2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球

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 October 5, 2022 2022年10月5日

2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球

Big news came out via Brian Cates later in the afternoon my time on Tuesday: Link to Telegram.

周二下午晚些时候,通过布莱恩 · 凯茨(Brian Cates)传出了一条重大消息: 链接到电报。

This is vindication for True the Vote team of Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips.

这证明了凯瑟琳 · 恩格尔布莱希特和格雷格 · 菲利普斯组成的投票小组的正确性。

BREAKING Konnech CEO, the company at the tip of the spear in TrueTheVotes PIT last August, is ARRESTED in Los Angeles for Theft of Personal Data!

去年八月,在 TrueTheVotes PIT,处于矛尖上的公司“突破 Konnech”的首席执行官因盗窃个人数据在洛杉矶被捕!

Catherine and Gregg were right. WELL DONE!!! And a HUGE Shoutout to t.me/KaneKoa for his incredibly deep research on this!!

凯瑟琳和格雷格是正确的。做得好! ! ! 还有一个巨大的呼喊给 t.me/KaneKoa,因为他对此做了令人难以置信的深入研究! !

NY Times literally JUST wrote an article about this company and called us all conspiracy theorists. Like, TODAY.


Are we now seeing the results of LEOs acting on the sealed indictments? What is the count now?

我们现在看到执法人员对密封起诉书采取行动的结果了吗? 现在的计数是多少?

FBI Conceals Chinese Infiltration of U.S. Election Software】


And here’s another “ooops”. Must have miscounted, misspoke, misremembered… we’ve heard it all.  Link to Telegram.

这里还有一个“哎呀”。一定是数错了,说错了,记错了... ... 我们都听到了。链接到电报。

CNN & MSNBC be like CNN 和 MSNBC 就像2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球

2020 Census Overcounted Democratic States, Undercounted GOP States, Affecting Number of Congressional Seats Certain States Were Allotted (https://www.forbes.com/sites/steveforbes/2022/09/29/2020-census-overcounted-democratic-states-undercounted-gop-states/?sh=734accdd1e40)

2020年人口普查: 民主党多算州,共和党少算州,影响某些州的国会席位分配( https://www.forbes.com/sites/steveforbes/2022/09/29/2020-Census-Overcounted-Democratic-States-Undercounted-GOP-States/?sh=734accdd1e40)

the 2020 census looks to be one of the worst ever. It vastly overcounted the populations of certain states, mostly Democratic ones, and significantly undercounted other states, mostly Republican ones. Texas, for instance, may have had as many as 985,000 more people than the official count. New York, by contrast, received as many as 1 million extra people.


Texas & Florida should each have received an additional seat in the House. Rhode Island & Minnesota should each have lost a congressional seat—but didn’t. Colorado was given an additional seat it didn’t deserve.


Here’s more from Forbes magazine.


2020 Census Overcounted Democratic States, Undercounted GOP States


Q said they were saving Israel for last. Does this mean we’re nearing the end?

Q 说他们把以色列留到最后,这是否意味着我们已经接近尾声?

2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球

And this just in: dropping like flies. Link to Telegram.


JUST IN – Former Israel’s PM Netanyahu rushed to hospital after reportedly feeling chest pain


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Also in Is-Ra-El… Link to Telegram.

也在伊斯拉艾尔... 链接到电报。

23.01.22 – Earthquake in Israel!


there have been 3 of them in Israel and Palestine!


not only Jerusalem is completely riddled with tunnels and DUMBS, but almost the whole country……

不仅耶路撒冷到处都是隧道和垃圾,而且几乎整个国家... ..。

interesting the quake is exactly on the border to Jordan, 有趣的是,地震正好发生在约旦边境,
depth: 10 km! Underground border traffic 深度: 10公里! 地下边境交通

NAZI = ZIONIST = SATANIST 纳粹 = 犹太复国主义者 = 撒旦主义者

2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球ISRAEL 以色列2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球 was the CAPITOL FOR ORGAN AND CHILD SEX TRAFFIC 是器官和儿童性交易的中心
—>>> ー > > >

Did you watch the videos Ben Fulford included in his Monday update—the ones of the 150K Jews celebrating the sacrifice of a child to their effigy of a bull? If you didn’t, you should have. It’s difficult to win a war if you don’t know who your enemies are.

