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现在是时候立即结束 COV_id 授权,全面恢复不受限制的公民自由了!


Operation Disclosure|By RXKendrick,Contributing Writer



Let Freedom Ring/Let The Fat Lady Sing


It is time for the immediate end to COV_ID mandates and the total restoration of unrestricted civil liberties NOW!

现在是时候立即结束 COV_id 授权,全面恢复不受限制的公民自由了!

A vir_us did not do this.No virus did this to planet earth and mankind.To worldwide civilian populations.Extended lockdowns and restricted travel?No vir_us did this to international freedoms,national freedoms or local freedoms.No virus forced mandatory mask-wearing on little children and the elderly.No virus caused isolation or social distancing.It wasn't a vir_us that forced all these things on our worldwide economic community of nations.


No vir_us did all of this.There has been something else going on.This has not been a real worldwide"pandemic"threat.This has been a colossal Biggest Med_ical Sc_am Ever"control measure attack on world civilizations.Committed by a vast consortium of corrupt people with extreme ill will and intent by multiple forms of attack to sell their product:"Fear."


To deceive everyone into believing their health is really at risk from a scary pandemic that never was.Their children's health is at risk too.Mandatory compliance is enforced if you don't follow the unsafe economically insane rules made up by politicians with no credentials,license or authority to play doctor with anybody else's health.Complying to these health-endangering"impromptu medical rules"is not the right response.


Belgian doctors and health professionals recently wrote an open letter to Belgian authorities and media addressing the entire topic.Demanding"immediate"comprehensive changes:


"We ask for an open debate,where all experts are represented without any form of censorship.After the initial panic surrounding cov_id-19,the objective facts now show a completely different picture–there is no medical justification for any emergency policy anymore.The current crisis management has become totally disproportionate and causes more damage than it does any good.

"我们要求举行一次公开辩论,所有专家都有代表,没有任何形式的审查。在最初围绕 cov_id-19的恐慌之后,客观事实现在展示了一幅完全不同的画面——任何紧急政策都不再有医学上的正当理由。当前的危机管理已经变得完全不成比例,造成的损失超过了它带来的任何好处。

We call for an end to all measures and ask for an immediate restoration of our normal democratic governance and legal structures and of all our civil liberties…


A cure must not be worse than the problem."


Doctors and health professionals should be heard before politicians make up impromptu health rules with no medical training or experience to justify what they demand.Like 49th Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer deciding all children in youth sports must wear masks in youth competitions.

医生和卫生专业人员应该在政客们没有经过任何医疗培训或经验的情况下制定临时的卫生规则来为他们的要求辩护之前得到倾听。就像第49届密歇根州民主党州长格雷琴·惠特默(Gretchen Whitmer)决定所有参加青少年体育比赛的儿童必须在青少年比赛中戴口罩一样。

How many pediatricians believe this would be healthy for a child?None.


Masks are unsafe.This has been exposed by many sources all over the world now.A casual online search will bring up more articles than need be referenced here.It is a fact of medical science everyone used to go by as standard practice and protocol.Something everybody is supposed to already know,in other words.


Here is a link that presents the mask-is-unsafe reality at a user-friendly glance.In summarized bullet statements and quotes with main points listed for easy skim-reading.



Here's another link to a short video with Dr.Ted Noel showing how funny it looks trying out all the common masks with a vape.Inhaling first,then putting the mask over his mouth and nose and exhaling.The viewer gets to cackle in laughter as each mask is proven to be ridiculously inefficient.So we get to SEE just how poorly the masks are not doing anything to protect anybody around you when you're wearing a mask.

这里有另一个与 Ted Noel 博士合作的短视频链接,展示了用电子烟试用所有常见的面具看起来是多么有趣。先吸气,然后把口罩盖在嘴和鼻子上,然后呼气。当每个面具都被证明是极其低效的时候,观众会发出咯咯的笑声。所以我们可以看到,当你戴着面具的时候,这些面具对于保护你周围的人毫无作用。


The world already learned from the 1918 Spanish Flu how masks don't work but are actually unhealthy to users and should not be worn by the public.


