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June 11, 2022 2022年6月11日

Check out this two minute video excerpt from the X Files 1998 movie "Fight The Future'. It's all there - the virus/jab that destroys our DNA and immune system to de-populate the world. Remember, the [D]eep [S]tate must tell us ahead of time what they plan to do, in order to fulfill the criteria of this freewill Universe.

看看这两分钟的视频节选自 X 档案1998年的电影“战胜未来”。都在这儿了,病毒/注射会破坏我们的 DNA 和免疫系统,从而使世界人口减少。记住,深州必须提前告诉我们他们计划做什么,以满足这个自由意志宇宙的标准。


Here is another truth video - a short film by Rik Mayall before he died mysteriously. So many brave Light Warriors sacrificed their lives to help get the truth out to humanity.



Triple-jabbed Justin Bieber has told his fans that his face is now paralyzed. We can make an educated guess as to what caused it, especially when his triple-jabbed young wife recently had an 'unexplained' stroke. Face paralysis is one of the jab adverse effects listed on the FDA official website. Jab-injured celebrities will help to wake people up more quickly.

三针贾斯汀比伯告诉他的粉丝,他的脸现在瘫痪。我们可以有根据地猜测是什么原因造成的,尤其是当他年轻的妻子最近接受了三针治疗,患上了“不明原因”的中风。面瘫是 FDA 官方网站上列出的一种针灸副作用。受刺伤的名人将有助于更快地唤醒人们。


The MSM won't tell you what people really think about the [B]iden administration, so this young Light Warrior went out and did their job for them. Go, her.

MSM 不会告诉你人们对拜登政府的真实想法,所以这个年轻的光明战士出去为他们做了他们的工作。去吧,她。


In this short video excerpt John Lear talks about holographic technology from twenty years ago that was used to create the 9/11 planes. Scroll down the comments for the full video link. No surprises here for most Light Warriors. 

在这个简短的视频节选中,约翰 · 李尔谈到了20年前用于制造911飞机的全息技术。向下滚动评论的完整视频链接。对大多数光明战士来说没什么好惊讶的。


The Alliance knows the TRUTH about [D]eep [S]tate organizations like Twitter. Everyone else will know soon too.

联盟知道像 Twitter 这样的深层国家机构的真相,其他人很快也会知道。

1998 X 档案电影预言了注射|星际之门通讯

Interesting two year delta/anniversary for Q drops on 10th June. Buckle up, friends.

6月10日是 Q 下降的两周年纪念日,真有意思,系好安全带,朋友们。

1998 X 档案电影预言了注射|星际之门通讯

Today I was delighted to see MANY people not wearing masks in a big local supermarket. It was a joy to experience. People are waking up - and they won't go back to sleep.


Finally, this week my Light Warrior friend Wayne dreamed that he had to find a big hall to organize a party to celebrate the end of the war. Bring it on...!!




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Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light 




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