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美国陆军现在完全控制着五角大楼,而不是美国海军;阿赛诺夫向俄罗斯宪兵队的审讯人员详细讲述了他如何与驻扎在伊拉克的美国海军海豹突击队精英小组合作,将他训练的 ISIS 狙击手偷运到墨西哥,随后,他将被另一批美国海军陆战队偷渡到美国,而他们的暗杀目标就是特朗普

An absolutely mind-shattering new Ministry of Defense(MoD)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the de-escalation measures taken by the United States to prevent a catastrophic nuclear exchange with Russia,that began on 7 July 2019 when President Donald Trump ousted from power the US Navy's top uniformed officer Vice-Admiral William Moran,continued this week when Dr.Mark Esper was sworn in to became US Secretary of Defense on 23 July 2019—an appointment unprecedented in American history as just a fortnight ago,Dr.Esper was the US Secretary of the Army—on 15 July 2019 saw Trump sending his formal nomination to the US Senate—and without any hearings being held,then saw the US Senate confirming his appointment 8-days later,on 23 July 2019,by an astonishing 90-8 approval vote—a rapid move made for peace after President Putin ordered the nuclear armed Admiral Gorshkov"Nation Killer"warship to station itself off the Eastern US Coast in the Caribbean Sea—and upon Putin being told by Trump that Dr.Esper was a US Army West Point classmate of US Secretary of State Pompeo,convinced him the US Army was now fully in control of Pentagon,not the US Navy—thus enabling Putin to order the transfer into FBI custody of ISIS sniper and weapons instructor Ruslan Maratovich Asainov—who detailed to his Russian Military Police interrogators how he had been working with an elite group of US Navy Seals stationed in Iraq to smuggle into Mexico ISIS snipers he had trained,who would then be smuggled into America itself by another group of US Marines,and whose intended assassination target was Trump—that caused now Secretary of Defence Esper,within the past 24-hours,to suspend from duty,and order back to America from Iraq,19 US Navy Seals and four of their support troops—as well as his further ordering the immediate arrest of at least 16 US Marines—who are the ground force of the US Navy.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天流传着一份绝对震撼人心的新国防部报告,其中指出美国为防止与俄罗斯发生灾难性的核战争而采取的缓和措施。这份报告始于201977日,当时美国总统唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)将身穿制服的海军中将威廉·莫兰(William Moran)赶下台。本周,马克·埃斯珀(Mark Esper)博士于2019723日宣誓就任美国国防部长,这是两周前美国历史上前所未有的任命 2019715日,特朗普向美国参议院递交了正式提名,没有举行任何听证会,8天后,也就是2019723日,美国参议院以惊人的90票对8票通过了对他的任命----这是一个迅速的和平进程,因为普京总统下令携带核武器的戈尔什科夫海军上将号航空母舰"国家杀手"战舰停靠在加勒比海的美国东海岸附近;普京被特朗普告知,埃斯珀博士是美国陆军西点军校的美国国务卿庞皮欧的同学,让他确信,美国陆军现在完全控制着五角大楼,而不是美国海军,因此普京能够下令将 ISIS 狙击手和武器教官鲁斯兰·马拉托维奇·阿赛诺夫转交给联邦调查局,阿赛诺夫向俄罗斯宪兵队的审讯人员详细讲述了他如何与驻扎在伊拉克的美国海军海豹突击队精英小组合作,将他训练的 ISIS 狙击手偷运到墨西哥,随后,他将被另一批美国海军陆战队偷渡到美国,而他们的暗杀目标就是特朗普——这导致现任国防部长埃斯珀(Esper)在过去24小时内暂停职务,并下令从伊拉克将19名美国海军海豹突击队员及其4名支援部队遣返美国——他还进一步下令立即逮捕至少16名美国海军陆战队员,他们是美国海军的地面部队。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


ISIS sniper and weapons trainer Ruslan Maratovich Asainov(above)reveals US Navy Seal plot to smuggle into America ISIS snipers to kill President Donald Trump

Isis 狙击手兼武器训练师 Ruslan Maratovich Asainov(上图)揭露美国海豹突击队计划将 ISIS 狙击手偷运进美国刺杀唐纳德·特朗普总统

According to this report,since late 2017,the Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides and Refugee Migration Monitoring has been working cooperatively with Syrian Democratic Forces,who are composed primarily of Kurdish,Arab,and Assyrian/Syriac militias,as well as some smaller Armenian,Turkmen and Chechen forces friendly to Russia and battling against ISIS barbarian terrorists—and which led to the December-2018 meeting in Moscow between these parties to discuss the future of east Euphrates.

