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Kevin Clinesmith Is Going To Sing…La La La Like a Bird!


X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)X22报告(C-VINE 审核)


X22视频2251解读|水上集会团结了成千上万的爱国者Fox News interviewed Devin Nunes who says there is hardcore evidence against the Deep State involving Obamagate.The DOJ is working on individual charges for their crimes.Get the popcorn ready…it's gonna be good!


Nunes also noted that according to the Durham investigation,there have been 14 criminal referrals from this intense 3-1/2 year investigation.A year ago,there were 8 referrals,so in one year they have added 6 more criminal referrals to be investigated.Those who signed the FISA application were James Comey,Rod Rosenstein,Sally Yates and Andrew McCabe.

努内斯还指出,根据达勒姆的调查,在这个为期3年半的紧张调查中,已经有14起刑事转介案件。一年前,有8个转介,所以一年内他们又增加了6个需要调查的刑事转介。签署 FISA 申请的是詹姆斯·科米、罗德·罗森斯坦、萨利·耶茨和安德鲁·麦凯布。

We have learned the FISA is the beginning of everything else.James Comey had received a direct letter from Carter Page stating Page worked for the CIA and was not a Russian spy.Nunes has a copy of this letter.Comey,Rosenstein,Yates and McCabe have been cornered.

我们已经知道 FISA 是一切的开始。詹姆斯·科米收到了卡特·佩奇的一封直接来信,信中称佩奇为中央情报局工作,不是俄罗斯间谍。努尼斯有这封信的副本。科米、罗森斯坦、耶茨和麦凯布已经被逼入绝境。

Paul Sperry tweeted out the following:"When Clinesmith's lawyer claims,"It was never his intent to mislead the court or his colleagues,as he believed the information he relayed was accurate,"he is contradicting the court filing which states he"did knowingly"falsify document,"knowing"it contained false statements.

保罗·斯佩里(Paul Sperry)在推特上发表了以下言论:"当克林奈史密斯的律师声称,"他从未打算误导法庭或他的同事,因为他相信自己转述的信息是准确的。"他反驳了法庭文件中关于他"故意"伪造文件的说法,"知道"其中包含虚假陈述。

If Clinesmith knowingly knew,then Comey all the way up to Obama,knowingly knew!(18 U.S.Code Chapter 115–Treason Sedition and Subversive Activities.)They will all be held accountable!


Interestingly enough,Lisa Page has not tweeted since July 30th.Peter Strzok has not tweeted since July 27th.James Comey has not tweeted since July 24th.Where are they?Could Kevin Clinesmith's singing have silenced those who knowingly sought to destroy peoples lives,and who also lied to Congress?

有趣的是,丽莎·佩奇从730日起就没有发过推特了。自727日以来,Peter Strzok 再也没有发过推特。自724日以来,詹姆斯·科米就再也没有发过推特。他们在哪儿?凯文·克林斯密斯的歌声能让那些蓄意破坏人们生活的人闭嘴吗?还有那些向国会撒谎的人?

In the beginning,we were wondering how the Trump Administration was going to turn all this around for Mueller and use their lies against them.If they lied about those they were trying to incriminate,saying Flynn lied,then in reality,Flynn didn't lie,but Mueller's team did.


Trump has been preparing these arrests by positioning Federal Judges who uphold the law.As of now,he has secured 404 judges,replacing the corrupt ones with just ones.Corrupt judges,make up their own laws.Look at Judge Sullivan!He is not following the rule of law but is taking orders from Obama.With these new judges,we can now return to the rule of law.Law&Order!


George Soros's Open Society was suing to enable it's foreign entities to maintain policies that do not explicitly oppose prostitution,and sex trafficking while obtaining U.S.Government funds.This suit was taken to the Supreme Court and Judge Kavanaugh ruled foreign entities don't have 1st Amendment rights(or any rights)in the U.S.


The Corrupt politicians,the MSM has been making a huge deal about mail-in voting.They can manipulate the results through mail-in votes.They can delay the results with mail-in votes.

那些腐败的政客们,MSM 们已经做了一个关于邮寄投票的大买卖。他们可以通过邮寄投票操纵选举结果。他们可以通过邮寄投票来推迟选举结果。

The fake news media is lying once again saying Trump doesn't want mail in voting for the people yet he will use it for himself.No,he will use absentee voting.There is a vast difference between the two.With absentee ballots the registration process is secure,with mail-in voting,it is not.


The U.S.Constitution did not create the Post Office,and does not require Congress to fund it.Article 1,Section 7 of the Constitution gives Congress the power to establish Post Office Boxes.It permits Congress to act if Congress chooses to do so.The U.S.P.S.is an independent agency which has been exclusively funded since 1971 and therefore does not rely on Congress for funding.The Post Office may accept minor allocations for public service costs but for the most part,it funds itself.


