X22报告|第2707集: 中央银行和深层国家封锁,审判日即将来临

2022年2月21日16:53:12最新动态X22报告|第2707集: 中央银行和深层国家封锁,审判日即将来临已关闭评论4151字数 1397阅读4分39秒阅读模式

爱国者们正在推动进攻,卫星已经上线,网络特遣部队已经准备就绪,[ DS ]正试图将叙事焦点转移到乌克兰,这不会奏效,信息将会迅速流动,[ DS ]将处于恐慌状态。审判日即将到来

X22报告|第2707集: 中央银行和深层国家封锁,审判日即将来临

Ep. 2707a – [CB]/[DS] Blocked, No Power Over Crypto, The Truth Is Revealed

Ep. 2707a-[ CB ]/[ DS ]封锁,没有权力控制加密货币,真相大白

Ep. 2707b – US Cyber Task Force Ready, Comms Online, Judgement Day Coming

Ep. 2707b-美国网络特遣部队准备就绪,通讯在线,审判日即将到来



Trump calls out Krugman, Krugman told people to get out the market when Trump was elected, the reason was that they were going to bring it down and they wanted the people to start the avalanche. Ukraine legalizes Bitcoin, [CB]/[DS] agenda halted, can’t ban confiscate or ban crypto.



The patriots are pushing the offensives forward, satellites are online, cyber task force ready, the [DS] is trying to shift the narrative focus with Ukraine, this will not work, the information is going to flow hard and fast and the [DS] will be in panic mode. Judgement day is coming and the [DS] is preparing to shutdown communications. This will fail in the end. The pandemic narrative fell apart, but Gates warns of another pandemic, think operation warp speed. 

爱国者们正在推动进攻,卫星已经上线,网络特遣部队已经准备就绪,[ DS ]正试图将叙事焦点转移到乌克兰,这不会奏效,信息将会迅速流动,[ DS ]将处于恐慌状态。审判日即将到来,[ DS ]正准备关闭通讯系统。这最终会失败。流行病的叙述分崩离析,但盖茨警告说,另一场流行病,认为曲速行动


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