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Do you know what I find really amusing?


It's to see the Satanic Cabal constantly coming with new rules that are increasingly aberrant in the hope of winning at a game they have purposely rigged,and then lose the game anyway.


They asked the Brexit question to the British people and when the answer was not satisfying,they decided to replicate the French play that essentially imposed the European Constitution despite the fact that the French people rejected it in 2005.


Same thing in Israel.Bibi won the April 2019 elections but they plotted,paralyzed the system and found a way to call for a second election that is actually happening today.


As you can see,the democracy they sell you only works if it works for them.


Let's talk about it.


The divine model of governance that we find described in Holy Books is based on the divine election of the king who selects his assistants among the most righteous in the kingdom.


One of the main advantages of this model is to ensure that society is governed by the best of it and that its evil,even if carried by a large number,remains manageable.


To reverse this,Satan figured:"I should find a way to get the large number to rule and overthrow goodness and justice".That's how he sold us democracy which essentially says that to determine the trajectory of our society,your voice or mine have the same weight as the voice of the Satanist,the child abuser or the rapist.


Then,to easily control this majority he manipulated like cattle to overthrow the kings,Satan taught them representative democracy.This brilliant scheme allowed him to focus his controlling efforts on a few hundred people to lead several millions.


This process is presented to us at school with all the poetry required to keep us asleep and to have us repeat specific mantras in case we are about to wake up.


For example,this is how we are taught to believe that the 1789 French revolution that led to the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen was a blessing for humanity when in fact it was the final victory of Freemasonry over the remnants of a Church that it had attacked,infiltrated,divided and rebranded over the past centuries.Do you see the trick here?They"declare"rights that you already have from God to make you accept the idea that they are God-like.Yes,the ultimate purpose of those behind Big Government is to replace God and be worshiped in his place behind layers of deception,regulations and food stamps.


This way of thinking is ancient.It climaxed with Pharaoh who,after having successfully enslaved Israel,openly said:"I'm God".That was game over.Moses was sent and,with a staff,he took down the most powerful kingdom on earth.How?By playing their own game,under their own rules and beating them at it.Brexit.Bibi.Moses'victory over Pharaoh's magicians was just the start of a long lesson illustrated by the Plagues.Each plague inflicted to Egypt was attacking a particular pillar of their metaphysics until Moses reached the very foundation of the throne.


Do you now see why they want your guns?


Moses defeated them because he had his spiritual weapons and knew how to use them.


If they disarm you in the flesh,it's because they have already disarmed you in the spirit.Taking your guns is the material projection of the spiritual process consisting of blinding you about the spiritual realm and how it works.


If you know how to really read Scriptures and understand Israel is you and me in our struggle to free ourselves from the Egyptian satanic oppression and to reach the Promised Land of our spiritual perfection,you will realize how critical it is for you to really learn and fight.




The power and the secrets hidden in this drop are the reason they really hate Q.They know that if mankind understands this fight we are engaged in is about our spiritual progress as individuals for the spiritual progress of humanity,it's game over.We win.There would be no need for them to wait for another election cycle because humanity will have understood the stakes and irreversibly embarked on the path of its spiritual resurrection.


So you thought the Maestro saying he was the"Chosen One"was a joke?It was and it was not.He gave you many clues to figure out what this Conversation is all about.Will you find them?What do you think FLOTUS really means with her initiative called BE BEST?Do you see she is talking to you?This BE BEST is the Promised Land of your spiritual perfection,the Eden you need to return to,BE the BEST you can by being your real self and freeing your soul from the deceptive and oppressive Egyptian mirages.BE BEST and meet yourself,your beautiful soul.Look:Img1





Deliver yourself from the plot of your brothers, that is, from the negative emanations of your soul that you believe to be you and know Joseph: your beautiful soul.
You will then regain the sight that allows you to see the Holy Spirit in all things and, if you gofurther, you will heal those who are spiritually blind.



把你自己从你的兄弟们的阴谋中拯救出来,也就是说,从你的灵魂的负面放射中拯救出来,你相信那就是你,并且认识约瑟: 你美丽的灵魂。


As you can see,FLOTUS is telling you the story of Joseph is about you.All the stories in Holy Books are about you and your spiritual journey back to the spiritual perfection you received from the Father God,the Creator of all things.Hasn't the time arrived to really learn?


