2022年5月26日: 从无意义的事情中找出意义|星际飞船地球

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 May 26, 2022 2022年5月26日

2022年5月26日: 从无意义的事情中找出意义|星际飞船地球

Looks like we’re in that “confusion” stage with the mad, mad media spinning wacky webs of truths, half-truths, and disinformation along with the expected propaganda.


Of course the Texas school shooting was a false flag event the deep state engineered to take over the media to distract from the bombshells coming out about Hillary Clinton and her merry band of treasonous criminals, the truth about the next plandemic, and the truth about what is happening in Ukraine, among other things.

当然,德克萨斯州校园枪击案是一个虚假的事件,深州政府设计这个事件是为了控制媒体,转移人们对希拉里 · 克林顿和她那帮叛国罪犯的关注,转移人们对下一个计划的真相的注意力,转移人们对乌克兰正在发生的事情的注意力。

It was also designed to contribute to their gun grab here in America. There is no way they can forge ahead with their ruthless agenda if  Americans have their many, many, many, many guns. Did I mention they have an awful lot of them? And they know how to use them. They practice. Some hunt.


Consider the following:


TAKE A LOOK… THE SHOOTINGS ERUPTING AROUND THE COUNTRY ARE TRIGGERED … THE PATSIES ARE SLEEPERS… This is all designed to take away the GUNS OF AMERICA… They can never TAKEOVER America as long as we have the guns. Always remember …when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns… or even more true…only the tyrannical world governments will have guns… https://gundigest.com/handguns/concealed-carry/gunrights_060109_governmentdemocide

看看吧... ... 全国爆发的枪击事件都被触发了... ... 那些懦夫都是沉睡者... ... 这一切都是为了夺走美国的枪支... ... 只要我们还有枪支,他们就永远不能占领美国。永远记住... ... 当枪支被宣布为非法的时候,只有不法之徒才会有枪... ... 或者更准确地说... ... 只有残暴的世界政府才会有枪... ... https://gundigest.com/handguns/concealed-carry/gunrights_060109_governmentdemocide

And this: from Telegram

还有这个: 来自 Telegram

unverified… From Scott Brunswick: What really happened yesterday.

来自 Scott Brunswick: 昨天到底发生了什么。

Plan A: There was a meeting in Davos where all the DS elites met with the WHO or World Health Organization. In that meeting there were 12 proposals and 56 pages of items on the list to enhance vaccinations bring in more pandemics, etc. to depopulate the globe really. This was a planned meeting and the DS were given ultimatums and all these plans and ideas were learned by the good guys that rejected it all via White hats. Yes it was scripted and a reenactment of prior meetings from years ago but it was showed as though it was in real time. Plan A was abruptly halted and dismantled. Simply a script for Plan A so they went into complete panic mode and went to plan B below.

A 计划: 在达沃斯举行了一次会议,所有 DS 精英与世界卫生组织或世界卫生组织会面。在那次会议上,有12项提案和56页的清单上的项目,以加强疫苗接种,带来更多的流行病等,以减少全球人口。这是一个计划好的会议,DS 被下了最后通牒,所有这些计划和想法都被那些通过白帽子拒绝它的好人学到了。是的,它是照本宣科,重现了多年前的会议,但是它看起来好像是实时的。计划 a 突然停止并被取消。只是一个简单的 a 计划的脚本,所以他们进入了完全恐慌的模式,进入 b 计划下面。

Plan B: Yes the DS knew the outcome so they had to have something in place. Thus they did what they always do which is resorting to shootings. You see they programmed a person many years ago via MK Ultra to perform a task or in this case a shooting. The individual chosen would have the qualities they were looking for and ability to pull it off. This is well thought out process by these sick people. So at the right moment via a specific program the person or clone was appointed to attack and fulfill the agenda of the elites. Think it sounds crazy? Most do but it’s real period. There you go folks hope it helps you understand what has been happening for decades. This is the final nail in their coffin. They are done.

计划 b: 是的,DS 知道结果,所以他们必须有一些适当的东西。因此,他们做了他们经常做的事情,那就是开枪。你可以看到,他们很多年前就通过 MK Ultra 为一个人编程,让他执行一项任务,或者在这个例子中是一次射击。被选中的个体应该具备他们所寻找的品质,并且有能力完成任务。这是这些病人深思熟虑的过程。因此,在适当的时候,通过一个特定的程序,这个人或克隆人被指定攻击并完成精英们的议程。你觉得这听起来很疯狂吗?大多数人都这样做,但这是真实的时期。人们希望它能帮助你理解几十年来发生的事情。这是他们棺材上的最后一颗钉子。他们完蛋了。

The globalist nut jobs planned another scamdemic for mid May and they’re still goin’ with it, despite the skepticism of the awakened and the thoroughly-pissed-off.