你看了本 · 富尔福德周一更新的视频了吗? 那是15万犹太人庆祝一个孩子被献祭给他们的公牛雕像的视频?如果你没有,你应该告诉我的。如果你不知道敌人是谁,就很难赢得战争。

Yesterday’s We the People update includes some of that footage in the opening moments. Check it out.



2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球

We understand Elon Musk is going through with the acquisition of the Twitter platform. The crew shared these possible repercussions. Link to Telegram.

我们知道 Elon Musk 正在准备收购 Twitter 平台。船员们分担了这些可能的后果。链接到电报。

If Elon buys Twitter, he’d own EVERY piece of intellectual property that goes with it.

如果埃隆收购 Twitter,他将拥有与之相关的所有知识产权。

Including the Data Servers. 包括数据服务器
Where are those data servers? 那些数据服务器在哪?
What happens if they’re located at the CIA HQ in Langley? 如果他们被发现在中情局总部呢?

Interwoven 相互交织2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球 into those very servers, would be EVERY piece of intelligence from every CIA / FBI / DoD station around the world 这些服务器里的每一份情报,都来自世界各地的中情局,联邦调查局,国防部

If Elon owned the servers, that’s hard, legally obtained data to be used in military court.

如果服务器是 Elon 的,军事法庭很难使用合法获得的数据。

The bots Elon is exposing is just simply how these Twitter propagandists get paid to shill Fake News for the CIA. 埃隆揭露的机器人只不过是这些推特宣传人员为中情局提供假新闻赚钱的方式
Fake bot click on ads to get paid by the CIA via “3rd party.” 假机器人点击广告通过“第三方”获得中情局的报酬

Every Social Media / App that has “Log in with FB / Twitter” will likely be interwoven into the same servers

每一个社会化媒体/应用程序,有“登录与 FB/Twitter”将可能交织到相同的服务器

Elon wants the servers, ran out of the CIA. He’d have every single piece of CIA intelligence after that.

Elon 想要服务器,用完了中情局,之后中情局的所有情报都在他手上。

Big Tech would immediately fall – also would immediately implicate them in the coup d’etat against President Trump – being run directly out of & at the behest of the CIA. 大型科技公司会立即倒闭——也会立即牵连到反对特朗普总统的政变——在中央情报局(CIA)的要求下被直接踢出局
They can’t allow this to happen. 他们不能让这种事发生


2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球

When have we ever heard such bizarre things happening? We saw a man at Queenie’s funeral toppled in a dead faint next to her casket, and now we hear there was a death.


Royal Guard Found Dead in Barracks After Service at Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral


The crew linked to additional freaky behaviour from people who appear to see something, raise an arm, turn around, and then seem to collapse, spasm, and die. Greg Reese of Infowars has a video about it. We still don’t know why these particular people. Is it related to the “vaccines”, 5G, CERN…? Are demons involved? Watch this 4 minute video on Telegram from We the People News.

船员们还发现了一些奇怪的行为,这些人似乎看到了什么东西,举起手臂,转过身来,然后似乎就倒下了,痉挛了,死了。Infowars 的格雷格 · 里斯有一段关于它的视频。我们还是不知道为什么这些人。是否与“疫苗”,5G,CERN 有关?跟恶魔有关吗?观看这4分钟的视频电报从我们的人民新闻。

Who can explain the decision in the Great White Gulag to mandate the jab only for the military now that no one else has that being rammed down their throat?

谁能解释大白色古拉格(Great White Gulag)集中营决定只授权军方使用这种注射,因为现在已经没有其他人把这种注射强加到他们的喉咙里了?