Dr.Fau_ci and the WHO had to know about the Spanish Flu mask trial of US health and medical history.That is probably why Fau_ci,the HHS and the WHO all agreed:There is no need for the public to wear masks."Announcing in the first quarter of 2020 universally as the traditional position that has been followed ever since 1918.

福奇博士和世界卫生组织必须了解西班牙流感口罩对美国健康和医疗史的试验。这可能就是为什么福奇,HHS WHO 都同意:公众没有必要戴口罩。"2020年第一季度宣布自1918年以来一直遵循的传统立场。

The HHS,Department of Health and Human Services took this same position that masks were not recommended.Not customarily and not now,they told us.Their mission statement says their purpose is to"enhance the health and well-being of all Americans."


"The mission of the U.S.Department of Health and Human Services(HHS)is to enhance the health and well-being of all Americans,by providing for effective health and human services and by fostering sound,sustained advances in the sciences underlying medicine,public health,and social services."


So the HHS was following the traditional protocol health officials have followed for the past 100-years,so they knew the right advice to tell us.Masks are not effective,not needed,but a real threat to human health and dangerous.


So,why did they collectively decide to all change their positions on masks?With the WHO in the lead flip-flopping too.For no known reason abruptly going against their own traditional practice and protocol of not recommending masks.Changing their stories to tell us the unprecedented.Masks are not only needed but should be mandatory in many situations.


Tossing a century's-long run of protecting the public by not requiring the public to wear masks,the primary agencies and individuals all did this about-face turn around on us in early April of this year.Does that make any sense?Talk about suspicious!Turnabouts where standards and protocols are reversed overnight rarely happen without ulterior motives lurking in the shadows.


Changing their own recommended guidelines to contradict decades-long practices does not make sense.All of them agreeing to the wholesale sell-out of their own standards,then talking the Surgeon General of the United States into flip-flopping against his better judgment.Who acquiesced in a written statement that sounded like he was trying to justify something he knew wasn't really right.


Thanks again to the Belgian doctors and health-profession friends for seeing through it all.Because I've always known something wasn't right about this PLAN_DEMIC.It has always seemed like was being way too orchestrated by a hidden hand behind the scenes.I appreciate how these Belgians rallied into a force to go after one of the main players they allege to have been behind it all:The WHO.


Over at The Millennium Report we find out why the WHO is getting challenged so directly by doctors and health professionals from different countries.Because just as the entire event has shown signs of not being legit all along.We now know it was indeed preplanned and not legit by any means in any way.


It is actually a criminal operation being carried out by a desperate international deep state cabal who have chosen this hour to make or break their plans for us.They believe this is their hour of opportunity.Right now today.What they did not expect is how fast people with new technology would unravel and reveal what they're doing in real time as it happens.


The digital warriors of today are doing a great job of exposing things that don't make sense about what is happening in an unrelenting pursuit of the truth.Without the Mainstream Media running cover 24-7 for them this criminal conspiracy attack would have ended by now.


"A group of over 500 medical doctors in Germany called'Doctors for Information'made a shocking statement during a national press conference:


'The Corona panic is a play.It's a sc_am.A swindle.It's high time we understood that we're in the midst of a global cr_ime.'"This large group of medical experts publishes a medical newspaper on 500,000 copies every week,to inform the public about the massive mis_info_rmation in the mainstream media.


"They also organize mass protests in Europe,like the one on August 29,2020 where 12 million people signed up and several million actually showed up.


"In Spain a group of 600 medical doctors called'Doctors for Truth'made a similar statement during a press conference.


"Cov_id-19 is a fal_se pan_demic created for political purposes.This is a world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse.We urge doctors,the media and political authorities to stop this crim_inal operation,by spreading the truth."



Do these 1,100-strong professionals from Germany and Spain know something we don't know?How can they say this virus outbreak was premeditated and criminal?


The reason they can call it a premeditated"global crime"is because their advance preparation has been uncovered.A post was made to social media September 6,2020 that shared evidence to prove two years before the fake COV_ID-19 SC_AM_DEMIC arrived,countries all around the world were already preparing for it!Imagine that.

