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On September 24,I received a new update about recent developments in Antarctica concerning former Dark Fleet bases taken over by China,and how these were being turned over to the Earth Alliance as a result of the Jupiter Agreements.The update was released by Val Nek,from the Galactic Federation of Worlds,through Megan Rose who again relayed the information.

924日,我收到了一份最新的最新消息,关于南极洲前黑暗舰队基地被中国接管的事态发展,以及这些基地是如何由于《木星协定》而移交给地球联盟的。更新是由世界银河联邦(消歧义) Val Nek 通过 Megan Rose 发布的,她再次转达了这一消息。

After receiving the report,I asked a series of questions which were relayed back to Val Nek.I received his answers on September 25,and immediately began experiencing severe computer hacking.The cursor on my computer would move independently and I could not use the programs necessary for creating articles and videos despite activating my McAffee anti-virus program,and twice rebooting my computer.

收到报告后,我问了一系列问题,然后转达给瓦尔·内克。我在925日收到了他的回复,随即开始经历严重的电脑黑客攻击。我电脑上的光标会独立移动,我不能使用必要的程序来创建文章和视频,尽管我激活了我的 McAffee 反病毒程序,并两次重启我的电脑。

Thankfully,after an hour or two,the problem disappeared.I suspect my computer was hacked and its functions restored after a third party intervened.The incident was a reminder of the importance of the information I was receiving and the need to release it publicly as quickly as possible.Without further ado,here is what Val Nek[VN]reported on Sept 24.

谢天谢地,一两个小时后,这个问题就消失了。我怀疑我的电脑被黑客攻击了,在第三方介入后,它的功能恢复了。这一事件提醒我,我收到的信息非常重要,需要尽快向公众公布。事不宜迟,以下是 Val Nek[VN]924日的报道。

VN:I am happy to report that with many successful missions that the bases in Antarctica are cleared and in control of the[Earth]Alliance.The Alliance has worked alongside members of the Federation to clear the Dark Fleet and its allies from its numerous bases.This is not new information but rather relevant to agreements made with China,what you have called the Artemis Accords.


While China is not currently a party to the Artemis Accords,these are the foundation of the multinational alliance that has been created around the US as the hub.Both China and Russia at first opposed the Accords,but after their popularity led to the Galactic Federation choosing the US as the leader of the 14 spacefaring nations and aerospace corporations present at the July Jupiter meetings,China had to consequently shift its position.This was necessary if China was to receive any advanced aerospace technologies from the Federation,after the Draconian Empire(Ciakharr)and Orion Alliance(Tall Grays)had to leave our Solar System,developments which were covered in previous articles.

尽管中国目前不是阿特米斯(Artemis Accords)的缔约方,但这些协议是围绕美国建立的多国联盟的基础,这个联盟是以美国为中心的。中国和俄罗斯起初都反对《协议》,但由于它们的受欢迎导致美国银河联邦选择美国作为14个航天国家和航空航天公司的领导者出席7月的木星会议,中国不得不因此改变立场。这是必要的,如果中国要从联邦获得任何先进的航空航天技术,在德拉科帝国(Ciakharr)和猎户座联盟(高灰人)不得不离开我们的太阳系之后,这些发展已经在以前的文章中涉及。

On October 13, 2020, NASA and international partners from Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom signed...

China's compliance with the Jupiter Agreements as a condition for receiving new aerospace defense technologies is directly addressed by Val Nek:


As I have previously mentioned,China had limited access to the new space station and other zones as outlined in the Jupiter Agreements.Part of the reason for limited access was also their interest in taking control of the Dark Fleet bases and expanding their space program in this area.As many know,this area has been used by the Dark Fleet and the Ciakahrr Empire for human experimentation,technological manufacturing and also human trafficking.

正如我前面提到的,中国对新的空间站和《木星协定》规定的其他区域的访问受到限制。进入受限的部分原因也是他们对控制黑暗舰队基地和扩大他们在这个地区的空间计划的兴趣。众所周知,这个地区曾被黑暗舰队和 Ciakahrr 帝国用于人体实验、技术制造以及人口贩卖。

Val Nek described in an earlier update publicly released on September 8,that a number of planetary defense outposts were being built for global security and surveillance purposes.These defense outposts(large space stations)would use advanced cloaking technologies,and control an impenetrable shield preventing the Draconians and Orions from future infiltration using interdimensional portal technologies.


The Federation was helping the Earth Alliance build the necessary defense technologies in Earth Orbit and on the Moon,to deal with a potential return of our former planetary overlords.If China was to benefit from the defense technologies being shared by the Federation,it was obliged to cooperate,especially when it came to the former Dark Fleet bases in Antarctica that had been used for nefarious purposes.


