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科里·古德情报更新| 全球银河国际联盟独立宣言

Intel Updates From Corey Goode

来自科里 · 古德的情报更新

From Corey Goode:

来自科里 · 古德:

Nov 3rd Update: The Global Galactic League of Nations declaration of independence from the ICC and associated Earth governments

11月3日更新: 全球银河联盟独立宣言来自 ICC 和相关的地球政府

Within a few days, after I had been on the last of our reconnaissance missions of the Orion Group, I was brought onboard a Mayan craft to attend a “conference call” between The SSP Alliance (not the real name for operational security) liaisons and two representatives who were at one time leaders within the secret program referred to as the Global Galactic League of Nations (not the real program name, for operation security).

几天之内,在我完成猎户座小组最后一次侦察任务之后,我被带上一架玛雅飞船,参加了 SSP 联盟(不是行动安全的真名)和两名代表之间的“电话会议”,这两名代表曾经是全球国际联盟(为了行动安全,不是真名)秘密项目的领导人。

The Global Galactic League of Nations (GGLN) is a very large program that is made up of participants of most of the countries of the world to some degree. After the Apollo missions to the moon, The US Government had a team of scientists and politicians approach every nation showing them geological proof from the moon that there is a cyclical solar event that would destroy our civilization. They told these nations we were overdue for the next solar event and that if it occurred on that day we could see the extinction of the human race. They then provided a solution. They called the plan the Preservation of Species program and asked every nation to contribute 1% of their gross domestic product to a global galactic league of nations that would create colonies in other star systems to ensure the preservation of humanity. This program was also offered as an incentive for these countries to keep their knowledge of the solar event and our advanced space program colonies a secret.

全球银河国际联盟(GGLN)是一个非常大的计划,由世界上大多数国家的参与者在一定程度上。在阿波罗登月计划之后,美国政府组织了一个由科学家和政治家组成的团队,向每个国家展示来自月球的地质证据,证明有一个周期性的太阳活动会摧毁我们的文明。他们告诉这些国家,我们已经等不及下一次太阳活动了,如果它发生在那一天,我们将看到人类的灭绝。然后他们提供了一个解决方案。他们把这个计划称为物种保护计划,并要求每个国家贡献1% 的国内生产总值给全球银河联盟,这个联盟将在其他星系建立殖民地,以确保保护人类。这个计划也是为了激励这些国家对太阳活动和我们先进的太空计划殖民地的知识保密。

Gonzales and I were introduced to Raymond (Director of Science and Technology Development) and Anya (Director of Colonial Security), who served with the Global Galactic League of Nations in one of their most remote colony outposts at the edge of our galaxy. Both of the GGLN representatives were caucasian and in their late 50’s or early 60’s and were dressed in dark blue jumpsuits that had all military designation patches removed.

冈萨雷斯和我被介绍给雷蒙德(科学和技术发展主任)和安雅(殖民地安全主任) ,他们在银河系国际联盟在我们银河系边缘最偏远的殖民地前哨之一服役。GGLN 的两名代表都是高加索人,50多岁或60岁出头,穿着深蓝色的连衣裤,所有军事标志的斑点都被去掉了。

Anya then gave a brief description of the history of the GGLN and the hardships participants went through as they were sent to various star systems to set up colonies in the program’s “Preservation of Species” mandate. They were sent to undeveloped planets to begin developing our cities and infrastructure that mirrored what we see on Earth fairly closely. Over decades of development, the cities and the population grew steadily and were replications of cities you would find on earth.

