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新世界秩序(深层国家,光照派等等)正在上帝的指示下,在全世界范围内被推翻。特朗普只是“白帽子”(white-hats)、爱国者、军队和世界各地的普通民众的代言人,他们希望并准备收回自己的国家。这就是特朗普在一次演讲中提到的“风暴”… … 这是一场正义与邪恶的战争。


Operation Disclosure | By JeannieW, Guest Writer

作者: JeannieW

Submitted on November 25, 2021




The New World Order (deep state, illuminati, etc. etc.) is being taken down right now, worldwide, under God’s instructions. Trump is just the figure-head for the “white-hats”, the patriots, the military and ordinary people worldwide who want, and are ready to take, their countries back. This IS the “storm” Trump mentioned in one of his speeches… It’s the battle of good vs evil.  This system we’ve been under is WAY beyond “corrupt”, and it must be done in this way in order to completely gut it.  And btw, it was JFK who started this “Q” thing to take down the cabal.

新世界秩序(深层国家,光照派等等)正在上帝的指示下,在全世界范围内被推翻。特朗普只是“白帽子”(white-hats)、爱国者、军队和世界各地的普通民众的代言人,他们希望并准备收回自己的国家。这就是特朗普在一次演讲中提到的“风暴”... ... 这是一场正义与邪恶的战争。我们所处的这个系统已经远远超出了“腐败”的范畴,为了彻底摧毁它,必须以这种方式来完成。顺便说一句,是肯尼迪发起了这个“ q”事件来扳倒阴谋集团

I’m not going to give you details right now, just some generalities, because you’re probably not going to listen anyway. In fact, some of you won’t even read this.  The only reason I’m passing this info on is because I don’t want you to be freaked out by what’s happening. 


Yes, satanic/communist/pedophile rings really have been running our government, banks, medical and pharmaceutical industries, media, music and movie industries, educational institutions, and large corporations, not just in the US but worldwide; and yes, they really have been attempting a coup to implement their one world government worldwide; and yes, they really do despise Trump and the patriots; and yes, they really have been lying and brainwashing us all in every way possible; and yes, it started a VERY long time ago.  The take-down of this Cabal is all being done under the law and Constitutionally.  Even the founding fathers knew about the dangers ahead… and we’re in it.

是的,撒旦/共产主义/恋童癖团伙确实一直在操纵着我们的政府、银行、医药和制药行业、媒体、音乐和电影行业、教育机构和大型企业,不仅在美国,而且在全世界; 是的,他们确实一直在试图发动政变,在全世界实施他们的一个世界政府; 是的,他们确实鄙视特朗普和爱国者; 是的,他们确实一直在用各种可能的方式对我们撒谎和洗脑; 是的,这是很久以前开始的。取缔这个阴谋集团是根据法律和宪法进行的。甚至连开国元勋们都知道未来的危险... ... 而我们也身处其中。

All the weird bad things happening have been allowed to happen for three reasons:


  1. To flush out and remove as many of the deep state operatives as possible, right down to the very roots of it.  You do this by letting them expose themselves, and collecting proof while they do it.
  2. 尽可能地清除和移除那些深州的政府操作,一直到它的根源。你让他们暴露自己,并在他们暴露的时候收集证据。
  3. To give people time to wake up, to understand what’s been done behind their back, with their money and in their name;  because when they learn what’s really going on, they’re going to be in fear, shock, anger, despair, denial, etc.
  4. 让人们有时间清醒过来,了解他们背后,用他们的钱,以他们的名义做了什么; 因为当他们知道真正发生了什么,他们将处于恐惧,震惊,愤怒,绝望,否认等。
  5. This is all a chaotic mess, but it’s necessary.  It will take time for the world to recover, but it will be magnificent as it unfolds.  If they didn’t take these actions, the entire world would be completely consumed in Satanic Communism very quickly.  God is giving us a last chance to clean this up.
  6. 这是一个混乱的局面,但这是必要的。世界需要一段时间才能恢复元气,但随着时间的推移,世界将变得更加宏伟。如果他们不采取这些行动,整个世界将很快被撒旦式的共产主义完全消灭。上帝给了我们最后一次机会来清理这里。

SOME EVENTS COMING (in no particular order):  Exact time-lines are unknown, but a LOT happening within the next few months.  Explanations will come in the 8-hour videos (see below under NESARA).

一些事件的到来(没有特定的顺序) : 确切的时间线是未知的,但很多发生在未来几个月内。解释将在8小时的视频(见下文在 NESARA)。

The “Cabal” Etc. and Cyber War  —


Covid —

Satanism —


Trump and the Military —


NESARA, Starlink, Technologies, QFS, etc.  —




We’ve been lied to for centuries about everything… world history, politics, technologies, aliens, religion, science, etc.  We’ve been brainwashed.  NO ONE knew how bad the situation really was. 