There are lies circulating about the U.S.P.S.saying Trump doesn't want mail-in voting so he's having mailboxes removed.The truth is the boxes are old and are being replaced.Another lie suggests Fed Ex will handle mail-ins,but they cannot.State ballots must be postmarked in order to be valid.This plan from the D's is failing.

关于 U.S.P.S.,流传着一些谎言:特朗普不希望通过邮件投票,所以他的邮箱被移除了。事实上,这些箱子已经很旧了,而且正在被替换。另一个谎言表明,Fed Ex 将处理邮寄业务,但他们不能。各州的选票必须盖上邮戳才有效。这个D's的计划失败了。

People have swallowed the pill which says they should stay home and vote my mail so they don't get sick.Yet,these same people showed up at the Post Master's house to protest.They went out!Their hypocrisy its glaring!


One of the missions of the Deep State is to take weapons away from the people.In Philadelphia,gun violence has surged.Their city council voted to do home gun checks,encouraging residents to turn in their guns so they don't get into the wrong hands.Really?Are people really that stupid?Most are not!People are awake now and when they hear stuff like this,those people sound crazy!How would turn in their firearm voiding any means of protecting themselves.


X22视频2251解读|水上集会团结了成千上万的爱国者Every year,bikers from all over the country meet up in Sturgis,South Dakota for a rally and music festival where an average of 500,000 bikers attend.This year,they weren't the only ones to attend…BLM showed up.As one of the bikers rode by,BLM kicked his bike and the bikers went after him.

每年,来自全国各地的自行车爱好者聚集在斯特吉斯,参加一个集会和音乐节,平均有50万人参加。今年,他们不是唯一参加的人...BLM 出现了。当其中一个骑自行车的人经过时,BLM 踢了他的自行车,骑自行车的人跟在他后面。

Ironically,the police,who BLM wants to defund,had to protect him.Perhaps they should not have.Perhaps this may have been a good lesson in respect,law&order,and appreciation for our men and women in blue.The bullies have been allowed a free pass.Perhaps it's time to stop.


ANTIFA has been destroying statues all over the country.They want history to be erased into the next generation or two.Trump decided to donate this quarter's salary of$100,000 to repair and restore all of the statues which were damaged by BLM,ANTIFA,and the Deep State…always steps ahead of the DS.

ANTIFA 一直在全国各地破坏雕像。他们希望历史被抹去,留给下一代或两代人。特朗普决定捐出本季度10万美元的工资,用于修复和恢复所有被 BLMANTIFA 和深州破坏的雕像......总是领先于 DS

The largest police union has endorsed President Trump.They know DeBlasio is not for them and they know Biden is against them.They have embraced Trump because he has come out publicly in favor of our police force.The Silent Majority has spoken once again!


Sadly,President Trump's brother Robert,passed away.Usually,when there is a death no matter where you stand with each other,people will pay their respect in honor of the dead.Not for Trump.The Washington Post's headline today read,"Robert Trump,younger brother of President Trump who filed lawsuit against nice,dies at 71.They wouldn't even give him a break.


Al-Baghdadi was paid more respect from the WaPo when he died,calling him an austere religious scholar of the Islamic State.This is the same guy who tortured women and children,killed people for no reason and had sex slaves.Because of things like this,the Silent Majority is getting larger.People are beginning to see through the hypocrisy and are joining the majority.


X22视频2251解读|水上集会团结了成千上万的爱国者In Clearwater Florida,there was a rally on the water where a 1000 boats attended,flying their American and Trump 2020 flags in support of Trump and the 2020 election.


Everything the DS is doing is not working.Their plans have failed and they don't know what to do next.People are understanding what is really going on and they have joined the Silent Majority.The noisy minority is dwindling.

DS 所做的一切都不起作用。他们的计划失败了,他们不知道下一步该怎么办。人们正在理解正在发生的事情,他们加入了沉默的大多数。吵闹的少数人正在减少。

FISA is the beginning of calamity for the DS.The individual that Trump retweeted is WYN1745.The picture of WYN is (CUE).Check out Post 1745.

FISA DS 灾难的开始。特朗普转发的个人是 WYN1745WYN 的图片是(CUE)。查看 Post 1745

Go back to the beginning.What did the DS charge Stone,Flynn,etc.,with?Lying.Guess what the Patriots will charge Comey,Strzok and everyone up to Obama with?Lying.The Patriots will use what the DS has done against them.

从头开始。DS 指控斯通,弗林等人什么?撒谎。猜猜爱国者队会以什么罪名起诉科米、Strzok 以及奥巴马手下的所有人?撒谎。爱国者将使用 DS 对他们所做的一切。

One group lied,the other didn't.Who's in control…The Patriots!


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the opinion of the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告的观点)



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