The Maestro often shares how Scriptures apply to his situation.Did you catch the latest summary?He coded it in 8 tweets posted on September 12 2019.For your training,try to solve the sequence before reading the solution:Img2


To solve this riddle,the key was to understand the second tweet posted as the Maestro was entering Baltimore.The first clue was the South St sign above the motorcade that had to be decoded in conjunction with the capital letters HB.Then,we had to remember our Bible and the story of Prophet Elijah and King Ahab.If you don't know the story,here is avideo rendition:

要解开这个谜团,关键是要理解大师进入巴尔的摩时发布的第二条推文。第一条线索是车队上方的南街标志,这个标志必须与大写字母 HB 一起解码。然后,我们必须记住我们的圣经和先知以利亚和亚哈王的故事。如果你不知道这个故事,这里有一个视频演示:

With this information,you are equipped to go through the decode of the tweet posted as the motorcade was entering Baltimore:Img3





Elijah vs Ahab is an other instance of the cyclical opposition between the Prophets of lsrael and kings of this world.
We are informed in particular of the correlation between the economy and the religious ' signature' ofhuman society: the worship of Baal causes the drought and the worship of the True God of lsrael brings back the rain. Time to close your interest account?
The Chariot and Elijah's disciple are hints about the rules of spiritual initiation and heritage and how the Torch of Spiritual Leadership is silently but surely passed on from generation to generation.




我们特别了解到经济与人类社会的宗教“标志”之间的关系: 对巴力的崇拜导致了干旱,对以色列真神的崇拜带回了雨水。 是时候结清你的利息帐户了吗?


Now that the cult of Baal is unveiled,if we notice that'timor'comes from the Latin root'timeo',which means fear or reverence,we deduce Baltimore represents in our riddle the place where Baal is feared and worshiped.This is a hint there is more specific information available about the Cult of Baal.I found it coded in tweets connecting low IQ Crazy Mika,Psycho Joe and King Elijah.Read very carefully:Img4




The Cult of Baal consists of marrying' or connecting with evil spirits through rituals and allowing them to take over the human psyche and biology. Since these spirnits are unclean, mostly stupid and highly deranged because of their rebellion against God and their relation to Satan, until the possessing spirit is ordered to COME OUT, the host ends up with a an altered physiology causing gender awareness perturbations, lower IQ and unstable psychology. The host still has a human form for the human eye but is invaded and metaphysically controlled like the horseman controls his horse.
Individuals following this cult cannot marry in the flesh without verifying compatibility between their respective invisible controllers. TESTS are performed by magicians on their names and the name formed by the couple to make sure the false divinities they worship are satisfied.
Q1537 Troling is fun!Q Yes Q! It's confirmed by non other than Prophet Elijah, who trolled the Prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18:27-28.



太阳神崇拜包括通过宗教仪式与邪恶的灵魂结婚,并允许他们接管人类的灵魂和生物。 因为这些灵魂是肮脏的,大部分是愚蠢的,高度疯狂的,因为他们对上帝的反叛,以及他们与撒旦的关系,直到占有的灵魂被命令出来,宿主最终会改变生理机能,导致性别意识的混乱,低智商和不稳定的心理。 宿主在人眼中仍然有一个人类形体,但是被入侵并形而上地控制,就像骑士控制他的马一样。

追随这个邪教的个人在没有验证他们各自的隐形控制者之间的兼容性之前不能在肉体中结婚。 魔术师对他们的名字和由夫妇组成的名字进行测试,以确保他们所崇拜的虚假神灵得到满足。

Q1537 Troling 是有趣的! 除了先知以利亚之外,其他人也证实了这一点,他在《列王记上》18:27-28中抨击了巴力的先知。

In addition to what is already mentioned,the story of Prophet Elijah contains explosive information for those who can read between the lines.Did you notice that at the end he killed the Prophets of Baal?Why?Because when a certain limit of disbelief and violence against mankind is reached,the declaration of death is the only remedy to preserve society.


What would be your ruling for a Satanist for whom raping children and eating them is part of his ritual checklist?


The idea of mercilessly eliminating them is not exclusive to the Old Testament,the Muslim's Quran also advocates for the same thing here:


4:76 So fight against the allies of Satan.Indeed,the plot of Satan has ever been weak.


and Jesus Christ said:


"Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth.I did not come to bring peace,but a sword."Matthew 10:34


Can you hear those who say:SB2!Aren't we supposed to Love,give the other cheek and believe that the entire world is pink?Answer:loving your child is about killing the snake that wants to bite him.