根据本报告,自2017年底以来,对立双方和解中心和难民移徙监测中心一直与叙利亚民主力量开展合作,后者主要由库尔德人、阿拉伯人、亚述/叙利亚人民兵以及一些较小的亚美尼亚人、土库曼人和车臣人部队组成,这些部队对俄罗斯持友好态度,并与 ISIS 的野蛮恐怖分子作战,这导致这些部队于201812月在莫斯科举行会议,讨论东幼发拉底河的未来。

Among the more"complex/substantive"[cубстанционализирующимися]issues discussed over this time period between Russian and SDF negotiators,this report details,involved an ISIS sniper and weapons trainer captured by Russian Military Police forces in Syria while attempting to use false identity documents at a check point near the Turkish border—and who,during his interrogation,confessed that his true name was Ruslan Maratovich Asainov,and his further revealing that he was a naturalized United States citizen.



Upon Asainov's subsequent interrogations conducted by Russian Military Intelligence(GRU)specialists,this report notes,he confessed to being involved in a vast plot to smuggle into the United States snipers he had trained while being an"emir"of the Islamic State CaliphateISIS snipers he traveled throughout Syria to find,then return them to the Syrian-Iraqi border where they were taken into custody by Foxtrot Platoon of SEAL Team 7—who then passed these ISIS snipers off to SEAL Team 10 who smuggled them into the South American nation of Colombia—where drug smugglers would then take them to the US Southern Borderwith Mexico—where,in turn,these ISIS snipers were smuggled into America by a group of US Marines working with these US Navy Seals—and most gravely concerning about Asainov's confessions,his describing how he was told by US Navy Seal aircraft technician Brandon Caserta that these ISIS snipers'mission was to"Off The Orange Man"—an obvious reference to President Trump.

报告指出,在阿赛诺夫随后接受俄罗斯军事情报部门(GRU)专家的审讯时,他承认参与了一起大规模阴谋,企图将他作为伊斯兰国哈里发(Islamic State caliphate)——伊斯兰国(ISIS)"埃米尔"——训练的狙击手偷运进美国。他在叙利亚各地旅行,寻找这些狙击手,然后将他们送回叙利亚-伊拉克边境,在那里,他们被第7海豹突击队的狐步排(Foxtrot)逮捕。第10海豹突击队将这些伊斯兰国狙击手交给海豹突击队,后者将他们偷运到南美国家哥伦比亚。毒品走私者将把他们,反过来,这些 ISIS 狙击手是由一群与这些美国海军海豹突击队合作的美国海军陆战队员偷运到美国的ーー最令人严重关切的是阿赛诺夫的坦白,他描述了美国海豹突击队飞机技术员布兰登·卡塞塔(Brandon Caserta)如何告诉他,这些 ISIS 狙击手的任务是"击退橙色人"ーー明显指的是特朗普总统。

Under direct orders given to the GRU by President Putin himself,this report continues,the Pentagon was informed of ISIS sniper Asainov's capture—and were further informed that he was not subject to normal US State Department protocols involving the arrest of American citizens—as he was a prisoner of war as designated under Russian military law for the classification of enemy combatants captured on a battlefield–but whose GRU confession notes were,indeed,given to the Americans upon this notification.

根据普京总统亲自下达的直接命令,五角大楼得知 ISIS 狙击手阿赛诺夫被捕的消息,并进一步得知他不受美国国务院逮捕美国公民的正常程序的约束,因为他是俄罗斯军事法指定的战俘,在战场上被俘的敌方战斗人员的分类,但是他的 GRU 供认笔记实际上是在这一通知后发给美国人的。

Upon the Pentagon receiving from the GRU the confession notes of ISIS sniper Asainov last March-2018,however,this report says,only the members of SEAL Team 10 were moved against—with the"official story"of their destruction being them all having become cocaine addicts while being deployed to Colombia—and saw US Navy investigators writing in their report"A fifth SEAL"ingested cocaine"at his home on April 15,2018,and killed himself the following month"—but who,in reality,was the same US Navy Seal aircraft technician Brandon Caserta who told ISIS sniper Asainov that the mission of these ISIS snipers being smuggled into the US was to"Off The Orange Man"—thus explaining why this young US Navy Seal wrote the words"I want to see as many people fired,kicked out or,at the very least,lose rank"before he shouted at a US Navy Seal helicopter captain"I'm sorry you have to see this"—and then hurled himself into the spinning tail rotor of an MH-60S helicopter—or at least as the"story"goes,as only US Navy Seals were witness to this death.

然而,这份报告称,五角大楼在去年3月至20183月收到伊斯兰国组织(ISIS)狙击手阿赛诺夫(Asainov)的供词后,只有第10海豹突击队(SEAL Team 10)的成员受到了攻击——官方的说法是,他们在被部署到哥伦比亚期间都染上了可卡因瘾——并且看到美国海军调查人员在报告中写道,"2018415日,第5名海豹突击队员在家中摄入了"可卡因",并在随后的一个月内自杀。"正是这位美国海豹突击队飞机技术员布兰登·卡塞尔塔(Brandon Caserta)告诉 ISIS 狙击手阿赛诺夫,这些被偷运到美国的 ISIS 狙击手的任务是"击退橙色男子"——这就解释了为什么这位年轻的美国海豹突击队员在向美国海豹突击队直升机机长大喊"我很抱歉你们不得不看到这一幕"之前,写下了这样的话:"我希望看到许多人开枪、踢出去,或者至少是失去军衔",然后他冲着一架 MH-60S 直升机旋转的尾部旋翼大喊"我很抱歉你们不得不看到这一幕"——或者至少像"故事"