几个世纪以来,我们在所有事情上都被欺骗了... ... 世界历史、政治、技术、外星人、宗教、科学等等。我们被洗脑了。没有人知道情况到底有多糟糕。

There really is a Deep State, a Cabal (it has many names), that has been controlling humanity for thousands of years.  It is Satanic.  They were very near completion of their plans, which would have taken 7+ billion people down to only an enslaved 500 million (look up “Georgia Guidestones”).  They are entrenched in almost every government, mainstream media, corporations, schools, etc… worldwide.  All of the political turmoil going on worldwide was planned and carried out by the cabal.  That includes all the wars, diseases, starvation, poverty, race wars, Socialism/Communism, etc. 

真的有一个深层国家,一个阴谋集团(它有许多名字) ,已经控制了人类几千年。这是撒旦式的。他们的计划几乎就要完成了,那将使70多亿人沦为5亿奴隶(查查“佐治亚引导石”)。他们在几乎每一个政府、主流媒体、公司、学校等等中都根深蒂固。.全世界。所有正在世界范围内进行的政治动乱都是阴谋集团策划和实施的。这包括所有的战争、疾病、饥饿、贫穷、种族战争、社会主义/共产主义等等。

The corporation THE UNITED STATES (corporation meaning privately owned – note all caps) has been dissolved by our military and Trump.  In 1871 our original Constitution for the united states of America was changed to THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (note caps, and change “for” to “OF”).  One of the changes to our original Constitution removed the ban on anyone with a “title” being in a government office… think “lawyer”, “esquire” (esq.), and “attorney” – those who change our laws.

美国公司(意思是私人拥有的所有大写字母)已经被我们的军队和特朗普解散了。1871年,我们最初的美利坚合众国宪法被修改为美利坚合众国宪法(注释上限,并将“ for”改为“ OF”)。我们最初的宪法的一个改变是取消了禁止任何拥有“头衔”的人进入政府办公室的禁令... 想想“律师”、“绅士”和“律师”——那些改变我们法律的人。

We have now been returned to a Constitutional Republic.  In 1963 after President Kennedy was assassinated, 77 US generals began a secret group called Operation Freedom Eagle35.  They were then joined by another 133 generals to take down the cabal and save the world (‘Q’ and the ‘White Hats’).  Trump was asked by them to run for President because he was rich enough to run without financial help, couldn’t be bought, and was a strong patriot.  Many prophets said he would be elected, and it would be for two terms, as our new Cyrus (Biblical, look it up).

我们现在回到了宪政共和国。1963年,肯尼迪总统遇刺身亡后,77名美国将军成立了一个名为“自由鹰行动”的秘密组织。随后,另外133名将军加入了他们的行列,推翻了阴谋集团,拯救了世界(“ q”和“白帽子”)。他们要求特朗普竞选总统,因为他有足够的钱,不需要经济援助就能参选,不能被收买,而且是一个强大的爱国者。许多先知说他会被选举出来,而且会连任两届,就像我们的新赛勒斯(圣经,查查看)。



Prepare with water, food, gas, cash etc., because no one knows how bad this will get or for how long.


Wake the hell up … quit living in fear … God wins/the White Hats are winning for us/WE win!  When this is over, we begin creating an entirely new wonderful world!  So run to your favorite hated conspiracy “theorist” and start asking questions.  Study to find the truth… NOT on Google, YouTube, MSM etc. as they are all still heavily censored.

醒醒吧... 不要活在恐惧中... 上帝赢了/白帽子帮我们赢了/我们赢了!当这一切结束后,我们开始创造一个全新的奇妙世界!所以,赶快跑到你最讨厌的阴谋论者那里,开始提问吧。研究发现真相... 不是在谷歌,YouTube,MSM 等,因为他们仍然是严格审查。

Most important…  PRAY!!!

最重要的是... 祈祷!

(This time period is Biblical!)


Realize the Bible has been altered (extent unknown) but it’s basic truths stand firm and agree with most other spiritual writings.  Interpretations have been given/taught to us, and many are wrong – some unknowingly, some deliberate. 

