本杰明 |2023年12月4日: 美国总统、教皇、英国国王和日本天皇都将倒台

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本杰明 |2023年12月4日: 美国总统、教皇、英国国王和日本天皇都将倒台

The world is undergoing the biggest changes in centuries if not millennia. When the dust settles, the US President, the Pope, the King of England and the Emperor of Japan are all likely to be removed. Also, the last of the Satanists will be hunted down and brought to justice and their remaining Swiss, Israeli and US fortresses will suffer a Masada-like fall. This is what senior Asian secret society sources predict.


The signs of this are everywhere. Last week for example saw leaders from nearly 200 countries and around 100,000 delegates gather in Dubai for COP 28 with begging cups in their hands. EU Chief Ursula von der Leyen tweeted “In climate finance, we have to move from billions to trillions.” King Charles demanded that taxpayers around the globe cough up $5 trillion every year in order to advance the globalist “Net Zero” agenda.

这种迹象到处都是。例如,上周,来自近200个国家的领导人和约10万名代表手持乞讨杯聚集在迪拜,参加缔约方会议第二十八届会议。欧盟首席乌尔苏拉·冯德莱恩在推特上写道: “在气候融资方面,我们必须从数十亿转移到数万亿。”查尔斯国王要求世界各地的纳税人每年掏出5万亿美元,以推进全球主义的“净零”议程。

本杰明 |2023年12月4日: 美国总统、教皇、英国国王和日本天皇都将倒台


Their attempts to grab “green” money from Western countries has already led Canada’s Alberta Province to openly revolt against the Castrudeau KM proxy government.

他们从西方国家攫取“绿色”资金的企图已经导致加拿大的阿尔伯塔省公开反抗卡斯特鲁多 KM 代理政府。

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All the “green” money they managed to get was about $500 million, or 1/200th of the $100 billion pledged during China’s October Belt and Road party.


This too was far from the trillions of dollars expected by many.


This is because before she was killed, Queen Elizabeth reached an agreement with Asian secret societies that instead of the fraudulent “carbon causes global warming,” humanity’s goal would be to increase the amount and variety of life, including human life.


Her successor as head of the committee of 300 agrees. He is a European royal who is not descended from William the Conqueror. This individual claims he will go public in the new year.


In any case, when the fake President Joe Biden met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in San Francisco last month, the Asians told the Rockefeller/Rothschild Khazarian Mafia: “You have had 110 years [since the founding of the Federal Reserve Board], so now it is our turn.” That is why Rockefeller’s proxy Anthony Blinken looked so scared as the talks concluded.

无论如何,当假美国总统乔•拜登(Joe Biden)上月在旧金山会见中国领导人习近平时,亚洲人告诉洛克菲勒/罗斯柴尔德(Rockefeller/Rothschild)的哈扎里安黑手党(Khazarian Mafia) : “(美联储(Fed)成立以来)已有110年,现在轮到我们了。”这就是为什么会谈结束时,洛克菲勒的代理人安东尼•布林肯(Anthony Blinken)看上去如此害怕。

The Asians and their Western white hat allies plan to announce a multi-trillion dollar new East/West/North/South plan to end poverty and stop environmental destruction, probably during 2024. They will follow that by taking all the money that was being used for wars and spending on a new war against aging and death.


First though will come some huge political changes. While the world has been focused on the Khazarian mafia-orchestrated wars in Ukraine and Gaza, East Asia has begun the biggest political changes since the fall of the last Japanese shogun and the last Chinese Emperor.


For example a surprising solution to the Taiwan issue has been reached that calls for Taiwan to be returned to Japanese control, according to senior Asian secret society sources. In this plan, the million or so mainland Chinese who fled there after the communist revolution will return to China.


The sources say Naoshi Onodera (see article below) is set to become Emperor of Japan and that the current Japanese imperial family will abdicate.


This information comes from anonymous royal Asian sources but there are public signs it is for real. Last week Crown Prince Akishino held a highly unusual press conference where he told reporters that “a review of official royal duties was needed.” He also hinted members of his family would not be moving into the new 50 million dollar palace just completed at government expense. If you look at his expression in the photograph below he does look very upset by something.


本杰明 |2023年12月4日: 美国总统、教皇、英国国王和日本天皇都将倒台


Another very unusual sign is the Freemason headquarters in Tokyo have been shut down. You can confirm this from their own website. While they say it was for renovation, our sources say they have been evicted.


