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Source:Dinar Chronicles

"People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it."


Greatness would never be found in possessions,power,position,or prestige.It would be discovered in goodness,humility,service and character.As we embarked on this opportunity to do good in the world,remember that you are a Child of God who was sent to this earth to perform a special mission and only you through consultation with your Father in Heaven who sent you here,could decide what that great mission would be.



Judy Note:Multiple sources report that our start in Tier 4b was set in stone and would be on Tues.9 June,although it could happen sooner since it was doubtful that there would be a need for Martial Law and a two week shutdown of the nation.


On Tues.night 2 June President Trump signed an agreement with Chairman Xi and President Putin that committed the RV teams to get the release and all payouts out from Mon.8 June onward next week.


In the next eleven days China would move forward no matter what to release this,while Trump was insisting that the deal has been cut.It's a done deal and he and the RV teams would release it now this weekend into Mon.-Tues.8,9 June.


If the Tier 4b start was on Tues.9 June we would have only six days to exchange/redeem.It was advised to make your appointment quickly and stay ready to go in next week.They hoped to process Zim holders in the first four days after release of the 800#s,while we would have six days to exchange/redeem at the Contract Rates,or until Sun.night 14 June.


It appeared that an expected Sat.6 June announcement about Mass Arrests including 3,000 of those believed connected to terrorists groups,would not trigger a need for Martial Law,nor a two week nationwide shutdown stay-at-home order.


By Mon.15 June the general public would be able to exchange at the new international rates,at which time the Zim Bond and certain currencies such as the Dinar,Dong and Rupiah would greatly lose value.Announcements of GESARA/NESARA and the gold/asset-backed US Note and Chinese Yuan also were expected on that same Mon.15 June.


A.Mon.June 5 2020@realDonaldTrump:https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1268922765198925829?s=20 President Trump said in a Press Conference today,"I may have to buy one of those things,drive around town.Maybe I'll drive back to New York with our First Lady in a trailer.What do they call that?An RV,an RV."



1.Trump,Xi and their teams were entering the final phase for the release.They had several teleconference call meetings over the last three days of Tues.-Thurs.2-4 June.


2.Xi was basically beyond-done and tired of Trump and the American delays due to Deep State cabal interference.They called Trump weak(for not using totalitarian iron-fisted tactics for which the Chinese govt was hated by many Chinese).They liked what Trump has done trying to drain the DC Deep State Swamp and moving the RV forward,but they considered him months behind schedule and too soft on American Deep State criminal obstructionists.


3.This week money has been moving to stage funds for liquidity release.On Thurs.4 June about$70 sextillion dollars in USN moved out of the global collateral accounts(Heritage Funds and Rodriguez Trust,St Germaine Trust)to global Central Banks for the global release.


4.On Thurs.4 June they wanted Paymasters to see money-of-account in their accounts so that they could get administrative procedures done to prepare to move money downstream to their payout recipient accounts–with verification of funds in USN.


5.As of Fri.5 June morning everyone behind the scenes were excited at progress being made by China and the US.Money was moving,things were progressing and everyone was relieved and happy that all things were going through the final patterns of verification.


6.The Department of Defense Security Teams report on Fri.5 June determined whether Trump would start things as early as Sat.6 June,or whether he needed to work with the DoD to declare Martial Law(invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807)to quell any more riots and violence in order to start everything Mon.-Tues.8,9 June.


7.Over the weekend there would be a one million person protest descending on DC.He asked that prayers lift up that agitators were arrested in DC and any other city before they could start any more violence,plus that protestors remain peaceful to that the Deep State could not delay the RV release beyond this Mon.into Tues.8,9 June.


8.In terms of Covid-19 pandemic international travel restrictions possibly interfering with global releases:some countries like Italy and certain cities like Las Vegas have begun opening up on Fri.5 June for Mon.8 June.Therefore most places should be ready for the release domestically and internationally.This was one of the main things Trump wanted–that the country largely be opened up and free of riots for the release and exchanges to start.


9.On Fri.5 June many higher level recipients received notices to take care of their pre-exchange and exchange procedures.


10.On Fri.5 June the National Guard deployment report was important to determine if Trump and the DoD Security teams believed the riots and Antifa agitator violence(as distinct from peaceful protesters)have been sufficiently quelled.


11.On Fri.5 June the MSM reported that overnight protests were mostly peaceful for a third straight night.If there was a spike in rioting,agitator looting and violence over the next 24-48 hours,then Trump and the DoD may need to invoke a greater level of martial law under a Insurrection Act of 1807(which Pres.Bush Sr last used in 1992 to send in National Guard and regular US military troops to Los Angeles to quell the Rodney King riots).


12.There would be a final release algorithm on Sat.morning 6 June at 3 am EDT and a final release algorithm Sun.midnight 7 June,then one that locked in all rates and procedures and then the banks would be updated as to final procedures to start everyone Mon.-Tues.8,9 June.


13.The current plan(subject to adjustment,but with a Tues.16 June drop-dead date pressure to complete)was that Sun.7 June at 8 pm EDT HSBC Hong Kong would update the banks&HSBC North America as to whether or not there was a security green light.