他们之所以称之为有预谋的"全球性犯罪",是因为他们事先的准备工作已经被揭露。202096日,一个帖子在社交媒体上发布,分享证据证明在假 COV_id-19 SC_am_demic 到来之前两年,世界各国已经为此做好了准备!想象一下。

Long before the crisis arrived.The USA,EU,China and many other nations were all buying and/or selling large quantities of…Guess what?


COV_ID-19 Test Kits!!


Can you see why the source document on the Internet was changed on the site the next day after the post to expose the scam was made?They did it to hide the evidence that everything was well in play years ago.



Buying huge quantities of COV_ID-19 test kits for millions of dollars years in advance.The EU went all-in committing$17-million-plus for COV_ID-19 test kits in 2017 alone.Betting the virus would be Coming Soon!Nations across the globe were buying tons of test kits that have since been found to be contaminated by the very corona_virus they were supposed to be testing for.

提前几百万美元购买大量 COV_id-19试剂盒。仅在2017年,欧盟就全力以赴,承诺为 COV_id-19试剂盒提供1700多万美元。我敢打赌这种病毒很快就会出现!世界各地的国家都在购买大量的检测试剂盒,这些试剂盒已经被发现被他们本应检测的冠状病毒所污染。



How did the test kits get contaminated with the COV_ID-19?How could that possibly be an accident?And how many billions of dollars in profit did the test kits already make the sadistic perpetrators over two years before the PLAN_DE_MIC even hit?

试剂盒是如何被 COV_id-19污染的?这怎么可能是意外呢?这些测试工具在计划实施前的两年里已经为施虐者创造了多少亿美元的利润?

Wouldn't you like to know who the real faces and individuals are and from what companies they are buying and selling these test kits for over 2-years before the boogeyman-virus"escaped"Wuhan.When nobody in the world needed the test kits.This whole thing is sloppy stinky joke.


What if these bandits had bet on the wrong horse like happens at the racetrack!What if a cure was found first so no COV_ID-19 would ever happen!!What would these countries do with all the outdated test kits they paid so much money for?How would they defend their overt waste of public funds by such a risky gamble?

如果这些强盗像在赛马场那样赌错了马怎么办!如果先找到治疗方法,这样就不会发生 COV_id-19了呢!这些国家会怎么处理他们花了这么多钱买来的过时的试剂盒呢?他们如何通过这样一场冒险的赌博来为他们公然浪费的公共资金辩护?

Unless they already knew it was a good bet in advance.Mm-hmmm


What has happened was intended to happen.What did not happen is because it was STOPPED by good-hearted people who don't even know each other all around the world working together to end the BS narrative and BS measures,orders and restrictions.The digital warrior private-eye computer sleuths who are working 24-7 to expose what's happening in real time.As it happens discerning it,testing their insights and ideas in the moment and running with their guesstimates to keep pushing till they find it.


Then they report it right then online.If anybody gets it right everybody else knows it immediately and the process is in motion again always like this constantly.Worldwide Crimes Against ALL Humanity do not happen that often.But the scale of this"Crime of Crimes Against Humanity"is so vast there are an endless number of directions the digital sleuths can target and run with.And that's just what they're doing.And that's what's causing the Dark Cabal Agents so much trouble.


How do you keep up a fake spirit of riot and plunder attitude if you're just a paid conscript acting for the New World Dark Forces.You don't have any real passion but it's great pay and really an easy job.Even entertaining and interesting traveling from riot city to riot city.The total opposite of the Digital Sleuths.Who almost fiendishly keep digging like their lives depended on it.Or the lives of their family and friends depended on it.


They never bother to concern themselves with the fact the sheer number of them is a force beyond intimidating.But the fact that they never stop goes beyond the fact that they never give up.They target the next thing to look into and away they go.But everything is being targeted at once there are so many of them.Multiple sleuths are looking into the same thing at the same time always and always.Right now they're doing it.


When any one of them figures something out they post It.If anybody gets it right everybody knows it immediately and this process stays in motion always constantly.