认识到圣经已经改变(程度未知) ,但它的基本真理坚定不移,并同意大多数其他属灵的著作。我们已经得到了解释,许多解释是错误的——有些是不知不觉的,有些是故意的。

God’s ways are not our ways!  Prophecies are being fulfilled in unexpected ways.  We will be seeing ‘miracles’.  Thank God for who He is and what He’s doing, and get right with Him, whoever you think He is.  Tell Him how you feel, that you don’t believe in Him or whatever, and ask Him to reveal Himself to YOU. Get saved: http://www.xtremerealitycheck.com/getsaved.html,

上帝的道路不是我们的道路!预言正以意想不到的方式实现。我们将会看到奇迹。感谢上帝,感谢他是谁,感谢上帝正在做什么,无论你认为他是谁,都与他和睦相处。告诉他你的感受,你不相信他或者别的什么,请求他向你展示他自己。得到拯救: http://www.xtremerealitycheck.com/getsaved.html,

How to Pray and Fast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8AbGQ-VSfQ

如何祈祷和斋戒: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8abgq-vsfq

This is about the children – starved, traumatized children who are being raped, tortured and murdered so the Satanists could gain demonic power and rule the world. The first official act President Trump did was visit CIA Headquarters and declare war on the international child sex trafficking rings run by them. Fast and pray for these little ones who are being rescued from Cabal underground tunnels worldwide (with Satanic Covens right next door).  Also pray for the Military Troops risking their own lives to save the kids.


YouTube and the other media sites are deleting information as fast as they can.  I don’t have all the answers and have a lousy memory, but I’m here and will answer questions as best I can.  I do have a good general understanding of it all since I’ve been studying these conspiracy “theories” for the last 30+ years.  I’m still up in the air on the “alien” thing… I think it’s real, but could be the planned fake alien invasion.

和其他媒体网站正在尽可能快地删除信息。我不知道所有的答案,我的记忆力也很差,但是我在这里,我会尽我所能回答问题。自从我研究这些阴谋论30多年以来,我确实对这一切有了很好的总体认识。我仍然在空中对“外星人”的事情... 我认为这是真实的,但可能是计划的假外星人入侵。

OR  … You can cover your ears, close your eyes, and go watch some cabal sitcoms (aka programming) on the TV (tell-a-vision) through your favorite “channel(ing)” and pretend it all doesn’t exist and it will go away if you ignore it.  Good luck with that!

或者... ... 你可以捂上耳朵,闭上眼睛,通过你最喜欢的“频道”,在电视上看一些秘密情景喜剧(又名节目) ,假装这一切都不存在,如果你忽略它,它就会消失。祝你好运!

JeannieW – May 13, 2021


Correction:  Trump will not return to the White House.  Our capitol will be moved out of Delaware… don’t know where yet.  No one will ever live in the White House ever again, because of the demonic horrors that happened underneath it in the DUMBs.

更正: 特朗普不会重返白宫。我们的国会大厦将迁出特拉华州... ... 还不知道在哪里。再也没有人会住在白宫了,因为在白宫下面发生的那些在国家仲裁委员会里的恶魔般的恐怖。


未来事/件 2

On May15th I sent you all an email titled “Events Coming”… This is an update.  I’m attaching that document below in case you deleted it. 

5月15日,我给你们所有人发了一封标题为“事/件即将发生”的邮件... ... 这是一个更新。我把那份文件附在下面,以防你删除它。

DON’T GET THE VACCINE… IT’S DEADLY!!!    I uploaded only a few of thousands of videos here:  http://kapowwie.net/VIDEOS/Vax%20Info/   Those are folders.  Click on one and it will open to show the actual videos.  Right click on a video and choose “Save Link As..” to download, or just click on the file to watch.

不要接种疫苗... 它是致命的! ! !我只上传了几千个视频中的一小部分: 这些都是文件夹的 http://kapowwie.net/videos/vax%20info/。点击其中一个,它就会打开显示实际的视频。右键点击视频并选择“另存为”。。」下载,或者点击文件观看。

For info on alzheimers:  http://kapowwie.net/VIDEOS/Alzheimer’s%20series/

关于老年痴呆症的信息: http://kapowwie.net/videos/alzheimer’s%20series/

Please save my brother, while you still can! 


In my last message I focused on things that are going to happen that you will be able to see happen in the coming months.  This is to focus more on spiritual things that you may not be able to see.  Unless you’ve totally isolated yourself, you’ve heard people say, “What’s coming is Biblical!”… that’s because it is.  Good place to hear some of the prophets:  https://www.youtube.com/c/ElijahStreams/videos


We ARE in the end times.  That’s proven through the Bible and supported by our current and past prophets.  It’s talked about in great detail in many ancient prophecies, stories, archeological finds, etc.  They are all describing the same things in their own words.  To ignore everything except what we’ve been taught is foolish, since it ought to be obvious by now that our society is run by evil people who have deliberately lied to us about EVERYTHING.  The truth is slowly coming out, even though it’s heavily censored.  That ought to tell you a great deal… why would they be hiding the truth?

