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The Readiness of Gitmo


Juan O Savin
“They built new courtrooms
& they expanded the Evidence Review Area
& Storage Area..
A lot of the material is Classified.
It’s a Military setting..
Attorneys have to be sworn 
under various types of Secrecy Acts.
That Evidence Review Area is extremely secure
compared to even the rest of the Security on the base..
The Marines have a carrier of their own 
designed to take the 22-Osprey on deck..
They can run without having to refuel 
from South Carolina to Guantanamo..
There’s continuing activities 
in building it out, personnel etc.
They have the harbor set up
so they can handle all our FEMA ships
which can be used as Prison Ships.
They’ve built out an extensive operation in the harbor
to be able to take those
even during a Cat-5 storm, 
so they’re anchored there securely.
Anybody that doesn’t think it’s still coming
doesn’t understand 
those facilities are continuing to be built out
In anticipation of what IS coming.”

胡安 · 奥萨文  “他们建造了新的法庭,扩大了证据审查区和储存区。.很多材料都是机密。这是一个军事背景。.律师必须根据各种类型的保密法宣誓就职。与基地的其他安全设施相比,证据审查区是非常安全的。.海军陆战队自己设计了一艘航空母舰,专为把22架鱼鹰带上甲板而设计的..。.从南卡罗来纳到关塔那摩,他们不用加油就可以跑步。.有持续的活动,建立它,人员等。他们有港口设置,这样他们可以处理我们所有的联邦应急管理局船只,可以用作监狱船只。他们已经在港口建立了一个广泛的操作系统,即使在5级风暴期间也能够承受这些风暴,所以它们被安全地锚定在那里。任何认为它不会继续出现的人都不明白,这些设施正在继续建设,以应对即将到来的情况。”


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