2019年8月18日15:09:46法国加入搜捕爱泼斯坦儿童性奴帝国的新“头目”——精英们称挤奶是真正的性犯罪,需要调查已关闭评论 64813454字阅读44分50秒


A nearly beyond belief highly classified"Of Special Importance"new Foreign Intelligence Service(SVR)report circulating in the Kremlin today revealing that US federal prosecutors are now investigating the over 250 children discovered sexually abused at the Boys&Girls Club of America to determine how many of them became ensnared in Jeffrey Epstein's child sex slave empire,says the tens-of-millions-of-dollars Epstein donated to top American elite universities to protect him and his child sex slave operation has seen its first"after death"dividend pay out—a dividend that came when his hometown New York University(NYU)basically said to forget about children,as milking cows is the true crime to be investigated because it's really"sexual abuse"—a New York City hometown that,also,revealed Epstein having behind the desk of his multi-million-dollar mansion a$5.9 million painting of a woman cupping her bare breast—all of which became too much for even the accustomed to sex scandals French intelligence agency General Directorate for External Security(DGSE)who,yesterday,opened up a criminal investigation demanded by French Secretary of State for Equality Marlène Schiappa and Secretary of State for Child Protection Adrien Taquet—whose primary focus is discovering the whereabouts of French citizen Ghislaine Maxwell who has taken Epstein's place as the"Kingpin"of his child sex slave empire—and have,also,requested SVR notes from the interrogation of Russian citizen Igor Zinoviev—who,as the long time personal bodyguard of Epstein—and said,without offering any proof or evidence,that"somebody helped Epstein die"—told his SVR interrogators exactly why Epstein rush-shipped a$100,000 cement truck to his"Pedophile Island"three weeks before a damning expose about him and his child sex crimes was released on 28 November 2018.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

一份几乎令人难以置信的高度机密的新的外国情报局(SVR)报告今天在克里姆林宫流传,透露美国联邦检察官正在调查在美国男孩和女孩俱乐部发现的250多名儿童性虐待,以确定其中有多少人陷入了杰弗里·爱泼斯坦的儿童性奴隶帝国,他说,爱泼斯坦捐赠给美国顶尖大学的数千万美元是为了保护他,而他的儿童性奴运动首次获得了"死后"红利——这个红利来自于他的家乡纽约大学(NYU)基本上说要忘记孩子,因为给奶牛挤奶才是真正需要调查的犯罪,因为它实际上是"性虐待"——纽约市的一个也透露,爱泼斯坦在他价值数百万美元的豪宅办公桌后面,有一幅价值590万美元的油画,画的是一个女人正在用手捂住自己的裸乳——所有这一切对于习惯了性丑闻的法国情报机构对外安全总局(DGSE)来说都太过沉重了。昨天,法国情报机构对外安全总局(DGSE)表示:法国平等事务国务秘书 marl ne Schiappa 和儿童保护事务国务秘书 Adrien taquet 要求展开刑事调查,他们的主要工作重点是发现法国公民 Ghislaine Maxwell 的下落,此人已经取代 Epstein 成为其儿童性奴隶帝国的"首脑"此外,俄罗斯对外情报局在审讯俄罗斯公民伊戈尔·季诺维耶夫(Igor zinoviev)时要求对外情报局提供笔记。季诺维耶夫长期担任爱普斯坦的私人保镖,他在没有提供任何证据或证据的情况下表示,"有人帮助爱普斯坦死亡"。他告诉对外情报局的审讯人员,为什么爱普斯坦在20181128日发布了一份关于他和他的儿童性犯罪的严重曝光之前三周,匆忙将一辆价值10万美元的水泥卡车运到他的"恋童癖岛"。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词



Child sex slaver Jeffrey Epstein satanically mocked visitors to his New York City mansion by presiding over them from a desk backed by a demonic multi-million-dollar painting(pictured above)…

儿童性奴隶贩子杰弗里爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)恶毒地嘲笑来到他纽约官邸的访客,他坐在一张桌子上,桌子后面放着一幅价值数百万美元的邪恶油画(如上图所示)


…while keeping hidden the true reason he bought and rushed to his"Pedophile Island"a$100,000 cement mixer before more of his vile crimes were exposed.


According to the portions of this highly classified report we're permitted to reveal,within a week of Jeffrey Epstein being arrested in the United States,the FBI requested an export permit for an advanced Russian underground radar system to probe a bizarre temple-like structure on Epstein's private island—specially because this temple-like structure had recently undergone a"restoration"that saw its entire interior floor being covered in 6-inches of steel reinforced concrete—a project completed with the aid of a $100,000 concrete mixer Epstein bought and had rushed to this island this past November-2018.

