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I believe the Alliance set up the Deep State to hang themselves publicly before the DECLAS release.It is clear from the impeachment hearing that the Alliance is in full control of the narrative.The Alliance wants the public to see the pathetic state of the Deep State for themselves before-BOOM!


There is plenty of evidence of good news for those with ears to hear and eyes to see.Check out this Epoch Times headline


'Trump Hopeful that a Trade Deal with China Will Come Soon,likely"Greatest Deal Ever"'.


Many currency holders are aware that'trade deals'is code for the RV/GCR.The term'Greatest Deal Ever'has all the promise of liberation for humanity.


Then there is this tweet about President Trump and the Fed-scroll down...


Sierra(NZ)|即将到来的 DECLAS

'...What if Trump controls the Fed now and interest rates gently turn NEGATIVE over time and this is how[they-Deep State]pay back all the trillions without destroying the economies...?'

"......如果特朗普现在控制着美联储,随着时间的推移,利率缓慢地转为负值,这就是(他们——深州[Deep State])在不破坏经济的情况下偿还所有数万亿美元的办法......"

President Trump has promised trillions of dollars to fix the USA infrastructure-he already knows where that money is coming from.It will come from the destruction of the Fed:'Gold will end the Fed'.Also he signed an Executive Order to seize the assets of convicted sex traffickers.Epstein's massive wealth is probably being seized right now.Many high-profile satanists will lose their obscene wealth in months to come.


And,of course,there is unlimited wealth about to be released to liberate humanity via the RV/GCR.


Finally,an uplifting message from Patriot Intel Report.Phoenix discusses the energies,including Saturn going Direct on 18th September.This is the BIG planet of karmic retribution and balancing.It will have a huge influence on Deep State arrests between now and January 2020...


Meanwhile,you may have tossed in some curly last minute lessons to fill in time before RV/GCR.Three weeks ago I fell and badly sprained my wrist.I have been learning about physical pain,and patience.For instance,I couldn't type.I am now much better-but questioning my decision on a soul level about creating such a distraction!


God bless you all.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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