The list of complicit perps is too expansive to deal with in this article.But I like speaking out against our common enemies.Life coaches say it's a good idea to verbalize your will,wishes and dreams.It is good to speak out loud about them.So I gladly speak outload and say,I believe it is true.It is just a matter of time before all involved in this SC_AM_DEMIC will be fully exposed and dealt with by God or Man if the Digital Sleuths don't beat everybody to it.Bring it on.

在这篇文章中,同谋罪犯的名单实在是太长了。但我喜欢站出来反对我们共同的敌人。人生导师说,用语言表达你的意愿、愿望和梦想是个好主意。把它们大声说出来是件好事。所以我很乐意说出来,并且说,我相信这是真的。这只是一个时间问题,所有涉及到这个 SC_am_demic 将完全暴露和处理由上帝或人,如果数字侦探不抢先每个人到它。来吧。

Let Freedom Ring!


Working together without knowing each other all over the world,but in their hearts loving the truth and living the good.Living the truth and loving the good.Being the lights set on a hill that shine through the darkness to overcome the evil.


And all liberty-lovers said:The gig is up.Bring it on.


Let the fat lady sing!


We know who you are and more of us will be fighting to bring you to justice and reclaim our lives and futures than ever before.You woke us up.We won't be so gullible anymore.It's time to start taking back our lives from the maniacs who so freely abuse their powers against us.









We know what this fa_ke pan_de_mic was really about.We know the end-goal of the NWO twerps is to overthrow us.We know what you want UN and we don't like you or your agenda.

我们知道这个假的麦克风到底是怎么回事。我们知道 NWO 的最终目标是推翻我们。我们知道你想要什么,联合国,我们不喜欢你或你的议程。

The free world would rather remain free with sovereign nations keeping their customs and faiths and independent existence.We don't want your bad bag of goods UN help or interference.We proudly appreciate and honor nationalism and will fight to protect our civil liberties and freedoms.


We do not want One World Government.Period.


We will fight for what is already ours by God-given right and never bow to your will against us.Even when you try to scare us by pitching the corona_virus like it was really a frightening pandemic destined to take the lives of millions.



We will not bow to any supranational entity that has its own interests ahead of ours.Even when you use your own attacks on us as your reasoning to call for our submission to your will.


Supranational:A supranational organization is a multinational union or association in which member countries cede their authority and sovereignty on at least some internal matters to the multinational hierarchy,whose decisions are binding on its members.


We know where this is all leading if we don't stop you.We know your end goal intent.




In response to almost all nations on earth struggling with the COV_ID-19 threat the UN Chief came out and announced HE WAN_TED TO TA_KE OV_ER THE WOR_LD!

作为对地球上几乎所有与 COV_id-19威胁作斗争的国家的回应,联合国秘书长站了出来,并宣布他要在世界范围内发表讲话!

This"body"of global governance is THEM and whoever they want to bring with them.


You know,that's what I was thinking on New Year's Eve 2020."Thank you Lord for the UN wanting a Body of One World Government to be in power over me!Yes,maybe it could happen this year?"


Let us remember the clear WARNING of the medical professionals from Germany and Spain.And may we"spread the truth"until this"Global Crime Syndicate"behind the 2020 coronavirus threat is crushed into the dust.Into the past.


"The Corona panic is a play.It's a scam.A swindle.It's high time we understood that we're in the midst of a global crime."


"Cov_id-19 is a fal_se pan_demic created for political purposes.This is a world dictator_ship with a sanitary excuse.We urge doctors,the media and political authorities to st_op this crim_inal operation,by spreading the truth."


A vir_us didn't do any of this.The virus was just the scapegoat used to make people believe they should fear,so they would follow ridiculous unconventional protocols intended to herd us into the globalist trap of being our own prison Cell Guards.In our own Prison Homes.In our own Solitary Confinement.In Restricted Isolation isolated from one another.Separated.Subdued.If we obeyed the insane mandates willingly and played along with the charade to stay afraid long enough.


The virus was a ploy to fool us into playing along compliantly instead of resisting aggressively.


And the best bumper sticker out there today is…


"Honk if you know COV_ID is a ho_ax!"



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