Val Nek continued:


Our agreements with them[China]were very strict,they must agree to relinquish control of certain areas of these bases and they will have access to the stations built by the Alliance and the corporations.This is important as the Federation's goal is to unify the space programs and countries so that they work together for the good of humanity and one day join membership in the Federation.It is important to note that once a planet or species joins the Federation,they are obligated to work for peace and balance in the universe and are no longer a threat to the rest of the galaxy.China agreed to these terms and is now working alongside the Alliance.


These cooperative principles are fully described in the Galactic Federation's Prime Directive,which was released on September 6,by Val Nek's colleague Thor Han to Elena Danaan.Surprisingly,I found that the fictional Prime Directive developed in the Star Trek series and released in text form in a 1986 book,The Federation,was based on the real Prime Directive that was later released by Thor Han.According to Thor Han,the book authors,Bernard Menke and Rick Stuart,and/or Gene Roddenberry had been given the real Prime Directive.

这些合作原则在96 Val Nek 的同事 Thor Han 发给 Elena Danaan 的《银河联邦中得到了充分的阐述。令人惊讶的是,我发现《星际迷航》系列中虚构的《最高指令》在1986年出版的《联邦》一书中以文本形式发布,这本书是基于雷神索尔·汉后来发布的真正的《最高指令》。根据 Thor Han 的说法,这本书的作者 Bernard Menke Rick Stuart 以及/或者说吉恩·罗登伯里已经得到了真正的最高指令。

My analysis of the two prime directives showed they derived from the same source,as explained in an extract from my September 9 Webinar,Our Star Trek Future.The comparison is available on YouTube&Rumble.

正如我在99日的网络研讨会《我们的星际迷航未来》节选中解释的那样,我对这两个主要指令的分析表明,它们来自同一个源头。这个比较可以在 YouTube Rumble 上找到。

In this excerpt from the Webinar, Our Star Trek Future, Dr. Michael Salla compares the Prime Directives of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Star Tre...

Analysis of the Federation's Prime Directive makes clear why China is obliged to cooperate with the US led Earth Alliance if it is to receive advanced defense technologies from the Federation.This led to the handover of Antarctica's former Dark Fleet bases,as Val Nek explains:


I know Dr.Salla will find it very interesting as to what we are using these bases for.I can report that some of the manufacturing for the star fleet will take place here.As your planet and its governments have proven to be very complicated and interesting,it was also necessary for China to agree to our terms due to its availability of certain supplies.To my knowledge,there is much production of many supplies,that are shipped from this country all over Terra.This has proven to also be the case with building the star fleet.


China is working with the Alliance to manufacture these materials and supplies.Much of the human work force from the Dark Fleet have also[been]opted to be employed by these programs in the interest of keeping their jobs.Our ships,the technology to build these ships,is also readily available in Antarctica,which makes it a feasible place to start production of these materials.This is good news and we continue to move forward.


It is now clear that one of the inducements that led to China agreeing to join the US led Earth Alliance was that it would play a key role in building the future planetary defense technologies out of Antarctica bases that were previously owned by the Dark Fleet.China's recent history of becoming the world's manufacturing hub for consumer products,made it a logical choice to do the same in the secretive world of advanced spacecraft construction.


As I discuss in my 2020 book,Rise of the Red Dragon:Origins and Threat of China's Secret Space Program,China has been secretly building large exotically propelled spacecraft in remote locations in order to one day challenge US space dominance.


I asked Val Nek five questions about his update and what follows are his responses.

我问了 Val Nek 五个关于他最新情况的问题,以下是他的回答。

1 Does he know what happened to the slaves,workers,etc.,at the Antarctica bases once the Dark Fleet and Ciakharr left?How many people were involved,thousands,tens of thousands,etc.?


VN:The exact number I cannot say.It was in the tens of thousands,this includes the slaves but also workers as well.Most,if not all,the slaves had been experimented on.This also includes humans,but hybridized species of humans as well.Like the super soldiers from Mars,these people are being cared for by the Alliance in medical facilities.I can also say that hybrids or humans,most have undergone a great deal of mind control,with implants placed in the cerebral cortex.This requires the Federation to assist the Alliance in deactivating the implant and assimilating the brain to its original function.


The hybrids,of course,require the Federation to intervene since they carry genomes that are unknown to the Terran military and therefore providing medical treatment would not be appropriate.The Alliance and the Federation have the ability to transport medical treatments to these bases to give them proper treatment.What your people call med beds,is the technology,or very similar technology,that is being used.The workers have been given new employment options with the Alliance in these areas.Their help is useful in explaining the facilities and how they operate in some cases.Of course,these people are employed personnel and are not elite workers who directly reported to the Dark Fleet.


