X22报道|第2501集:陷阱设置,这些人是愚蠢的,你看到风暴形成,恐慌在 DC

2021年6月12日16:10:41X22报道|第2501集:陷阱设置,这些人是愚蠢的,你看到风暴形成,恐慌在 DC已关闭评论 5561529字阅读5分5秒


X22报道|第2501集:陷阱设置,这些人是愚蠢的,你看到风暴形成,恐慌在 DC

Ep 2501a–Future Proves Past,Fed Note Loses Purchasing Power,Texas Makes A Move 

Ep 2501a–美联储调整货币政策,美国货币购买力下降

Ep 2501b–Trap Set,These People Are Stupid,Do You See The Storm Forming,Panic In DC 

Ep 2501b–圈套设置,这些人是愚蠢的,你看到风暴形成,在 DC 的恐慌

The globalist are trying everything possible to push their plan,[AG]is now pushing Biden to shutdown another pipeline.The dollar is continually losing value,soon people will really see how the[CB]system does not benefit them.Texas is now preparing to let people to hold Bitcoin.



The[DS]is in trouble,the patriots have been investigating the leakers since 2017 and now the information was released to the public,the NYT spun the story using the keyword seize but this was by the book investigation following the rule of law.Coincidence that the information was released now,no,the storm is forming.The patriots are hitting the[DS]from all sides,this is the worlds largest sting operation,they are trapped and their is now way out.Panic is setting in over the audits,AG Garland will make sure the post election audits did not violate any laws.Zero day is coming.


[DS]有麻烦了,爱国者自2017年以来一直在调查泄密者,现在信息向公众公布,纽约时报使用了关键字抢夺来编造这个故事,但这是根据法治进行的书本调查。巧合的是信息是现在发布的,不,风暴正在形成。爱国者正从四面八方袭击[DS],这是世界上最大的诱捕行动,他们被困住了,现在他们的出路已经出来了。审计引起了恐慌,AG Garland将确保选举后的审计没有违反任何法律。零日就要到了。



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