14.The green light would give instructions and security codes to Wells Fargo so they could disburse the 527,000+800#notification emails.If so,Tier 4b would be setting appointments on Mon.8 June for access and exchanges on Tues.9 June forward.


15.If all went as planned over the weekend,then on Mon 8 June the RV teams would be doing security checks for security risks,plus they would do final audits for liquidity release to all tiers by Tues.9 June.


16.They wanted all to be liquid on Tues.9 June because Chairman Xi and China had laid down the rule that if the US failed to release full payouts and exchanges by Mon.-Tues.8,9 June,or if that start delayed until Mon.15 June,then China would start their version of the RV and process everyone globally through Tier 4b starting Tues.16 June.


17.What we call Tiers 1-4(what the govt calls Levels 1-3)were going through final processing tFri.5 June and Sat.6 June for liquidity Mon.into Tues.8,9 June.Processing timing was dependent on when the UST ended a 72 hour hold on delivery of funds either Sat.6 June,or at some point over the weekend.


18.So all the RV teams(DoD,UST,White House,State Dept)were moving as fast as possible,trying to get everything synchronized for the global release and liquidity on Mon.into Tues.8,9 June.Much of this depended on how much was cleaned up,aligned,synchronized and staged for the release over this weekend Sat.-Sun.6,7 June.


19.Trump would not let the start of the release lapse so as China would start their version on Tues.16 June.Trump has already told the banks that they will be making people liquid starting next Mon–Tues.8,9 June.


20.Over Wed.and Thurs.3,4 June Trump,Xi and Putin agreed that Trump and the RV teams here have until midnight Mon 15 June to start the process.Otherwise China would start their version of the RV release on Tues.16 June.


21.Part of what was pushing things forward was new legal procedures tied to Common Law grounded in the organic(original)Constitution being implemented under GESARA/NESARA.That was why AG Barr made a public statement recently that Trump had to follow the letter of the law in all matters,implying the new rule of Common Law under the Restored Republic.


22.Department of Defense teams and US Treasury expect up to 5%of currency holders in Tier 4b would act for Deep State Cabal criminal cartels in trying to deceive exchange bankers to get exchange proceeds for criminal/terror purposes for Deep State organizations.


23.Homeland Security representatives present in exchanges/redemptions would be observing every currency holder's responses and would flag any signs of ties to Deep State cabal connections.


24.They would not let anyone do the Deep State's work by getting access to funds.So,every currency holder needed to be transparent,answer questions honestly,be cooperative and truthful so that the exchange/redemption would be a positive experience for you and all involved.


25.The good news was that money was moving domestically and internationally and we in Tier 4b were finally about to go in,exchange/redeem and be paid.Please keep prayers going up over DC and other cities this weekend.This was finally,finally the end of the journey.


C.65日星期五美国东部时间上午8:04弗莱明的军事情报:"Trump Signed the Agreement"-Fleming Intel Update 6-4-20

1.Multiple sources were saying that release has been kicked to Sun.7 June,including the Admiral going in some time Sun-Mon 7-8 June.


2.What has delayed us this past week was(1)quelling the riots and arresting instigators,(2)getting the last nine countries off of SWIFT and onto the Quantum Financial System,which would take until Sat.6 June.


3.As much as we hate Tier 4b being pushed out,Trump,Xi and Putin have finally come to an agreement.Trump has signed the agreement committing the RV teams to get the release and all payouts released from Mon.8 June on next week.


4.This was reported by Robert David Steele(CIA Whistleblower),whose White House Source said that Trump,Xi and Putin have just agreed on the GCR/RV release.It's a done deal and a go for next Mon.8 June to release all(google"#robertdavidsteele#NESARA Benjamin Fulford Unleashed!Gold Standard Currency Reset,Trump Announcement).See 1:44 min.and 3:45 min.marks.


5.Quelling the riots and arresting Antifa and Anti Christ criminal organizers has delayed our Tier 4b start several days over this past week.(Peaceful protests against white racism in this country was a just cause because of our country's poor record on how African Americans have been discriminated against,but was completely different than the violence of Antifa thugs who have killed not only police officers,but also peaceful Black protestors over the past week).


6.The now 200 FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces in the cities of this nation have been joining ATF and DEA agents finding and arresting over 3,000 Antifa criminal organizers for whom there was proof that AG Barr and DOJ have demonstrating that Deep State Democrats like Pelosi,Schumer,Maxine Waters,Kamala Harris and Deep State Republicans like Romney,etc have actually directed and coordinated these criminal Antifa organizers to spread violence and looting in multiple cities and states.

6.目前在美国各城市的200名联邦调查局联合反恐特遣部队已经加入ATFDEA特工的行列,共同寻找并逮捕了超过3000名反法犯罪组织者,他们有证据表明,AG Barr和司法部已经证明,像佩洛西、舒默、马克辛·沃特斯、卡马拉·哈里斯和深州共和党人罗姆尼等深州民主党人实际上指挥和协调了这些反法拉利犯罪组织者在多个城市和州散布暴力和抢劫。

7.Mr.Fleming's source said,"I heard Trump signed off on some high level arrests Tues.night 2 June to make the Chinese happy.All seems to be pushing forward now."