安雅随后简要介绍了 GGLN 的历史,以及参与者被送到各种星系建立殖民地的艰辛历程,这些殖民地都是该计划的“保护物种”任务。他们被送往未开发的行星,开始发展我们的城市和基础设施,这些设施与我们在地球上看到的相当接近。经过几十年的发展,城市和人口稳步增长,成为地球上城市的复制品。

They further reported that the GGLN was a very successful program and that they had taken the technology that the ICC had given them and developed it out much further. They were on the verge of technological breakthroughs that would have brought humans to a parallel level of development as some of the most advanced ET’s in our Galaxy. The Science and Technology groups from the GGLN were reporting their breakthrough back to their home nations through the ICC communications network when one of the ICC leaders introduced them to a new group of ET’s who they said would assist in the final development of these exciting new technologies.

他们进一步报告说,GGLN 是一个非常成功的方案,他们采用了ICC提供给他们的技术,并进一步加以发展。他们处在科技突破的边缘,这些突破将会把人类带到一个与我们银河系中的一些最先进的外星人同等的发展水平。来自 GGLN 的科学和技术小组正在通过 ICC 通信网络向他们的祖国报告他们的突破性进展,ICC 的一位领导人向他们介绍了一个新的 ET 小组,他们说这个小组将协助这些令人兴奋的新技术的最终开发。

This new group of ET’s was from one of the Galactic Federations that had been engaged in intergalactic trade with the ICC and advised them in technological development and in diplomatic introductions to hundreds of civilizations who then entered into trade deals with the ICC.


Anya stated that when the first delegation of this Galactic Federation arrived the inhabitants of their particular colony were very excited. The 28 Federation members arrived and were greeted with a festival and given a building complex to move into and work out of. In the Federation delegation, there were 18 females and 10 males who all appeared to be under 35 or 40 years of age and were unusually attractive.


The GGLN began working with these Federation members to develop the promising technologies that they had contacted the ICC about. Anya said that almost immediately this Federation group began to discourage the GGLN from developing these technologies by offering them already developed technologies from their own civilization. The Federation scientists began to share stories of how the use of Artificial Intelligence, A sub-space communications system, and technological implants in their bodies to conquer disease, aging and allow their people to be connected in a way they had never been before. Everyone in their civilization could then connect and work in a virtual reality realm where their people brought their minds together to develop technologies that developed at such an incredible rate that their civilization began making thousand-year leaps in technology in a very short period of time.

GGLN 开始与这些联合会成员合作,开发他们已经联系国际刑事法院的有希望的技术。安雅说,几乎是立即这个联邦团体开始阻止 GGLN 发展这些技术,提供他们从自己的文明中已经开发出来的技术。联合会的科学家们开始分享他们如何利用人工智能、亚空间通信系统和他们体内的技术植入物来战胜疾病、衰老,并使他们的人民以前所未有的方式联系在一起的故事。在他们的文明中,每个人都可以在虚拟的现实世界中连接和工作,在那里,他们的人民汇集他们的思想来开发技术,这些技术以难以置信的速度发展,以至于他们的文明开始在很短的时间内实现技术的千年飞跃。

The GGLN began to research the technologies that the Federation had suggested and once they felt they understood the technologies they put them into development. While these technologies were being developed and tested the GGLN members become close with the Federation members and eventually the Federation members began physical relationships with men and women from the GGLN colony. Anya herself says she was seduced by the Federation Commander who began to influence her more and more as the relationship continued. She said she found herself making decisions she would never have entertained prior to the arrival of these Federation members and even though she knew it was a problem, she couldn’t help herself.

GGLN 开始研究联合会提出的技术,一旦他们认识到他们已经把这些技术用于开发。在开发和测试这些技术的同时,GGLN 成员与联合会成员关系密切,最后,联合会成员开始与 GGLN 殖民地的男女有肉体关系。安雅自己说,她受到了联邦指挥官的诱惑,随着两人关系的继续,联邦指挥官开始对她产生越来越大的影响。她说,她发现自己在联盟成员到来之前做出了一些她永远不会考虑的决定,即使她知道这是一个问题,她也无法控制自己。

This went on for nearly a year before the GGLN had fully developed and tested the brain implants and nanites that the Federation helped them develop and began requiring all GGLN colony members to receive the implants that they were told were impossible to remove. This was a huge step for the GGLN because they were aware of the threat of the Orion Group and their AI god but the Federation convinced them that the technology was safe and that the AI god had been blocked from accessing it.

