in the American people.


4:31 We're calling on God.


4:34 And THAT'S the part they can't get.It doesn't show up in the A.I.It doesn't show up in the computer program.It doesn't show up in the movie.


4:43 But it's there.It's real.And they can't calculate for it.They can't see it.It'll make their brains explode.


4:51 Relax.


4:43 Stay calm.


4:54 Stay focused.


4:56 Hold the ground.


4:57 KNOW.


5:01 That's all you have to say—Not here.Not happening.


5:03 And then let our guys do their work as they expose themselves.Show who they REALLY ARE all the way to the core of their being.


5:13 And









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胡安•奥萨文 Monkey Werx 和 Ghost Ezra 你们在看电影|Kat

胡安•奥萨文 Monkey Werx 和 Ghost Ezra 你们在看电影|Kat



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