2019年5月22日13:11:13特朗普在战场上横冲直撞,”剥”了奥巴马的头皮,把美国印第安部落从暴政中拯救出来已关闭评论 5358886字阅读29分37秒


By:Sorcha Faal,and as reported to her Western Subscribers

作者:Sorcha Faal,报告给她的西方订阅者

A fascinating new Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA)report circulating in the Kremlin today affirming the Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov decision to continue providing assistance to Christians in the Middle East,notes that as Christian peoples are seeing increasing attacks against them throughout the entirety of socialist-led Europe,the United States,under the leadership of President Donald Trump,has become one of only a handful of countries in the world where hatred based-backed attacks of all kinds have dramatically fallen—an astounding fact just revealed in a scientific report issued by University of Pennsylvania sociologists Daniel J.Hopkins Ph.D. and Samantha Washington that conclusively proves Trump has made America a remarkably less racist nation—a fact,however,being totally ignored by Hollywood leftist elites and their mainstream media lapdogs who continue"losing their minds"by outrageously claiming the US is being destroyed by increasing racism caused by Trump and his supporters—and because of whose obvious insanity,does not allow these hate filled leftists to see what Trump is actually doing to protect his nation's most vulnerable minorities—best exampled this past January-2019 when Trump went on the"warpath"to protect the rights of the Crow Indian Nation—who,in 2014,came under attack from the Obama Regime whose socialist forces attempted to deny this Indian tribe's rights to hunt on their own land—but whose battle ended yesterday in the US Supreme Court where Trump effectively"scalped"Obama by having his appointed Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch become the deciding vote to free this Indian tribe from the socialist tyranny being unjustly imposed on them.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天流传着一份引人入胜的新外交部报告,肯定了外交部长谢尔盖·拉夫罗夫(Sergey Lavrov)决定继续为中东地区的基督徒提供援助。报告指出,随着基督徒在整个shzy领导的欧洲遭受越来越多的攻击,美国在唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统的领导下,已经成为世界上少数几个以仇恨为基础的各种攻击急剧减少的国家之一ーー宾夕法尼亚大学社会学家丹尼尔 j。霍普金斯博士。D.以及萨曼莎·华盛顿(Samantha Washington)的文章,这些文章最终证明了特朗普让美国成为了一个明显不那么种族主义的国家ーー然而,这个事实却被好莱坞左翼精英和他们的主流媒体走狗完全忽视了,他们继续"疯狂地"宣称,特朗普及其支持者不断增加的种族主义正在摧毁美国ーー而且因为他们明显的疯狂,不允许这些充满仇恨的左翼分子看到特朗普为保护美国最脆弱的少数族裔所做的实际行动ーー这是20191月特朗普走上保护乌鸦印第安族人权利的"战路"遭到了奥巴马政权的攻击。奥巴马政权的shzy力量试图剥夺这个印第安部落在自己土地上狩猎的权利。但是,这场战斗昨天在美国最高法院结束,特朗普任命的助理大法官尼尔·戈萨奇(Neil Gorsuch)成为将这个印第安部落从不公正的shzy暴政中解放出来的决定性一票,实际上"剥了"奥巴马的头皮。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


President Donald Trump vows to protect the rights of his nation's Indian tribes as he makes America a less racist country


According to this report,the Crow Nation is an American federal government recognized tribe comprised of Native Americans whose lands once included a sweeping majority of the Great Plains region of the United States—but were lands ceded to the United States by the Crow Nation on 7 May 1868 in the"Treaty of Laramie"in exchange for peace,and involved over 30-million acres—and was a treaty whose ratification was approved by the US Senate on 25 July 1868,and proclaimed on 14 August 1868 by President Andrew Johnson to be in full and legal effect.