我们正处在末日时期。这一点在圣经中得到了证明,也得到了我们现在和过去的先知的支持。它在许多古代预言、故事、考古发现等中被详细地讨论过。他们都在用自己的语言描述同样的事情。除了我们被教导的东西之外,忽视一切都是愚蠢的,因为现在应该很明显,我们的社会是由那些故意对我们撒谎的邪恶的人统治的。真相正在慢慢浮出水面,尽管它受到了严格的审查。这应该能告诉你很多事情... ... 他们为什么要隐瞒真相?

I told you no one will ever live in the Whitehouse again because of the horrors done in the DUMBs (deep underground military bases) underneath.  The military has been taking these underground bases down for the past year and a half; however, there are thousands of them, and each one is massive… under all big cities, military bases, etc., and they are all connected.  What’s being done is so evil as to be completely unimaginable to an ordinary person.  The military is losing our men to mental breakdowns because of what they have witnessed, and it’s not over yet.  I can’t even bring myself to tell you what we know so far, because it’s so evil, diabolical… it’s Satanic.  This is just one of many videos on this subject:  https://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2021/07/juan-o-savin-gene-decode-interview-with-nicholas-veniamin-must-video-3588426.html   Search for “Gene Decode” to find more videos.  Juan-o-Savin (it appears) is possibly JFK Jr. and/or “Q”.  BTW, you’ve been totally lied to about Q on MSM.

我告诉过你们,由于地下军事基地的恐怖行径,白宫将不会再有人居住。在过去的一年半时间里,军方一直在拆除这些地下基地; 然而,它们数以千计,而且每一个都是巨大的... ... 在所有的大城市、军事基地等之下,它们都是相互联系的。所做的事情是如此的邪恶,以至于对一个普通人来说是完全不可想象的。军队正因为他们目睹的一切而精神崩溃,而这一切还没有结束。我甚至不能让自己告诉你我们目前所知道的,因为它是如此邪恶,恶魔... 它是撒旦。这只是关于这个主题的众多视频中的一个: https://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2021/07/juan-o-savin-Gene-Decode-interview-with-nicholas-veniamin-must-video-3588426.html 搜索“ Gene Decode”来找到更多的视频。胡安•奥萨文(Juan-o-Savin)可能是小肯尼迪(JFK jr.)和/或“ q”。顺便说一句,关于男男性接触者的问题,你完全被骗了。

You need to be physically, mentally and spiritually prepared for what’s coming.  So here is some of what we are seeing/hearing, and will see in the near future, and what it means:


The weird flooding and “earthquake” activity,  in Washington DC and worldwide – This is the military worldwide taking down the cabal in the DUMBs (deep underground military bases).  First they save the children and others, then they kill the cabal military and aliens who refuse to surrender.  Then they nuc and/or flood the tunnels so they can never be used again.  The cabal is fighting back with everything they have:  covid, vaccines, financially, HAARP and DEW (direct energy weapons) technology, heavy duty poisoning of the populations, etc.  You can download the United Nations document itself here:  https://unsdg.un.org/sites/default/files/UNDG-Mainstreaming-the-2030-Agenda-Reference-Guide-2017.pdf  (138 pages) or you can download an explanation of some of it here:  https://www.thinkoutsidethebeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Agenda-2030-Explained.pdf (38 pages and makes more sense).  Just do a search on duckduckgo.com (uncensored) for Agenda 2030.  https://duckduckgo.com/?q=agenda+2030&ia=web

在华盛顿特区和世界范围内发生的怪异的洪水和“地震”活动——这是全世界的军队摧毁了 dumb (深层地下军事基地)的阴谋集团。首先他们拯救儿童和其他人,然后他们杀死阴谋集团军队和拒绝投降的外星人。然后他们用核弹或者洪水淹没隧道,这样就再也不能使用了。阴谋集团正在用他们所拥有的一切进行反击: 胆色素、疫苗、财务、 HAARP 和 DEW (直接能源武器)技术、重型毒害人口等等。你可以在这里下载联合国文件本身: https://unsdg.un.org/sites/default/files/undg-mainstreaming-the-2030-agenda-reference-guide-2017.pdf 文件(138页) ,或者你可以在这里下载其中一些说明: https://www.thinkoutsidethebeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/agenda-2030-explained.pdf 文件(38页,更有意义)。只要在 duckduckgo 网站上搜索“2030议程”(Agenda 2030)就可以了。Https://duckduckgo.com/?q=agenda+2030&ia=web

Buildings coming down by explosions etc. all over the world, are the white hats destroying Cabal headquarters, trafficking operations, pharmaceutical labs, etc.  The reasons for the wall between the US and Mexico are to stop the trafficking and end the source of massive amounts of money and adrenochrome for the Cabal.  That’s why the democrats want it open, and the white hats were closing it.  Proof will be coming soon.