这种情况持续了将近一年,直到 GGLN 完全发育并测试了联盟帮助他们发展的大脑植入物和纳米机器人,并开始要求所有 GGLN 殖民地成员接受被告知不可能移除的植入物。这对 GGLN 来说是一个巨大的进步,因为他们意识到猎户座组织和他们的人工智能神的威胁,但是联盟让他们相信这项技术是安全的,人工智能神被阻止访问它。

It was around this time that Anya found out that the Federation Commander with whom she had a physical relationship was secretly having relationships with other women in their colony. Being the head of security, she began to monitor the Federation Commander a lot more closely. She used the advanced security system from the colony to tap into the communications between their new Federation friends and their homeworld. She was unsuccessful in the beginning but was finally able to break into the communications system using one of the chips the Federation had given the GGLN as a prototype model to piggyback into their system.

大约就在这个时候,安雅发现与她有肉体关系的联邦指挥官正在秘密地与其殖民地的其他妇女发生关系。作为安全部门的负责人,她开始更密切地监视联邦指挥官。她利用殖民地的先进安全系统窃听他们的新联邦朋友和他们的家乡之间的通讯。她一开始没有成功,但最终能够使用联盟给 GGLN 的一个芯片作为原型模型进入通信系统,以便搭载到他们的系统。

Anya said what she learned sent chills down her spine. She witness a meeting between the Federation Commander and a Tall Grey ET where they were discussing the progress of their mission with the GGLN. The Tall Grey stated that the technologies the humans were developing in this program were a danger to the Orion Group and their agenda and they had to be assimilated into the Empire immediately. Anya was horrified upon learning the Federation’s true agenda and realizing how much she had assisted it by ordering most of her security staff to be implanted. Not only had she influenced her own people to accept the implants, she too had recently had one installed and was going through the period of the device bonding to her neurons and integrating into her thought patterns. This is a process that takes around 90 days to complete and she was halfway through the process.

安雅说她所知道的一切让她毛骨悚然。她见证了联邦指挥官和一个高灰外星人之间的一次会议,他们在会上与 GGLN 讨论了他们任务的进展情况。高个子灰人说,人类在这个项目中开发的技术对猎户座小组和他们的议程是一个威胁,他们必须立即被帝国同化。安雅得知联合会的真实议程后感到震惊,她意识到自己命令大多数安保人员植入这种装置,对联合会提供了多大的帮助。她不仅影响了她自己的人接受这种植入物,她最近也安装了一个,并且正在经历这个装置与她的神经元结合并融入她的思维模式的时期。这个过程大约需要90天才能完成,而她已经完成了一半。

Anya said she panicked. She backed up all of the data their systems had collected on the Federation members since they had arrived along with the recording of the communication she had just intercepted to warn the others. She tried to talk to her security staff and others in leadership positions but it was too late; they became very upset with her and refused to look at the evidence. The trusted security team she had managed for nearly two decades had already fallen under the influence of the Orion Group and their AI god. The only other person that listened to her was Raymond, who was the engineer that ran the colony’s efforts to reverse engineer the Federation technologies. He was one of the few holdouts that hadn’t had the implants installed and had witnessed the change in behavior of those on his team who had.