A central provision of the"Treaty of Laramie"carrying the full force of US law,this report explains,gave the Crow Nation hunting rights on the"unoccupied lands of the United States"that the tribe gave up"so long as game may be found thereon"—and was a law being followed in 2014 when Crow tribe member Clayvin Herrera went out hunting to feed his family as his ancestors have done for years—but who,for exercising his legal rights,was then violently set upon by the State of Wyoming who claimed those hunting rights had been eliminated—either when Wyoming became a state in 1890 or when the Bighorn National Forest was established in 1897—an outrageous claim quickly supported by the Obama Regime whose socialist lawyers cited the landmark Ward v.Race Horse case ruled on by the US Supreme Court in 1896 that stripped the Crow Nation of its"Treaty of Laramie"rights completely—as well as every other Native American tribe that had signed a treaty with the United States.

这份报告解释说,《拉勒米条约》的一个核心条款承载着美国法律的全部效力,给予乌鸦族在"美国未被占领的土地上"狩猎的权利,部落放弃了这种权利,"只要在那里可以找到猎物"2014年,乌鸦族成员 Clayvin Herrera 像他的祖先多年来一样外出狩猎来养家糊口,但是由于行使了他的法律权利,乌鸦族遭到了美国怀俄明州的暴力袭击,后者声称这些狩猎权利已经被取消了ーー无论是在1890年怀俄明成为一个州,还是在1897年比格霍恩国家森林公园成立时ーー这一令人愤慨的。1896年,美国最高法院对"种马"案做出裁决,完全剥夺了克劳族的"拉勒米条约"(Treaty of Laramie)权利,也剥夺了与美国签署条约的所有其他美洲原住民部落的权利。

Upon his taking office in early 2017,however,this report details,President Trump immediately set himself on a course to destroy the Ward v.Race Horse landmark decision—as being a businessman,not a politician,he knew the critical obligation the United States had in observing to the legal letter every treaty they signed—made even more important by the fact that Trump had begun negotiating trade deal treaties with nearly every country in world—all of whom would demand that their treaties be protected,too.

然而,这份报告详细描述了特朗普总统在2017年初就职后,立即开始推翻"沃德诉赛马案"(Ward v.Race Horse)这一具有里程碑意义的决定。作为一名商人,而不是一名政治人物,他知道美国在遵守他们签署的每一项条约的法律文书方面负有关键义务,而特朗普已经开始与世界上几乎所有国家进行贸易协定谈判这一事实让这一点变得更加重要。所有这些国家都会要求自己的条约也受到保护。

Therefore,this past January-2019,this report continues,President Trump successfully pushed this Herrera v.Wyoming case to the forefront of the US Supreme Court—and where Trump's attorneys urged this high court to overturn the landmark Ward v.Race Horse decision and restore the Crow Nation's treaty rights—and whose 5-year battle to do so,ended yesterday when the US Supreme Court ruled exactly like Trump had asked—but was a decision only able to be accomplished because Trump appointed Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch sided with this high court's most liberal judges to make it a majority ruling.

因此,这份报告继续写道,20191月,特朗普总统成功地将"Herrera v.Wyoming"案推到了美国最高法院的前沿。特朗普的律师敦促这个高等法院推翻具有里程碑意义的"Ward v.Race Horse"案的判决,恢复"乌鸦族"的条约权利。美国最高法院的裁决与特朗普的要求完全一致,特朗普为此进行的5年斗争于昨天结束,但这个判决只有在特朗普任命助理大法官尼尔·戈萨奇(Neil Gorsuch)支持这个高等法院最自由派的法官做出多数裁决后才能完成。


President Donald Trump leads US Supreme Court fight to restore Laramie Treaty rights to Crow Nation


With President Trump having so far successfully appointed two US Supreme Court JusticesNeil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh,this report notes,so-called mainstream media writers in the US continue failing to fully understand what these two new Supreme Court judges are actually doing—and has led to such headlines best exampled after yesterday's Herrera v.Wyoming ruling stating"Conservative SCOTUS Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch Disagreed on Three Decisions in One Day".

