主流媒体谎言的证据—Sierra (NZ)

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Video footage is appearing in the alternative media of large empty city hospitals and empty virus testing centres-debunking the MSM narrative of over-flowing hospitals and stressed staff.Please use your discernment regarding the following material...

视频片段出现在大型空城医院和空病毒检测中心的替代媒体上,揭穿了关于医院人满为患和员工压力过大的 MSM 说法。请运用你的洞察力对待以下材料..

Scroll down I ET 17's Twitter feed...

向下滚动 i ET 17 Twitter feed..


Look for a tweet by De Anna Lorraine,featuring images of two Los Angeles hospitals.These'war zones',as described by the MSM,appear quiet and empty.

请关注 De Anna Lorraine 的推特,其中有两家洛杉矶医院的图片。正如 MSM 所描述的那样,这些"战区"显得安静而空虚

Keep scrolling down until you find a video tweet by Hail To The Chief.The video features an Irish woman walking through a large empty Coronavirus testing tent.She says it looks abandoned.She says,'It's all a SHOW.'


Keep scrolling down until you find a video by Frank Pasemann MdB(look for the German flag).Frank walks through a large Berlin hospital that appears completely empty.He points out the signs on waiting room chairs,asking people not to sit close together because of the virus.BUT-no people.Deserted.

继续向下滚动,直到找到 Frank Pasemann MdB 的视频(查找德国国旗)。弗兰克走过一家大型的柏林医院,这家医院看起来空无一人。他指着候诊室椅子上的标语,要求人们不要因为感染病毒而挨得太近。-但是-没有人。荒废了

Something is clearly amiss.有些事情显然出了问题

Keep scrolling down I ET 17's Twitter feed and you will see this tweet by him...

继续向下滚动 i ET 17 Twitter feed,你会看到他的这条推文.....

'The peak in death rates is likely to hit in 2 weeks-POTUS.Two weeks from today is Easter Sunday.2 days ahead of schedule is 4/10/20.'


This all has the appearance of a controlled operation.We can only guess at what is taking place behind the scenes.


Now for a complete change of subject-and it's fascinating.If you scroll back up I ET 17's Twitter feed you will see a tweet by Steve Braun.It features a video of POTUS speaking at a virus press conference.As Steve says,how come nobody has picked up on this VERY strange statement by POTUS?I listened to it three times to be absolutely sure.This is what I heard...

现在我们完全转换一下话题——这很吸引人。如果你向上滚动 i ET 17 Twitter feed,你会看到 Steve Braun tweet。其中有一段总统在病毒新闻发布会上讲话的视频。正如史蒂夫所说,为什么没有人注意到美国总统这个非常奇怪的声明?我听了三遍,以确保万无一失。这是我听到的..

'Somebody said to me today,that wasn't in this particular world,they didn't know that we had that many countries.'(President Trump)


Yes,indeed.President Trump just slipped in some soft disclosure about the existence of off-planetary life.Go POTUS!


Finally,here is an interesting Twitter thread from Christy Hope,a newbie to Twitter.I consider her Twitter debut to be outstanding.She has a theory-and it's a wonderful theory-that the two hospital ships,Mercy and Comfort,are actually for the thousands of women and children currently being rescued from sex trafficking by the Alliance.

最后,这里有一个来自 Christy Hope 的有趣的 Twitter 帖子,她是 Twitter 的新手。我认为她的 Twitter 首秀非常出色。她有一个理论——这是一个很棒的理论——两艘医疗船,"仁慈号""舒适号",实际上是为了成千上万的妇女和儿童,目前正在被联盟从性交易中解救出来

That would make President Trump's trip to Virginia to see off the Comfort ship-and'kissing it goodbye'-very poignant.


Here is the thread-please draw your own conclusion...



主流媒体谎言的证据—Sierra (NZ)

Every day brings another exciting piece to the puzzle.Will we EVER know the full story behind humanity's liberation?I hope so.I would love to see and understand the full picture at the end of this amazing journey.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light





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      文章有说到4月4日以后都是特殊的日子,太阳加大能量穿透大气层照耀地球 给地球星际种子能量加速觉醒,真的听到这里感觉心里暖暖的,太阳水是真的假的?就是用玻璃瓶装水在太阳下晒四个小时以后喝,会加速能量活跃。

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