X22报告|第3064集: 银行监管移交给美联储,腐败体系暴露

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X22报告|第3064集: 银行监管移交给美联储,腐败体系暴露

Ep. 3064a – Regulations Of Banks Were Moved To The Fed, The [CB] Was Setup, Restructuring

银行监管移交给美联储,[ CB ]建立,重组

Ep. 3064b – The [DS] Corrupt System Is Being Exposed, Focus Now Shifts To [HRC] & [Renegade]

[ DS ]腐败系统被揭露,焦点转移到[人权委员会]和[叛徒]

X22 Report
Streamed on: May 8, 7:04 pm EDT

X22报告流: 美国东部时间5月8日下午7:04


California is getting ready to pay the black population reparations at the same time California has defaulted on their debt. Watch Ca. Biden lies on twitter about the jobs he created, users correct him. The Fed was setup, they were in charge of the banks, restructuring coming.


X22 Report
Streamed on: May 8, 7:33 pm EDT

X22报告流: 美国东部时间5月8日下午7:33


The [DS] corrupt system is being exposed. Biden is on his way out and they are going to use him to push every agenda they have, it doesn’t matter what the optics looks like because once he is taken out by the 25 amendment they will say he wasn’t aware of what he was doing. The focus will then shift to Obama and HRC. The information is being dripped out to the public in a way they see all the cast of character and how their treasonous crimes are interconnected. Justice is coming.



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