根据这份高度机密的报告中的部分内容,在杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)在美国被捕的一周内,美国联邦调查局(FBI)向俄罗斯申请了一个先进的地下雷达系统的出口许可,以探测爱泼斯坦私人岛屿上一座类似庙宇的奇特建筑——特别是因为这座庙宇般的建筑最近进行了"修复",整个内部地板被6英寸厚的钢筋混凝土覆盖。这个项目是在爱泼斯坦花10万美元购买的混凝土搅拌机的帮助下完成的,该搅拌机于201811月匆忙运抵这个。

Rather than tearing up the concrete flooring of Epstein's temple-like structure and damaging any potential evidence,this report details,the FBI was granted an export permit for the Deep-Earth Metal Detector MG-1—the world's most advanced underground radar system used exclusively by the Russian military that can recognize ferrous metal and non-ferrous metals at depths up to 5 meters(16.5 feet)—an export permit granted as the FBI agreed to standard protocols stating that such goods and technology exported must always be controlled by a Russian entity—in this case a SVR expert technologist who was able to detect an approximate 1 meter(about 3 feet)tubular metal pipe under the new concrete flooring of this satanic temple that extended from its base and disappeared into the waters below—and after whose detection of,saw FBI divers removing from the sea floor beneath this satanic temples the bones and skulls of young children.

这份报告详细介绍了联邦调查局(FBI)没有撕毁爱普斯坦寺庙式建筑的混凝土地板,也没有破坏任何潜在证据,而是获得了 Deep-Earth 金属探测器 mg-1的出口许可。mg-1是世界上最先进的地下雷达系统,只有俄罗斯军方使用,能够在深处识别黑色金属和有色金属


FBI divers recover bones and skulls of young children from waters below Jeffrey Epstein's satanic temple(pictured above)


With Jeffrey Epstein planning to cooperate with the FBI,was in"great spirits"just hours before his jailhouse death on Saturday morning,even telling one of his lawyers,"I'll see you Sunday",this report continues,before he could be further interrogated about the children bones and skulls found in the waters below his satanic temple,he was discovered dead in his high security prison cell at 6:30 am on 10 August—a death,however,that wasn't officially declared until a full 67-minutes later—no doubt because it was more than obvious he'd been murdered because someone snapped his neck,and time is always needed in such circumstances to concoct the most plausible story to foist on the American people to explain this death as being a suicide—a made up concoction,though,highly esteemed Dr.Jonathan L.Arden,the President of the National Association of Medical Examiners,isn't participating in by his declaring Epstein's death is more than likely"a homicidal strangulation"—and who's now been joined in this shocking declaration by the equally esteemed top American forensic pathologist Dr.Cyril Wecht,who concluded that ONLY 1%of suicides had broken bones in the neck like Epstein had—a 1%the SVR further scientifically documented died only when hurling themselves from heights Epstein didn't even come close to having in his high security prison cell—thus making it more than understandable its now being warned that Epstein's death is becoming a"Turning Point In The Public's Willingness To Accept Official Bullshit".

由于杰弗里爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)计划与联邦调查局(FBI)合作,就在他周六上午在狱中遇害的几个小时前,他的精神状态"非常好",甚至还告诉他的一名律师,"周日见",本报道继续写道,在他可能被进一步讯问有关在他的撒旦神庙下面的水中发现的儿童尸骨和头骨的事情之前,810日上午6:30,人们发现他死在戒备森严的监狱牢房里。然而,直到整整67分钟后,官方才宣布他死亡。毫无疑问,这是因为有人扭断了他的脖子,很明显他是被谋杀的,在这种情况下,总是需要时间编造一个最合理的故事来强加给美国人民,将这起死亡事件解释为自杀----尽管受到高度尊敬的全国医学检查员协会主席乔纳森·l·雅顿博士,他宣称爱泼斯坦的死更像是一场"杀人绞杀"——现在,同样受人尊敬的美国顶级法医病理学家西里尔·韦克特(Cyril Wecht)也加入了这一令人震惊的宣言,他得出的结论是,只有1%的自杀者像爱泼斯坦那样脖子骨折ーー1%的受害者是在爱泼斯坦高度戒备的牢房里自杀的ーー所以爱泼斯坦现在被警告说,爱泼斯坦的死亡正在成为"公众愿意接受官方胡说八道的转折点"


As it was widely known that Epstein's"Pedophile Island"was filled with cameras for blackmail purposes,one of which captured former President Bill Clinton walking arm-in-arm with two young girls,this report notes,his death was so predictable,even top international economist Martin Armstrong asked weeks before"When Will Epstein Be Found Dead?Before Or After A Deal?"—and his stating the truth that in America today:"No high profile case is EVER allowed to go to trial where things the government does not want to be revealed could ever become public".