This web page is done by someone who has been following all this for many years, and she is connecting some of the dots as information becomes available.  Understand that there is heavy duty disinformation coming from both the white hats and black hats (cabal).  Cabal doesn’t want you to know the truth because if you did, they’d be done, over, many executed for treason.  White hats put out disinformation in order to take down the cabal (i.e. don’t publicize your war plans), leave them in confusion, and document the proof as they carry out their diabolical plans. 

这个网页是由一个多年来一直关注这一切的人完成的,当信息变得可用时,她正在将一些点连接起来。要明白,有来自白帽子和黑帽子(阴谋集团)的重型虚假信息。阴谋集团不想让你知道真相,因为如果你知道了,他们会被处死,超过,很多人会因叛国罪被处死。白帽子们制造假情报是为了扳倒阴谋集团(也就是说,不要公布你的作战计划) ,让他们陷入混乱,并在他们实施恶魔计划时记录证据。


This information is put out for patriots who have some idea of what’s going on because they are following it, and this connects some of the dots.  This is all like a 20,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, and we have no picture to work from.  You get pieces all over the place, but don’t know where they fit, or even if they are actually from a different puzzle.  One very important section of this puzzle is the covid/vaccines/mask/lockdowns thing… this video is from a woman (Deborah Tavares) who is extremely knowledgeable (easy to find her videos)… she is reading a leaked email from the Cabal to its members.  You really should hear it… Stunning info … very important as they are discussing their plans for us (worldwide)!  Listen twice!  https://bestnewshere.com/investigator-deborah-tavares-updates-us-with-a-leaked-email-that-will-your-blood-boil-video/   (Note:  She has two very important websites — http://stopthecrime.net/wp/ and http://primarywater.org/ )

这些信息是提供给那些对正在发生的事情有所了解的爱国者的,因为他们正在跟踪这些信息,这些信息把一些线索联系了起来。这就像一个20000块的拼图游戏,我们没有图片可以依据。你到处都是碎片,但不知道它们放在哪里,甚至不知道它们是否来自另一个拼图。这个谜题的一个非常重要的部分是视频/疫苗/面具/封锁的事情... 这个视频是一个女人(德博拉塔瓦雷斯)谁是极其知识渊博(很容易找到她的视频) ... 她正在阅读泄露的电子邮件从阴谋集团成员。你真的应该听到它... 惊人的信息... 非常重要,因为他们正在讨论他们的计划为我们(世界各地) !听两遍!注: 她有两个非常重要的网站: https://bestnewshere.com/investigator-deborah-tavares-updates-us-with-a-leaked-email-that-will-your-blood-boil-video/ http://stopthecrime.net/wp/和 http://primarywater.org/

Some of what I’ve told you about NESARA/GESARA is not accurate.  That document was signed a long time ago and it has been changed somewhat.  For instance it was supposed to close out all mortgages because of the fraud… We are now hearing it may only pay back all the interest you paid on those mortgages.  Only time will tell exactly how it’s going to be done, and that info is coming very soon.  The IRS (privately owned) no longer exists.  It has been absorbed by the US Treasury Dept, and income taxes will be eliminated.  We are already in the restored Constitutional Republic… it hasn’t been announced yet, as there is more work to be done to get rid of the cabal.  It’s being rolled out slowly, behind the scenes.  It’s now being said, Trump will be back in mid-August.

我告诉你的一些关于 NESARA/GESARA 的事情是不准确的。这份文件是很久以前签署的,现在有所改动。例如,由于欺诈,它应该结清所有的抵押贷款... ... 我们现在听说它可能只能偿还你为那些抵押贷款支付的所有利息。只有时间才能准确地告诉我们如何去做,而且这个信息很快就会到来。美国国税局(私人所有)已不复存在。它已经被美国财政部吸收,所得税将被取消。我们已经在恢复的宪法共和国... 它还没有宣布,因为还有更多的工作要做,以摆脱阴谋集团。它正在缓慢地推出,在幕后。现在有人说,特朗普将在8月中旬回来。

If you want to get out from under the massive censorship, this is a good place to start:  https://beforeitsnews.com/

如果你想摆脱大规模的审查制度,这是一个很好的起点: https://beforeitsnews.com/

JeannieW – July 14, 2021



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