本杰明 |2023年12月4日: 美国总统、教皇、英国国王和日本天皇都将倒台 本杰明 |2023年12月4日: 美国总统、教皇、英国国王和日本天皇都将倒台 本杰明 |2023年12月4日: 美国总统、教皇、英国国王和日本天皇都将倒台


The other sign is a crackdown on the Abe faction in the Japanese ruling party by public prosecutors. This is related to a crash of an Osprey craft that killed 8 US servicemen. The names of the people who died have not been made public but speculation is that some senior generals were killed. The crash was followed by headlines in Japanese newspapers saying “Japan-US alliance may be hurt by Osprey crash.”



Japanese right-wingers explain that both incidents are part of an attack on the Choshu clan of Southern Japan. The Choshu clan was used to colonize Japan during the Meiji era. The Japanese say a fake Meiji emperor was then married to a Habsburg princess to create the current imperial line as a proxy for ruling Japan. This proxy is now being removed, meaning over 150 years of colonial rule in Japan is ending.


The North Koreans are also on the warpath. They are planning to use their control of many of Japan’s Ninkyo (disparagingly called yakuza) organizations to make big changes. This is what is behind news articles with headlines like de facto North Korean ruler Kim Yo Jong saying “North Korea will never sit down with the US for dialogue.”

朝鲜也在发动战争。他们计划利用他们对日本许多日本黑社会组织的控制权来做出重大改变。这就是新闻标题背后的原因,比如事实上的朝鲜统治者金与正(Kim Yo Jong)说: “朝鲜永远不会与美国坐下来进行对话。”


She is fully aware the Americans killed her brother Kim Jong Un with electromagnetic weapons when he agreed to meet Donald Trump.

她完全知道,当她的哥哥金正恩同意会见唐纳德 · 特朗普时,美国人用电磁武器杀死了他。

The North Koreans now have over 100 nuclear missiles capable of hitting the US so nuclear blackmail will no longer stop them from reunifying the Korean peninsula.


In the future there may be a Korean, Japanese royal marriage that would unify Korea, Japan and Taiwan, the Asian sources say.


The trigger for all these moves was the realization the vaccine campaign carried out in East Asia (and much of the rest of the world) was mass murder by the KM.


We will have to wait and see if all this comes to pass but, in my decades of reporting, I have never heard so many aggressive statements from so many different and senior sources.


In Europe and the US, meanwhile, very visible changes are already taking place.


The announcement of the death of Henry Kissinger is part of this. “He actually died a few years ago. The KM were using CGI, Holograms, Avatars and Blue screens. Now he is officially dead,” CIA sources say.

宣布亨利•基辛格(Henry Kissinger)去世就是其中的一部分。他几年前去世了。KM使用 CGI,全息图,阿凡达和蓝色屏幕。现在他正式死了,”中情局消息人士说。

In any case, the official announcement is seen as a sign some sort of major changes are about to happen.


Henry Kissinger was a top enforcer for the KM who carried out mass murder around the world. Yale University historian Greg Grandin estimates that Kissinger’s actions from 1969 through 1976 alone meant the end of between three and four million people. 

亨利 · 基辛格是KM的高级执行者,他在世界各地进行大规模屠杀。耶鲁大学历史学家格雷格•格兰丁(Greg Grandin)估计,仅基辛格1969年至1976年的行动就意味着300万至400万人的死亡。 

He also systematically killed world leaders who refused to bow to KM corporate interests over a period of decades. Kissinger worked for David Rockefeller Sr. and Klaus Schwab as you can hear from their own mouths.


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The video below about what he did to Chile is an example of the sort of thing he did all over the world, including to supposed allies like Japan and Australia. He was responsible for the death of multiple Japanese prime ministers and also tried very hard to have me killed. Good riddance.


Chile celebrating Kissinger’s death


His death signals the defeat of the Knights of Malta and their Western military-industrial complex. This is now visible for all to see:


The Ukrainians have lost about 500,000 men, the equivalent to the entire British, French, German and Italian armies combined. The West has now run out of weapons and ammunition.  


The German Armed Forces can only last a maximum of two days in a battle says said Johann Wadephul, German deputy of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party.

基督教民主联盟(CDU)的德国代表约翰 · 瓦德福(Johann Wadephul)说,德国武装部队在战斗中最多只能坚持两天。

French Generals say the same is true of their army.  



This is also true of the US armed forces. The Defense Department has ordered an additional aircraft carrier strike group, air defenses, fighter jets and hundreds of troops to the Middle East. The problem: …the Pentagon has no money to pay for the buildup. Colonel Douglas MacGregor has repeatedly pointed out the US military is now unable to properly wage war.