As we know, these preparedness and tabletop exercizes nearly always go live. They make out like they’re working to protect the People but it’s always the opposite. They never do anything for our benefit. Some suggest this latest hoax would more accurately be called “Moneypot”.


They tell it like it is at their own meetings. Covid was one of the most profitable products ever, says the Exec. Director of Oxfam at the WEF meeting in Davos. Link to video on Telegram.

他们在自己的会议上就是这么说的。冠状病毒疾病是有史以来最赚钱的产品之一,执行官说。乐施会主席出席达沃斯世界经济论坛会议。链接到 Telegram 的视频。

Honest veterinarians will tell you that vets get the vaxxines for $2 – 3 from Big Pharma and sell them to us for our pets for $12, $15 or more. Tractor Supply sells the 5-in-one for parvo, etc. for over $21 and the Pet Food Depot sells it for $12.


Injecting drugs and chemicals into bodies is not a good or safe practice. Our bodies are designed to thrive without injections. Disease has increased exponentially since the inception of the pharmaceutical industry and vaxxines. So has death. It’s not about protecting us.

将药物和化学物质注射到人体内不是一个好的或安全的做法。我们的身体不需要注射就能茁壮成长。自从制药工业和 vaxxines 诞生以来,疾病呈指数级增长。死亡也是如此。这不是为了保护我们。

2022年5月26日: 从无意义的事情中找出意义|星际飞船地球

images used to terrify people into submission for a disease that isn’t even around and is confirmed spread by homosexual body contact


SMOKING GUN: Monkeypox Was Planned For May 2022

确凿证据: 猴痘计划于2022年5月发生

The crew dug up the following:


VIRAL VECTOR” MONKEYPOX IS USED IN GM GE [genetically modified/genetically engineered products]


Check out this link from the National Institute of Health



2022年5月26日: 从无意义的事情中找出意义|星际飞船地球

We were warned about food shortages and to stock up. We know there is Human flesh in the food chain [thank you, McDonalds] so it’s not necessarily a bad thing that some food processing plants had mysterious fires.

有人警告我们要注意粮食短缺和囤积粮食。我们知道在食物链中有人肉(谢谢,麦当劳) ,所以一些食品加工厂发生神秘火灾并不一定是件坏事。

Now there’s a big stink about “missing formula” for babies and I have not looked into the infant formula shortage until now because I usually wait to find out the real truth when the facts start trickling out. Fake news narratives are not to be trusted.


I heard that the formula shortage is a US thing. In Mexico there is no shortage. How’s it going up there, Canada?


It just might be related to toxic food. Nothing is what it seems and rabbit holes are free for the asking.


The crew shared the following fascinating little rabbit hole. I stuck my head in, liked what I saw, but I’m time-challenged so I’ll let you go down this tunnel if you so desire. Of course, this means WAR!


2022年5月26日: 从无意义的事情中找出意义|星际飞船地球

A Comprehensive List of Food Companies and Products That Use Senomyx (Used Aborted Babies)

食品公司和产品使用 Senomyx (用过的流产婴儿)的综合名单

Allow me to add to that zinger.


Senomyx: How You’re Putting Aborted Babies In Your Body


There’s plenty of information to support this. We need to stop supporting these big cabal companies by buying their products. There are alternatives. It just may take a little time to discover them and it may not be “convenient” but we speak with our wallets, folks.


We can have a profound effect when we support the smaller, honest guys with decent products. The globalist companies hide their products under many names and brands but they’re manufactured by one or two companies. If they advertise on television, they’re probably cabal. They can afford it.


Which Companies Are Using Aborted Human Fetuses in Their Food Being Sold to USA Citizens/Residents


Would Senomyx use Human flesh, fluids, or by-products in their infant formula? A quick search might surprise you. If the entire supply of infant formula in America is “missing” then I suspect there’s a very good reason and it might not be pretty.

Senomyx 公司会在他们的婴儿配方奶粉中使用人肉、液体或副产品吗?快速搜索一下可能会让你大吃一惊。如果美国的整个婴儿配方奶粉供应都“消失”了,那么我怀疑有一个非常好的理由,而且可能并不好。

There could be any number of toxic substances in infant formula because the monsters running the world are psychopaths. They said if they’re going down they’re going to take as many of us with them as they can. If someone got wind of a plot to taint baby formula then the White Hats would probably do something about it. It’s possible that’s what it’s all about.