安雅说她吓坏了。她备份了他们的系统收集到的所有关于联邦成员的数据,这些数据与她刚刚截获的通讯录音一起到达,以警告其他成员。她试图与她的保安人员和其他担任领导职务的人员交谈,但为时已晚; 他们对她非常不满,拒绝看证据。她管理了近20年的可靠安全团队已经受到猎户座集团和他们的人工智能之神的影响。唯一一个听她话的人是雷蒙德,他是负责殖民地对联邦技术进行逆向工程的工程师。他是少数几个没有植入假体的坚持者之一,他亲眼目睹了他的团队中那些植入假体的人行为的改变。

She realized she had to act quickly so she and Raymond grabbed about a dozen of their family members and friends she could trust, who then helped them steal a long-range vessel in order to escape from their friends and colleagues who were now compromised. Anya and her new group of refugees headed to a GGLN military outpost in another solar system where a relative of hers was stationed in hopes he would be able to keep her arrival quiet. When she arrived, her cousin was able to make a copy of the intelligence she had been able to bring with her and uploaded it to the military intelligence mainframe. They both knew that this mainframe was connected to the quantum correlated communication devices that used quantum entanglement between devices making the data impossible to intercept or decrypt.

她意识到自己必须迅速采取行动,所以她和雷蒙德抓住了十几个她信任的家人和朋友,然后他们帮助他们偷了一艘远程飞船,以躲避他们的朋友和同事。安雅和她的新一批难民前往另一个太阳系的 GGLN 军事哨所,她的一个亲戚驻扎在那里,希望他能让她的到来保持安静。当她到达时,她的表弟复制了一份她能够随身携带的情报,并将其上传到军事情报主机。他们都知道这台主机与量子相关通信设备相连,量子相关通信设备在设备之间使用量子纠缠,使得数据不可能被拦截或解密。

Her cousin helped the small group of refugees replenish their supplies, and provided them with information that he downloaded from the military mainframe regarding Sigmund’s disclosures of the Dark Fleet and a rogue group we refer to as the Secret Space Program Alliance (Our organization). Anya and her crew used that information to try to track down the SSP Alliance for their assistance. They were using stealthy means to travel and were staying off of the communications network to avoid detection by anyone who may be looking for them. They managed to avoid detection for several months when a GGLN military cruiser arrived in the small solar system they were hiding out in. The cruiser flew directly to the moon of a gas giant that the SSP Alliance was in orbit around and immediately opened communications.

她的表弟帮助这一小群难民补充了他们的补给,并向他们提供了从军方主机上下载的关于西格蒙德揭露的黑暗舰队和一个我们称之为秘密空间计划联盟(我们的组织)的流氓团伙的信息。安雅和她的团队利用这些信息试图找到 SSP 联盟寻求他们的帮助。他们使用偷偷摸摸的方式旅行,远离通信网络,以避免被任何可能正在寻找他们的人发现。当一艘 GGLN 军用巡洋舰抵达他们藏身的小型太阳系时,他们设法躲过了几个月的侦查。这艘巡洋舰直接飞向一颗气态巨行星的卫星,SSP 联盟就在这颗卫星的轨道上,并立即开启了通讯。

The crew immediately began purging computer systems and destroying physical evidence when the cruiser entered the solar system as they knew there was no chance of them escaping capture. Anya opened communications with the GGLN military cruiser in order to buy a little time and was caught completely off guard by what happened next. She heard someone state that they were the commander of the “Wandering Star,” the new flagship of the free colonies. She was informed that the information she had disseminated through her cousin had made it through the entire GGLN military network. The GGLN military was able to determine that dozens of their colonies were now under the control of the Orion Group through their Federation allies.

当这艘巡洋舰进入太阳系时,由于他们知道没有机会逃脱抓捕,船员们立即开始清除计算机系统并销毁物证。为了争取一点时间,安雅打开了与 GGLN 军用巡洋舰的联系,但接下来发生的事情完全出乎她的意料。她听到有人说他们是自由殖民地的新旗舰“流浪星”号的指挥官。她被告知,她通过表兄传播的信息已经通过全毛领导阵线的整个军事网络传播。GGLN 军队能够确定他们的几十个殖民地现在通过联邦盟友处于猎户座集团的控制之下。

The people living in the GGLN colonies were enraged and called for the colonies working with these Federation groups to expel them and to return to developing the breakthrough technologies that had so much promise. These colonies refused to give up the alliances and technologies they were given, so the GGLN military contacted the ICC for assistance. The ICC ordered the GGLN military to stand down and allow the continued development of the implant technologies and be prepared to accept that technology as soon as it was ready for mass deployment. The GGLN military was told they were ordered to enforce the mandate of all GGLN participants to be implanted.

