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前法国专业考古学家 Elena Danaan 声称自己是世界之银河联邦的联系人,据她所说,德意志第四帝国控制的”黑暗舰队”目前正在出走,这正在制造一个权力真空,不同的国家正试图通过在南极洲建立基地来填补这一权力真空。



作者:MICHAEL SALLA 博士2021611

According to Elena Danaan,a former professional French archeologist who claims to be a contactee with the'Galactic Federation of Worlds',an exodus of a German 4th Reich controlled"Dark Fleet"is currently underway that is creating a power vacuum that different nations are trying to fill by building bases in Antarctica.Her information comes from an extraterrestrial from the Taygeta star system in the Pleiades she identifies as'Thor Han',and a current resident at the US McMurdo base who goes by the name'Frank',and whose last name I will keep private.

前法国专业考古学家 Elena Danaan 声称自己是世界之银河联邦的联系人,据她所说,德意志第四帝国控制的"黑暗舰队"目前正在出走,这正在制造一个权力真空,不同的国家正试图通过在南极洲建立基地来填补这一权力真空。她的信息来自于一位来自 Taygeta 星系的外星人,她称这位外星人为"雷神汉",目前住在 US McMurdo 基地,名叫"弗兰克",我不会公开他的姓氏。

On June 6,Elena received an email from Frank informing her of an unusually high number of people entering and leaving Antarctica through McMurdo,which is the largest base in Antarctica,and maintains a year-round shipping port through which transport ships arrive with personnel and supplies bound for the US and other national bases.


This is what Frank told Elena in an email that was later forwarded to me:


I want to let you know that the Chinese have 5 bases here already and are setting up 4 more immediately during the absolute worst time of year.There are Chinese everywhere down here and up until a month ago I never saw even one.


Also of note,now Turkey has been sending in troops independently and so are quite a few other countries from Africa&South America all of them want to set up bases here and are bringing in the infrastructure to do so.


Everybody seems to want to get in on whatever is down here as soon as possible to not be left out.I am more certain than ever now that the mad rush is because there is definitely something here.I noticed more and more German speaking people coming through as well.Numbers have always decreased in the winter time down here not increased.


What immediately got Frank's attention was that a significant number of the personnel leaving Antarctica were German-speaking and they were bound for South America—Argentina in particular.This struck Frank as highly unusual given what Elena and others had said about a German-controlled Dark Fleet in Antarctica that was in an escalating military conflict with an'Earth Alliance'and the Galactic Federation.

立即引起弗兰克注意的是,大量离开南极洲的人员讲德语,他们前往南美洲,特别是阿根廷。考虑到 Elena 和其他人对德国控制的南极洲黑暗舰队与地球联盟和银河联邦的军事冲突不断升级的说法,这让 Frank 感到非同寻常。

Elena passed on to me Frank's information and contact details,and then communicated with her primary extraterrestrial contact,Thor Han,asking him what was happening in Antarctica.This is her summary of what followed:


I straight away informed Michael Salla and I put them both in contact.On that same evening,I requested a contact with Thor Han,picking his thoughts about this news.Thor Han confirmed that as a consequence of the Dark Fleet being harshly hit by the Alliance and the Federation,the German(4th Reich)presence in Antarctica is abandoning their outpost.He told me that there was an exodus going on,towards colonies out of this solar system,through a portal(jump door as he calls it).He said that the Reptilians based in Antarctica were leaving too.


Thor Han said that some very secret groups in some governments know about the existence of such a portal in the South Pole(and now they want it of course),used to escape to other colonies such as Aldebaran,but he said that even Aldebaran,since they became recently the main Dark Fleet headquarters,is cutting apart from the Antarctica group.Thor Han said that it is in their mentality to cut an"infected limb".There are now formidable resources down there,to be taken,if all these baddies are leaving…

索尔·(Thor Han)说,一些政府中的一些非常秘密的团体知道南极存在这样一个入口(现在他们当然想要这个入口),这个入口曾被用来逃往毕宿五(Aldebaran)等其他殖民地,但他说,即使是毕宿五,因为它们最近成为了黑暗舰队的主要总部,也正在与南极洲团体分道扬镳。索尔汉说,这是在他们的心理切割一个"感染的肢体"。如果所有这些坏蛋都离开,那里现在有可怕的资源可以利用..