At the very least, we can see that when we were asked to stock up on essentials that it was for good reason. Supply chain issues have arisen many times, for many reasons. We certainly hope that no babies are going hungry because of this development—or getting sick, either.


If you do go on to research anything, please don’t use SNOPES. They were created by the CIA to run interference on the truth. They lie. Do some real research of your own and don’t use the top responses returned by Google search engines. Go down… way down further where they don’t want you looking. Google buries the truth.

如果你继续研究任何东西,请不要使用 SNOPES。他们是中央情报局为了干涉真相而设立的。他们撒谎。自己做一些真正的调查,不要使用 Google 搜索引擎返回的热门回复。往下走... 走到他们不想让你看到的地方。谷歌掩盖了真相。

2022年5月26日: 从无意义的事情中找出意义|星际飞船地球

Operation: London Bridge has hit the MSM. In this article we find some truth, and untruth, but the fact they’re talking about it is significant. It’s time to remove the doubles/actors from circulation. The “royals” are done. They’re not “royal”—they’re despicable creatures and it’s time for them to go.

操作: 伦敦桥撞上了 MSM。在这篇文章中,我们发现了一些事实,和不真实,但事实上,他们正在谈论它是有意义的。是时候让替身/演员退出发行了。“皇室”已经结束了。它们不是“皇室”——它们是卑鄙的生物,是时候让它们离开了。

2022年5月26日: 从无意义的事情中找出意义|星际飞船地球

Queen Elizabeth II: What is Operation London Bridge?


It’s been a wild week so far.


Ezra Cohen warned of another false flag event but soon brought the good news that it had been averted. “False flag failed.” Texas again. Link to Telegram.

以斯拉 · 科恩警告说又有一起假旗事件发生,但很快带来了一个好消息,那就是它已经被避免了。“假旗失败了。”又是德克萨斯。链接到 Telegram。

2022年5月26日: 从无意义的事情中找出意义|星际飞船地球

Ezra Cohen’s string of posts has been interesting. to say the least: “Welcome to hell” “False flag warning” and “International assassination warning”. Oh, joy.

埃兹拉 · 科恩的一系列帖子都很有趣。至少可以说: “欢迎来到地狱”“假旗警告”和“国际暗杀警告”。太好了。

2022年5月26日: 从无意义的事情中找出意义|星际飞船地球

I was miffed to see an ad about the fake Sandy Hook school shooting tacked on the front of a video I was going to watch. Check it out at the link below, and don’t believe a word. For starters, the Sandy Hook school used wasn’t even open; it was slated for demolition and no children were on the premises in class.

我看到一个关于桑迪胡克学校枪击事件的广告贴在我要看的视频的前面,我很生气。看看下面的链接,不要相信一个字。首先,桑迪胡克学校甚至没有开放; 它被定为拆除,没有孩子在校园里上课。


They have resurrected that complete lie to bring support for their insane gun control initiative. As we said before, many of their emergency preparedness and tabletop exercises go live. Some of them are broadcast by the media to make them look like they are real but when smart people analyze them, the gaping holes leave the story in shreds.


Let’s be clear that with the years of research conducted by many people and insider information, NOT ONE PERSON DIED in Sandy Hook. It was all faked and I’m not going to get into all the proof I’ve seen. You can do a search on Starship Earth and see the stories we published at the time and afterward.


It’s not what happens that shapes the actions of the People but what they BELIEVE happened. The role of the media is to establish the facts and concoct the narrative. Most people just believe it because they are conditioned to believe the news anchors.


In many of the psychopaths’ “false flag” events innocent people actually were cut down to pull it off but Sandy Hook was not one of those; hence “Sandy Hoax”. The deep state paid off the mortgages of everyone living in Sandy Hook to buy their silence and they refuse to discuss what happened with anyone visiting their town to investigate.


2022年5月26日: 从无意义的事情中找出意义|星际飞船地球

We know that some of the “crisis actors” used in the Sandy Hoax went on to play starring roles in subsequent false flag events. Many of them. Caught red-handed.


2022年5月26日: 从无意义的事情中找出意义|星际飞船地球

It was a busy day. In a nearby neighbourhood to me, there were shots fired at police, and all hell broke loose. For four hours helicopters circled overhead, a main street was shut down, fire and ambulance were on the scene along with a fleet of police vehicles we would expect to protect the President, and almost no information was available online. I was hoping it wasn’t a shooting at the nearby community college.


There were no photos released because the news said they didn’t want helicopter footage to tip off the shooter who was holed up in someone’s home as to where the police were located. Next afternoon there were still a lot of police near the home so it must have been quite the investigation. Seemed like overkill to me, but no one died and they took the suspect into custody, we’re told.