In an earlier article,I described some of the human rights abuses that were occurring at these Dark Fleet and Corporate run Antarctica bases.The scale of the human suffering that occurred was massive,but to date no one has been brought to justice for these crimes.Thankfully those victims that survived are being taken care of in Federation facilities.


The Q and A continued:


2.Can Val Nek say how many Dark Fleet bases were taken over by the Chinese and their approximate locations,e.g.,Queen Maud Land,West Antarctica,etc.?


VN:This information I am not at liberty to disclose completely….I can say between 3-5 bases were handed over to the Alliance and their respective locations I cannot say,but you are welcome to speculate.When we are able to disclose the purpose for these bases,if the time comes,it may help your inquisition.


It's worth separating these three to five former Dark Fleet bases,to the six large industrial bases used by a corporate consortium that built interstellar craft for the Dark Fleet,which Corey Goode said he witnessed back in January 2016 during a visit to Antarctica.The latter are still in the possession of the corporations,which will now play a role in building interstellar capable spacecraft for the Earth Alliance as a later response by Val Nek confirms.


My Q&A with Val Nek continues:

我与 Val Nek 的问答接着说:

3.Val Nek referred to certain parts of these former Dark Fleet bases first handed off to China,have now been turned over the Earth Alliance as required by the Jupiter Agreements.Does that mean China still controls other sections of the bases where it can do what it likes under certain limitations?


VN:China does not have complete control over any bases at this time.The agreements are written as such.The goal of the Federation is to ensure that the countries work together and are organized in how they approach their respective space programs.China was reluctant,at first,to relinquish control,as I mentioned previously,they had many self interests.While the United States was chosen to be the leader of these countries and their programs….they are exactly that,leading the space fleet with the intention of unity and peace between the countries of Terra.

VN:中国目前还没有完全控制任何军事基地。协议就是这样写的。联合会的目标是确保各国共同努力,按照各自的空间方案进行组织。一开始,中国并不情愿放弃控制权,正如我之前提到的,他们有很多自身利益。虽然美国被选为这些国家及其项目的领导者......他们正是如此,带领着太空舰队,意图在 Terra 国家之间实现团结与和平。

China originally claimed some bases in Antarctica,through no legal agreements,and quickly handed them over after the Jupiter Agreements.Many of your countries use their military assets against each other,for land and conquest.The Federation has found this way of doing[things]very interesting,considering the much more hostile threats to planet Terra in the galaxy.We are making change and progress together,moving forward as one planet.

中国最初声称对南极洲的一些军事基地拥有主权,但没有签订任何法律协议,并在《木星协定》签订后迅速将这些基地移交中国。你们的许多国家使用他们的军事资产相互对抗,为了土地和征服。星际联邦发现这种做事的方式非常有趣,考虑到银河系中的 Terra 星球面临更多的敌对威胁。我们正在共同改变和进步,作为一个星球向前迈进。

Clearly,Val Nek was referring to the respective leaders of the Earth Alliance being made to recognize the overall strategic situation concerning Earth in the wider Galaxy,and that there was no real alternative to international cooperation to dealing with potential future threats,despite significant political,cultural and economic differences between Earth's major nations.

很明显,Val Nek 指的是地球联盟的各位领导人被迫承认更广泛的银河系中地球的总体战略形势,而且尽管地球各主要国家之间存在着重大的政治、文化和经济差异,但在应对未来潜在威胁方面,除了开展国际合作之外,别无他法。

Elon Musk's tweet with picture of Earth taken from SpaceX mission capsule is available here: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1441201947785121794

The next question addressed the fate of corporate bases in Antarctica used to build the Dark Fleet's interstellar craft:


4.The Dark Fleet worked very closely with a Corporate Consortium that was building many of the large starships for the Dark Fleet.Has this Corporate Conglomerate handed over their facilities to other companies/Earth Alliance,or have they realigned themselves to now build spacecraft for the Earth Alliance?


([Megan Rose]Val Nek is amused by this question)


VN:I cannot disclose this information in the interest of Megan's safety and ongoing operations.


My speculation here is that the corporate consortium(aka Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate)that built the Dark Fleet,is now using the same facilities to build interstellar craft for the Earth Alliance.After all,corporations are driven by the profit motive and can quickly adapt to the needs of new customers and new conditions.Presumably,the corporate executives implicated in the use of slave labor,genetic experiments or other abuses that occurred when Dark Fleet vessels were being built have been retired and/or brought to justice for their complicity in such crimes.This is a very sensitive issue and it's understandable why Val Nek was hesitant to provide more details for Megan's safety.