美国军队也是如此。美国国防部已下令向中东地区增派航空母舰打击群、防空、战斗机和数百名士兵。问题是: ... 五角大楼没有钱来支付建设费用。道格拉斯 · 麦格雷戈上校一再指出,美国军队现在无法正确地发动战争。

This is because the US government has no money. To understand just how bankrupt the US is, take a look at the following charts. The first one shows US banks are insolvent. If they didn’t cook their books, most of them, especially the big ones, would have to declare bankruptcy immediately,


The second shows the US Treasury Department is bankrupt. Treasury prices have fallen by 50% because the Chinese and Japanese are now ready to finally pull the plug on the US Corporation. A decade ago they held more than 22% of U.S. government bonds; today it’s 7% so their exposure has been minimized.

第二个例子表明,美国财政部已经破产。美国国债价格已经下跌了50% ,因为中国和日本现在已经准备好终止对美国公司的援助。10年前,他们持有超过22% 的美国政府债券; 如今这一比例为7% ,因此他们的风险敞口已被最小化。

本杰明 |2023年12月4日: 美国总统、教皇、英国国王和日本天皇都将倒台 本杰明 |2023年12月4日: 美国总统、教皇、英国国王和日本天皇都将倒台 本杰明 |2023年12月4日: 美国总统、教皇、英国国王和日本天皇都将倒台

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US homeowners are in trouble too. Pending home sales in October dropped to the lowest level since the National Association of Realtors began tracking them in 2001. In a sign the rich are the only ones who benefit from the current system, only sales of homes priced above $750,000 have been increasing. The graph below shows US home prices have to fall to half their current price to reach their historical average.


本杰明 |2023年12月4日: 美国总统、教皇、英国国王和日本天皇都将倒台

The loss of home equity will further impoverish Americans who have already lost more than half their real purchasing power since 2008 as the graph above shows.


The lack of money means that the current regimes of most Western countries are no longer taken seriously by the rest of the world. Germany is a typical example.


“The Germans are laughed at by the whole world because they lack sovereignty,” says Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said this when German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier was snubbed at the airport after landing on an official state visit to Qatar.

“德国人被全世界嘲笑,因为他们缺乏主权,”俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔•普京(Vladimir Putin)表示。当德国总统弗兰克-瓦尔特·施泰因迈尔在对卡塔尔进行正式国事访问后在机场受到冷落时,他这样说道。

本杰明 |2023年12月4日: 美国总统、教皇、英国国王和日本天皇都将倒台

History shows that bankruptcy leads to regime change. So expect Biden, the fake pope with a rubber mask, Emmanuelle Macron de Rothschild and many others to go.

历史表明,破产会导致政权更迭。因此,预计拜登、戴着橡胶面具的假教皇、埃马纽埃尔•马克龙•德•罗斯柴尔德(Emmanuelle Macron de Rothschild)以及其他许多人会离开。

The first will likely be Ukrainian Rothschild puppet leader Vladimir Zelensky. Russian FSB sources say they have discovered that the plan is to fake Zelensky’s death, blame him on Russia and then replace him with General Valery Zaluzhnyi.


本杰明 |2023年12月4日: 美国总统、教皇、英国国王和日本天皇都将倒台

As the video below shows, a campaign has already begun in the media to turn him from hero into villain and prepare the ground.


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However, instead of talking about celebrity bribes, it would be nice if they talked about the mass murder of Ukrainians for which he is responsible.


Whatever the case, the Ukrainian state itself may not survive. It is now being blocked by Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary because cheap Ukrainian grain is driving their entire agricultural sector into ruin.


Slovak truck drivers have joined their Polish colleagues and blocked the country’s main border crossing with Ukraine.


Meanwhile, Ukrainian truck drivers who have been waiting for more than two weeks to cross the Polish-Ukrainian border at the Korczowa-Krakowiec border crossing have announced that they will go on hunger strike.

与此同时,在 Korczowa-Krakowiec 边境等待了两周多才越过波兰-乌克兰边境的乌克兰卡车司机宣布,他们将进行绝食抗议。


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán… is now on the verge of finally pushing the bloc over the abyss. “We are heading for a major crisis,” said an EU official,

匈牙利总理维克多・欧尔班... 现在正处于最终将欧盟推向深渊的边缘。“我们正走向一场重大危机,”一位欧盟官员表示,


This situation arose because the EU and the US said there should be no trade with Russia, the BRICS countries and China, according to the FSB sources. “This forces Ukrainian farmers to sell their products in the EU, which means that most EU farmers will not survive this competition. The only way to end this crisis is to conclude a peace agreement so that the grain can flow east and south again,” said the FSB.