This business of Hillary Clinton running for President in 2024 is utter nonsense. Why would Americans elect a 75-year-old witch as President when all she does is lie and laugh inappropriately? We are so thankful the house took her out in 2016.

希拉里•克林顿(Hillary Clinton)在2024年竞选总统这件事完全是无稽之谈。为什么美国人会选一个75岁的老巫婆当总统,而她所做的一切都是谎言和不适当的笑声?我们非常感激2016年房子带她出去了。

2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球

We see this guy is posting about the Podesta brothers on Twitter. We understand the brothers have been dealt with… some time ago.

我们看到这个人在推特上发布关于波德斯塔兄弟的消息。我们知道这两兄弟已经被处理了... 一段时间以前。


Their personal art collections spoke volumes. Why do the “elite” have such odd taste in “art”? Because they are pedophiles and pedovores. Freaks. Monsters. Liz Crokin knows.

他们的个人艺术收藏意味深长。为什么“精英”对“艺术”的品味如此古怪?因为他们是恋童癖和恋童癖。怪胎。怪物。Liz Crokin 知道。

2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球


In Florida, it seems the biggest threat now is the illegal aliens. Despicable, ungrateful opportunists. They don’t care about America or Americans; only themselves.


DeSantis tells it like it is. 德桑蒂斯说得没错
3 out of 4 people arrested for looting have been illegal aliens in the aftermath of the hurricane: 因抢劫而被捕的4人中,有3人是飓风过后的非法移民:

Here’s the true American spirit on full display.



In her October 3 update video, Rose of Yellow Rose for Texas explained some of the misleading language used to trick Humans and the spells it can cast. This article on Wake Up Kiwi gets into the misleading language, terminology and “word magic” a little more. Hopefully if people innerstand it better, they can avoid the traps. It’s a deep subject and serious research goes into the etymology of the English language created for us.


2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球

The Zombie-Like Lives Of Sheeple From Birth To Death


It doesn’t make sense that people who harm others can get away with their crimes simply using trickery and dishonesty. It certainly doesn’t bode well for justice but no one ever said life was fair. The twisted minds of the predators say that if they tell us what they are going to do and we don’t tell them to stop, then our free will chose it. That is their justice, but their trickery will no longer be tolerated and we are eliminating them permanently from our world.


They should understand that we told them we would do this. If they refuse to surrender then their free will has chosen that they perish.


This story is shocking and so wrong. How can energy companies get away with this?



I have witnessed our power supplier sending out their men to intimidate people when they wanted to switch our meter to a “smart meter” and had to shut off our power to do so, obviously. When you have home businesses, servers, etc. and are uploading or downloading data, you can’t interrupt so they asked and got testy when I said no, it’s not convenient today and threatened to charge another service call if they had to come back. New World Order thugs. Won’t they be shocked when they are out of business and Tesla energy takes over?


Next time you hear about the rising cost of energy, oil, gas, etc., remember what you learned in this video. Like everything else, it’s all a trick to get more money out of we, the serfs, to make the bloodline families rich. There is no shortage and we are far too gullible. 8 min. with Col. Prouty will set you straight. Damn straight. And check out the notes under the video on Themtube.

下次当你听到能源、石油、天然气等成本上涨的消息时,请记住你在这个视频中学到的东西。就像其他事情一样,这都是从我们这些农奴身上榨取更多钱财的把戏,让血统家族变得富有。没有短缺,我们太容易受骗了。8分钟。普劳迪上校会让你改邪归正。没错。看看 Themtube 视频下面的笔记。

Fletcher Prouty Explains Invention and Use of Term “Fossil Fuels”

Fletcher Prouty 解释术语“化石燃料”的发明和使用

2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球

You know, it’s really not funny.



China is a nightmare. Good Dog shared this horror story on Telegram.


[it’s no more ‘spoonful of medicine helps the medicine go down] [它不再是一勺药帮助药下去]

Their ESG scores are not allowing travel – and they are collecting ESG positive victims – never to be seen again. The people are screaming “are you gonna kill us all?”