My final question and Val Nek's response follows:


5.To understand the big picture,the mass production of antigravity and advanced health technologies is now happening on the Moon and Antarctica and is to be distributed by the Earth Alliance.Similar facilities on Mars have been destroyed or taken over by the Indigenous Martians while similar ship building facilities on Ceres have been left for its residents to use as they wish.Is there a timetable for when the advanced technologies being mass produced on the Moon and Antarctica will be released to the rest of humanity?


VN:Yes indeed,the indigenous Martians are in the process of taking back control of their planet,the same as planet Terra.I cannot give an exact timetable,as it depends on the corporations and their manufacturing speed,among a few other variables.We have a goal in mind of course,as I have mentioned previously,the corporations chosen have the infrastructure to meet our time requirements and demands.I have also stated previously that there is a time constraint and we wish to accomplish these projects relatively quickly.I can say that most with a logical perspective,considering how large this operation is,would be pleased with the time constraints and goals that we have put in place.

VN:是的,的确,土著火星人正在夺回他们的星球的控制权,就像 Terra 星球一样。我不能给出一个确切的时间表,因为这取决于公司和他们的生产速度,以及其他一些变量。当然,我们心中有一个目标,正如我之前提到的,所选择的公司拥有满足我们时间要求和需求的基础设施。我以前也说过,时间有限,我们希望能够相对较快地完成这些项目。我可以说,从逻辑的角度来看,考虑到这个行动的规模,大多数人都会对我们设定的时间限制和目标感到满意。

We know from a September 7 update from Val Nek,that the space fleets(Starfleet)being built on the Moon—and now also in Antarctica—combine both indigenous Earth and Galactic Federation defense technologies.Without knowing too much about the classified construction technologies being used on the Moon and Antarctica to build an entirely new generation of spacecraft for the Earth Alliance,we can get an idea of the timeline from estimates of how long it takes to build new generations of nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers.

我们从 Val Nek 97日的最新消息中得知,正在月球上建造的太空舰队(星际舰队)----现在也在南极洲----结合了本土的地球和银河联邦防御技术。如果不太了解在月球和南极洲用于为地球联盟建造全新一代航天器的机密建造技术,我们就可以从建造新一代核动力潜艇和航空母舰所需时间的估计中得出时间表的概念。

Recently,Australia reached agreements with the US and the UK to build a new fleet of nuclear powered submarines as part of the new AUKUS Alliance,thereby greatly upsetting France,which was going to build a conventional diesel powered submarine fleet for Australia instead.Production of the first Australian nuclear submarines is expected to take the rest of this decade to complete.

最近,澳大利亚与美国和英国达成协议,建立一支新的核动力潜艇舰队,作为新的 AUKUS 联盟的一部分,从而极大地扰乱了法国,法国准备为澳大利亚建立一支常规柴油动力潜艇舰队。澳大利亚第一艘核潜艇的生产预计将在本十年剩余时间内完成。

Nuclear expert and former US intelligence official, Maria Rost Rublee, discusses the various considerations of nuclear submarines being built in Australia, i...

I believe the nuclear submarine building project is a cover for Australia participating in the massive starship construction process that the Earth Alliance has begun.The timetables for the respective launches of Australia's nuclear submarines and the Earth Alliance's"Starfleet"are likely to be similar.This is not accidental.Australia is a vast continent and it would not be surprising if remote locations were to be used to complement what was secretly being built on the Moon and under the ice shelves of Antarctica.


It's also worth pointing out that secret space program insider William Tompkins said that the next generation of Solar Warden space carriers would be ready for deployment in the early 2030s.All this gives us an idea for estimating how long it will take to build new fleets of spacecraft for the Earth Alliance.


However,it can be expected that advanced medical technologies—currently being mass produced on the Moon as discussed in a prior update by Val Nek—can be released much earlier than the completion of the Earth Alliance's future Starfleet.Doing so,would predictably increase public support for the massive spacecraft construction secretly underway on the Moon,Antarctica,and perhaps Australia as well.

然而,可以预期的是,先进的医疗技术----正如 Val nek 在之前的更新中所讨论的那样,目前正在月球上大规模生产----可以在地球联盟未来的星际舰队完成之前发布。这样做,可以预见地增加公众对秘密在月球、南极洲,也许还有澳大利亚建造大型航天器的支持。

I wish to thank Megan Rose for relaying Val Nek's update and answers to my questions.Her website is MeganRoseMedium.com

我要感谢 Megan Rose 转达了 Val Nek 的最新消息并回答了我的问题,她的网站是 meganrosemedium.com

Note:On October 9,I will hold my final webinar for 2021 on the topic of "Galactic Federations,Councils&Secret Space Programs." The Webinar will conclude with a special panel featuring Megan Rose,Elena Danaan,and myself.


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