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First Trump declassified Russia document:Christopher Steele's 2017 confession to the


Steele told FBI he leaked Russia collusion story to help Clinton and Great Britain,and was connected to his primary dossier source by former NSC staffer and impeachment witness Fiona Hill.


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Dossier author Christopher Steele admitted to the FBI that he leaked the Russia collusion story during the height of the 2016 election to help Hillary Clinton overcome her lingering email scandal and because he believed Donald Trump's election would be bad for U.S.relations with his home country of Britain,according to documents declassified by the president in his final full day in office.


The FBI report of an interview agents conducted with Steele in September 2017,nearly a year after he had been terminated as an informant,provided explosive information about his motives in working simultaneously for the FBI and the opposition research firm for Clinton's campaign.The document was obtained by Just the News and at times reads like a confession from the now-infamous former MI6 agent and author of the anti-Trump dossier.

20179月,斯蒂尔作为线人被解雇将近一年后,FBI 对他进行了一次面谈,调查报告提供了一些爆炸性信息,说明他同时为 FBI 和克林顿竞选团队的反对派研究公司工作的动机。这份文件是由《Just The News》获得的,有时读起来就像是臭名昭著的前军情六处特工、反特朗普档案作者的供词

Steele told agents that then-FBI Director James Comey's decision to reopen the Clinton email investigation in fall of 2016 became his tipping point for leaking the anti-Trump collusion research that his company Orbis Intelligence had gathered and given to the FBI.

斯蒂尔告诉特工,当时的联邦调查局局长詹姆斯·科米(James Comey)决定在2016年秋季重启对克林顿邮件的调查,这成了他泄露自己的公司奥比斯情报(Orbis Intelligence)收集并交给联邦调查局的反特朗普共谋研究报告的转折点

"STEELE explained that as the election season went on,they as a company were riding two horses—their client and the FBI—and after FBI Director James Comey's reopening of the Hillary Clinton investigation,they had to pick one horse and chose the business client relationship over the relationship with the FBI,"the interview report stated.

该采访报告称:"STEELE 解释说,随着选举季的进行,他们作为一家公司,既是客户,也是 FBI。在 FBI 局长詹姆斯·科米(James Comey)重启希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的调查后,他们不得不选择一匹马,选择商业客户关系,而不是与 FBI 的关系。"

"They followed what their client wanted,and they spoke to the press,"the report noted.


You can read the full interview report here.


File 档案


You can read the notes of the interview here,


File 档案

Notes of FBI Int Steele 2017.pdf

Steele and his partner Christopher Burrows even suggested the FBI deserved some of the blame for the decision to leak to the news media and Sen.John McCain's office.


"STEELE and BURROWS described the overall situation as being one where it was'your[FBI]fault'and'our fault,'"the memo reported,adding that Burrows was also upset the FBI had not paid Steele for his anti-Trump work.

备忘录称,"斯蒂尔和巴罗斯将整个情况描述为'是你们[FBI]的错''我们的错'"备忘录还补充说,巴罗斯还对 FBI 没有为斯蒂尔的反特朗普工作支付报酬感到不安

The two British citizens told the FBI that concerns about the impact of a Trump presidency also motivated them.


"STEELE and BURROWS described President TRUMP as their'main opponent'and indicated that they were fearful about how Trump's presidency negatively impacted the historical US-US alliance and the US-UK special relationship,"the memo stated.


The 26-page report also discussed in detail Steele's reliance on his primary sub-source,an Eastern-Europe-born academic who had worked at the U.S.liberal think tank the Brookings Institution.

这份长达26页的报告还详细讨论了 Steele 对他的主要信息来源的依赖,这位出生于东欧的学者曾在美国自由派智库布鲁金斯学会研究所工作

The FBI recently released documents showing that the sub-source had been the focus of an FBI counterintelligence probe back in 2009-11 and that the bureau assessed he had posed a possible national security threat to the U.S.and had Russian intelligence.


The FBI was seeking to obtain a FISA warrant against the man when he fled the U.S.,causing the FBI to close down its probe.


The most explosive revelation about the sub-source in the newly declassified documents was that former Trump National Security Council Russia expert Fiona Hill,an impeachment witness in 2019 against Trump,had introduced Steele to his sub-source in 2011,well after the FBI had opened up its probe on the source.

在新解密的文件中,关于这个子消息来源最具爆炸性的披露是,2019年弹劾特朗普的证人、前特朗普国家安全委员会(Trump National Security Council)俄罗斯问题专家菲奥娜·希尔(Fiona Hill)2011年将斯蒂尔介绍给了他的子消息来源,当时联邦调查局(FBI)已经对这个消息来源展开了调查

"The primary sub-source was introduced to STEELE and ORBIS by FIONA HILL in or around 2011,"the report stated."…Emphasizing the sensitivity,STEELE explained that Hill now worked for the National Security Council.HILL has a very high opinion of the primary sub-source."

报告指出:"主要子源于2011年左右 FIONA HILL 引入 STEELE ORBIS"斯蒂尔强调了这种敏感性,他解释说希尔现在为国家安全委员会工作。希尔对主要子资源的评价非常高。"

Steele said he later told Hill the sub-source she had introduced to him had contributed to the dossier.


"STEELE said FIONA HILL knows that the primary sub-source was involved in the dossier,"the report noted,describing how Steele went to Hill in early 2017 because he became worried about the sub-source's safety.

报告指出:"斯蒂尔说,菲奥娜·希尔(FIONA HILL)知道主要的子消息来源与档案有关。"报告还描述了斯蒂尔2017年初因为担心子消息来源的安全而前往希尔的经历



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