Starship Earth: The Big Picture 星际飞船地球: 大局

 November 25, 2021 2021年11月25日

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t take the day off. Some things came up and so for those of you who are “home alone” today… you get a bonus update.

我做不到。我不能休息一天。有些事情发生了,所以对于那些今天“独自在家”的人来说... ... 你们得到了奖金更新。

I happened to see this interesting post on Telegram from Tore, who forwarded from an account that is “private”. Link to Telegram.

我碰巧在 Telegram 上看到这个有趣的帖子,来自 Tore,他从一个“私人”账户转发。链接到 Telegram。

Operation brokenteeth debrief is green lighted. Operators deploy soon.


Does that op have anything to do with the “one event” Phil G. referenced in his live show last night? Perhaps it does. Maybe he’ll have more on that later. Here’s the Rumble version of that live call.

这次行动是否与菲尔 · g 昨晚在他的现场秀中提到的“一件事”有关?也许是的。也许他以后会有更多的报道。这里是现场呼叫的隆隆版本。

The Five – November 24th,


Someone else is suggesting that the Three Gorges Dam is part of that last remaining event. Link to Telegram.


 感恩节特别邮件|星际飞船地球 感恩节特别邮件|星际飞船地球3GD collapse is imminent.感恩节特别邮件|星际飞船地球感恩节特别邮件|星际飞船地球
Our earth is about to go through the birthing pains of a new age. We are beginning to wake up and realize our true power and purpose.

3GD 即将崩溃。我们的地球即将经历一个新时代诞生的痛苦。我们正开始觉醒,并意识到我们真正的力量和目标。

Pray and prepare.




And this came up, too. As we suspected, the psychopaths couldn’t just exterminate us all at once or it would be too obvious and no one would get the jab. Some of the shots are said to be placebos and… well… read for yourself. Link to the original article is beneath. The Telegram is from the Miracles Intel Group which is closed.


Vaccine Scandal in Slovenia: Bottles have Code Numbers for Placebo, Vax, or Kill Shot

斯洛文尼亚的疫苗丑闻: 瓶子上有安慰剂、 Vax 或致命一击的编码

On Saturday 20 November, the Chief Nurse of the University Medical Center, Ljubljana Clinical Center, who deals with the administration of vaccine vials and manages everything, quit her job, went in front of TV cameras and took out vaccine bottles.

11月20日星期六,Ljubljana Clinical Center 大学医学中心的护士长辞去了她的工作,在电视摄像机前拿出了疫苗瓶。

She showed the gathered journalists the codes on the bottles, each with the final number 1, 2, or 3 in the code, and then explained the meaning of these numbers:


Number 1 is placebo, saline.


Number 2 is the classic mRNA “vaccine”

2号是经典的 mRNA“疫苗”

Number 3 is an RNA stick containing the ONC gene, related to adenovirus, which contributes, among other things, to the development of cancer.

3号是一个包含 ONC 基因的 RNA 棒,与腺病毒有关,除其他外,它对癌症的发展有贡献。

For these who get jabbed from vial whose code ends in the number 3, she says people who received them will have soft tissue cancer within 2 years.



Now, the rest of the bad news. I’ve just learned that someone hacked the NANO SOMA customer database and sent out a fake “Black Friday Sale” email to Dr. Presser’s [not a medical doctor] list. I got that email. I have been wondering when someone would get around to messing with those who bring us this incredibly popular product. Richard says they will be beefing up their security but thankfully no financial data was compromised.

现在,接下来是坏消息。我刚刚得知,有人黑进了 NANO SOMA 的客户数据库,向 Presser 博士的(非医生)名单发送了一封假冒的“黑色星期五促销”邮件。我收到那封邮件了。我一直在想,什么时候会有人来捣乱那些给我们带来这个非常受欢迎的产品的人。理查德表示,他们将加强自己的安全措施,但幸运的是,没有任何财务数据被泄露。

Whomever sought to enrich themselves [the suspected agenda] will fail. There is no “Black Friday Sale” and any purchases will be refunded at the request of the buyer. I know people who spend a lot more on products that don’t have the ten plus years of documented proof of efficacy that NANO SOMA has, and I feel the prices are already very reasonable, particularly if you can buy in quantity.