It should be pointed out that Aldebaran was the original stellar location from which Maria Orsic made contact with human-looking'Nordic'extraterrestrials in the early 1920s.As a result of these communications,the first Vril space-time devices were built that could transport personnel to Aldebaran.

应该指出的是,在1920年代早期,Aldebaran 是玛丽亚·奥尔西奇与长得像人类的"北欧"外星人接触的最初恒星所在地。由于这些通信,第一个 Vril 时空装置被建造,可以将人员运送到 Aldebaran

After Hitler came to power in 1933 and coopted the Vril space program,he reached agreements with Draco Reptilian extraterrestrials,and the Nazi SS began building weaponized flying saucer craft for the war effort.Meanwhile,the most advanced aspects of the Vril and Haunebu space programs were relocated to Antarctica to continue developing interplanetary and interstellar craft.

1933年希特勒上台后,指定维尔太空计划,他与德拉科爬虫类外星人达成协议,纳粹党卫军开始建造武器化的飞碟飞行器,用于战争。与此同时,Vril Haunebu 太空计划最先进的部分被重新安置到南极洲,继续发展星际和星际飞船。

Consequently,it should come as no great surprise that the Dark Fleet today has a major base in the Aldebaran star system,in addition to bases in our solar system such as Mars and the planetoid Ceres.This is especially if there is a portal from Antarctica to a planet in the Aldebaran star system.



Elena continued her summary of her June 6 communication with Frank as follows:


Of course,I asked Frank this crucial question:as he mentioned noticing an increased presence of German-speaking people at McMurdo,did he think they could come from inland Antarctica,in the intent to leave the continent.If this was verified,it would make tremendous sense.I believe only the high grades are authorized to leave through the portal,and the population of this breakaway civilization had no other option than to leave by regular boats and planes.


And the fact that everyone wants a part of the cake,now that the baddies are fleeing away,could also explain the sudden rush of all these countries to Antarctica.Thor Han also said that the Earth Alliance had been sending military troops to the South Pole since a while now,to help kick the baddies out,and this confirmed also that my friend had noticed these last months a growing activity of US soldiers going to the South Pole.


If Elena's information is correct that the Dark Fleet is conducting an exodus out of Antarctica,then it would not be a great surprise that German-speaking workers would be among the first to leave.Presumably,senior scientific personnel would leave through spacecraft and portals—as Elena described—and low-level scientific and maintenance personnel would leave via conventional means such as transport ships out of McMurdo.This apparently was what Frank was witnessing just as the Antarctic winter was beginning.

如果埃琳娜的消息是正确的,即黑暗舰队正在大批离开南极洲,那么说德语的工作人员将成为第一批离开的人也就不足为奇了。据推测,高级科学人员将通过航天器和入口离开(Elena 是这么描述的),而低级别的科学人员和维修人员将通过运输船等传统方式离开麦克默多站。这显然就是弗兰克在南极的冬天刚刚开始的时候所目睹的。

On June 8,Frank emailed both Elena and I and wrote:


[A]lthough many foreign countries are pouring in here right now Elena was correct these German folks are all leaving.I want to ask them if they plan to return in the spring but most of them won't even talk to me about anything and carry themselves like I am not good enough to talk to them.Very cold personalities and if they speak English,they won't around me.But I do not see any Germans coming in through McMurdo just leaving.


