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A heavily redacted highly-classified"Of Special Importance"new Foreign Intelligence Service(SVR)report circulating in the Kremlin today appearing to confirm the terrifying warning that"nanoweapons are paving the road to human extinction",states that victim clothing evidence being examined from the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 that caught fire in flight on 8 January shortly after takeoff from the Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport(IKA-OIIE)in Iran,show conclusive proof of nanothermite impregnation—thus explaining a fire so intense its crew tried to turn around and bring it back to land,but failed when it exploded in mid-air—is an advanced technology the Government of Canada began examining with their research study titled"Nanomaterials And Their Applications In Textiles"—a study contributed to by Professor Osama Mohsen from the University of Alberta—a Saudi citizen and highly-trained engineer Ph.D.candidate whom the SVR placed on its international watch list in 2018 after Saudi Arabia ordered all of its students to leave Canada,but excluded him from this order—an exclusion believed based upon Professor Mohsen's knowledge of the shocking nanoweapon advancement made by USscientists at Purdue University in January-2018—an advancement that saw these US scientists using a custom inkjet printer to deposit nanothermite on cloth and other materials—the effects of which saw the nanothermite produced using this process being able to be ignited just as quickly and powerfully as thermites applied in traditional ways—with one of these US scientists stating:"It burns at 2,500 Kelvin[over 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit]…It generates a lot of thrust,a lot of heat,and makes a nice loud shockwave"—which near exactly matches what happened to the Ukrainian airliner that exploded over Iran—an airliner carrying at least 10 faculty,students and alumni from the University of Alberta—two of whom,Pedram Mousavi and Mojgan Daneshmand,would have no fears of wearing clothing items gifted to them by their colleague Professor Mohsen—but who are now among the 63 Canadian citizens killed in this attack—and are Canadian citizens Saudi Arabia had previously threatened to kill in a plane attack—a threat seemingly made good on in the"fog of war"skies over Iran.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天流传着一份高度机密的"特别重要"外国情报局(SVR)报告,该报告似乎证实了"纳米武器正在为人类灭绝铺平道路"的可怕警告。报告称,18日,乌克兰国际航空公司的波音737飞机从伊朗伊玛目霍梅尼国际机场空军基地起飞后不久,在飞行中起火,受害者的衣服证据显示纳米微粒受到了侵蚀,这就解释了为什么机组人员试图将飞机调头返回地面,加拿大政府开始研究这项先进技术,他们的研究题目是"纳米材料及其在纺织品中的应用"。这项研究是由阿尔伯塔大学(University of alberta)的奥萨马莫森(Osama Mohsen)教授参与的。莫森教授是沙特公民,也是一名训练有素的工程师博士。D.2018年,沙特阿拉伯命令其所有学生离开加拿大,但将他排除在外----这一排除是基于 Mohsen 教授对美国科学家在20181月普渡大学令人震惊的纳米武器进展的了解----这一进展使得这些美国科学家使用定制喷墨打印机在布料和其他材料上沉积纳米螨----使用这一过程产生的纳米螨能够像传统方式使用热螨一样迅速有力地被点燃----这些美国科学家中的一位说:它的燃烧温度为2500开氏度[超过4000华氏度]......它产生大量的推力,大量的热量,并产生一个很大的冲击波——这与在伊朗上空爆炸的乌克兰客机的情况几乎一模一样,这架客机上至少有10名来自阿尔伯塔大学(University of alberta)的教职员工、学生和校友,其中两人佩德拉姆·穆萨维(Pedram Mousavi)和莫伊甘·丹尼斯曼德(Mojgan Daneshmand)不怕穿同事莫森教授赠送给他们的衣服,但他们现在是在这次袭击中遇难的63名加拿大公民之一,他们是加拿大公民,沙特阿拉伯此前曾威胁要在一次飞机袭击中杀死他们。这一威胁似乎在伊朗上空的。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


Saudi Arabia sends plane catastrophe threat Tweet(above)to the citizens of Canada.


According to the very limited portions of this highly-classified SVR report permitted to be discussed among various Ministries,a nanometer is a billionth of a meter,while a human hair is about 80,000-100,000nanometers wide—and the manipulation of matter at this scale offers innovative tools to expand the limits of what is possible,allowing for the creation of new materials or the modification of existing ones—as at the nanoscale,the properties of materials can differ fundamentally from their characteristics at the macro scale—for example,despite weighing one-sixth as much as steel,carbon nanotubes are 100 times stronger.

根据这份高度机密的 SVR 报告中允许各部委讨论的非常有限的部分,纳米等于十亿分之一米,而人类头发的宽度约为8万至10万纳米,在这种尺度上操纵物质提供了创新工具,扩大了可能性的限度,允许创造新材料或对现有材料进行改性ー例如在纳米尺度上,材料的性质可能与宏观尺度上的特性有根本的不同ー例如,尽管碳纳米管的重量是钢的六分之一,但它的强度却是钢的100倍。

By 2006,this report notes,over 300 consumer products were nanobased—which led to warnings being issued about the dangers of nanotechnology whose full implications of had yet to be assessed—with the greatest concerns being raised over nanobased skin creams and toothpaste,as well as kitchen and clothing items being impregnated with nanosilver to kill bacteria—concerns,however,sidelined the following year when Russia used nanotechnology to develop the world's most powerful non-nuclear bomb in 2007.