生活在 GGLN 殖民地的人们被激怒了,他们呼吁与这些联邦团体合作的殖民地将他们驱逐出境,重新开发那些前途无量的突破性技术。这些殖民地拒绝放弃他们获得的联盟和技术,因此 GGLN 军队联系国际刑事法院寻求帮助。国际刑事法院命令 GGLN 军队停止行动,允许植入技术的继续发展,并准备接受这项技术,一旦它准备好大规模部署。GGLN 军队被告知,他们被命令强制执行所有 GGLN 参与者植入芯片的命令。

When the GGLN military brought these orders to the colony leaders, 93 of them came together and declared independence from the ICC and all Earth governments. The GGLN military then pledged their allegiance to the new governments of these colonies and was sent out to look for Anya’s group and to make contact with the SSP Alliance. Once the SSP Alliance heard about the GGLN program’s complete collapse, they made contact and were now on board the “Wandering Star” along with s team of Mayans. The Mayans had helped the GGLN military develop a method of removing the implants without the procedure being fatal.

当 GGLN 军队把这些命令带给殖民地领导人时,其中93人聚集在一起,宣布脱离ICC和所有地球政府独立。然后,GGLN 军队宣誓效忠这些殖民地的新政府,并被派出寻找安雅的集团和与南太平洋社会主义党联盟取得联系。一旦 SSP 联盟得知 GGLN 计划彻底失败,他们立即联系上了“流浪星”号,同时登上的还有玛雅人的小组。玛雅人已经帮助 GGLN 军队开发了一种在不致命的情况下移除植入物的方法。

On the way back to one of their colonies onboard the “Wandering Star” they were informed of an agreement that the SSP Alliance and new free colonies had made in regards to working together to defeat the Orion Group and AI agenda. The SSP Alliance had brought them the news of the future Super Federation trials and how the new guardians and Zulu had put the ICC and Super Federation on notice. The GGLN had never heard of the Guardians nor had they been informed that our local star cluster was heavily inhabited by beings very close to us genetically.

在返回”流浪星”上的一个殖民地的途中,他们被告知,SSP 联盟和新的自由殖民地达成协议,共同努力打败猎户座小组和 AI 议程。SSP 联盟告诉他们未来超级联盟审判的消息,以及新的监护人和祖鲁是如何通知 ICC 和超级联盟的。GGLN 从来没有听说过守护者,也没有被告知我们当地的星团中居住着与我们基因非常接近的生物。

At the end of this briefing, we were informed that this league of free colonies was offering the SSP Alliance all of their assets in the effort to free their homeworld, a prison planet called Earth. The former GGLN military groups have been in a number of firefights with Reptilian and Dark Fleet vessels that were harassing other worlds in their direct vicinity. They are sending some of their assets back to our solar system by way of the Zulu planet where they will be introduced to the Zulu leadership, which is made up of over 100 of the elder women of their society. The Zulu planet is where the headquarters for the Local Confederation of Planets made up of over 50 ET groups from our local stellar neighborhood.

在这次简报的最后,我们被告知,这个自由殖民地联盟正在向 SSP 联盟提供他们所有的资产,以解放他们的家园,一个被称为地球的监狱星球。前 GGLN 军事团体已经与爬行动物和黑暗舰队的船只进行了多次交火,这些船只骚扰了它们附近的其他星球。他们将通过祖鲁星球把一些资产送回我们的太阳系,在那里,他们将被介绍给祖鲁领导层,这个领导层由100多名祖鲁社会的老年妇女组成。祖鲁行星是当地行星联盟的总部所在地,该联盟由来自我们当地恒星邻居的超过50个外星人组成。

I am told the “Wandering Star” will be the flagship of the human-led fleet that will coordinate their entrance into our solar system working with the SSP Alliance and elements of the Earth Alliance assets that are still operational after its near-collapse in 2020. Due to operational security, that is all that was shared with us at the time.