Even stranger, while that was unfolding in my sector, Phil G issued an emphatic warning to everyone to stay home, stay off the roads, and he couldn’t say more. The turnpike from New York City to Philly was shut down, we heard, but nothing more about it, and he also said there were sirens at Fort Bragg. The information we’re getting about events doesn’t make sense and I’m not going to spend precious brain power trying to make sense of it. Phil later said what was feared did not happen, possibly due to prayers.

更奇怪的是,当这一切发生在我的区域时,菲尔 · g 强烈警告每个人呆在家里,远离公路,他不能再多说了。我们听说从纽约市到费城的高速公路被关闭了,但没有更多的消息,他还说在布拉格堡有警报器。我们得到的关于事/件的信息是没有意义的,我不会花费宝贵的脑力去试图弄明白它。菲尔后来说,他所担心的事情没有发生,可能是因为祈祷。

On Wednesday morning, Queen Romana of Canada reported that her scheduled stops were postponed while she dealt with an urgent matter. Link to Telegram.

周三上午,加拿大女王罗曼娜报告说,由于处理紧急事务,她原定的停留时间被推迟。链接到 Telegram。

Her Royal Majesty Queen Romana will have to tend to something urgent on behalf of the We The People of the Kingdom of Canada.

更新: 罗马娜女王陛下将代表我们加拿大王国人民处理一些紧急事务。

Our meet and greet in St. Jean Port Joli Quebec, Rimouski Quebec and Campbelton, New Brunswick will be rescheduled in a few days or as soon as possible.

我们在 St. Jean Port Joli Quebec、 Rimouski Quebec、 Campbelton、新不伦瑞克的见面会将于数天后或尽快改期。

Timing is everything, we know there are major operations underway and we will not be told what is happening until perhaps much later.


Phil cancelled his scheduled Chemtrail show on Tuesday but will be doing a live show tonight at 9 EDT/6 Pacific on Rumble.


2022年5月26日: 从无意义的事情中找出意义|星际飞船地球

Canada isn’t any better when it comes to attacks from the psychopaths as evidenced by the record-setting mass murder in Nova Scotia in 2020. The pathetic and compromised Royal [there’s your first clue] Canadian Mounted Police [RCMP] just can’t seem to solve the murder or bring anyone to pay for all the deaths. They lost one of their own; a pregnant female officer [sacrifice?] who responded and are still side-stepping justice. Dudley Do-Right is dead, Nell, and they don’t always get their man.

2020年新斯科舍创纪录的大屠杀证明,加拿大的心理变态狂的袭击也好不到哪里去。可怜的皇家骑警(这是你的第一条线索)加拿大骑警(RCMP)似乎无法解决谋杀案,也无法让任何人为所有的死亡付出代价。他们失去了一个自己人; 一个怀孕的女军官[牺牲? ]他们回应了,并且还在逃避法律制裁。达德利 · 杜莱已经死了,内尔,他们并不总能抓到他们的人。

Mass shooting inquiry: Two senior Mounties exempted from cross-examination

大规模枪击调查: 两名高级骑警免除反复询问

Perhaps the justice is dripping out slowly. We can’t go too fast or the snoozers will simply shut down from an overload of shocking truth.


2022年5月26日: 从无意义的事情中找出意义|星际飞船地球

Washington Attorney General Indicts Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg For Alleged Role In Cambridge Analytica Scandal


2022年5月26日: 从无意义的事情中找出意义|星际飞船地球

Election correction-wise, Captain Seth Keshel reports… Link to Telegram.

选举纠正,船长 Seth Keshel 报道... 链接到电报。

Audit the Vote PA informs me all 2020 election ballot images have been secured for Lycoming County.

审计选票 PA 通知我所有2020年选举的选票图像已经为莱科明县确保。

My estimate is 4,000 excess votes.


The stunning evidence of election fraud which is actually election rigging and treason is mounting. Soon, we will find out if the SCoTUS will rule on it or… Perhaps we will see the return of public hangings.

关于选举舞弊的令人震惊的证据实际上是操纵选举和叛国。很快,我们就会知道苏格兰最高法院是否会对此做出裁决,或者... ... 也许我们会看到公开绞刑的回归。

I was unable to complete this post yesterday as I was out for a few hours so I topped it off and we’ll publish today, instead. Stay sharp everyone and maintain situational awareness. Signing off for now.  ~ BP

我昨天没能完成这篇文章,因为我出去了几个小时,所以我把它写完了,我们今天就发表。每个人都保持警惕,保持情势察觉。现在结束。~ BP

2022年5月26日: 从无意义的事情中找出意义|星际飞船地球


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