Things are also coming to a head in Israel. Last week, the heads of the CIA and Mossad met with Qatari Prime Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani and Egyptian officials to ask Qatar to continue financial support for Hamas.

以色列的局势也到了紧要关头。上周,中央情报局和摩萨德的负责人会见了卡塔尔首相穆罕默德 · 本 · 阿卜杜勒拉赫曼 · 阿勒萨尼和埃及官员,要求卡塔尔继续向哈马斯提供财政支持。

https://www.haaretz.com/middle-east-news/2020-02-24/ty-article/.premium/netanyahu-israel-mossad-chief-doha-qatar-continue-hamas-gaza-money-transfer /0000017f-ded8-d856-a37f-ffd88a960000

Why would the head of Mossad ask for help for Hamas, you ask?


French journalist Thierry Meyssan explains it:

法国记者蒂埃里•梅桑(Thierry Meyssan)解释道:

Far from being enemies, Hamas and Benjamin Netanyahu are pulling together without regard for the lives of Palestinians or Israelis.


The Muslim Brotherhood is a secret political organization organized by British secret services along the lines of the United Grand Lodge of England [2]. It was gradually taken over by the CIA until it was finally represented on the US National Security Council.


The entire Hamas-Israel operation is run by Americans, perhaps under the leadership of the Straussian Eliott Abrams [1] and his Vandenberg Coalition (think tank, the successor to the Project for a New American Century).

哈马斯和以色列的整个行动都是由美国人管理的,也许是在斯特劳斯 · 艾略特 · 艾布拉姆斯(Straussian Eliott Abrams)和他的范登堡联盟(智囊团,新美国世纪计划的继承者)的领导下。


According to British intelligence, it was the Germans who founded the Muslim Brotherhood after World War I to disrupt the British and French colonial governments in the Middle East. After World War II, it was taken over by the Gestapo (George Bush DVD), a division of the CIA.

根据英国情报,是德国人在第一次世界大战后建立了这个穆斯林兄弟会来扰乱英国和法国在中东的殖民政府。第二次世界大战后,它被盖世太保(乔治布什 DVD)接管,中央情报局的一个部门。

So the CIA and the Mossad were in Qatar and said, “Give us money or we will kill hostages.” The answer was: “No, we will not allow ourselves to be blackmailed. You will have to expect war crimes trials. The war criminal Netanyahu will probably go down with guns blazing rather than be hanged. But he will go down, that’s for sure .

所以中情局和摩萨德在卡塔尔说“给我们钱,不然我们就杀了人质”答案是: “不,我们不会允许自己被敲诈。你将不得不期待战争罪的审判。战争罪犯内塔尼亚胡可能不会被绞死,而是带着枪口下台。但他一定会倒下的,这是肯定的。

Meanwhile, his overlords, the Rothschilds, are trying to put on a good face. Lynn de Rothschild recently appeared on television and promised:

与此同时,他的领主,罗斯柴尔德家族,正努力摆出一副好脸色。林恩•德•罗斯柴尔德(Lynn de Rothschild)最近在电视上承诺:

AI will change everything for better or for worse. Why don’t we ask ourselves how AI can help us address the structural flaws in our economic system, how AI can make our economy work for everyone, and how AI can help create a society that is not about us and she leaves? I call for a joint public and private sector declaration on the common good. We need to think about our fundamental social contract with society. It’s about fundamental reform of the economy. 



They also appear to be using AI to control the media and politics for themselves.


Sports Illustrated was caught using AI-generated journalists who “wrote” AI-generated articles and then freaked out and deleted the evidence after one of their web developers cut them off.



Now there are reports that California “Governor” Gavin Newsom could be an AI-controlled humanoid robot.


Tucker Carlson says, “His palms don’t sweat. His breathing doesn’t increase. His body temperature doesn’t change. With Newsom, nothing changes when he lies to your face. And there aren’t many people like that.”

Tucker Carlson 说,他的手掌不会出汗。他的呼吸没有增加。他的体温没有变化。对 Newsom 来说,他当着你的面撒谎,什么都改变不了。这样的人并不多。”

Meanwhile, John Rappoport reports in his paid blog:

与此同时,约翰•拉波波特(John Rappoport)在他的付费博客中写道:

“While defending his policy of moving violent male prisoners posing as women to women’s prisons in California, Gov. Gavin Newsom suddenly blurted out, ‘I don’t exist. I am an AI programmed by the Disney Corporation.’ “

加州州长加文•纽森(Gavin Newsom)在为自己的政策辩护时,突然脱口而出: “我不存在。我是迪士尼公司编写的人工智能程序。“

The broadcasters temporarily interrupted the live broadcast.