不管是谁企图中饱私囊[这个可疑的议程] ,都将失败。没有“黑色星期五销售”和任何购买将退款的要求,买方。我认识一些人,他们花了很多钱在那些没有 NANO SOMA 十多年的有效性文件证明的产品上,我觉得价格已经很合理了,特别是如果你可以大量购买的话。

If you haven’t yet explored NANO SOMA for yourself or a loved one, you can do so here. I am part of my friend Dr. Presser’s affiliate programme, as I have said, and greatly appreciate folks purchasing using my link if you do decide to purchase.

如果你还没有为你自己或者你爱的人探索 NANO SOMA,你可以在这里做。我是我的朋友普雷瑟博士的联盟计划的一部分,正如我所说的,并非常感谢人们使用我的链接购买,如果你确实决定购买。

I don’t feel comfortable asking for donations for my work at this blog; it has always been free for the ten years I have been providing this service but you can support me this way and not be out of pocket that way while improving your health. Thank you for also sharing my link with others. I know many of you have and I thank you. Our pets are benefiting, too.

我不喜欢为我的工作在这个博客寻求捐款; 它一直是免费的十年,我一直提供这种服务,但你可以支持我这种方式,而不是口袋里的钱,同时改善你的健康。谢谢你也分享我的链接与其他人。我知道你们很多人都有过,我感谢你们。我们的宠物也从中受益。

In addition to the liquid mouth spray for boosting the immune system, blocking viruses and regenerating/correcting DNA, there is available in the USA and other markets a topical gel designed for applying to the skin for wounds, pain management, etc. There will also be a face cream available in the USA shortly which many rave about.

除了用于增强免疫系统、阻断病毒和再生/纠正 DNA 的口腔液体喷雾,在美国和其他市场上还有一种专门用于治疗伤口和疼痛的凝胶。不久之后,美国也将推出一款令人赞不绝口的面霜。

The biggest draw at this time is obviously the ability to block viruses and repair genes. NANO SOMA prompts whatever the body is hosting that is not needed/wanted to leave, repair, resolve. Even neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s and other ailments considered incurable have been facilitated to heal by NANO SOMA.

目前最大的吸引力显然是阻断病毒和修复基因的能力。NANO SOMA 提示身体所承载的任何不需要或不想离开、修复、解决的东西。甚至像帕金森氏症和其他被认为无法治愈的疾病这样的神经退行性疾病也可以通过 NANO SOMA 得到治愈。

In fact, Dr. Raghavan, the inventor reports that in his clinical research over the years there has not been a single health condition studied that was not resolved and that is extraordinary. Some of our crew members have relayed via the comments their excited reports of what NANO SOMA did for them so we have ample proof of its efficacy.

事实上,Raghavan 博士,这位发明家报告说,在他多年的临床研究中,没有一种健康状况被研究出来没有解决,这是非同寻常的。我们的一些机组人员通过评论转发了他们兴奋的报告 NANO SOMA 为他们做了什么,所以我们有充分的证据证明它的功效。

We have heard, however, that those with a lot of light in them and a pure heart are the ones experiencing the most rapid [even instantaneous] results. Humanity in general are prime candidates.


Here are links to the research and testimonials of this remarkable and simple product that is changing the face of health and wellness globally.


Ten years of testimonials gathered by Raghu can be found at http://raghutestimonials.thenanosoma.com and those gathered by Dr. Presser since December 2019 are at http://testimonials.thenanosoma.com, with a US only subset at http://ustestimonials.nanosoma-usofa.com. Also, these testimonials can now be found in French, Italian, Spanish and German at www.thenanosoma.com.

