X22报道|第2631集: 美联储提名人将开始转型,旧的保守派权力结构正在被摧毁

2021年11月20日09:55:22揭露宇宙X22报道|第2631集: 美联储提名人将开始转型,旧的保守派权力结构正在被摧毁已关闭评论222字数 1537阅读5分7秒阅读模式

我们正在目睹旧的卫道士权力结构被摧毁。这种邪恶不仅存在于美国,而且是全球性的。美国将成为第一个倒下的多米诺骨牌。爱国者现在准备控制情报,这将一劳永逸地摧毁[ DS ]。

X22报道|第2631集: 美联储提名人将开始转型,旧的保守派权力结构正在被摧毁

Ep. 2631a – [JB] Nominee Will Begin The [CB] Transformation, The World Sees The Truth

2631a-[ JB ]候选人将开始[ CB ]变革,世界看到了真相

Ep. 2631b – Old Guard Power Structure Being Destroyed, Evil Is Global, US Is The First Domino

Ep. 2631b – 旧的卫道士权力结构被摧毁,邪恶遍布全球,美国是第一张多米诺骨牌



The [CB] is now moving forward with their plan, they are trying to install Saule Omarova to push their agenda forward and transform the US to prepare for the Great Reset. Trump lets the people know that they will get hit with higher taxes and its not just going to hit the wealthy. The people see the truth.

[ CB ]现在正在推进他们的计划,他们正试图安插索勒•奥马罗瓦(Saule Omarova)来推进他们的议程,并转变美国为“大重置”做准备。特朗普让人民知道,他们将受到高税收的打击,而且不仅仅是打击富人。人民看到了真相。


What we are witnessing the old guard power structure being destroyed. The evil is not just in the US but it is global. The US will be the first domino to fall. The patriot are now ready to control information, this will destroy the [DS] once and for all. Election fraud is now being presented to the public one drip at a time. The [DS] has lost control of the pandemic narrative, they know they lost, but they will push with something else. Scavino sends message that it is all about to go down. 

我们正在目睹旧的卫道士权力结构被摧毁。这种邪恶不仅存在于美国,而且是全球性的。美国将成为第一个倒下的多米诺骨牌。爱国者现在准备控制情报,这将一劳永逸地摧毁[ DS ]。选举舞弊现在一点一点地呈现在公众面前。[ DS ]已经失去了对大流行的控制,他们知道他们失败了,但他们将推动其他事情。斯加维诺传达了一个信息,那就是一切都要完蛋了。


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