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2019披露维度|20190823  科里•古德

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HIGHLIGHTS from my handwritten NOTES taken during the live talk~




"Earth has had many advanced civilizations(Atlantis,Lemuria and the Ancient Builder Race)…'out-of-place'artifacts could have come from the Anshar's timeline when they traveled 17 million years into the past.They witnessed these past civilizations.There were less Anshar back then but now there are millions.They have been fighting reptilians to keep a positive timeline.

The reptilians claim that they evolved here on Earth from the dinosaurs.The Sun went through a micro-nova(solar flash)then,when the Earth was in a different position.The solar storms stripped away a lot of the atmosphere.This event destroyed the dinosaurs.

"地球上有许多先进的文明(亚特兰蒂斯、Lemuria 和古代建造者种族)......'不合时宜'的人工制品可能来自安莎尔的时间线,当时他们穿越到了1700万年前。他们见证了这些过去的文明。那时候安莎尔还没有那么多,但是现在已经有数百万了。他们一直在与爬虫军作战,以保持一个积极的时间表。爬行动物声称他们是从恐龙在地球上进化而来。当地球处于不同的位置时,太阳经过了一个微型新星(太阳闪光)。太阳风暴剥夺了许多大气层。这次事件毁灭了恐龙。

The insectoids and reptilians found a way to make beings believe or see what they wanted them to believe or see,and they kept on refining this process.


The pre-adamites hacked into the ABR grid.It was an event of bad timing.A massive burst of energy was created.They were attempting to send pulses through the Sun.Tiamat was destroyed and Maldek(Mars)was heavily damaged.Millions of pre-adamites were killed.The Law of One refers to this sudden traumatic demise of millions as a"soul knot".The ABR grid went down which allowed the entrance of other beings.Experiments began on every planet

亚当分子侵入了 ABR 网格。这是一个不合时宜的事件。一股巨大的能量爆发出来了。他们试图通过太阳发射脉冲。提亚玛特被摧毁,马尔戴克(火星)遭到严重破坏。数以百万计的亚当前矿物被炸死。"一的法则"将这种数百万人的突如其来的创伤性死亡称为"灵魂结"Abr 网格下降,允许其他生物进入。实验开始在每个星球上进行

In the 1930's the Germans found old pre-adamite ruins on Mars.They fixed and pressurized them for their bases.


The pyramids on Mars match the pyramids on Earth.


There were 22 experiments on humans,on Earth.The ET Super Federation was born.The 22 genetic programs had four components:1)Genetic,2)Consciousness,3)Spiritual,4)Cosmic.The experiment had been contained by religion,race,language,location and social conditioning.There were up to 60 competing groups,all with competing experiments.The Starseeds are here now to adjust the experiment.Starseeds give a boost to the evolution of all souls.They are here just to be,to exist,and raise the vibration.


The pre-adamites found a death-star-type base on the Moon.They inhabited the Moon for a long time.The Moon was damaged by the Tiamat incident.They got the Moon into the Earth's orbit.They stayed there until the next solar event,which destroyed all of their remaining technology.They left the Moon and crash-landed on Antarctica.They cannibalized their ships'technology to build Atlantis.They went into competition with the Lemurians'experiments.They experimented with geothermal energy to create earthquakes.


11,800 years ago there was a solar event.This was the same event that caused the flood of Noah.Atlantis was destroyed.Could God's message to Noah about the preservation of animals really be a message from ET's?


The pre-adamites who left to escape Mars were of two completing bloodlines.One family controls South America,and one controls Africa and Asia.After the great catastrophe,they lost contact with each other because they had lost all of their technology.


The twenty-and-back programs came from the Nordics.The twenty years has something to do with the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn.Programs originating on other planets would have a different number of years,based on the orbits of their own particular planets.


The AI signal connects to nanites in the body.


Natural ascension vrs.artificial ascension…


Consciousness can determine our future.We can have an effect on the coming'solar sneeze'or even mitigate the effect.


About the micro-nova:Christ Consciousness will precede the front of the wave.A supernova(?)triggers the solar flash.Pulsars are triggered first as a warning.The flash will be'clumpy',not even.Some areas on Earth will not have any debris/solar ejecta.One of the stars closest to us actually had a'solar sneeze'two years ago.


Colonies will be set up off-world in case the Earth is destroyed during the flash.After the flash,we lose all our technology,but also,all AI will be removed.


Corey had a vision:After the event,craft were falling out of the sky,looking like stars,there in order to help us.


The ET beings look very much like us and come in all different colors,but very few are Caucasian!


Ascension will be an expansion of consciousness.It will be like a mass psychedelic experience.


The Anshar do not have monogamous relationships,and everyone raises all of the children.Couples are drawn together to share energetics;these are not always sexual relationships.


To protect yourself,choose a high vibrational diet and connect to high-vibrational people.


Just before the event there will be craft that will be coming to remove some people.


The solar event is a necessary part of evolution,it gives a massive jump to our evolution(also animals and plants).


The Anshar don't tinker with DNA but they read DNA,and they monitor souls that come in from different groups(that they catalog).

安莎尔人不会对 DNA 进行修补,但他们会读取 DNA,他们会监控来自不同群体的灵魂(他们会对其进行分类)

The genetic-farmer races are both 4D positive and 4D negative.


Physical procreation can continue through 4D and 5D.


The Sun is a giant replicator that takes in energy and emits it as a shell that surrounds it.Plasma points go around the Sun and feed it."


…these notes comprise just a small part of this presentation…




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