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MSM,利用冠状病毒再次抨击特朗普President Trump's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic has been slammed by the mainstream media,with certain networks opting not to air his daily press briefings due to"misinformation."But polls say thepublic disagrees.


The Washington Post has been fiercely critical of Trump since long before his election.Yet as the paper described his administration as barrelling"toward calamity"this week,a Washington Post-ABC News poll recorded Trump's highest ever approval rating,with 48 percent of respondents giving the president the thumbs-up,compared to 46 percent disapproving.

早在特朗普当选之前,《华盛顿邮报》就对他进行了猛烈的批评。然而,正当《华盛顿邮报》(Washington post) abc 新闻频道(abc News)本周将特朗普政府描述为"即将发生灾难"的时候,《华盛顿邮报》和 abc 新闻频道(Washington Post-ABC News)的一项民意调查显示,特朗普获得了有史以来最高的支持率,有4

That's the first time Trump has scored positively on the Post's poll,but when it comes to his handling of the ongoing pandemic which has killed more than 1,300 Americans thus far,the president's results are even better.Fifty-one percent approve of his stewardship,while 45 percent don't.


The results are played out across the board.Polls from Fox News,the Economist,Reuters,Gallup,Emerson and Axios all show positive results for Trump.Gallup's poll found that 60 percent of Americans support Trump's response to the crisis,while only 38 percent disapprove.Trump's handling of the crisis has translated into a record high job approval rating in an average of national polls.

结果是全面的。福克斯新闻、经济学人、路透社、盖洛普、爱默生和 Axios 的民意调查都显示,特朗普的支持率上升了。盖洛普民意调查发现,60%的美国人支持特朗普对危机的反应,只有38%的人表示反对。特朗普对这场危机的处理在全国民意调查中创造了就业支持率的历史新高。

Yet the media tells a different story.President Trump's daily press briefings are–to quote one NPR station in Seattle–so full of"false or misleading information"that the station will no longer air them.

然而,媒体却讲述了一个不同的故事。引用西雅图一家 NPR 电台的话说,特朗普总统的每日新闻发布会充斥着"虚假或误导性的信息",以至于该电台将不再播出这些信息。

Staff at CNN and MSNBC have reportedly pleaded with network bosses to drop coverage of the briefings,and the New York Times ran a column on Thursday wondering aloud"should networks cover them?"Individual news personalities have excoriated the president for allegedly spreading baloney.MSNBC's Rachel Maddow said on her show this week that if Trump"keeps lying…it's going to cost lives."

据报道,美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)和微软全国有线广播公司(MSNBC)的工作人员已经请求电视台老板停止报道这些简报。《纽约时报》(New York Times)周四开设了一个专栏,大声
个别新闻人士指责总统散布谣言。Msnbc Rachel Maddow 在她本周的节目中说,如果特朗普"继续撒谎......将会付出生命的代价。"

But the public isn't listening.The same Gallup poll whose respondents rated Trump at 60 percent found that out of all the institutions responding to the pandemic,Americans rated the news media the worst,with only 44 percent of Americans expressing any trust in it.Even Congress,a perennially unpopular institution in these kinds of surveys,scored higher than the media.


Trump's bump in popularity can possibly be explained by the"wartime president"effect.In times of great crisis,the electorate tends to put partisan politics aside and rally around their leader.At least that's how the theory goes.No US president has ever lost a re-election bid during wartime,and Trump has certainly attempted to portray the Covid-19 pandemic as a warlike situation.Describing the virus as an"invisible enemy,"Trump told reporters last week that"I view it as a,in a sense,a wartime president."Whether Trump manages to keep the public on side as the death toll climbs,however,depends on his actions in the coming weeks.


The public's falling trust in the media is a slightly more difficult trend to explain.The public's confidence in journalism has been falling for the better part of a decade,yet the current crisis seems to have exacerbated the downward trend.For one thing,the general public could be tired of the media crying wolf too many times.Rachel Maddow,for instance,raised concern about Trump's"misinformation,"yet cable news viewers will remember Maddow's own spreading of bogus'Russiagate'conspiracies during the first three years of Trump's presidency.

公众对媒体信任度的下降是一个稍微难以解释的趋势。在过去十年的大部分时间里,公众对新闻业的信心一直在下降,然而当前的危机似乎加剧了这种下降趋势。一方面,公众可能已经厌倦了媒体多次的"狼来了"的报道。例如,雷切尔·马多(Rachel Maddow)对特朗普的"错误信息"表示担忧,但有线新闻观众会记得,在特朗普担任总统的头三年里,马多自己散布的虚假的"俄罗斯门"阴谋。

Likewise,the public expects reporters to hold their leaders to account.Given the gravity of the coronavirus situation,the media could be grilling Trump on any number of issues,from his plan to reopen the American economy in a matter of weeks,to the breakdown of the$2 trillion stimulus bill he may sign shortly,to his reluctance to actually enforce the Defense Production Act to manufacture vital medical equipment.

同样,公众也希望记者追究其领导人的责任。鉴于冠状病毒事件的严重性,媒体可能会就任何问题对特朗普进行质询,从他在几周内重启美国经济的计划,到他可能很快签署的2万亿美元经济刺激法案的失败,再到他不愿意实际执行《国防生产法案》(Defense Production Act)来制造关键的医疗设备。

Yet when reporters choose to scold Trump for"racism"instead,the general public learns nothing new.


Trump's gripes with the media are long-standing.However,the ongoing coronavirus pandemic seems to be winning more and more Americans over to his side.




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