By 2015,this report continues,fearful concerns about the geopolitical consequences of nanotechnology raced to forefront—the most important issues of which were:


Military And Security Potential–Some of the most groundbreaking innovations in the defense industry rely on nano-enabled applications,which span the different phases of military operations.Examples include nanostructures for invisibility cloaks for concealing soldiers,vehicles or weapons;a wide range of smarter and more devastating weapons;and,with the use of carbon nanotubes,lighter and stronger armour and vehicles.Nanotech could also change the future of communications through microscope computers,help develop high-power lasers,or help improve soldiers'uniforms,by incorporating thermal,chemical and biological sensing systems.


Diplomacy–Nanotech will significantly alter the nature of warfare and weaponry,including nuclear weapons,with inevitable consequences for disarmament diplomacy.The tendency towards increased miniaturization,nanoengineered high-explosives,high performance sensors and many other devices will require new negotiations of standards of arms controls and compliance with international law.



Rather than the world as a whole addressing the military,security and diplomatic implications of nanotechnology,this report points out,every nation has retrenched into its own ideological paradigm while racing forward—such as the United States,whose National Nanotechnology Initiative(NNI)has been flooded with almost$27 billion in government funding since 2001—and most dangerously,Saudi Arabia,whose King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology receives uncounted billions-of-dollars for its secretive nanoweapon and technology research—made dangerous because Saudi Arabia is locked in a Cold War-style stand-off with Iran—a volatile nearing catastrophe fact that for years has seen Iran and Saudi Arabia glowering at each other across the Persian Gulf,like America and the Soviets across the Iron Curtain—with both of them acting out of fear of encirclement,just as the US and the Soviet Union did—thus creating the asymmetrical warfare battleground existing between Iran and Saudi Arabia where nanoweapons have now been introduced to deadly effect.

这份报告指出,与其说全世界都在解决纳米技术在军事、安全和外交方面的影响,不如说每个国家都在加速前进的过程中缩减了自己的意识形态范式,比如美国,自2001年以来,美国的纳米国家奈米科技启动计划已经被政府资助的近270亿美元所淹没,最危险的是沙特阿拉伯,阿卜杜拉国王纳米技术研究所(King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology)因其秘密的纳米武器和技术研究获得了数不清的数十亿美元——之所以危险,是因为沙特阿拉伯与伊朗陷入了一场冷战式的对峙——这是一个不稳定的、接近灾难的事实,多年来,伊朗和沙特阿拉伯在波斯湾彼此怒目相视,就像美国和穿越铁幕的苏联一样,两国的行动都是出于对被包围的恐惧,就像美国和苏联那样——从而创造了伊朗和沙特阿拉伯之间存在的不对称战场,纳米武器目前。


As previously documented by the Foreign Ministry,this report concludes,President Donald Trump has initiated his"Iranian Chaos Theory Masterplan"to extricate his nation and its military forces from the Middle East before the looming war between Iran and Saudi Arabia unleashes even more unimaginable nanoweapon horrors—a war Iran has just demonstrated in its"missile charade strikes"in Iraq against USbases its ability to hit with pinpoint accuracy any target it chooses—a fearful demonstration of pinpoint accuracy Israel immediately responded to by suddenly revealing its space age laser system to shoot down incoming missiles and declaring"We are entering a new age of energy warfare in the air,land and sea"—thus further proving that those who are expecting a war looking like those of the past,would be better served reading science fiction novels so they can discover what is really going to happen—like Trump did as a child while sitting at the knee of his uncle John G.Trump—one of the smartest men in American history,who was given all of the research done by one of human history's greatest geniuses Nicola Tesla—and makes explainable why Trump has just created his United States Space Force military branch—as he knows that science fiction has now become science fact.

这份报告的结论是,正如外交部之前记录的那样,在伊朗和沙特阿拉伯之间即将爆发的战争引发更加难以想象的纳米武器恐怖之前,唐纳德·特朗普总统已经启动了他的"伊朗混乱理论总体计划",以便将他的国家及其军事力量从中东解救出来——在伊拉克对美国基地进行的"导弹伪装打击"中,以色列极其精确地打击了它选择的任何目标ーー以色列立即作出回应,突然透露其太空时代的激光系统可以击落来袭导弹,并宣称"我们正在进入一个空中、陆地和海上能源战争的新时代"ーー从而进一步证明,那些期待一场战争的人看起来就像过去一样,读科幻小说会更好,这样他们就可以发现真正将要发生的事情ーー就像特朗普小时候坐在他叔叔约翰·g·特朗普(John g.Trump)的膝盖上所做的那样ーー他是美国历史上最聪明的人之一,人类历史上最伟大的天才之一尼古拉·特斯拉(Nicola tesla)完成了所有的研究ーー并解释了为什么特朗普刚刚创建了他的美国太空部队军事分支ーー他知道科幻小说现在已经变成了科学事实。


President Donald Trump makes"Vision of Light"entrance(above)before speaking to the American people on 8 January 2019—and as one would expect any Space Force Commander to do.



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