众所周知,爱泼斯坦的"恋童癖岛"里装满了用于敲诈的照相机,其中一张照片是前总统比尔克林顿(Bill Clinton)与两个年轻女孩手挽着手走在一起。报告指出,爱泼斯坦的死亡是如此的可预测,甚至连顶级国际经济学家马丁阿姆斯特朗(Martin Armstrong)在几周前也提出了这样的问题:"爱泼斯坦何时会被发现死亡?"?达成协议之前还是之后?"ーー以及他陈述的事实,即在今天的美国,"任何备受瞩目的案件都不允许在政府不愿公开的情况下进行审判,这样的事情永远不会公开。"

Supposed to be protecting the American people from such atrocities as the cover-up of Epstein's obvious murder,this report further details,is its mainstream media establishment—a fact just pointed out by the hugely popular Fox News host Gregg Gutfeld who said that Epstein death mystery"is the greatest story for the media because it features the four magical words:'It Raises More Questions'"—but are questions that will never be asked by a corrupt leftist media establishment best described by the award winning Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan—who,in her just published article titled"A Tabloid Legend On Jeffrey Epstein's Death:This Is The story With Everything.Wealth,Power,Darkness.Princes And Presidents With Secrets",took on the guise of the late New York City investigative reporter legend Mike McAlary to castigate these modern day leftist idiot so-called reporters and tell them:

这份报告本应保护美国人民不受爱泼斯坦明显被谋杀事件的掩盖等暴行的伤害,但它进一步详细描述了主流媒体机构的情况ーー广受欢迎的福克斯新闻主持人 Gregg Gutfeld 刚刚指出了一个事实,她说爱泼斯坦死亡悬疑案"是媒体最伟大的故事,因为它包含了四个神奇的词语:'它引发了更多的问题"'ーー但是这些问题是腐败的左翼媒体机构永远不会提出的,获奖的《华尔街日报》专栏作家努南最好地描述了这些问题ーー她刚刚发表了一篇文章,题为《关于杰弗里·爱泼。财富,权力,黑暗。"带着秘密的王子和总统",假借已故纽约市调查记者传奇人物麦克·麦卡拉里的名义,严厉斥责这些现代左派白痴所谓的记者,并告诉他们:

Work every source and angle,every prison guard and cop you know—you're supposed to know them!


Pete Hamill would have known the estranged sister of the night nurse at the ER.He'd wait at her house,she'd tell him the EMTs came in laughing about"Who do you think killed the guy who suicided?"Or maybe she'd say they were nervous and just plopped him down and scrammed.But he'd have gotten the color,the feel.And it would suggest something.


Where is this Maxwell lady hiding?You believe nobody knows where she is?You're an idiot.


Go find Maxwell's House!Live on the stoop!Ask her:Did you flip?Because I figure she went state's evidence on Epstein and he knew."Are you in hiding in fear for your life?Who wants to kill you,Ms.Maxwell?"


It's like reporting now takes place in green rooms.People say it's all gossip but it's not,because gossip is fun.It's more like data points formalized around some vaporous Official View.


It's like every great media organization is tied up in this complicated,soul-crushing,virtue-signaling fearfulness,this vast miasma of progressive political theory and ideology and correctness and"please report to HR"—and it has nothing to do with the mission.The mission is to get the story!


Reporters and editors,they're not the fabulous old drunks and girl reporter miscreants,they're like—like normal people!


Reporters aren't supposed to be normal!


And they're very tidy because they're extremely important!


You get the impression they became reporters to affect the discourse."I'm going into journalism to press for cultural and political justice."These—these deconstructionist intellectuals!These twinkies with soft hands from Phillips Exeter Andover whatever.These mere political operatives.These people with grievances,who've never had anything to grieve because their lives were the red satin lining of a music box.


If I was in charge I'd say,"Thank you for your boundless efforts to secure the greater progress for the polity.


But I was wondering if,in your spare moments,you could be troubled to help us cover the biggest scandal of your blanking lifetimes?"



Common sense"calls em like I sees em"legendary New York City investigative reporter Mike McAlary rises from the grave to call out leftist mainstream media idiot reporters


As to where the new"Kingpin"to Epstein's vast child sex slavery empire Ghislaine Maxwell actually is,this report concludes,one US mainstream report had her living with a high-tech CEO in his multi-million-dollar oceanfront mansion in New England—a claim this CEO came out and quickly denied—with Maxwell then reported seen engrossed in book on"Life And Death Of CIA Operatives'at a Los Angeles burger spot—a book that's,obviously,given her the courage to have Epstein's body claimed and have the flag on his"Pedophile Island"lowered to half staff in honor of his death—seemingly brazen actions one would logically think—that is until ones knowing the true fact that the US federal non-prosecution of Epstein's co-conspirators is still in full force and effect—with Maxwell,also,knowing that because Epstein died in New York State,its estate laws mandate that all claims against his money and properties must be settled in 7-months—an estate whose value will increase by tens-of-millions-of-dollars if Epstein's death is ruled a suicide—sees nothing preventing his estate from selling his properties—and whose child sex slave victims can only receive compensatory damages to recover for any actual losses they suffered—as they cannot recover punitive damages—all of which combine to create an horrific scenario only a demon like Epstein himself,along with Maxwell,could have thought up as a worse case emergency contingency if he was killed—and everyone knowing that wherever Maxwell is,she has all of Epstein's blackmail video tapes and evidence—a fact one would think now makes her untouchable—but would be a mistaken belief as it's,also,known by everyone that President Trump will never allow this to happen—and is why Epstein's top attorneys have now hired top criminal defense attorneys of their own—as they know the storm is coming.




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