Satan is very aware of this ruling present in all Abrahamic religions and,to protect his troops,he attacked it in various ways.One way is to cause division by making you think the Muslim version of the ruling is targeting Jews or Christians when it clearly targets Satanists.What's the proof?Answer:centuries of peaceful coexistence between Jews,Christians and Muslims in the Middle East until Satan's Clowns created ISIS to destroy the churches and synagogues that were there to prove the very point I am making!

撒旦非常清楚这种统治存在于所有的亚伯拉罕诸教,为了保护他的军队,他用各种方式进攻它。一种方法是让你认为穆斯林版本的裁决针对的是犹太人或基督徒,而它显然是针对撒旦教徒的,从而造成分歧。证据是什么?答案:中东地区的犹太人、基督徒和穆斯林之间长达几个世纪的和平共处,直到撒旦的小丑创造了 ISIS 来摧毁那里的教堂和犹太教会堂,而这些正是我要证明的观点!

Do you see the trick?


Let me tell you what Satan's biggest fear is.It's when all the followers of the Prophets of Israel,the followers of Jesus Christ and the followers of Muhammad realize they all worship the same God that Elijah prayed to and unite to fight all those who resemble the Prophets of Baal.This is the true message behind POTUS entering Baltimore.And here is the proof-from Scriptures-that the God worshiped by Israel,the God worshiped by Jesus Christ and the God worshiped by Muhammad is one and the same God:Img5


Why has Satan invested so much energy throughout the centuries to bury this amazing truth?The answer is simple:he needs to protect his assets on the ground who benefit from the system just like the prophets of Baal benefited from Ahab's system and the magicians of Egypt benefited from Pharaoh's system.The Maestro revealed that this is still happening.To see it,the trick was to know some painting and notice that he specified he was in an'oval shaped office'when tweeting about Baltimore and King Elijah:Img6




The Maestro pulls the oval from Tintoretto "Elijah Fed by the Angel"to emphasize the difference between those who are motivated by God's Satisfaction in their service, receive their compensation from God and sleep with a clean conscious and those who, like Baltimorean rats, wait until the owner of the house is asleep to eat whatever they can grab.
Baltimore illustrates perfectly how politicians, like magicians of the past, enrich themselves tothe detriment of the people they claim to serve and how public funds are depleted with no accountability or oversight, replicating practices that are only seen in a few third world countries.
The system is simple: the Fake News is in the pocket of the politicians and the politicians are in the pocket of the donors who prey on our tax money we entrusted the politicians to manage.
Loop closed. Organized silence. Soundproof walls. The Party may begin. It's a Rat Party and you are not invited.
This scheme is perpetuated throughout the centuries by ancient illuminati bloodlines and is cyclically interruptedby the Judgment Day that, in the case of Elijah, is represented by the killing of the prophets of Baal.
Judgment Day marks the victory of the divine armies and beginning of a new cycle.





这个系统很简单: 假新闻在政客的口袋里,而政客则在捐赠者的口袋里,他们掠夺我们委托政客管理的税款。

环路关闭。 有组织的沉默。 隔音墙。 派对可以开始了。 这是老鼠聚会,你没有被邀请。



As you can see,Judgment Day is today.It's when the Satanic system of your era is defeated.Take the time to really understand what I have just said.Pray about it and look how the Maestro confirmed it with a powerful keyword:Img7




Blessed are those with faith, spiritual insight and who have studied Scriptures to recognize the Signs.
Blessed are those who will not be surprised, act upon their knowledge, repent and prepare themselves for the End Days, the arrival of the Messiah and his works.
Blessed are those who found the way to break the chains of their Egyptian bondage and be recognized as a true Child of Israel on his way to the Promised Land.
A New Day is coming for Earth. Freedom. Rejoice.








The Maestro removes the word king' used in other tweets about Elijah to suggest that the issue addressed here has more ' gravity. This gravity is confirmed by the capital letters leading to PLANET and informs us the issue is global.
The keyword ' robbed' is connected to the return of the Messiah compared in several verses of the Bible to the break in of a thief.
The timestamp pulls Q658 where we read FREEDOM DAY and FREEDOM_. The underscore is a hint the DAY is about connecting M to D.M stands for Messiah and D=4 stands for the 4 elements or the planet.






This laser focus on the Baltimore tweet now allows us to"see"the other pieces of the puzzle and solve the riddle:Img8


This Journey announced by FLOTUS in the beginning of this article is happening globally.If you want to be part of it and not be surprised by what will come like a Thief,start with yourself.Today.Reach your beautiful soul,destroy the idols in your heart,fight your franchise of Satan and repent.The Truth will recognize you and let you enter the Ark.


Q918 Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.Q



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