This is how Elena summarized her communications from Frank in response to Thor Han's message:


We received another message from Frank saying that Thor Han was right,the Germans were all arriving from inland Antarctica and leaving the continent on boats to South America.They were very secretive and wouldn't talk to anyone.This was really happening…The Dark Fleet was being hammered by the Earth Alliance and the Galactic Federation,on Earth,Mars and in this star system,and the Antarctica exodus was the very proof that all of this was real.


In previous articles and interviews,I have discussed Elena's information about the Galactic Federation of Worlds viewing the Earth,Moon and Mars as the epicenters of a future galactic tyranny,and subsequently wanting to liberate their respective populations from negative extraterrestrial influences.

在之前的文章和采访中,我讨论过 Elena 关于世界银河联邦的信息,他们把地球、月球和火星看作未来银河暴政的中心,并且随后想把他们各自的人口从负面的外星人影响中解放出来。


In subsequent updates,Frank has confirmed that the German-speaking people leaving Antarctica were being shipped out to Argentina,and they continued being very secretive about their movement.


My own research on the German breakaway civilization in Antarctica—based on information provided by Corey Goode,Dr.Pete Peterson,William Tompkins,Vladimir Terziski,and others—has shown that a significant German 4th Reich presence was established during World War II,and has been maintained through subsequent agreements with the US and other major nations.

我自己对南极洲德意志分离文明的研究ーー基于科里·古德(Corey Goode)、皮特·彼得森(Pete Peterson)博士、威廉·汤普金斯(William Tompkins)、弗拉基米尔·特兹斯基(Vladimir Terziski)等人提供的信息ーー表明德意志第四帝国在第二次世界大战期间建立了重要的存在,并通过后来与美国和其他主要国家签订的协议得以维持。

I provide the details on these historic processes,agreements and events in my 2018 book,Antarctica's Hidden History:Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs.More recently,in May 2021,I updated my information about the Dark Fleet's history in a four-hour webinar that is now available on Vimeo.

我在2018年出版的《南极洲隐藏的历史:秘密太空计划的企业基础》一书中详细介绍了这些历史进程、协议和事件。最近,在20215月,我在一个四小时的网络研讨会上更新了关于黑暗舰队历史的信息,该研讨会现在可以在 Vimeo 上看到。


The multinational Antarctic Treaty(1961)was,in fact,a cover for the pacification of Antarctica in order to protect the German breakaway colony from any future military attacks similar to the failed Operation Highjump(1946/1947) and Operation Taberlan(1944-1946)missions launched by the US and United Kingdom.


In the subsequent decades,the German Antarctica bases were greatly expanded with an influx of personnel and resources from the US and other countries that developed very large industrial manufacturing facilities for spacecraft that would be supplied to the"Dark Fleet",a large corporate-run program Goode called the"Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate"(ICC),and a multinational civilian scientific space program that more recent insiders such as Spartan 1 and 2—interviewed by Linda Moulton Howe—have revealed exists in Antarctica and is run out the National Security Agency(NSA)headquarters in Fort Mead,Maryland.

在随后的几十年里,德国南极洲基地得到了极大的扩展,美国和其他国家的人员和资源大量涌入,这些国家为航天器开发了非常大的工业制造设施,并将提供给"黑暗舰队"(Dark Fleet)、一个由企业运营的大型项目"行星际企业集团"(Interplanetary Corporate ConglomerateICC),以及一个跨国民用科学太空项目。最近一些内部人士,如接受琳达莫尔顿(Linda Moulton howe)采访的"斯巴达1"(Spartan 1)"斯巴达2"(Spartan 2)透露,这个项目位于南极洲,由美国国家安全局(National Security AgencyNSA)设在马里兰州米德。

Unfortunately,many of these 4th Reich/Dark Fleet facilities used slave labor in clear violation of the Antarctic Treaty,which Goode was the first to reveal back in October 2017.In fact,he says that he was briefed about an earlier attempted exodus in May 2016 that was neutralized by a fleet of unknown advanced spacecraft,presumably belonging to the Earth Alliance that battled Dark Fleet/ICC vessels over Antarctica.