8.There were nine countries which were still disconnected from the Deep State SWIFT system and would be transitioned by Sat.6 June to the QFS digital ledgering system.These countries included North Korea,Iran,Cuba,Venezuela,Argentina,Ecuador and three other countries.This too,has delayed our start this past week.


9.The good news was that the Deep State's last stand to stop the RV through the Covid-19 Pandemic fears and through the riots has failed and the Global Currency Reset was now being released to start paying out on Mon.8 June with our start in Tier 4b on Tues.9 June according to multiple sources.


10.Contrary to some concerns that globalist NWO Deep State leaders like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum,Prince Charles and the IMF were controlling the GCR/RV release,this was not true.Trump,Xi and Putin were controlling the GCR release happening NOW and not in 2021.


11.Trump was not a NWO globalist and that the WEF was only riding the coat-tails of the Alliance,Trump,Putin and the Chinese pushing out the RV right now.The Deep State would never be in control of the GCR release,but only Trump,DoD and the Alliance.


12.Trump,DOJ and DoD would make public the arrest of the Obamagate Deep State criminals in due time when the DoD and Trump agreed it was the right time and the right way to do so in a way that avoided repeat of the Deep State directed Antifa riots that devastated our cities over the past two weeks.


13.There was a Military Plan being followed.QAnon,who represented the Military behind Trump,has been hinting at that Plan all along to bring down the Deep State Swamp.


14.The final ending was through the agreement of Trump,Xi and Putin.This was the last weekend.Keep prayers going up and prepare for our start next Tues.9 June.


15.The tight window of our Tier 4b exchanges was pushing up against the IMF's continuing deadline of Mon.15 June.We in Tier 4b would only have six days to exchange/redeem.So,make your appointment quickly and stay ready to go in next week.


D. 星期四64日希拉里·克林顿失去了她的吸引力。奥巴马团队收到了30张传票。她现在必须出庭作证https://www.pscp.tv/w/1djGXQVrRNPJZ

E.罗伯特·大卫·斯蒂尔,NESARA,本杰明·富尔福德,金本位货币重置(1:44&3:45 min)



Last Mon.1 June POTUS announced that he would be deploying the military to stop the riots,meaning he was enacting soft Martial Law under the Insurrection Act of 1807.Since Mon.1 June,56 FBI Joint Terror Task Force units have been hunting criminal organizers of Antifa agitators in each of the cities and arresting them behind the scenes.There was clear evidence that these criminal organizers of Antifa agitators have coordinated handing out bricks.In fact,all violent actions against civilians and businesses were operatives of the Deep State Democrats.Liquidity was released on that Mon.evening 1 June at 7 pm EDT,at the same time the Cabal SWIFT money transfer system was disabled in banks across the globe,replaced with the transparent CHIPS System.


On Tues.2 June riots appeared under control and QAnon tweeted that arrests among Antifa highest ranks were imminent.On Tues.night 2 June President Trump signed an agreement with Presidents Xi and Putin committing the RV teams to get the release and all payouts out from Mon.8 June on next week.That same Tues.2 June Paymasters were reporting payouts in Hong Kong and Zurich.


Wed.3 June Q drop#4388:Military–All Systems Go.On Wed.3 June there were reports of more"earthquakes"in the area of California's China Lake Military facility.Other"earthquakes"have been reported as the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force directed the military to rescue children from underground tunnels across the US and Canada.


On Sat.6 June around noon announcements would be coming regarding arrests of 3,000 people connected to terrorist organizations.There were nine countries still on the SWIFT system,which were expected to join by Sat.6 June.Iraq would have their new rate official as of Sat.6 June,though we won't see it until Mon.8 June.It was rumored that we could expect a full nationwide military shutdown by Sat.6 June with stay-at-home orders for two weeks that was connected to an operation involving thousands of Deep State arrests for Crimes Against Humanity.This info was confirmed by reliable though unrelated sources,including a local Country Sheriff's Office dealing with secret Intel,Homeland Security and a Military contact–a Special Opps sniper with the National Guard.


According to multiple sources our start in Tier 4b would be on Tues.9 June.


The gold/asset-backed US Note and Chinese Yuan,plus GESARA/NESARA announcements were scheduled to take place on Mon.15 June.At that time the 800#s,along with Contract Rates,would no longer be available and Tier 5 the General Public would be allowed to exchange foreign currencies at the new international rates–a deadline set in stone by the IMF.


In an ongoing operation since at least Oct.2019,US Military troops have been rescuing thousands of severely abused and tortured children from underground tunnels.The extensive network of tunnels across the US and Canada was run by Satan worshipping global elite members of the Cabal.The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force over the rescue missions,told troops that they would be on duty until at least the end of June.


An official public announcement of the new US Republic could come as early as 4 July 2020,or may wait a few months until the Fall.


G. 比尔盖茨阴谋疫苗理论是愚蠢的,商业内幕:






















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