他们的 ESG 分数不允许旅行,而且他们正在收集 ESG 阳性的受害者,从此再也看不到了。人们在尖叫“你要把我们都杀了吗?”

Tell me again how it’s about the “Science”?



We may be in the end stage of this war but there are a lot of loose ends to tie up yet. Everything is connected. The 2016 election, Seth Rich, Wikileaks, Julian Assange, the Awan brothers, Debbie Wasserman Schultz…

我们也许处于这场战争的最后阶段,但还有很多未了结的事情等着我们去解决。一切都是有联系的。2016年的选举,塞斯 · 里奇,维基解密,朱利安 · 阿桑奇,阿万兄弟,黛比·沃瑟曼·舒尔茨... ..。

2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球

New Court Order On Seth Rich FOIA Lawsuit. A majority of the citizens understand Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC for leaking their emails to Wikileaks. What happens when this case is reintroduced into the conciousness of the masses after they just discovered the FBI had field offices at the lawfirm representing Hillary Clinton & the DNC & orchestrating an illegal raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home to falsify evidence against him?

关于 Seth Rich FOIA 诉讼的新法院命令。大多数市民都知道 Seth Rich 是被民主党全国委员会谋杀的,因为他把自己的邮件泄露给了维基解密。当大众发现 FBI 在代表希拉里 · 克林顿(Hillary Clinton)和民主党全国委员会(DNC)的律师事务所设有外勤办事处,并策划了一场针对特朗普总统马阿拉歌庄园(Mar-a-Lago)的非法袭击,以伪造不利于他的证据之后,这个案子重新进入大众意识,会发生什么?

Did they pick up Debbie Wasserman Schultz yet? The Internet says she is going to run again in Florida. I don’t believe they’ll have her. She was involved in the murder of Seth Rich according to some reports, like this video from Sean at SGT Report.

他们找到黛比·沃瑟曼·舒尔茨了吗?网上说她将在佛罗里达州再次竞选。我不相信他们会抓住她。根据一些报道,她与 Seth Rich 的谋杀案有关,比如 SGT 报道的 Sean 的视频。

2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球

In fact, some say Seth Rich wasn’t mortally wounded by his attackers via the gunshot and was lucid and talking when he was transported to hospital. Shortly after he was admitted, as the story goes, Debbie Wasserman Schultz arrived to visit him and next thing we know, he was pronounced deceased.

事实上,有人说塞思 · 里奇并不是通过枪击杀害者袭击他的人的,当他被送往医院时,他神志清醒,还能说话。据说他入院后不久黛比·沃瑟曼·舒尔茨来看他接下来他就被宣布死亡了。

In the video above, we hear Jerome Corsi state that Q revealed Schultz called for the 187 on Rich. And what happened to Federal Prosecutor Whisenant who washed up on a beach in DWS district? There are plenty who covered these stories back in 2017, like this one because they didn’t buy the official narrative. I would hope that any appearance by DWS now may involve an actor or clone.

在上面的视频中,我们听到 Jerome Corsi 声称 Q 透露 Schultz 要求对 Rich 使用187。联邦检察官 Whisenant 被冲上 DWS 区的海滩后发生了什么?有很多人在2017年报道过这些故事,比如这个,因为他们不相信官方的说法。我希望 DWS 现在的任何出现都可能涉及到一个演员或克隆人。

2022年10月5日: 风暴前的通讯|星际飞船地球

Justin in regarding the Red October operation in play… Link to Telegram.

贾斯汀在关于红十月行动在发挥... 链接到电报。



The freaks and creeps and scary things are out early this year in New York City—robbing subway riders. Here’s an example of not only apathy, but “the bystander effect”. Or is it zombies?



On a happier tangent… Italians can run their vehicles on moo poo. Link to Telegram.


Italian farm making cheap fuel from cow waste.


On that note, we will close for today. We’re over the hump and what an interesting week it has been.  ~ BP

说到这里,我们今天就到此为止。我们渡过了难关,这周过得真有意思。~ BP

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