It is,therefore,very possible that the German-speaking workers that Frank saw leaving McMurdo in early June 2021 were evacuating the Dark Fleet bases due to recent setbacks.Indeed,their secretive behavior,according to Frank,suggests they were leaving highly classified bases hidden somewhere in the huge Antarctica continent.


In addition to Frank's information,is there any other corroboration for Elena's remarkable revelations of the Dark Fleet leaving Antarctica?There are two distinct bodies of circumstantial evidence that support such an exodus is indeed taking place.


The first is exposure of the Deep State effort to rig the 2020 US Federal elections so as to implement their New World Order,which would have enabled Dark Fleet operations to continue out of Antarctica indefinitely.The 4th Reich's interest in the US presidency and its importance for continued Dark Fleet operations was all but openly revealed when President Obama's then Secretary of State,John Kerry,visited Antarctica at the height of the November 2016 Presidential election.


It has become clear given subsequent events that Kerry's real purpose was to brief the 4th Reich about Trump's looming presidency,and outline the Deep State's master plan to neutralize and eventually remove Trump from power.Consequently,the 4th Reich was a key element in the Deep State orchestrated coup to remove President Donald Trump from power through a rigged election.


The forensic election audit currently taking place in Maricopa County is expected to confirm that widespread election fraud did take place.This will spark further forensic audits in other US counties and states,which will reveal the full extent of what had occurred.


The scale of the US election fraud will not only shock the global public and lead to quick restoration of a Trump administration,but will spark multiple criminal prosecutions of Deep State figures from around the world complicit in the botched election rigging effort.

美国选举舞弊的规模不仅会震惊全球公众,并导致特朗普政府迅速恢复,而且还会引发对来自世界各地的"深州"(Deep State)人物的多起刑事诉讼,他们参与了这场拙劣的选举舞弊行动。

The looming prosecutions will further identify the COVID-19 pandemic as a key element in the failed coup attempt.Deep State figures in the scientific,political and mainstream media that were involved in creating and perpetuating the pandemic hoax are similarly expected to be exposed and prosecuted.This will only compound the fallout for the 4th Reich once it is determined that it was involved in staging the COVID-19 pandemic as part of a plan to remove Trump.



The second political process that is occurring,which Frank identified in the first email cited above,is the recent influx of countries such as China and Turkey into Antarctica.What was very strange was that this was occurring right now,during the onset of winter,the worst time of year.Only a month earlier,there were few Chinese seen at McMurdo,according to Frank,now they were everywhere.Recent mainstream media stories do confirm that both China and Turkey are building new bases in Antarctica,with China aiming to become the dominant presence there.


The sudden influx of personal and resources into Antarctica during the start of the winter months does point to the different countries trying to fill a newly created power vacuum.It would make sense that the 4th Reich is turning over its Dark Fleet assets in Antarctica to countries that are most sympathetic to its political agenda and activities:China,Turkey,and countries from South America and Africa would be suitable candidates.


The information from Frank about events that are currently unfolding in Antarctica is highly unusual and significant.It corroborates the much more startling information from Elena Danaan about a Dark Fleet exodus currently underway in Antarctica.Consequently,my confidence in the accuracy of Elena's information from her Galactic Federation of Worlds contact,Thor Han,has been enhanced from what I have learned from Frank.I will seek further independent corroboration for this incredible information and report on it when it becomes available.

弗兰克提供的关于目前正在南极展开的事件的信息是非常不寻常和重要的。它证实了 Elena Danaan 提供的更为惊人的信息,即目前正在南极洲进行的黑暗舰队出走。因此,我从弗兰克那里学到的东西,增强了我对 Elena 从她的银河联邦世界联系人 Thor Han 那里得到的信息准确性的信心。我将为这一令人难以置信的信息寻求进一步的独立证实,并在获得这一信息后提出报告。

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