我被告知,“漫游星”将是人类主导的舰队的旗舰,它将与 SSP 联盟和地球联盟的部分资产协调进入我们的太阳系,这些资产在2020年几近崩溃后仍在运作。由于行动的安全性,这是所有与我们分享的时间。

If these friendly forces are to be successful in their missions we, as the resistance on this planet, need to encourage the people of the world to get out on the streets and make their voices heard. It is only after we see the masses in the streets will the Earth Alliance have the leverage to make their moves. Once we all rise up at the same time and begin robbing the Orion Group of their loosh we will see their influence die off within days as they go into withdrawals from no longer being fed by our pain and suffering. It is at this point in history that humanity will free itself and learn the karmic lessons of its enslavement, never to repeat those mistakes again.


We highly encourage everyone to read over the SSP Alliance Report where Micca and his planet of the Olmec people freed themselves from the Orion Group and AI Archon agenda. It is not through a planetary war that we will be freed but through us refusing to participate in the system that enslaves us, to begin with.

我们高度鼓励每个人阅读 SSP 联盟报告,在那里米卡和他的奥尔梅克人的星球从猎户座小组和人工智能执政官的议程中解放出来。我们不是通过一场星球战争而获得自由,而是通过我们拒绝参与奴役我们的制度。

November 7th Update: The ICC travels to Antarctica to awaken the old gods from stasis.

11月7日更新: ICC 前往南极唤醒停滞的旧神。

A new Official SSP Alliance report is on the way. This report will cover how the ICC reacted after being notified that the Super Federation will hold trials enforcing Cosmic Law.

一份新的 SSP 联盟官方报告正在发布中。这份报告将涵盖ICC如何反应后,通知超级联邦将举行审判执行宇宙法。

These trials would be right after the solar event and after humanity had chosen its new timeline. The choice that humans make on Earth, and the timeline we choose will determine which rogue Super Federation Groups would be tried and how severe the actions of the Super Federation would be.


In a state of panic, the ICC traveled to the ancient ruined city of Atlantis over a mile below the ice on the continent of Antarctica. Excavating this ancient city from the ice began decades prior and had uncovered only a portion of the city.


During the initial excavations, 3 large mother ships were discovered and it was determined they had crash-landed and then been cannibalized for their technology to build an extremely advanced city.


Those who have followed my information over the last 6 years will remember that these secret excavations had discovered a large number of stasis pods on the ship that were occupied by what was believed to be the royals and elites of the Pre-Adamite empire also known as Atlantis.


Many of you also know that the Earth Elite credit their bloodlines to this group of ET’s that they worshiped as the Old Gods. The Earth Elite who control the ICC were panicking because, in their emergency meeting with the Orion Group and the Rogue Federations that are their allies, they sensed fear and insecurity among its leadership.


The ICC decided to awaken the Pre-Adamite old gods and plead to them for assistance.


They brought some of their most influential members to the deck of the Pre-Adamite ship that housed the stasis pods and prepared a ceremony.


The ICC performed a dark ceremony and made a human sacrifice as they disabled the stasis devices that had been operating since just before the last solar event and a global flood more than 11,800 years ago.


The old gods were successfully awakened but the ICC was stunned at what happened next. I am working on this report currently and will post it to Ascension Works TV. [Report below]


November 16th Update:
Final Report: The ICC Breakaway Civilization travels to Antarctica to awaken the “old gods” from stasis

11月16日更新: 最终报告: ICC 分离文明旅行到南极洲唤醒“旧神”从停滞


现在请加入我们,关注最新的情报简报, https://ascensionworks.tv/groups/corey-goode-updates/



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