报告指出,特朗普拥有迄今为止成功总统任命两名美国最高法院Justices-Neil Gorsuch和布雷特卡夫劳夫,这份报告指出,所谓主流媒体在美国作家仍未能完全理解这两个新的最高法院法官实际上是选举人导致这样的标题最好的例子在昨天Herrera v。怀俄明的一项裁决称,"保守的苏格兰法官卡瓦诺和戈萨奇在一天内就三项裁决意见不一"。

While these leftist journalists are left perplexed by Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh seeming to contradict each other,and often switching to either the conservative or liberal sides to gain majority opinion rulings,this report further explains,Foreign Ministry analysts familiar with American law have already determined what they are actually doing—and is best described as both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh leading the most massive attack in United States history against the legal doctrine called"Stare Decisis"—that obligates US courts to follow historical cases when making a ruling on a similar case—and more simply put,binds these courts to follow legal precedents set by previous decisions—that are most frequently called"landmark cases"—of which the Herrera v.Wyoming case makes the fourth one Gorsuch and Kavanaugh have combined to destroy this past year alone—all of which is in preparation for their planned destruction of one of the most vile and destructive US Supreme Court"landmark case"rulings ever made called Roe v.Wade—and that numerous States in America are now lining up to destroy as they know what's really happening,too.

这份报告进一步解释说,尽管这些左派记者被戈萨奇大法官和卡瓦纳夫大法官弄得困惑不解,他们似乎相互矛盾,经常转向保守派或自由派,以获得多数人的意见裁决,但熟悉美国法律的外交部分析人士已经确定了他们实际在做什么ーー最好的描述是,戈萨奇和卡瓦纳夫领导了美国历史上最大规模的攻击,反对被称为"遵循先例"的法律原则ーー该原则要求美国法院在对类似案件作出裁决时必须遵循历史案例ーー更简单地说,这些法院必须遵循先前裁决确立的法律先例ーー。怀俄明州的案件是戈萨奇和卡瓦纳夫仅在过去一年就联合破坏的第四起案件。所有这些案件都是为了准备破坏美国最高法院有史以来最邪恶、最具破坏性的"里程碑案件"之一——"罗伊诉卡瓦纳夫"(Roe v.Kavanaugh)。韦德和美国许多州现在排队等待摧毁,因为他们也知道到底发生了什么。


As President Trump and his loyal forces prepare for their final assault on Roe v.Wade,this report concludes,being left unnoticed to their peril by the radical leftist mainstream media lapdogs vowing to destroy to Trump at all costs,is a"shock ruling"handed down last week by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in a case named Attkisson v.United States—that involves a lawsuit brought by former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson claiming she was spied on by the Obama Regime—but was thrown out by these powerful US Federal Judges who said they couldn't rule on spying cases like this as it would require an"inquiry into the sensitive Executive Branch discussions and decisions that would overstep the authority of the court"—that now gives Trump the total power to spy unchecked on any of these radical leftist mainstream media so-called reporters he so chooses—and that everyone in the Ministry,at least,suspects he's already been doing.

正当特朗普总统和他的忠诚部队准备对罗伊案发动最后一次进攻之际。这份报告得出结论称,上周,美国第四巡回上诉法院(United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit)"阿基森诉特朗普案"(Attkisson v。美国——其中包括哥伦比亚广播公司(CBS)前新闻记者夏里尔·阿基松(Sharyl Attkisson)提起的一项诉讼,声称自己受到了奥巴马政权的监视——但被这些有权势的美国联邦法官赶下了台,他们说,他们不能对这样的监视案件作出裁决,因为这需要"对行政部门的敏感讨论和可能超越法院权限的决定进行调查"——这使得特朗普现在拥有全部权力,可以不受限制地监视他挑选的任何激进左翼主流媒体的所谓记者——而且至少部里的每个人都怀疑他已经在这么做了。



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