Http://raghutestimonials.thenanosoma.com 收集了 Raghu 收集的十年的证词,Presser 博士自2019年12月以来收集的证词则收集在 http://testimonials.thenanosoma.com ,美国 http://ustestimonials.nanosoma-usofa.com 只有一个子集。此外,这些证词现在可以在 www.thenanosoma.com 的法语,意大利语,西班牙语和德语中找到。

Also below is the most recent testimonial shared in Richard’s email update. It warms the cockles of your heart when you hear of a “miraculous” healing like this from someone in a really bad way. Once again, here is my link to see the products, pricing, and place an order.

下面也是最近在 Richard 的电子邮件更新中分享的证明。当你听到某人以一种非常糟糕的方式给你带来“奇迹般的”治愈时,你的内心感到温暖。再一次,这里是我查看产品、定价和下订单的链接。

I am a 43-year-old male based in Mumbai, India. I was diagnosed with Brain TB (Tuberculosis) and also HIV-AIDS in February, 2021. I was on TB medication, and suddenly in March 2021 I suffered a paralysis attack and was admitted to KEM, a government hospital in Mumbai. My situation was very bad. My right side was very weak with no movement. Even after 8 days I still had no movement. The doctors told us recovery would be very difficult due to my TB.

我是一名43岁的男性,住在印度孟买。2021年2月,我被诊断出患有脑结核病和艾滋病。我当时正在服用结核病药物,2021年3月,我突然瘫痪,住进了孟买的一家政府医院 KEM。我的处境非常糟糕。我的右侧非常虚弱,没有运动。即使过了8天,我仍然没有动静。医生告诉我们,由于我患有结核病,康复将非常困难。

One of our relatives, after seeing my condition, discussed this with their family physician. That doctor also said it would be very difficult to recover but he suggested my relatives try a product called NANO SOMA. My relatives immediately contacted Mr. Murali, a supplier of NANO SOMA and purchased 3 bottles.

我们的一个亲戚在看到我的情况后,和他们的家庭医生讨论了这个问题。那位医生还说恢复起来非常困难,但他建议我的亲戚们试试一种叫 NANO SOMA 的产品。我的亲戚们立即联系了 NANO SOMA 的供应商 Murali 先生,并购买了3瓶。

I remember that same day around 8:30 pm they had given me NANO SOMA twice over a gap of 3 hours and after that I slept. Next day around 11:30 am, I started walking with the support of my son. The doctors were surprised and after 5 days I was discharged from the hospital. I continued NANO SOMA and I was improving, which I could see in my body.

我记得那天晚上8:30左右,他们在3个小时的间隔里给了我两次 NANO SOMA,之后我就睡着了。第二天上午11:30左右,我在儿子的支持下开始走路。医生们很惊讶,5天后我出院了。我继续着 NANO SOMA,并且我正在进步,我可以从我的身体中看到这一点。

In September 2021 I went for a blood test. It was unbelievable. My TB and HIV all came negative. My weight, which had been 42kg had increased to 54 kg. All of my disease has now gone. I have no words to describe NANO SOMA and its Inventor, who brought NANO SOMA to this Earth for the well-being of humanity. Many thanks for saving my life. Because of NANO SOMA, I am alive.

2021年9月,我去验了血。真是难以置信。我的肺结核和艾滋病病毒都呈阴性。我的体重从42公斤增加到54公斤。我所有的疾病现在都消失了。我无法用语言来形容 NANO SOMA 和它的发明者,他们为了人类的福祉把 NANO SOMA 带到了地球。非常感谢你救了我的命。因为 NANO SOMA,我活了下来。


Mumbai Nov 21st 2021


Signing off for now. Have a great day, live in gratitude, and we will get through these crazy times together. WWG1WGA  ~ BP

现在结束。祝你度过愉快的一天,心怀感激,我们会一起度过这些疯狂的时光。1wga ~ BP


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