US Navy Seal aircraft technician Brandon Caserta(above)suicided after revealing ISIS snipers were being smuggled into America to assassinate President Donald Trump

美国海豹突击队飞机技术员布兰登·卡塞尔塔(上图)在揭露 ISIS 的狙击手被偷运到美国暗杀唐纳德·特朗普总统后自杀

After the suiciding of young US Navy Seal Brandon Caserta,this report further notes,the MoD cut off all information contact with the Pentagon regarding ISIS sniper Asainov—that is until a few weeks ago when then US Army Secretary Dr.Mark Esper made a courtesy call to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to inform him that President Trump was going to nominate him to be the new US Secretary of Defense—and during whose conversation saw Esper inquiring of Shoigu what were the most pressing issues Russia would like dealt with.

报告进一步指出,在年轻的美国海军海豹突击队队员布兰登·卡塞尔塔(Brandon Caserta)被杀后,国防部切断了与五角大楼有关 ISIS 狙击手阿赛诺夫的所有信息联系ーー直到几周前,当时的美国陆军部长马克·埃斯珀(Mark Esper)博士礼节性地致电国防部长谢尔盖·绍伊古(Sergei Shoigu),告诉他特朗普总统将提名他为新任美国国防部长ーー在谈话期间,埃斯珀询问了绍伊古最迫切的问题是什么。

Most astounding to Defense Minister Shoigu,this report documents,was that Secretary Esper seemed genuinely"shocked and surprised"after being informed of everything involving ISIS sniper Asainov—and upon being fully briefed,saw him explaining to Shoigu that before he could do anything,Asainov would first have to be in US custody—to which Shoigu replied that Russia would never hand over Asainov to anyone in the US military,especially anyone in the US Navy—thus causing Esper to suggest that Russia hand over Asainov to the Syrian Democratic Forces who,in turn,would only hand him over to FBI officials known and provable to be fully loyal to President Trump.

这份报告记录的最令国防部长绍伊古感到震惊的是,埃斯珀在得知有关 ISIS 狙击手阿赛诺夫的所有事情后,似乎真的感到"震惊和惊讶"。在得到详细的情况介绍后,他向绍伊古解释说,阿赛诺夫在采取任何行动之前,必须先被美国拘留。绍伊古回答说,俄罗斯永远不会把阿赛诺夫交给美国军方的任何人,尤其是美国海军的任何人。因此,埃斯珀暗示,俄罗斯将阿赛诺夫交给叙利亚民主力量,而叙利亚民主力量反过来又只会把他交给已知并且能够完全忠于特朗普总统的 FBI 官员。

During the past fortnight,this report concludes,Russia,in fact,did transfer custody of ISIS sniper Asainov to the Syrian Democratic Forces—who,in turn,then turned him over to confirmed Trump-loyal officials belonging to the FBI who brought him back to America and filed multiple criminal charges against him—and upon Asainov confirming to the FBI the confession he gave to GRU interrogators,saw Secretary Esper quickly flooding the skies of Washington D.C.with fully armed US Army combat helicopters in a show of force—and who,also,during the past 24-hours,ordered his US Special Operations Command to announce to the world on Twitter:"EMBERGENY RELEASE:Operation Inherent Resolve Special Operations Commander orders early return of deployed SEAL platoon...The Commander lost confidence in the team's ability to accomplish the mission"—while at the same time,he further ordered the immediate arrest of at least 16 US Marines who completed the final leg of this mission to smuggle ISIS snipers into America to assassinate President Trump—all of which,without any doubt,is fully known to the top echelons of the American intelligence community—best exampled by Trump-loyal former FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division Terry Turchie,who,with trembling voice a few hours ago,appeared on Fox News and"confirmed a hostile intelligence operation has been mounted against Trump".

该报告得出结论称,在过去两周里,俄罗斯实际上确实将 ISIS 狙击手阿赛诺夫的羁押权移交给了叙利亚民主力量(Syrian Democratic forces),后者随后又将他移交给经证实的忠于特朗普的联邦调查局(FBI)官员,这些官员将他带回美国,并对他提出了多项刑事指控。阿赛诺夫向联邦调查局(FBI)证实了他向 GRU 审讯人员所作的供述,随后,埃斯珀迅速在华盛顿特区的上空飞驰。C.同时,他进一步下令立即逮捕至少16名美国海军陆战队士兵,他们完成了这次偷运 ISIS 狙击手进入美国暗杀特朗普总统的任务----所有这一切,毫无疑问,美国情报界的高层已经完全知道了----最好的例子是特朗普----忠诚的前 FBI 反恐部门副助理主任 Terry Turchie,他在几个小时前颤抖地出现在福克斯新闻频道"确认针对特朗普的敌对情报行动已经展开".




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