This is the same Newsom who got homeless people taken off the streets so their organs could be harvested and sold. Our source in the special forces tells us that they found hundreds (and not thousands, as we previously reported) of corpses of homeless people who were dismembered and whose organs were removed. It seems that an AI has decided that it is logical to turn “unproductive” homeless people into profitable meat and organ products.

就是这个纽森把无家可归的人从街上带走这样他们的器官就可以被摘取和出售。我们在特种部队的消息来源告诉我们,他们发现了数百具无家可归者的尸体(而不是我们先前报道的数千具) ,他们被肢解,器官被移除。似乎人工智能已经决定,将“无生产力”的无家可归者转变为有利可图的肉类和器官产品是合乎逻辑的。

The KM also use another likely AI, Joe Biden, to threaten:

KM还利用另一个可能的人工智能——乔•拜登(Joe Biden)来威胁:

“See, my navy has a code to blow up the world”.


So be skeptical when the Rothschilds say, “We’re going to use AI to be nice now, so please don’t kill us.”

因此,当罗斯柴尔德家族说: “我们现在要用人工智能来表示友好,所以请不要杀死我们。”

They should have said that before they tried to kill us. The war crimes trials will begin soon. Mass murderer Anthony Fauci was forced to testify before Congress about the US response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the origins of the virus in China.


Perhaps he should be asked about his earlier statement about HIV, which was: “You take an infectious agent and introduce it into a population.”

也许我们应该问问他早些时候关于艾滋病毒的说法,那就是: “你采取一种病原体,把它带入人群。”

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In addition, it turns out that the new so-called “epidemic” of Mycoplasma pneumoniae, also known as “white lung syndrome”, is caused by the Covid vaccines, as Pfizer itself announced. Read page 37 of the Pfizer Adverse Events Report.


本杰明 |2023年12月4日: 美国总统、教皇、英国国王和日本天皇都将倒台

本杰明 |2023年12月4日: 美国总统、教皇、英国国王和日本天皇都将倒台

The other thing they have to testify about is the systematic mass murder of children to obtain adrenochrome.


The latest evidence of this is that Turkish news agencies report that during the transport of 50,000 Yemeni Jews to Israel in 1949-50, 5,000 babies were forcibly separated immediately after birth from their mothers, who were later told without further information that theirs children died.



The KM are not only mass murderers, but also incompetent economic managers. Your attempt to force everyone to switch to electric cars is a glaring example. A new report from Consumer Reports has found that electric vehicles have nearly 80% more problems and are “generally less reliable” than cars with traditional internal combustion engines.

KM不仅是大屠杀的凶手,也是无能的经济管理者。你试图强迫每个人都转用电动汽车就是一个明显的例子。《消费者报告》(Consumer Reports)的一份新报告发现,电动汽车的问题比传统内燃机汽车多近80% ,而且“通常不那么可靠”。

A group of 4,000 US car dealers warned in a letter that “demand for electric vehicles today cannot keep up with the large influx of BEVs into our dealers… even with deep price cuts, manufacturer incentives and generous government incentives. Buyers are finding them too expensive to maintain, don’t have easy access to charging stations, are concerned about losing range in cold or hot weather, have long daily commutes and don’t have time to charge the battery. And so on. Truck buyers are primarily driven by the dramatic loss of range deterred.

一个由 4000 家美国汽车经销商组成的团体在一封信中警告说:"即使大幅降价、制造商提供奖励和政府提供慷慨的激励措施......如今对电动汽车的需求也无法跟上大量涌入我们经销商的 BEV。购车者发现,电动汽车的维护成本过高,没有方便的充电站,担心在寒冷或炎热的天气下会失去续航能力,每天的通勤时间过长,没有时间给电池充电。等等。卡车买家主要是受到续航里程大幅减少的影响。


No wonder Ford plans to cancel or postpone $12 billion in investments in electric vehicles. It’s only a matter of time before Tesla makes a similar announcement. How about switching to hydrogen, Mr. Musk?

难怪福特公司计划取消或推迟 120 亿美元的电动汽车投资。特斯拉迟早也会宣布类似的消息。改用氢燃料怎么样,马斯克先生?

本杰明 |2023年12月4日: 美国总统、教皇、英国国王和日本天皇都将倒台

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